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  1. YR TITLE SUMMARY 25 WORLD OF WARCRAFT 2004-11-23 26 BURNING CRUSADE 2007-01-16 27 WRATH OF THE LICH KING 2008-11-13 28 CATACLYSM 2010-12-07 30 MISTS OF PANDARIA 2012-09-12 2014 30 Always - Bombina goes to Orgrimmar's siege ((Ravenholdt merges with Twisting Nether 2014-07-31)) 31 WARLORDS OF DRAENOR 2014-11-13 2015 31 Eclipse: Does Not Play Well With Others - Kerala summons the Skytotem 31 (Maiden of the Mist) - (Jinchan becomes an official Skytotem healer) 31 Log: Eclipse: To Wax Or Wane* - Lomani and Bombina help fight Vionora, heal Breygrah 31 Eclipse: Flying Against The Hurricane - Breygrah leaves the Horns, Kerala too 31 Eclipse: Spirit Walk (Log) - the skytotem locate Konro's trapped soul 31 Eclipse: Lost (+Log) - Lomani works to free Kerala from her phobic dreams 31 Eclipse: Operation Clusterfuck* - the Skytotem rescue Breygrah 31 Eclipse: And Found - Mudhide cures Kerala's claustrophobia 31 (Fel Expansion*) - (Khorvis attacks Brill!) 31 Backlash - Kerala and Lomani reconstruct Brill victims 31 Castaway - Bombina's Birthday 2016 33 LEGION 2016-08-30 33 Derecho: Twist - Derecho IS Kerala 2017 2018
  2. Full Name: Bombina Skysong Nicknames: Bomom (a term young calflings use like calling someone gramma) ((namechanged from Anura)) Date of Birth: Forgotten to living memory Age: Older than dirt Race: Tauren Gender: Female Hair: Gray Skin: Wrinkled with age. Thinning tawny or sand-colored fur. Grayed snout. Eyes: Amber. Cunning still. Height: stopped to 9'2" (average) Weight: 650lbs soaking wet (average) Place of residence: Spirit Rise, Thunder Bluff Place of Birth: Earth Mother might know Known Relatives: Probably around here somewhere Religion/Philosophy: Earth Mother reverence, elemental communion Occupation: Might lay claim to Village Crazy Lady if you ask her Group/Guild affiliation: No official guild. A Skytotem tribe healer Enemies: Probably somewhere, if you look hard enough Weapons of Choice: A quick wit. Or a hard knock of sense to the noggin. +Weaknesses: Age. DEAFNESS. Likes: The ocean. Books. Reading and writing. History. A fine male form. Favorite Foods: Clams and oysters Favorite Drinks: Broth Favorite Colors: Watercolors Dislikes: Stupidity. Spring, autumn and winter months of chilly and up-and-down temperatures. Hobbies: Testing the boundaries of what 'respect for elders' will let her get away with. Physical Features: She's an old tauren woman. Her back is bent with the weight of uncounted years though she's still far from feeble. She is skinny in the way of elder people, all knobby joints and thin skin overlaid. Her fur is thinning and often flat. She has cunning amber eyes still lively with a fierce intelligence, it's just that her body is starting to give out on her. Her gaze is becoming more and more near-sighted. She creaks and pops in anything even resembling chilly weather. Special Abilities: Lipreading. Sign language. Positive Personality Traits: Humor Negative Personality Traits: Impatient and impulsive. Misc. Quirks: Likes to swim naked. Theme Songs: ... History: Bombina has lived an awfully long time and is more interested in talking about other things... The shaman has supported the Skytotem tribe of healers in a few of their escapades but hasn't done much worth notice in the recent past.
  3. I started Anura a while ago during the last data blackout before we went back to Sprint and their higher data plan. I halfway hate her.... I can't figure out how to make her look like a venerable old indian woman. Right now I think she resembles a terrible dinosaur.