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  1. Amie woke slowly. The air on her face was chilly, but the rest of her was warm. She sighed. Then she waited. She breathed again, an experiment in personal sensation. She felt... not happy, no, but... calm? Centered. She felt balanced and that, after feeling suffocated for so long, was almost as good as happiness. She examined the source of this feeling. The hurt for her sister was there, still. Amie knew that Kerala was dead, somehow, and this truth had not changed. The lack of proof, of closure... it was disappointing and it made the hole in her heart that much wider, but now that uncert
  2. The night was cold. All around Thunder Bluff, folks were still active. They gathered, some for early revelry, some for the warmth of friendships. They clustered and they drew together around flickering flames. Like moths. Amietia kept on. One hoof in front of the other. They knew the way on their own. The pattern of rounded paving stones fell away beyond her steps homeward bound. Her mind was free to focus on other things besides the empty tent awaiting her. The Longwalker had disturbed her, of course. She had spent so much time on her own, isolated and cocooned within th
  3. The terrorist, gangly and thin, was blasted off her feet. The bluffwatcher's shot caught her in the middle, but off-center. The troll twisted like a wobbling top and, like the child's toy, crashed against the platform's rail. Anura's wrinkled fingers on Lomani's arm was the only thing that kept the furious seer from trying to get down to them, or from trying to cast the same spell again to make the murderous woman burn in holy fires of her own. There was enough already in ashes. Lomani let the old shaman turn her from the sight of her brother guard standing firmly over the crumpled f
  4. "Okie. ...Ya. Good." said the troll. The gangly woman seemed to settle somewhat, accepting that her request was being honored. She slowly pulled her feet beneath her to crouch in a more conventional posture, balanced now on her toes to wait. Lomani watched Anura press four totem spikes into the earth around where she was knelt, and then she bowed her head. Everyone waited. And waited. Derecho brought her hands into her lap and clasped them in a patient manner. Then she scratched at her head. She shifted weight from one ankle to the other. Then back again. After a few more minutes, t
  5. Lomani froze, pins pressed between her lips and fabric held in place. After a moment, the bride-to-be noticed and tried to twist to peer at the seamstress. Lomani had done her the honor of agreeing to sew a special dress for her wedding ceremony. Seeing the faraway look in the seer's eyes, however, she politely excused herself to come back some other time. Lomani let her make her escape, despite the momentary distraction having nothing to do with visions or the Earth Mother. This was a far more mundane worry. The silver seer snatched up her mace as she exited the tent. She heartily disli
  6. Lomani had never imagined, when she decided to leave her tent wearing the white, that she'd quite end up where she did. The seer scope of enormity left her rather shaken, and cup after cup of hot tea wasn't doing anything to ease the shivers up her spine. Lomani was a seamstress. She was a caretaker and a soother, a guide and a warm embrace for her people when they caught ill, when they needed encouragement to make the right life choices, when they celebrated the happy times or remembered fondly those that had departed. Her life was busy, yes, but it was predictable. It was mostly quiet.
  7. Hi, I noticed something odd. I logged into the character Lomani (Kerala is the main) to post to the calendar, since that character is hosting. It just now showed up in the upcoming events.... but at 3pm instead of 7pm EST. How do I fix that setting for all the characters so it matches my actual timezone please? I couldn't find such a setting in Profile or Account Settings even for my base account.
  8. Please let me know if I didn't explain anything clearly or if you have questions. This year's solstice happened to fall on a full moon, so stickball season is officially underway already (oops). My husband has no closing shifts this week for me to host a game, but keep your eyes on the calendar for one coming soon, hopefully next week! Expect late afternoon/early evening, I'm thinking a start time of 18:00 server time to allow late people to arrive and still give 2 hours for RP before my RL duties need me to log off at 20:30. If you are tauren, feel free to host yo
  9. Anejodi, or stickball, is a traditional full contact Shu'halo sport. Anejodi is a shu'halo word meaning "little brother of war" and is a game invented during a dark time in tauren history when tribes still warred on one another. The game taught younglings to work together, to not fear injury in close combat, and improved hand-eye coordination before they were old enough to ride in true battle. Today, the games are still held at least once during the year to solve minor tribal disputes, to bring the community together in friendly competition, and to remember an important part of racial history.
  10. You look at Shokkra. [Lomani]: Hello there. [Shokkra]: Hi I heard there was a game or something? [Lomani]: There was. It seems to be over now. [Shokkra]: Oh. Uh, okay. [Lomani]: Sorry, friend. Unless you fancy a one on one game. Lomani cocks her head, to the left. [Shokkra]: I...sure, okay. [Lomani]: Really?! Shokkra nods at you. Lomani immediately slides off her kodo and grabs two sticks. You smile at Shokkra. [Shokkra]: So how do you play? [Lomani]: I have a crate of [Skyreach Sunrise] over there that says... that you, as an orc, will
  11. Lomani cheers at Kiraleen. "Hooray!" Khorvis grumbles. "I do think that one used magic..." Mersee claps for Kiraleen, clearly unimpressed. Then her fingers return to her face, where she promptly erases the painful wound of her bitten tongue. Kiraleen looks at the stick and ball in surprise. "I.. -scored a goal?" Lomani gets up slowly, dusting herself off. "With my stick!" she laughs/ Kiraleen cheers. Turning to Mersee, she smiles apologetically. "I'm sorry you lost your bet." The other elf shrugs. "I lost my bet. Pay the girl." Lomani walks over to the stack of w
  12. Khorvis rolls 63 (1-100) Lomani rolls 89 (1-100)* Mersee rolls 13 (1-100) injury! Kiraleen rolls 76 (1-100) Lomani starts moving as soon as the ball leaves the troll's hand. Being tallest, Kiraleen wisely doesn't fight her teammate, but instead interferes with Khorvis' lunge for the ball. "Go, Lomani!" The seer reaches for the ball with her stick, and is completely surprised to actually catch it! She brings her arm and her weapon down to earth again... right onto poor Mersee's head. The elf falls to the ground, obviously stunned. "Hit her in the kneecaps!