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  1. One day, on a crisp Autumn morning, an apple cart bound for Silvermoon detonated. The blast tore the bridge it was crossing over into rubble, killed the driver, obliterated five hundred gold worth of produce, and threw a nearby orc into a tree. "How do ya like dem apples?" The medic had joked when Gunheya awoke. The fact that he could not manage a laugh struck the orc as monumentally wrong. The horrible bruising was easy enough to mend, the damage to his mechano-hog far less so. But in time it could all be fixed, he had mended broken equipment and recovered from a broken body countless times
  2. The only sound in the recording is the dull roar of water for the first several seconds. I... My gut instinct... We made a mistake We had no other choice, that's what I have to tell myself. We had no choice. We could not get at her any other way but to follow her down. But there was a choice wasn't there? Get Jaina to do whatever she did to escape to Orgrimmar again, send the Champions and the Heart of Azeroth topside and forget about us. We could have died denying her her prize and delay her plan. But we didn't. The roar of water continues for several moments before he speaks again
  3. Forget huffing, Azeroth is flat out injecting the crazy juice now. The day arrived, our forces gathered and were set to strike at the Tidestone with a recently acquired javelin that can pierce the shield surrounding it. In all of their wisdom, someone invited the Alliance. No, not just the Alliance, the worst of them. Greymane and Proudmore were leading the Alliance forces and that old son of a bitch was itching for a fight. We should have done the world a favor and given it to him but Thalyssra and Proudmoore advised cooler heads. The hypocrisy of that mage preaching patience and toleranc
  4. There's an air of relief in Newhome today that has me on edge. Yesterday, everyone was freaking out about Baine. Today? Nobody is even mentioning it, meaning that he either got released or the champion really did break him out of jail. This is not a thing to be celebrated! He attacked his own side, destroyed a weapon we could use to turn the tide of this war, and they're all happy that the acts of Horde on Horde violence continues to escalate! Feels like all of Azeroth is huffing something and nobody passed me the bowl. We've been established well enough in Newhome now that we're no long
  5. In short, got to a Naga operation, killed naga, and ran when more of them showed up. But shut up! This is more important...Nobody else is talking except me. Gunheya clears his throat One of the Seers that came with us, some tauren, I forget his name... He had a vision. It might all be smoke and mirrors and the images might just be that, something he crafted. But if what he said is true, things are BETTER down here. Sylvanas is going to execute Baine. Before I even left harbor, Baine had been taken in for treason. He was too obvious and rushed, left too many witnesses and the returned t
  6. You know what saying I really hate? "Back in my day" It's the go to saying for every veteran whenever anyone without grey hair starts complaining. "Back in my day we had to sacrifice materials for our spells. Back in my day the rocks didn't summon people. Back in my day you had to work HARD for drinking money. Back in my day we had to mind our ammo." I hate the saying because this time they're freaking right. Dachi, Iisha, and I have been making these runs for days now. Hoof it up north for several hours to steal from the Bloodfin or the Naga or whoever thoughtfully started hoarding supply
  7. Adrenaline will have to keep it at bay. I know I need more time but we can't stop. Those that were able had to leave in the middle of the night to deal with a disastrous summoning coming from the north, and before they could even leave the camp they were split in half to handle another point to the east. Plenty of soldiers survived the crash thankfully but we've still stumbled into the heart of enemy territory and they're having fun stretching us taut already. Honestly, I feel that if the Naga are so plentiful they could have just stormed Newhome and wiped us out by now. We don't have any si
  8. The voice recorder is found in a pile of seaweed within Nazjatar, near the wall of water overlooking the flooded marketplace Everything hurts. I've been in my fair share of crashes but this one was leagues beyond anything i've ever suffered. Speaking of leagues i'm at the bottom of the ocean, though if you're listening to this chances are you know that already. Maybe I should start from the beginning. The Horde needed more technical know-how with what few ships we had left. Starting to think that was all of a ruse because as soon as we saw the fleet, what few forces we had hoisted all sa
  9. The quality of the recording is low and scratchy " September 17th 10:40 PM." " All this time i've been trying to make a name for myself and it turns around to bite me on the ass. Apparently my record is noticeable! But only as a scout. Combined with my engineering ability, Command has decided I would work best in our Azerite operations out in Drustvar." " If you've never been there, don't go. It's a cold, damp hellhole that makes Gilneas look tropical and cheery. But it appears to be good enough for farmland to have several towns scattered throughout it." " All things conside