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  1. I recently rejoined, having last played during Wrath and i have to say the community is booming. Great time to get back into things
  2. Full Name: Kiannis Ash'Therod Age: Over 100 years old. Exact DoB forgotten- Sometime late fall Race: Sin'dorei, formerly Quel'dorei Gender: Male Hair: Long, light blonde, straight Eyes: A faded soft green, whitish Height: ~6'0" Weight: ~180lbs Notable Physical Features: N/A Place of residence: Grim guild hall Place of Birth: Quel'Danas - Silvermoon Known Relatives: Mother (Deceased), Father (MIA/believed deceased) Religion: Kiannis has little faith for the prevalent religions, preferring rather to rely on his self. This perhaps fuels his atheist views towards arcane, natural, and t