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  1. ((Do not read if you did not complete the Val'sharah questline)) The sound of birds singing filled the air as the large bear slowly made its way through the forest, the cool forest grass feeling good beneath its paws. The rabbits and squirrels danced across the ground, seemingly oblivious to the large bear in their presences. Indeed, to the critters the bear was just a large boulder for its skin was that of stone, grey and covered in moss. The bear didn’t mind, for to him, seeing the little critters run around in peace filled his heart with joy. The bear continued on its journey through the forest before it stopped in a clearing. The clearning was full of life, deer slowly meandered their way through the clearing, pausing occasionally to nibble on a tuft of grass. The bear sat down, so as not to frighten the deer and merely watched. Before long, some of the more curious critters had begun to investigate this new addition to the clearing. Soon they began climbing over their new boulder, chirping and squeaking to each other, all while the bear remained motionless, just observing. How long the bear remained there, not even it could say, but it was happy and content. A sudden screech, like that of an animal being tortured, shattered the calm and peaceful mood of the forest. A deathly silence descended over the trees, and the tiny critters cowered in the shadow of the bear. The bear raised itself off its haunches and turned in the direction of the sound, its ears twitching, trying to locate any threat. Where once there had been singing, now there was only silence, which seemed to smother the forest like a blanket. Curious, the bear set off cautiously in the direction of the noise hoping to find the cause and if possible lend its aid to whatever wounded creature may have made the noise. As the bear drew further away from the clearing it began to notice that the forest was growing darker, as if the trees themselves were trying to drown the forest floor in a sea of darkness. The Bears eyes darted back and forth, concern growing in its heart. It had been here before, just a week ago, but the trees now stood twisted, and no birds or animals darted nearby. As it rounded a tree it saw the source of the noise, and upon seeing the great emerald body, the bear let out a pitiful growl. For in front of him lay the body of the Wakener herself, Ysera, guardian of the dream. A large red gem was imbedded in her chest, and from it black tendrils which pulsed with an unholy red light. The tendrils pulsed and grew, spreading the corruption throughout the body, leaving only blackened and decaying scales behind. For what seemed like an eternity the bear just stood there, watching helplessly as the corruption spread. The snapping of twigs broke him from his stupor and he snarled in the direction of the noise. There, standing above the Wakener was a twisted figure, it lower form that of a goat, but its torso was that of a night elf. Its face was twisted in a sadistic smile, its long, clawed hands covered in blood. Behind the Satyr the trees were blackened and twisted, the leaves a deep blood red. Vines and brambles had wrapped themselves around the trees, choking the life out of them, and the withered husks of treants shuffled around the dead ground. Fear gripped the bears heart, and it let out a pitiful roar as it tried to back away. Yet the satyr raised its hands and twisted roots shot from the ground, wrapping themselves around the bears limbs. Struggling, the bear tried to escape but the roots only gripped tighter, burrowing into the stone on its back. The satyr stepped forward, its face twisted in cruel delight as a sadistic voice echoed in the bears mind. “Ysera has fallen Archdruid.” The voice was like shattered glass to the bears mind “Wake up and despair….WAKE UP!” Nomu jolted awake, his fur drenched in sweat as his eye darted around his room. The barrow was empty save for one young Night Elf standing by his bed. The elfs face was lined with concern as he waited for the Archdruid to gain his bearings. Nomu groaned, still trying to shake the images of his nightmare from his head. He turned and offered a kind smile at the young elf. The gentle smile on his face hiding the concern that gnawed at his heart. “I-I-I don’t know Archdruid. But Keeper Remulous said that you were needed at once.” The night elfs voice trembled. Nomu groaned as he hauled his body out of his bed and motioned for the elf to bring him his staff. Nomus large hand gripped the cool reddish brown wood of the staff. The archdruid