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  1. Full Name: Acrturnis Dawnmourn Nicknames: Arc Birthdate: June 21 Age: 119 Race: Blood elf Gender: Male Place of residence: None/Transient Place of Birth: Silvermoon Known Relatives: None, all deceased Religion/Philosophy: Roughly humanist, uncertain Occupations: First Sergeant(Retired) Horde Expeditionary Forces, Paladin(no order), Blacksmith Weapons of Choice: Orcish warblade, two-handed swords, war axe Special Abilities: Arcturnis can call upon the Light as any paladin can, but otherwise has no extraordinary abilities. Physical Features and Equipment: For his race, Arcturnis is not particularly notable aside from his fiery hair and intense stare. While he is slightly more muscular than the average blood elf, it is not particularly noticeable when compared to other heavy infantry fighters, and he is certainly not much taller than average. Scars cover most of his frame, though any but those on his arms are seen with any sort of frequency. He wears simple, but heavy clothing when not encased in a thick and similarly common shell of plate armor. The paladin carries no holy symbols on his person, and indeed only wears tabard of the horde to identify himself when necessary. The most notable aspect of the paladin is likely his choice of weaponry. Unless instructed to do otherwise, Arcturnis carries an orcish warblade into battle. While the weapon appears battered and worn, close inspection reveals the care that has been taken to preserve it. Reforged half a dozen times, barely perceptible lines of gold light cut through the blade at jagged angles. Almost certainly unintentional, the magics used to reinforce the blade during its repeated reworking have blessed it with the faintest hint of the Light. Personality: Paladin Dawnmourn was once known to generally an easygoing sort, amicable and empathetic. Experience has changed that somewhat, with years of war and warmaking forging him into the quiet rock that he now exists as. Though he leads well enough, he turned down every opportunity for promotion into the officer ranks of the horde military. Those still living from his various units speak of him as two faceted; on the one hand a quietly caring soul who is both dependable and loyal, and on the other an efficient and debatably insane engine of war. More than once he was known to calmly take initiative and broadside the opposition where most normal folk would have balked. This behavior has manifested itself in instances of rebellion and retirement from military service on repeated occasion as well however, as he follows the code he holds to without shame or doubt. More than once it has landed him in irons, but with the repeated wars and conflicts over the last decades he has managed to either transfer, retire, or wait out punishments leveled in his direction. His creed is simple: "With my body, I am the shield, I must protect the innocent, With hands, I am the patron, I will give succor to the needy, With my mind, I am the vanguard, and I will fear no darkness, The Light is my strength." History: Little history from before the third war still exists that details the life of Arcturnis Dawnmourn. A lowborn child of a blacksmith and a nurse, the elf had little proclivity or interest in the magical prowess of his kin. He joined the farstriders at as young an age as he was able, what physical training he was able to gain from working at his father's side aiding his chosen path. What records remain indicate that he was an apt, but not particularly impressive recruit. He served without particular note until the first war, at which point it is noted that he left the ranger order to aid the Alliance of Lordaeron fight back the orcish horde. During this period he was introduced to the Silver Hand, and would eventually become an apprentice. Despite his prolonged apprenticeship, it was not until well after the second war that he appeared to show real aptitude and truly begin to wield the Light as a paladin. What exactly occurred is debatable, and no amount of pestering by his former teachers managed to ascertain what actually triggered the change. All that is recorded is that after a two year pilgrimage he returned as ably equipped to wield the light as those who had brought it to bear throughout the entirety of the second war. To this day he still refuses to speak of it, and it would eventually drive a wedge between himself and the Silver Hand. The wedge would eventually grow to become a full separation, as despite the events of the second war Arcturnis was unable to reconcile his code with the treatment of the orcs afterwards. Of his own telling, Arcturnis wandered the seven realms rather wildly for years at this point, only returning to Quel'thalas after the destruction of the Sunwell. When questioned about his absence, he states only that he was otherwise occupied until that time. The paladin aided his people as best he could, but could not stomach the eventual use of demons as a fuel source for the magical addiction many of his people fought so hard against. His time in Silvermoon during this period tainted the glow of his eyes regardless of his lack of fel consumption, a fact that would later force the decision of whether to join the horde or alliance upon him. Dawnmourn would, after the restoration of the Sunwell, join the horde fully. Seeking to combat the Lich King's minions in Northrend, the paladin needed a new avenue with which to join in the Argent Crusade. He served with distinction throughout this period, though notably not on fonts that involved any direct conflict with the alliance. This would continue into the events of the Cataclysm, but late into the conflict he found himself entirely unable to stomach the path Garrosh Hellscream had chosen for the Horde. The paladin again appeared to go his own route during Pandarian invasion, and upon questioning again states that he was otherwise occupied. Arcturnis returned to fight during the Siege of Orgrimmar, contributing what he could to depose the mad Warchief. He would remain in service until the end of the end of the conflict with the Iron Horde, before retiring yet again to return to his unnamed duties. The blood elf does not seem to have strayed as far as he has in the past however, and has been seen in Orgrimmar and Dalaran frequently since his departure from the military proper.