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  1. Hello: I am Kharthak—a healer shaman in The Grim. I have taken on an active interest in healing for 3s. Right now, I am borderline 1700 rating as of S2 Legion. I was about 50 or so points from 2k in Warlords of Draenor S3 when I started taking on healing. I need 2 dps, preferably from these classes: Hunter/Paladin, Paladin/Rogue, Rogue/Demon Hunter, Paladin/Demon Hunter, Warrior/Demon Hunter, Death Knight/Demon Hunter, Windwalker Monk/Death Knight, Feral/Warlock, Warrior/Warlock, Rogue/Warlock, Rogue/Hunter, Spriest/Warlock, Mage/Warlock (maybe, because I don't understand how MLS is played). All of these are comps that are Resto Shaman viable in at least a tier 3 (T1 is easy, T3 takes a ton of practice, but can be worked out) skill range. That way, you don't have the mentality "Oh, my class sucks; this comp is bad, etc." preventing you from creating a strong personal analysis over your own gameplay. What I am looking for in a player: Willingness to play. If you have any of the aforementioned classes, and you want to improve with it, this is right for you. A fixed time for practice (I have tried just queuing whenever with people, which can still be done even with a fixed time, but it usually causes confusion and wastes a bunch of time). Common goals—I am going for Rival at the end of this season. That will be somewhere flirting with 1700-1900ish. If you have never broken 1550, that's fine. I am going to ask you to read PVP class guides before queue sessions so you can constantly be generating new ideas and keybinds. Contact me in-game and we can get something started. You might also post something here, but I cannot guarantee that I will see it immediately. We will get started as soon as I have two people from these class combos.
  2. Dark memories of the patrol in Tanaan haunted Kharthak. He had seen firsthand how Ul-Rezaj submitted to the Legion, initiating himself by abusing the natural world to the fel. Of course, as a Warlock, he would expect this behavior. Still, Kharthak continually reminded himself, the troll deliberately took flight north, to the Throne of Kil'Jaeden itself, by himself. No one with a grain of wisdom would dare do such a thing. He shook his head in dismay. Kharthak reached his hand for his axe and held it over a grinding wheel. Putting his foot to a pedal, an ear-splitting din pierced the air as the dull blade sparked along the spinning wheel. Most assuredly, it would come in handy. Kharthak knew the Legion; he knew how deception worked. Only in the hour of truth would everything be clear to him, but, as he revealed this information to the Inquisitors after the Inquisition, he doubted their willingness to do whatever it takes. Eyes closed, he remembered most disdainfully their reactions: panicked and hate-filled, shocked and in disbelief. They had all been that way. For this reason, he felt a gut-wrenching divide between whether or not he wanted to be right or wrong. If he was right, his suspicions would be confirmed. His ability to weed out problems from their roots would surely earn him praise, but many would be full of grief and suspicion towards each other. If he was wrong, his credibility would be thoroughly sabotaged. Kharthak shrugged and silently cursed at himself for allowing a thought that would have rendered him idle if he had considered it before going to the Inquisitors. Raising himself from his grinding wheel, he withdrew his axe to his side and eyed the tip. Fingers clenched tight around the hilt, he arched his arm back and over his shoulder, throwing it straight forward as it spun flawlessly, neither straying from the right or to the left, into the chest of a Warspear target dummy. Right on target.