had carved the staff himself many years ago and the staff thrummed with immense power. Leaning heavily on it he motioned for the elf to lead the way. As they pair left the barrows Nomu noticed that the inhabitents of the Glade seemed to be on edge. The dryads normal cheerful demeanor was subdued, and many only greeted him with a half hearted hello. After several minutes they finally reached the central gathering area, and Nomu was surprised to see that not only was Keeper Remulos present, but all of the other Archdruids as well. Nomu waved his hand summoning a chair on which he could sit and gingerly took his place within the circle, his eye darting between the faces of those gathered. “Good, we are all here.” Remulos spoke, his voice deep like the earth. “As you all know, Malfurion was captured by Xavius and has been taken into the Nightmare.” Nomu and the other archdruids nodded, the capture of Malfurion after the corruption of Cenarious still weighed heavily on those gathered. “Earlier today, Tyrande led a strike force deep into the territory currently corrupted by the Nightmare in an effort to save Malfurion and the other Archdruids captured by Xavius.” Remolus paused for a moment, preparing himself for what needed to come next. “They have so far been unsuccessful and they have lost several powerful druid already, such as Eonither.” There was some murmering at this, as Eonither had been one of the oldest and most steadfast of all the druids. To hear he had fallen was unthinkable. Yet it was not pain that gripped Nomus heart, rather he found himself fearful, for the look on Remolus face spoke that there was worse news to come. “We must fly then at once to lend aid! The nightmare threatens to corrupt this whole world if not stopped!” Broll Bearmantle cried. “If we just go blindly racing in, we will fair no better than Eonither, Skylord. Do not forget that while we are the closest to the dream, this closeness leaves us most susceptible to being corrupted. To rush in blindly would be to hand ourselves over to Xavius.” Neralax countered. Celestine was next to speak up “Let us call upon the Green Dragonflight to aide us then! With Yseras help we co-“ Remoulus cut her off “Ysera cannot help us.” There was a pause as silence filled the glade, even the birds had stopped their singing to listen in. The archdruids all turned to stare at Remulos, confusion and fear lining their faces. It was Skylord Omnuron who broke the silence. “W-what do you mean?” “When Ysera learned of both Cenarious and Malfurions fate she made all haste towards the corruption in order to lend her aide. Yet…..it appears this was Xavius plan all along. No sooner had she arrived than Xavius struck her down with the Tears of Elune, corrupted by his power. Ysera.,….Ysera has fallen to the Nightmare.” There was no sound in the glade, save for Myrlunes crying. Nomu’s hands shook, his dream had been no dream. He found himself in the nightmare again, the body of Ysera in front of him and Xavius’ triumphant face grinning as he reached for the Archdruid. A wave of despair he had not felt since the death of Cairne rocked him and he wept. What hope did they have if even the Wakener herself couldn't resist the corrupting influence of Xavius. Nomu knew just how powerful Xavius was, and he feared that not even the combined might of all the Archdruids could overcome him. His own fateful encounter with the Satyr five years ago still haunted him. In his minds eye he could still see his students bodies lying before him, killed by his claws. What was to stop that from happening again? Coming out of his thoughts Nomu found the glade in chaos. The archdruids were all arguing, fearful of what was to happen next. They all knew the dragonflgihts had been weakened following Deathwings defeat, but none expected this to happen. Whats more, all feared falling to the nightmare, as once you were fully corrupted there was as of yet no known cure. Nomu rose from his seat and turned, walking away from the Grove. While the other archdruids argued about what to do next, he knew what needed to happen. In the blink of an eye the large tauren was gone, and in its place, flying away from the grove was a large eagle. (Howdy everyone, I hope you enjoyed this look into Nomu. This is the first part of a storyline that I will be running that will involve Nomu and the Nightmare. I will be co-ordinating with the Horns of Shu’halo and any others that are interested. Other druid players especially are more than welcome to join in on this campaign. Please PM me on Discord or on the forums if you are interested.))
