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  1. "Archum, it's time we made our way back home." He patted his energy filled pup. A bond between pup and master was always special, and theirs certainly was. "What do you think boy, is it time to return home from this rather arduous adventure?" The pup simply licked his hand, a sign which seemed to satisfy Ayther and they walked onward. It had been a long journey for the two of them and for the most part it had been alone. They had met some adventurers in taverns and in battle out in the wilderness but other than that it was just the two of them. The trip back had been long and somewhat nerve wracking. Not because they were afraid of the trip back but because they were going to miss the adventure. But Ayther's life was not out in the wilderness, it was back in the safety of his home. The adventure was to be one of his last seeing as he was a mage now and no longer a death knight. His role as mage for Dalaran wasn't to be adventuring it was taking care of the city and his home and family. A task Ayther was looking forward to. So although he was excited to get to his new duties he was sad that he had to leave the wilderness. Time to retire his blade and hang it on a shelf somewhere. Maybe one day he could hand it down to a young nephew in the family. Who knows. For now though, his blade, which was certainly sharp as any he'd handled, was to be retired. "We're not alone pal, we have one another to keep us safe." The pups energy swelled and he ran a little faster towards their home. They were both a little battered from the adventure, but their wounds would heal. There were healers in Dalaran that could patch up just about anything. "Adventuring life isn't for all of us. Sometimes we need to let the warmongerers battle it out while we safeguard our own homes." The pup looked Ayther in the eye and cocked his head. "Yeah... you'll learn someday. Cmon, we've got to get home!"
  2. I am beset by my own doings. I reach out in attempt to fix, yet seem to find damage done. However, I realise that, much like surgery, the patient is always reluctant and after the surgery there is a recovery period which is rather painful, sometimes terribly so. Yet, the surgery often saves the lives of those who undergo it. One would often hope to even make their lives better than before. And that is how I approach my work. My life. I am not an idle mind. I do not sit back and enjoy the breeze with a drink on the beach. No. I work, always. Because, frankly, I love to work, and I love to help. My life's work is simply to make the world a better place, be it one person around me, or a country if I can have such an influence. Sometimes my "patients" scream in horror, sometimes they hate me with all their desire, sometimes they are thankful and enjoy the help I provide, usually free of charge. However, it has been my experience that all of my patients after the healing process are better people for it and are quite grateful for what I have done for them, even though I am usually far and away by then. So why am I here writing today? Because I need to put into words what keeps me going and what I tell the ones I help during those really tough recovery periods. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be dark here, in this chasm of pain, but further along, with some effort and patience, there is light. You don't have to die to find that light and you don't have to sacrifice your first born. Just be. Just keep going. Just pray. It works for me every time and I know it works for the ones I help too. It also helps to remember that someone somewhere out there truly cares for you. Because I know that there is always someone who cares.
  3. Alliance. Horde. Dalaran. Shattrath. Orgrimmar. Stormwind. Powerful words. Names of groups, cities, homes and teams. Of course my home is Dalaran so I could go on about it all day. But what does it mean to me? Firstly, before I discuss Dalaran I must discuss the Alliance and the Horde. Of course they fight. All. The. Time. But why? My opinion? It's a religious war. But for what? What is religion to most anyways? I think its that thing that grounds a person. That home where they always feel safe and they bring with them everywhere they go. Its their lucky rock. Without a lucky rock in a dangerous place one might die. So people swear by their rocks and live and die by them. Of course, i think some poeple forget why they chose that rock in the first place. And there are many different types of rocks. There are pointy agressive ones, meditative peaceful ones, and everything inbetween. In general i think the horde is one type of rock and the alliance is another. And dalaran is a type as is shattrath, and so on. Lots of rocks for lots of people. Now, in Azeroth I am a firm believer that no matter what your really lucky rock is, one must always carry one of either a Horde or Alliance rock in addition to their usual rock. Heres my take on the Horde and Alliance rocks. I think that each team represents what they believe to be right. As we throw our rocks at one another we pray we have the better rock and it destroys our foes. I feel that the Horde ideals is that you must be strong and honorable and fearless to survive. And you may survive alone or with your comrades. But in general I think Horde defaults to every man for himself, I could be wrong though. Alliance is more group mentality. They are a strong team and have each others backs. I think they value well being and prosperity highly. I also think they have the "if you arent with us you are against us" mentality more than the Horde does. My impression of Horde members has usually been a welcoming one. Not always so with the Alliance Ive met. In short the Horde is a family, the Alliance is a team. For me, that begs the