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  1. "Oh yeah, Tai! Man, he's a cool dude. Most of the Shado-Pan guys I've met are...ya know, kinda stuffy. Not him though, he's chill...Though sometimes I wonder if his size comes from genetics an' stuff or too much o' Maia's cookin'..."
  2. Nok smiles broad, showcasing his wide array of fangs in their ivory brilliance, "She's pretty kickass." He laughs, swirling the beer he clutches in its can before taking another mouthful of it. He drains it empty, tossing it into the air before batting it away with his wrench. "Damn smart, a good fighter, and a golden heart." He chuckles again, scratching at his cheek, "She's also pretty strong, and funny. I'm happy I met her and we became friends...I hope we can work together more on devices an' stuff, she's got a real good head for mechanics and stuff like that." The young orc chortles once more, popping open another beer can. "She deserves someone who can treat her as the wonderful woman she is."
  3. "Ahhh, Meg!" The young orc laughs, tipping a beer back into his sweat-rimmed mouth, a towel hanging over his shoulders. "Hah, he's a right good guy, sort of the whole 'strong and silent' type....tends to borrow my inventions ithout askin'....but I don't mind none." His muscular shoulders upturn in a shrug, still smirking. "He uses 'em right an' what they're intended to be used for."
  4. "Ms. Lilly?" Nok is brought up from his work upon a cannon that looks as though it could only be hefted by a gronn. "Oh, she's pretty chill." The young orc mumbles as he resumes his tinkering. "She's got this...real child-like innocent deal goin' on, but I get the feelin' that's a shell she uses." Nok purses his lips, suddenly pondering again. "I bet she can be real scary if she tries."
  5. *A sudden whirring sound fills the air as a fuzzy static screen showcases dancing black and white streaks, crackling and colliding before it even out. A young strapping orcish man's face appears, set into a worker's concentration as he looks offscreen. Long green arms tinker with something in the background before his eyes take a moment to look upon the camera. Realization dawns on him, as a short laugh follows his hands retreating to better focus the camera upon himself.* "Testing...1...2....3....Roger roger..." He chuckles as his hand hovers over another button to push, the same statement he just made repeating itself and causing a massive grin to break out upon his face. "Alright....Good....Let's see....." "It is the 25th of June, about six months into our time spent in the past...which is currently the present....Shit wait tha-" *Krrrzzhh* "Six months into our extended stay into this timeline." "My name is Nok Deadeye, in my home time, I was known as Anock. I am the Siegecrafter of Borrowed Time's Legacy Corps squad an' I am recordin' my time here for posterity, should we ever find a way back to our original timeline to fix the mess there." The young orc keeps his face even, until he begins losing his composure, scratching his chin and ruffling his mohawk. "Let's see....well, I guess business has been goin' steady since the dreadlord conspiracy was laid low, though a lotta people are saying it was just the first blow of a much bigger shitstorm to come. Before we came to this time, we rarely ever saw demons; most of what we fought were draconic in orgin, or at least had dragon powers and stuff like that. Bein' here really exposed us to the real dangers of fel, like what me an' Gery saw durin' the Sanctuary attack on a bunch o' fel-addled Grimtotem...where the ringleader was the biggest, baddest demon I've ever seen. He could make all the drakonids I've seen look like newts." The orc pauses, rubbing his chin. "...Sanctuary....I get the feelin' a lot o' them don't like me...or at least think I'm crazy for buildin' a device that could be used for interdimensional travel. I know Kex'ti always has an eye on me like I'm about to drop a nuke on him or somethin'. Shokkra's always been cool to me, but lately, she's been givin' me this stink-eye when she thinks I can't see her. I know at least Tao an' Brey don't dislike me at the least." "That stupid machine, I told them it was for a good cause, that is was to prevent anyone else usin' a similar truth...It was selfish o' me." Nok sighs, ears drooping. "I thought....maybe...could be used somehow to get get me an' Dora an' the rest o' us where we belong, where we can help the Deadshots an' BT forces who were left behind...even if it meant...leavin' all those faces again. I thank all the Spirits for the chance to be embarassed o' Ma again...or be heckled by Pa an' Uncle...hell, even bein' scared o' Ms. Sin is a refreshment....but...Dora was right, how could we justify bein' here when our home is still a shitshow...." Suddenly the orc tapers even more into a silent depression, eyes-half-lidded as he frowns. "Dora...." he whispers. ".........She tells me she loves me....or she used to, I guess...I've barely talked to her recently. She always seems off an' busy with somethin' or...goes away to hang out with her other friends. I can't even remember the last time it was me an' her." ".........its another Saelyx situation all over again." The orc remains silent for a good long while, staring at seemingly nothing. "...Why can't I keep her happy?"
  6. Nok shivers, "She's...well, I'm not scared or anythin', no no, never...just...I...can accurately say I will never say anythin' bad about her...even though there's plen-...Wait she's not here is she?"
  7. Nok


    "Oh, Auntie Xara? Goddamn, she's a riot." Nok smiles wide, "I always love hearin' her stories...I wonder if one day she'll let me tinker around with her airship, maybe throw on some new 30 cals on it..." Nok seems lost in thought, imagining any sort of engineering fantasies.
  8. "Kex? Well..." Nok rolls his shoulders, frowning the smallest amount. "Not that I don't like him...I just feel like every time he talks, there's always a well-hidden put down or tone o' if you're not a Sanct, you're wrong."
  9. Nok

