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  1. Full Name: Eiverlyn Cinderweaver Nicknames: Eive Date of Birth: Age: Around 35 Race: Sin'dorei Gender: Female Hair: Long curled blond hair, worn in a bun most of the time. Skin: Fair Skinned Eyes: Bright Green Height: A few inches taller than the average female Sin'dorei Weight: She is a bit under average in weight. Physical Features: She has a thinner upper body frame and a slightly curvier lower body. Place of residence: Dalaran Place of Birth: Suncrown Village Known Relatives & Associations: Lyana Brightstrider & Laedra Silverblade ( adoptive mothers) The Rayfeather family (Bosses/ Family) Religion/Philosophy: A free spirit who isn’t bound by the chains of a philosophy or religion. Eive tends to follow her heart and the inexperience tends to get the best of her. She currently seeks to find herself and understand where she belongs in the world. Occupation: Psychoanalyst and Recruiter for the Ravenflight Group/Guild affiliation: Borrowed Time Enemies: Currently (Lazhio and Arcturil) Likes: Waking up to a bottle of Dalaran Red, a good romance novel, taking risks and learning from their consequences, Favorite Foods: Instant Noodles Favorite Drinks: Dalaran Red and Silvermoon Port Favorite Colors: Reds and blues of all hues Weapons of Choice: She carries a set of staves, one an implement for her fire magic and the other an implement for her ice magic. Dislikes: Staying in one spot for more than a few nights. Hobbies: Reading, writing, doodling and portals. Special Abilities: Pyromancy and Cryomancy are her specialties but has she also has an understanding of subterfuge Positive Personality Traits: Friendly and playful. Overall very happy with life and carefree. Negative Personality Traits: Says things without meaning to say them and can come off as rude or offensive because of it. She is prompt to correct herself. Her carefree attitude makes her lazy at times. Misc. Quirks: She is bumbly and borderline klutzy when she isn’t concentrated on her work. She remains awkward until she starts her analysis. Theme Songs: The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars Portrayed By: History: ((Coming Soon))