question. Would I rather be a part of a family or a team? The answer I provide myself is a family so I carry a Horde rock. However, my lucky rock is my Dalaran rock. Dalaran is a rock all on its own, largely different from most others. Dalaran is, frankly, rich, powerful, snobby, and wonderful. Dalaran is also small, isolated, and somewhat vulnerable. Its Dalaran's members who volunteer their time to protect the city and clean it up to keep it beautiul that makes Dalaran what it is. So although we are small its our philanthropic members keeping the city safe and powerful. And I believe in that mentality and live it everyday. In addition, although Dalaran is largely an Alliance city, it is neutral and welcomes all kinds of races, classes, and teams. I would say that Dalaran is a family, and that is why I feel at home there. When I step onto the battlfield I fight for my family. Some fight for their team. My opinion is that a well intentioned, strong, cohesive family can triumph over any team any day. And that is why those are my rocks. I could be way off the mark here but thats my interpretation of it. I should close in saying this is my mentality on the battlefield. In taverns and city streets and adventuring i always assess each person individually. Each person is unique and special and carries their own set of rocks. Some rocks are a real wonder to behold, while others I destroy on sight. Life is complicated, so are everyone's rocks. At the end of the day I believe in a common good, which means helping one another and never causing undue harm.
  4. So it seems my role as Kirin Tor Elite teacher of new students is likely to change. The Kirin Tor say they have other plans for my profession. Most claim that energy work, as I call it, is still a great option. Which basically means hanging around Dalaran and channelling energy of the items and people who come through the city. I'm fine with that, I've done it most of my life to some degree and I've always enjoyed it. But until they find a way to actually *pay* me for such work, I am being taken care of by Hagatha. She is excited at the idea, if a little nervous. Our bond will grow over this time, which is definitely a good thing. Rhonin says he's proud of what we have become, which is comforting news. So I had an awful encounter with a demon in near Dalaran today. It was particularly aggressive and wouldn't really take no for an answer. It even threatened Hagatha, at which point she finally ended the miserable thing's life. I don't like killing things, but it seems to be becoming more and more necessary these days. Demons in around Dalaran are becoming much more commonplace which worries me significantly. I will be much more careful among the streets and have generally stayed indoors lately. I'm hoping I will still get to see my Dalaran based friends even though I'm indoors most of the time. I have also started a little adventure of my own. It was all self motivated really. I felt a great need to see the world outside the city walls and gain something of value. I stumbled, through my mage portalling ability, among the city of Shattrath. On the continent of Outland I found a dragon concentration in the south east corner. I have always held some interest in dragons, yet never felt I could get along with them. Well that all changed when I saw the most wonderful violet netherwing drake. I could almost hear it speaking to me and felt this desire to ride it and own it. I will continue this quest by appeasing the locals in hopes they will sell me a trained one to own for my very self! I'm really looking forward to such a day. Until next time, Diary, i bid a farewell...
  5. Dear diary. Is that how you start these things? Life as myself is much different now. I'm much more educated about how to handle myself and what the world really is like after seeing some of it for what seems like the first time. I feel rather good about it all, yet there are some things I wish were not so. But I will not discuss that today. What is important to discuss is that I feel, thanks to my home in Dalaran and meeting friends there, I have a new found sense of confidence and energy about myself. I feel I have everything I need now to live life the way I wish to live it. What do you do if you feel you have everything you need? Well you offer up some of what you have to others. Not carelessly though. You offer up what is appropriate for them which will help them, not hinder them. So I must be careful with my energy. I have enough to provide for many people, but many people have no idea what to do with it. Let me provide an example. Provide a gun to a 10 year old and you may get shot by that very youngling! Energy is no different. Provide it to a new mage and the mage may kill others needlessly or even you. Sure that's an extreme example but you get the idea. It would seem the same goes in the other manner. I have withdrawn myself from all others and have found them starving for existence. It is awful to see and it hurts me as much as it hurts them. And so, I cannot completely live in my shell. I must see some of the world, even if it is awkward or painful. Being a Hyjal is never easy, there are so few of us so we are treated oddly to anyone who sees us. It is almost as if people see an alien. There are three usual scenarios which people react to me as: 1. "KILL IT!" 2. Ignore it at all costs and show no signs of any attention. But look completely obvious in doing so. 3. Praise this unknown God-like being. *kneels* You can imagine somewhat how it is to feel like an alien. It isn't particularly enjoyable. Yet, I am a Hyjal Elf, and I will always be a Hyjal Elf. An alien in a world full of locals. Well then... off to continue to adventure a little. But this time I am not straying far from home. I have learned that lesson.
