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  1. YR TITLE SUMMARY 24 Whispers In The Dark - Yegali rescues Coqui 25 WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004-11-23 26 BURNING CRUSADE 2007-01-16 27 WRATH OF THE LICH KING 2008-11-13 28 CATACLYSM 2010-12-07 30 MISTS OF PANDARIA 2012-09-12 2014 ((Ravenholdt merges with Twisting Nether 2014-07-31)) 31 WARLORDS OF DRAENOR 2014-11-13 2015 31 Eclipse: Does Not Play Well With Others - Kerala summons the Skytotem 31 (Maiden of the Mist) - (Jinchan becomes an official Skytotem healer) 31 Eclipse: Flying Against The Hurricane - Breygrah leaves the Horns, Kerala too 31 Eclipse: Spirit Walk (Log) - the skytotem locate Konro's trapped soul 31 Eclipse: Grim Retribution - The Grim attack Kerala and leave her comatose 31 Eclipse: Operation Clusterfuck* - the Skytotem rescue Breygrah 31 Eclipse: And Found - Mudhide cures Kerala's claustrophobia 2016 33 LEGION 2016-08-30 2017 2018
  2. Full Name: Conraua Skytotem (Grimtotem) Nicknames: None Date of Birth: ... Age: mature adult Race: Tauren Gender: Female Hair: Long, black, thick and coarse Skin: Black fur Eyes: Violet Height: 10'4" (near max for female, avg for male) Weight: 825lbs, curvaceous Place of residence: Nothing permanent Place of Birth: ... Known Relatives: Only to her. A precious mate Religion/Philosophy: Earth Mother reverence Occupation: Former None-of-Your-Business Group/Guild affiliation: <Borrowed Time>. A Skytotem tribe healer Guild Rank: She doesn't care what it is Enemies: Only when her cover is blown, then usually everybody Weapons of Choice: All of them, put to most efficient use. Conraua fights efficiently. If she can end a fight quickly, she will. She's not a fair fighter, and believes there is no such thing. If you must fight, fight to win. Honor is meaningless if you're dead. She favors a blunt weapon and a shield, though the barrier is as much a secondary weapon as protection. She will avoid physical confrontation if there are other avenues to accomplish the goal such as stealth or diplomacy. She often uses her size and deadpan demeanor to intimidate. +Weaknesses: Will always protect her loved ones and sacrifice on their behalf Likes: Children. Favorite Foods: Pemmican (tauren survival rations) Favorite Drinks: Any fruity wine Favorite Colors: Purple Dislikes: Anyone taking advantage of other people. Hobbies: Spending time with family Physical Features: Conraua is imposing for a female. She is much taller than average and has thick, broad black horns that look as if they belong on a male. Her black fur is short and dense, and stands straight out from her body, also making her appear larger than she actually is. With mostly the ends of her fur pointing out and the skin beneath black, she seems to absorb the sun's light, reflecting very little and appearing sort of velvety soft. This sunwalker is curvaciously bodacious! Hourglass figure with wide hips and slightly larger breasts. Her clothes are usually impeccably tailored regardless of the style to accentuate and flatter. Conraua has violet eyes and an appealing broad flat nose. Her expression, though, is usually set in a somewhat stern countenance. The change is drastic whenever she genuinely shares a smile. Those tend to be rare. She keeps her very thick mane braided. Conraua walks heavily. Her tail was broken sometime in the past and amputated. A short stub remains. She tends to place her feet more solidly than other tauren, and keep a wider stance. Special Abilities: Fluent in most languages. Analytical mind and quick reflexes. Decent with a lockpick and explosives. Immunity to most poisons in which a tolerance can be built. Master alchemist. Personality: Conraua has always been a protector. She acts as big sister to some other Skytotem healers such as Amietia or especially Jinchan. She won't sit idly by when someone smaller or weaker gets taken advantage of, and often champions their cause. She can be brusque at times when dealing with people. She is a logical and calculating person. She keeps her loved ones extremely close and rarely allows her relationships to be known to others so that they cannot be used against her. She will never sugarcoat the truth of a bad situation and can often seem callous and sometimes even pessimistic. Not much for fraternizing. She doesn't have many friends and can be a workaholic. Misc. Quirks: Heavy gait and wide stance due to missing tail. Theme Songs: ... History: Conraua keeps to herself. Her profession before joining the Skytotem is unknown, but as a Skytotem healer she travels often and is known to reunite children of all races with their families or find them homes. The orphanages are the most likely places to catch up with her since she will visit personally to distribute supplies and spend time with the children.