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  1. Phyruss can't help the bashful smile and the coloring of his cheeks as he hears Raelana's name. "She..." He stops himself, humming in thought. "She is beyond what a good person should be; selfless beyond sainthood, cheerful before the world's woes, stalwart in the face of evil, and the most diehard of romantics..." His smile grows fonder, "I count myself lucky every day I am allowed to wake next to her."
  2. Phyruss


    "Pompous, I'd say." Phyruss scowls, folding arms. "As Dad would say, he reminds me of elven nobility...which, is not a compliment."
  3. Phyruss kneels down, gently caressing a budding ivory ruse before leaning his head down to take in its scent. "Ah, the lovely Miss Kailel." He begins, padding the dirt and soil with his hands as he speaks. "She and I have a great deal in common; not only just our hobbies, but many of our beliefs and mannerisms coincide with one another...." Phyruss rises, stretching his arms upward, "Both wonderfully sweet and demure at the same time, it is a treat to make her blush in a game of wordplay with her."
  4. "My bumbling, numbskull of a sister..." Phyruss begins, leaning back into his chair to sip at his wine before returning his gaze to the interviewer. "She's the reason why I became who I am...she's my inspiration to be a hero. Shades, please never tell her that, I don't want to inflate her ego more or invite more attempts to sabotage my hairstyle."
  5. Full Name: Phyruss Arath;dorei Titles/Nicknames: Phy, Prancer Age: 20 Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Emerald Height: 6'2" Weight: None of your business! Notable Physical Features: Painstakingly Trimmed Soul Patch, Pale Skin Place of Residence: Arath'dorei Manor Place of Birth: Alternate Timeline Arath'dorei Manor Known Relatives: Sinlanna Arath'dorei (Mother), Naheal Malastar (Adoptive Father), Dora Arath'dorei (Sister), Isadore Arath'dorei (Younger Sister), Emineera Arath'dorei (Great-Aunt) Occupation: Battlemage Mercenary of Borrowed Time, Alchemist, Runeworker, Botanist, Divine Hero Known Associates: Nok Deadeye, Kailel Windstalker, Gaeldenia Known Nemesis: Villains Who stand in the Way of Heroic Justice! Special Skills: Skilled in runic magic and melee combat, scio/cryomancy (Shadow/Frost Magic), five-star cook, knowledge of most categorized herbs and vegetation Positive Traits: Gentlemanly, Charismatic, Heroic, Flirtacious, Strong-Willed Negative Traits: Cocky, Begrudging, Prejudiced, Proud, Overtly Dramatic History: In the alternative timeline whence the Horde and Alliance ripped themselves apart only to be set upon by a host of Infinite dragons and Wyrmcultists, Phyruss was born in the abandoned estate of his ancestral home, the Arath'dorei manor to Sinlanna Arath'dorei and an unknown lover. At the time, SInlanna's death knight husband, Naheal, took the child as his own and raised it alongside Sinlanna's other child from a previous rendezvous, Isadore, as his own. The two grew up in a world beset by dangers, Phyruss early on witnessing the death of many of the small familial company he had come to know. For near twenty years this went on, until an incident involving time travel and several other members of the Borrowed Time family were sent into an era that did not yet know what awaited them. With the past aiding them and their knowledge of events and the true villains behind their time's distortion, they prevented history repeating itself, but at the cost of them no longer being able to return to their home. Now sealed in a time they only heard through tales, Phyruss fights alongside his family for a brighter future. He works diligently as a hero of justice; saving those in need, aiding the downtrodden, and wooing the occasional damsel (or duke dependent on his tastes at the time).