  6. Hyruindo started writing in his journal... What am I to do now? I have to leave town but do I say goodbye? Do I just walk out and pretend no one cares about me? Do I promise a return visit? Or do I simply leave and never come back. Or perhaps, stay. Unfortuantely that doesn't seem to be a plausible option since no one in this town wants to employ me. Something about being too noble or something. Who knows... In any case I have some worries. I seem to have placed energy into the hearts of some people here, rather excellent people too, and when I leave I am unsure what will happen to those hearts. Will they continue on, shining brightly, or will they slowly fade, hungering for energy once more? Maybe they will find their way home. That place in our minds where we know for sure who we are and how to navigate through life. Is there any sense in me worrying anyways? I mean, I am supposed to leave after all. Turning back is not allowed according to my spirirt guides and neither is staying. Of course, plans are always subject to change, but today the plan is leave peacefully. I know I won't be able to put these good people out of mind completely so my thoughts will be with them. I will wonder what things would have been like if I had stayed to watch them become those energetic people I saw them becoming. Life as a priest is not easy, for me this is the norm. My life as a priest is supposed to be very nomadic in nature, so my spirit guides tell me. Staying a while in one place, settling the energies, providing blessings, and moving on to the next place. When I look at it that way it does provide my heart with some solace that I am doing the work I always dreamed of. Helping those who need help and leading them to a better life. But I have to make sure that their lives are better long after I have left their hearts. If the ones I help are only good while I am around then I have not helped at all.
  7. Just posting some cool movies in case other people might enjoy them. Feel free to post your own! Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2911342/ Vampire Academy http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1686821/ As I "find" new cool movies I will post them if I think people here might enjoy them. I can mention which characters I think are similar to whom in these movies if you are willing to know, just ask me!
  8. Hyruindo looked at himself in the mirror. "Is this what I've come to? Grown up now and leaving the nest? I'm not sure if I like my face or not. Nevertheless, this is who I am now." He wasn't particularly proud of everything he'd become. While at the same time, he couldn't be more proud. Life has a way of finding you homes that you never really thought you'd end up in. Hyruindo's home was no longer with his family and friends. It was out there. Out in Azeroth. Somewhere. And it was going to change. A lot. "Well, at least I'll have food and shelter I suppose." It certainly wasn't the life he had imagined for himself when he first joined priest school. Hyruindo always imagined the life of a priest to be... more priest like. You know, helping the needy and explaining the ways of life to those who needed help. But the ones he worshipped had other ideas for Hyruindo as a priest. It was out in a big city selling holy energy in exchange for food and shelter. At first, the idea completely appalled him. It amounted to what seemed like selling drugs for profit. Which of course, it basically was. It's just that, the world works much differently than Hyruindo knew about initally. And because it works differently that means the way that a really good priest can help is of course... different. He had come to terms with it though. He knew that the ones he worshipped knew what was best for him and the best ways he could offer help to those in need. And it certainly wasn't on a podium spewing the details on how to live a good life. People needed their lives improved by way of holy energy, not be told how to live a good life. You see, no one listens. At least not to Hyruindo. He has all the right ideas on how to live a good life, it's just that no one listens to him. So his dreams of writing that holy book were shattered and had been replaced by dreams out in the city selling drugs. My how things can change so quickly. He learned that people *do* listen to him. Or rather, that he can make a positive difference in someone's life. But it wasn't by explaining how to live. It was by using holy energy. So that was his new life path. "There's more to this face in the mirror though." He thought. And there certainly was. "What's the best way to transfer holy energy to someone? Well, sex of course, so I guess I'll be selling that too!" He cringed at the thought. "At least I'll be a high