    Aaren Anastasis

    "Auntie Aar? Oh man, she's the best." Nok laughs, as he dips out a molten bar of slagged iron to begin hammering into shape. "Lotta people think she's stuffy an' prickly, but they don't see how good of a person she really is, she goes above an' beyond for those who earn her trust..." He looks up, smiling as his goggles reflect the light of the forge's fire. "An' we'd all do the same for her."
  10. "Shae? I don't know her very well, but she seems alright..." Nok tinkers with an ironstar core, carefully adjusting its innards with a steady hand. "She seems like she's few on friends...which is somethin' easily fixed." He smiles up and chuckles, spinning a screwdriver. "Maybe another bout o' tinkerin' with Delilah's fuel systems could help with it."
  11. "She's a loose cannon, a lil' crazy, an' a mite angry..." Nok smiles, chuckling. "But, I can tell she's a good person at heart, just messes up what's right an' wrong a lot...but she tries to be good."
  12. Nok blushes the smallest amount as he grins massively, enough to break his face should he smile any bigger. "She's my Chief, my leader, my best friend, an' the love of my life..." His eye shine as his mechanical project is forgotten for now, folding his grime-covered arms. "I can't really give an unbiased opinion of her; she's the strongest woman I know, an' someone who tries to understand and empathize with everyone she' for those who wish rather to be her enemy...she's a prime huntress, diplomat an' tactician...almost feel sorry for anyone who earns her ire...cuz not only do they have to deal with that..." He smiles, soon hefting a minigun whose calibur of bullets could punch through solid titanium. "Well, they gotta deal with me too."
  13. Nok

    Nok Deadeye

    Full Name: Nokk Deadeye (Real name: Anock) Titles/Nicknames: Nok-Nok, Clanker, The Walking Siege Tank Age: Mid-Twenties Race: Orc Gender: Male Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Height: 6'6" Weight: 232 lbs. Notable Physical Features: Bitchin' Mohawk, Impressive muscle mass Place of Residence: Dragonmaw Port Place of Birth: Durotar Known Relatives: Pythral Deadeye and Kurruk Thunderhowl (Mother and Father), Cobrak Deadeye (Uncle), Geryal (Younger Sister); Anock, Gerus, and Aarie (Alternate Universe Younger Brothers and Sisters) Occupation: Siegecrafter of the Legacy Corps division of the Borrowed Time mercenary company Known Associates: Dora Arath'dorei, Saelyxstrasz, Phyruss Arath'dorei, Shokkra Deathrage, Tsuyi, Megeda Dustrunner, Gunheya Darkhowl Known Nemesis: Anyone who destroys/tweaks/touches his precious vehicles Special Skills: Technological Expert, Massive Strength, Positive Traits: Curious, intellectual, Courteous, Empathetic, Humorous Negative Traits: Rarely Thinks Ahead, Overprotective, Inconsequential History: Born within the Deadshot's old base within Durotar during the Burning Crusade, Nokh (Then known as Anock) enjoyed a happy childhood surrounded by his mercenary family. He grew up with scarce other children, but was always ready with a smile and a curious disposition towards newcomers. Born with latent shamanistic talent, Nokh's father constantly strived to put Anock down the path of his Frostwolf heritage, unfortunately, this grew to a minor complex within him, always trying to find some excuse or reason to ditch his father's attempts to awaken his spiritual talents. As the years past, Anock would eventually follow his family to their new home within the established base of Broden'ar within Draenor's Nagrand, even adding a new younger brother to his family. Things were relatively peaceful until such a time Morinth raided the base, taking over many of his Deadshot family and mind controlling them. Thankfully, he was saved by Jiying Wildwind, and she, along with his baby brother were whisked away to be protected at the Raven's Gate led by Darethy Voidblade. When Morinth was eventually defeated, and the Deadshots joined Borrowed Time, Anock moved into their base within Frostfire Ridge, and it was there he met Isadore Arth'dorei. The young elfess and orc hit it off on the spot, and quickly became best friends, one never seen without the other, sharing a love for tinkering, troublemaking, hunting, and exploring. It was here Anock's timeline split apart from our own, when draconids serving Morinth's sinister master Serinar assaulted the base, forcing Borrowed Time to flee for their lives. Anock grew up on the road with his mercenary family, using what they could to survive while under constant harassment by Serinar's growing army of Wyrmcult members and draconic-infused minions. During this time, Sanctuary and the Grim entered an all-out civil war against one another, splitting the Horde fully after the death of Warchief Vol'jin. When the Alliance reentered war with the newly divided Horde, it became a slew of bloodbaths that played into Serinar's hands, as he unleashed an army of Infinite dragons in addition to his bolstered forces. The world became his plaything, with Borrowed Time whittling down whilst on the run. Seventeen years passed since they first were forced to evacuate from the base. However, thanks to a twist of fate, the death of an Infinite dragon sent Anock, his cousin Vipra, and his friend Freah to an alternate timeline, to where Serinar had not yet come to power. Eventually, he received reinforcemtns from the future when Isadore managed to follow him with her ragtag group of adventurers. With their powers and knowledge of Serinar's plans, the time-travelers and Borrowed Time defeated Serianr and foiled his plans...but his defeat sealed them from their own time, stranding them here with faces long lost to them. Anock, now referring to himself as Nokh to not interfere with his younger self's life, lives within Dragonmaw Port with the remainder of his Legacy Crops members, as a vehicle mechanic and siegecrafter.