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  1. "Sorel?" Calrin blinked, looking up from the book on his lap. "Um... he was kinda a dick, really. Good heart, but not always good with people, especially mages and any elf that wasn't another night elf." He shrugged. "But he's not the worst person I've ever worked for?"
  2. "Allycia is an... interesting sort." Sorel huffs. "She basically forced her way into the Vanguard, and given how devoted she claims to be to the Alliance, I felt compelled to let her stay, despite being a full-blooded Thalassian." His eyes narrow a bit. "That said, she doesn't seem like the kind who will ever waver, so we will see how that goes.
  3. Full name: Calrin Bolfrey Age: 23 Date of Birth: May 6 Race: Worgen (Gilnean) Gender: Male Hair: Brown Skin color: White Eyes: Emerald (Sky blue Worgen form) Height: 5'10" (7'2" Worgen form upright, 6'5" hunched) Weight: 170 (215 Worgen form) Place of Residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms Known Relatives: Henry Bolfrey (Father, deceased), Olivia Bolfrey (Mother, human) Birthplace: Stormglen Village, Gilneas, Eastern Kingdoms Languages: Common, Darnassian (learning), Taura'he, Zandali (learning) Occupatio
  4. Shizari


    "I only know two Orcs incredibly well." T'suro stated, "Compared to Shokkra, Cobrak is downright gentle." He shrugged. "I don't agree with what Borrowed Time does all the time, and he's still an orc through and through, but you can at least have conversations with him."
  5. "Siané seems nice enough..." Sorel states, trailing off a bit, "I find it a bit... quizzical that she's half Kaldorei and half Thalassian, but I don't count that against her. She seems a bit naive about the world still, but it's clear she has a good heart."
  6. "Mardalius..." Sorel growls a little at the mention of the name. "I hated him intensely once. He prided himself on his Thalassian blood, spending literal hours on end primping himself, with an ego bigger than Deathwing's metal jaw. I am no fan of Thalassians, and he seemed to delight rubbing that part of him in my face." He closed his eyes. "But now I understand that he was acting on how he thought they were, and all he sought was approval. I'm still not a fan of his more... Thalassian aspects, but I would treat him a lo-... a bit better if I met him now." --------------------------------
  7. "Grimtotem." T'suro nods sagely. "A name that normally would make my blood boil. But Baern is a different sort. Legitimately kind and helpful, he wants to redeem himself in the eyes of the Horde. He's a wise one, and I hope to see his Ashtotem become a powerful tribe one day."
  8. Shizari


    "Death definitely rotted her brain a bit." T'suro closes his eyes, annoyed, "Not to mention her unrelenting hatred of elves. Thalassian elves. Her allies." He rolled his shoulder. "But then, she's Grim, isn't she? They're all kind of crazy. ...please, Le'sara, still have your ears..."
  9. "Ah, the Commander's husband." T;suro nodded. "A fine man, always greeting people with a smile, isn't afraid to speak his mind... not much of a pet person though." T'suro shrugged. "His loss. Besides that, though, it takes a lot to get him pissed. But when he is? Run."
  10. "Commander Liene has more than earned my respect." T'suro explains. "She instills such a loyalty and openness with Sanctuary, and I pray the day never comes that she is seen as an enemy of Quel'Thalas. I don't rightly know if I could bring myself to fight her, even if it meant getting kicked out of the Blood Knights." He stops for a brief moment. "Ok, that's not true, but I'd still lose that battle even going all out on her." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Julilee Liene, one of the few Thalassians I can stomach
  11. "Ya know, it's funny." T'suro chuckles. "He's a warlock of all things, but by the Light, he is an incredibly friendly and approachable person." The blood elf gives a shrug. "Ya have good people skills if you can contain all the various... colorful personalities of the Horde and have them willingly come back."
  12. Full name: T'suro Sunspear Age: 32 Date of Birth: April 10 Race: Blood Elf Gender: Male Hair: Auburn Skin color: White-pink Eyes: Emerald Height: 6'4" Weight: "205" (130 normally) Place of Residence: Sanctuary Guild Hall, Dalaran Known Relatives: Quen'tyn & Rolaana Sunspear (Parents, deceased), Le'sara Sunspear (Sister, Blood Elf) Birthplace: Tranquillian, Ghostlands Languages: Orcish, Thalassian, Common Occupation: Blood Knight, smith Likes: camaraderie, honesty, working for respect Dislikes: Undead, the Legio
  13. "Jenivyr is a bit too flirtatious, it feels heavy handed." Sorel explained, "That said though, everyone enjoys her company, and she's proven time and time again to be a very capable person and leader. I'm glad to have her."
  14. Full name: Sorel Crescentsong Age: 10,041 Date of Birth: March 8 Race: Night Elf Gender: Male Hair: Dark Blue Skin color: Light blue Eyes: Amber Height: 7'0 Weight: 235 Place of Residence: Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands, Eastern Kingdoms Known Relatives: Elan & Alyssia Crescentsong (Parents, deceased), Kurellian Crescentsong (Brother, reanimated by Azshara), Meria & Jeandle "Jean" Crescentsong (Grandparents, Nightborne) Birthplace: Zin'Azshari, Ancient Kalimdor Languages: Common, Darnassian, Draconic Occupation: Lead