  2. Nomu sighed as he sat down. It had been a long day, the druids of Moonglade had been working frantically to shore up the defenses of their home, and with the legions attacks ramping up following the disaster of the broken shore. Its happening again He thought. However, before any more memories of the past could return to him, his thoughts were interrupted by the apperance of a young night elf druid "U-um ex-excuse me Archdruid, there is a human here who insists on meeting you". Nomu's one good eye opened and looked at the young night elf "A human you say? Odd, did they give a reason?" "SOmething to do about someone being injured and needing a druid....she asked for you specifically" Nomu grunted as he shakily stood up, leaning heavily on his staff. Nomu strode towards the building where the guest was waiting, his staff clicking on the stone floor. Flanked by two tauren stood a human woman, tall for her race, but her cold dark eyes showed surprise as they were forced to look up at the large tauren bull. Nomu's one good eye noticed her metalic hand and leg before returning to her face. "Greetings young one, I have been told you were looking for me?" Nomu asked as he waved his hand, causing a large chair made of vines to form. "Whoa....Uh-ahem, yes, I was told you can help me, and I need help fast." she replied "I have an injured friend" she continued "SOmeone very important to us human, and no one has been able to heal her wounds. Uh-it was suggested that a powerful druid and the water from a moonwell could heal her. I just heard your name yesterday, but here we are" As she was explaining her story, nomu motioned towards Dargon the innkeeper to bring them some tea. "What are the extent of her injuries and what caused them?" Nomu graciously accepted the tea, as did the human before him. "She was injured in the battle of the Broken shore, and was bit by some kind of fel hunter. She hasnt awoken and the healers are having trouble keeping the fel energy at bay.Or something." The women looks at Nomu was an exasperated expression, "I'm not a healer, I don't know exactly whats wrong with her." Nomu nods, listening as he sips his tea "I see, and where is the injured currently?" The human replied "In the medical wards, in Ironforge. It's one of the few safe places they were able to move her, and even then it's under a fearsome siege." Nomu laced his hands together, "AH, that might pose a problem." "I can get you in unseen and out, if you're willing to help" Nomu smiled softly ""Dwarvish architecutre and I dont normally get along, but I think I can make an exception" The human stepped forward and offered her living hand "So you'll help then?" "Aye, I will" he offer her his hand, though her hand is just large enough to wrap around his finger "I will need to gather my supplies" The human nodded "Alright, we have someone waiting to port us to ironforge and ill sneak you in through the back." "ALright then, just wait here and I will return shortly with my supplies" he motioned to the druid to return her weapons, and they reluctantly hand them back. Nomu quickly set about gathering his things. It had been a long time since he had last ventured into the Alliance territory, before the coming of Garrosh as warchief. He was glad to have the chance to return, but he wondered how things had changed since last he had been there. But sightseeing could wait, someone needed his help and he was going to do whatever he could. ((With collab from Tayissa)
  3. Nomu


    Full Name: Fen'lao Age: 25 Race: Pandaren Gender: Male Hair: Black Skin: Panda skin? (covered by white and black fur) Eyes: Bright Green Height: 5'5'' Weight: 300 Place of residence: Dragonmaw port Place of Birth: Jade Forest, Sri-la village Known Relatives: Both of his parents died, he has a grandfather named Sentza who is part of the Shado-pan, but he never mentions him Religion/Philosophy: You dont eat you will die Occupation: Lay-about Group/Guild affiliation: Currently raids the Borrowed times panttries and the Wildhammer dwarves who live nearby Guild Rank: Enemies: He is a very friendly person, but gernerally anyone who has underestimated just how much he can eat. Oh and Cobrak. (And sometimes Tazhani) Likes: Eating, sleeping, eating, stealing, eating Favorite Foods: Chicken and Sausage and Carrots.....and anything else Favorite Drinks: Honey-mint tea.. Weapons of Choice: Fen fights with two unique sword arm blades *Look up Fist of the Diety* Despite his rather nervous nature he is extremely skilled in combat with these weapons. Dislikes: Running out of food, people taking his food Hobbies: Stealing food! Physical Features: He is extrememly portly and his stomach juts out, giving any passing panda immediate bouts of gut envy. Despite this he is incredibly nimble on his feet. He has a slim beard and mustache Special Abilities: He can eat a whole feast in under a minute Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, loving, joyful Negative Personality Traits: Hide yo food, hide yo wine, cause otherwise its his Misc. Quirks: He passes out while eating. This does not stop him from continuing to eat. Theme Songs: History: Fen was born in Sri-la village in the Jade forest but by the time he was 5 his family had moved to the Valley of the four winds to set up a farm. His grandfather Sentza is a well known and powerful shado-pan warrior who currently serves as an ambassador for the Shado-pan. Around the time Fen was 10 there was a mantid invasion and his parents were killed, leaving him orphaned. He was sent to live with his grandfather in the Shado-pan monastary, where, despite him passing his trials he eventually ran away, not wanting to live the life of a warrior. Only one or two outside of the Shado-pan know his former allegiance and he does his best to avoid any encounters with current shado-pan members out of fear of being caught.