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  1. eta 1hour. Don't lose any long RP posts by not saving them in a text doc before posting.
  2. I'll be bringing the site down tomorrow (Thursday) for probably 6-10 hours to upgrade to TNG3.0. If something happens during the upgrade process, it may take longer. I've started working through some changes to permissions today. To start with, I've removed all tags from everything. I'd like the tag system to be used for what it's actually meant for..making searches for specific content easier, not for pranking and idiocy, which is what the vast majority of tags are used for now. I've also removed all inactive moderators. I will be going back to a "If you aren't playing a main character actively on TN, you will not be a moderator here" rule. By "moderator", I mean members who can respond to complaints by deleting posts and giving infractions to those who aren't following the rules. There may be a couple spots open for this. Send me a PM if you are interested. With the new site will come more ways in which people can help out. There will be a front page and a sections where we can pool useful articles that currently the only way we can emphasize them is by making them sticky. I'm looking for mature volunteers who can help sift through the information we already have here and tag/promote useful posts. I'll also be calling out for people interested in writing informational posts that will be up-to-date with Cataclysm. Currently I have sections for RP, PVP, PVE, and stories and art. In addition to the front page changes, I'll be adding a shoutbox. Hopefully some of the spam that currently fills up the blog section can be diverted here in a place that isn't permanently taking up database space. Right now I plan on a general use tab (pg13), a strict RP tab, and possibly group invite only tabs depending on demand. This will be a new feature that will be monitored and evaluated as people make use of it. There will also be space for guild and event advertisements. There will be more information when the new site opens. but if you want to get a jumpstart on this, the requirements are: It HAS to be RP related, and must be submitted in the form of a 250x250px image (.jpg or .png format) along with a link (where do you want the person to go when it's clicked...either your guild website, or maybe a post here on TNG that give the person more information).
  3. Out of curiosity, how many people access TNG with mobile devices? Or would if it was easier, or if you had a smart phone? There's a couple things I can do with the new site to make it easier if people are interested.
  4. There is also the short, but cute death knight diva comic that I did, found at I also wanted to post links that other artists did of my characters. This one probably looks familiar. Taminda's portrait of Villayna: Lovely's portrait of Mystagogue, Villayna's alter-ego: Masquerade's sketch for my druid Sangjai: and the finished colored version: Kromthal's Winter Veil gift for Mortica:
  5. Villayna's grandmother. A portrait that hangs in the front lobby of House deSinisca. My Alliance priest, Viscar. My other priest, Fhoyle: If I make a goblin mage, her name will be Toleda: The newest addition, my undead hunter Belmire:
  6. Most of these have been posted throughout the years, but I figured it might be nice to just have one thread to update. For those of you who didn't know some of these were my characters, enjoy The avatar I used for Mortica on the old Fates Hand forum. It's a minor screenshot alteration, but I always kinda liked it despite how small it is. An older sketch I did of one of my guildmates, a tauren shaman named Blackdahlia. Undead warrior Celuna sketch. Also known as "I suck at perspective": My druid Bayou:
  7. Join the /rp channel. Someone there should be able to hook you up
  8. I found a nice write-up that summarizes things people who are planning to RP a worgen character might like to know. Suni's Guide to RPing a Worgen
  9. I disagree. Vanilla WoW Alliance romped all over Horde in server-only BGs. The AV situation you are talking about was a game-wide sitout by Alliance from all servers, not just TN, and only lasted for maybe 3 months before Blizzard caved.
  10. Grammar would make whatever point you were trying to prove with this paragraph comprehensible. It's not about being a nazi, it's about being able to convey knowledge in a format people can understand. /end rant Yes, using different strategies help, and can overcome the numbers game. But WHO plays Wintergrasp? 1) People who need gear (nubs) 2) People who like to kill people. In the face. As Cavannaugh put it. 3) People who like to win as a team. I'd put those ratios at about 70/25/5, same for both Horde and Alliance (yes, numbers pulled out of ass). Doesn't matter if it's WG, or any other BG scenario. That's who queues. 5 people out of a hundred giving a crap cannot win if the others on their team don't follow instructions. Horde didn't win because they played smarter, they just had numbers. Zombie apocalypse numbers.
  11. Keep things civil. I'd hate to have to lock an interesting topic because of PVP induced name-calling.
  12. I agree with Faeriel's analysis. If I have some time today, I'll see about setting up a survey script on the site so you can get around the 50 responses issue without needing to fork out money for it. As long as you report the data along with analysis, I have no problem with these.
  13. What they really needed to do was boost the vehicles health more so than the individual players' healths. By boosting the individual, one of the problems I saw was people were encouraged to go around "ganking" individuals (personal gain) rather than try to "play" the scenario as it was intended by utilizing the vehicles (team gain).
  14. This was the real problem. The population difference between active Horde and Alliance on TN isn't really that bad. The ratio of Horde PVPers and Alliance PVPers skewers that imbalance a bit more. Alliance and Horde were pretty even on the fights in the beginning, but then just the slightest change made a few Alliance disheartened, so they didn't queue, then they lost more of the fights wich made even fewer queue, then it went to complete crap till Irontoe and crew made their valiant effort to rekindle Alliance side with premades. Even with premades, the majority of Alliance had already given up on Wintergrasp, and those died off when the amount of effort to nag people into queueing wasn't worth the results. It's really too bad they didn't do this a year ago.