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  1. Every mod works on the Mac no trouble at all. The only way to upset it would be with permissions issues, i.e. installing WoW under an admin account and then using a regular account without the correct permissions to run the game. (Wow/mac doesn't need to be installed by an admin account - ever. Just install it under your home directory. You can actually copy the whole directory around and WoW will still work from the new directory.) .exe wrapped zip files aren't too difficult to get the contents out of but it not worth the trouble, grab it from somewhere else.
  2. Damn, I think Kaliera has me beat: Grainger - 60 Undead Mage Ashreva - 60 Orc Hunter Ishiki - 60 Tauren Druid Trucido - 44 Undead Rogue Jurani - 41 Troll Priest Nefaria - 18 undead warlock Parja - 15 troll shaman Gramgor - 15 orc warrior
  3. Amusing. Can you bring some step ladders next time ? Its rather irritating to have to crane my neck to look down at you lot prior to your death. ----- Peace through Annihilation
  4. Name: Redsol Class: Paladin Race: Dwarf Hmmm, I've been evil for so damn long wonder how the hell I'm going to figure to be following the light now.
  5. Grim rules are RP in /party, /raid, /say and /yell. Its not that hard to do if you put a little effort into it and practise. Its only for ZG and AQ that we have other ooc channels to coordinate healing, crowd control, melee, everywhere else is IC all the time.
  6. (( If the damn Civvies didn't go calling for all the guards, it would be a lot easier to leave them alone, but if you don't kill them and kill them quick you've got the annoying guard zerg swarming all over you. Using our two raid system, we can take out the civvies, deal with the guards and have some good, old fashioned world PvP. Sadly this doesn't seem to exist anymore. We took over Refuge Point and Aerie Peak (now appropriately named Grim Point and Grim Peak) for close to an hour each time and not even a peep from an alliance coming to take it back from us. Just a couple unforunates who landed while we were there. ))
  7. "It is with great sadness that The Grim announce the passing of the Necromancer Maledictus from this world. Per his wishes, his remains now lie in an unmarked grave in the Brill graveyard. As a mark of respect, the rank of Necromancer has been retired from the guild rolls. It is with much honor and humility that I now take up the mantle of leadership of The Grim. Peace through Annihilation Grainger Steward of The Grim"