class hooker." It didn't help. "I'm everything I've taught myself not to be." Now he had obligations. He had people to please. People to help. And lots of women out there looking to be helped by him. With sex. Because that's holy energy. "I should have realized this much sooner." It was a stark realization. Of course he was painting the picture as grim as possible, when in reality he still had some of the highest moral standards of anyone he knew. And everything he planned to do out there in that big city was in the name of the holy. But it just seemed so much different than he had initally thought. It was going to be a big adjustment. "Oh, and now that I'm a full priest, there's lots of women out there looking for blessings for their family and future life. So I guess I'll have to get into relationships that I intend to leave after they are blessed too!" He was right. And it had already begun. He had some obligations to clear up, some relationships to settle from the early days in priest school that his teachers had set him up with. Of course, Hyruindo was oblivious to all of this, he was just doing what he was told to do and what he knew to be right. Hyruindo was stressed. Really stressed. If this wasn't the right life path for him he had to know, and he had to know now. He rushed over to his mentor's personal home. "Hyruindo? What are you doing here at this hour? Shouldn't you be packing for your move!?" "Of course brother Theyn. I'm just... worried." Theyn saw the look in his eye. "Of course. I know that look. Sit down." He passed Hyr some water and sipped some himself. "Alright. So they let you in on it did they?" "Yeah. How did I not see this before?" "It's intended that way. Gradually introduced to prevent the good ones from running away." Theyn carefully sipped his water. "You're a good man Hyr. There's no doubt in my mind of that. You'll make a great priest." "That's what I'm afraid of." "Hey pal, any new job is always a little nerve wracking. Don't sweat it. You've been trained for this and you can do an excellent job at it." Hyr nodded. "The fact that you are worried about it just proves to me that you will be a good priest. If a priest doesn't question himself often he'll end up on the dark path and stray far from the light." Hyr nodded again. "It's a fine line to walk, the light and the dark. I've seen great ones fall to darkness and terrible ones find the light. Paths are never cut and dry. Anyways, our school isn't for the quick and dirty path, pal. This is one of the best schools! I have faith in you." "I pray you are right brother. I pray. Thank you for the water." Words weren't something that really needed to be exchanged between Hyr and his mentor. Without much more delay they stood up and Theyn patted Hyr on the shoulder. "Hey, don't dwell on this. I congratulate you for graduating. This is a really big deal." "Thank you brother." Hyruindo slowly made his way out. "I wonder if I'll ever visit this town again? Well, if I do it would probably just be for a quick visit."
  9. I feel that Cerryan has some inner conflict. Hence this video.
  10. Thought I would do something fun and different. Here is the song of TNG (Brooklyn) and Twisting Nether/Ravenholdt (New York). Enjoy. Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) http://en.musicplayon.com/play?v=372990
  11. http://wow.gamepedia.com/Hearthsteed says this: " Hearthsteed <Name>, This fine magical construct arrived only yesterday, and you were the first adventurer I thought of. Enjoy! Mei Francis Exotic Mounts Dalaran "
  12. I really like this! And hearthsteeds come from Dalaran no less!
  13. You have some really beautiful art!
  14. Hyruindo


    Full Name: Hyruindo Age: 22 Race: Blood Elf Gender: Male Hair: Brown Skin: White Eyes: Green Height: 5'8" Weight: 140 lbs Place of residence: Sunstrider Isle Place of Birth: Sunstrider Isle Religion/Philosophy: Spiritual Occupation: Student Likes: Learning Dislikes: Being alone Hobbies: Exploring Physical Features: Young appearance, average looking Elf Special Abilities: Healer Positive Personality Traits: Warm, relaxed, relatively intelligent Negative Personality Traits: Pushover History: Hyriundo is studying to be a priest. Eager to learn with a relatively casual outlook on life. He spends a lot of time with his friends at school but at the end of the day he contemplates in his homeland alone. He enjoys being with nature and has learned a lot about being a priest simply by observing nature. He has a loving family. Two great parents, two brothers, and one sister. They raised him to be kind and generally studious. He is still young so hasn't experienced much of the world yet but is eager to explore new lands when he becomes a full priest. He is majoring in healing.