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  1. Vanry moved aside a bookcase to reveal hidden stairs, she looked back at the two men that had asked her to create this stone. Stormsky had asked her to aid him in the creation of a powerful artifact to open a portal to the shadow lands, then Baal’themar found her at the Ledgermain lounge and asked her the same. So the two had followed her home. Not that I need or want them here for this. She thought quietly before she asked them if they wanted to join her down in the study. Unfortunately for Vanry the two had agreed to follow her into her study and witness the ritual, despite her offer of wine and food if they stayed in the manor. Vanry knew of course that Baal’themar wouldn't have a problem watching what she was doing. He didn't seem so sentimental. She would need him later to help her with one of the components but she was terrified of him. Their first meeting had shaken her so much she would not put it past the man not to kill her on a whim. The thought had made her bring Stormsky along. She hoped that he could be the buffer between her and that clawed demon. If there was another, harder to kill witnesses maybe she would not be his victim. Stormsky seemed the gentle type. She did not know him long, but she saw that he valued life. Something that could prove to be a problem if he got upset in the middle of her ritual. Paranoia whirled around in her mind as she gave the men a little nervous laugh. It will be alright after all, what can they do to me once I am in my circle of power? She thought as she took her first step down into the dark. The three slowly made their way down the stone stairs toward Vanrys’ study. The smell of dust and burning candles hung in the air, tall bookshelves full of old tomes stretched to the ceiling. The floor of the room was carved and etched with runes, the runes created a large ritual circle. This circle of power helped Vanry focus her necromancy and control the flow of magic within the study. The circle itself surrounded an alchemist table, thick dark wood coated in vanish and bound with fine elven smith work stood at the very center of the room. The light from the candles cast shadows across the room. The slight flicker of the candles cause the shadows to dance over the stone walls and bookshelves, they moves across the room with a sickening shudder, like a corpse full of writhing maggots the sudden rapid movement followed by the still calm of the dead after they had eaten their fill. Vanry and her guests got settled into the study, she asked Baal’themar to aid her in picking a suitable human sacrifice to begin the ritual. She showed him the cell that held her human cattle, a fundamental truth of necromancy. You need bodies to work with. While Baal’themar selected a strong specimen for the ritual, Stormsky had picked up an old book, Vanry moved quickly to take the book away from him, taking the tome away from the large Tauren. She ran her fingers over the tome, it was locked tight with thick iron locks and dark warding runes, and she carefully put it back into the bookshelf. “Don’t read magic you are not ready for. You could get really hurt.” Stormsky raised an eyebrow at her and simply nodded with a slight and knowing grin. Baal’themar returned with his chosen human and held him aloft like a cat that caught a mouse. Vanry looked at Baal and nodded at his pick. “Bind him to the rings here.” She pointed to an iron ring bolted into the stonework of the floor. Baal’themar pushed the human to his knees and bound his hands behind his back, the human grunted as the large elf pulled the bindings tight against his flesh. Vanry closed her eyes and relaxed herself, she needed to focus on the ritual. It was simple to kill a man but the control needed to direct the flow of energy needed to create this artifact would take a great deal of her willpower. Stromsky and Baal’themar interrupted her work with idle chatter, anger ran up her cheeks. “You both will remain silent while I work, or you’ll leave.” She said in a stern voice, her eyes remained closed while she started to focus again. Her focus was interrupted again by a solid thud as Stormsky stood up from his resting place. He announced that he needed to leave to heed the call of the Earthen Ring. With that the large Tauren walked out of the study and left the two elves in the dimly lit room. Vanry hissed to herself, having to restart again made the back of her neck burn but she pushed down the annoyance and forced herself to calm down. She felt the shadows coil around her their cold embrace was a welcome feeling after the heat of anger. She opened her eyes to the man bound to the floor, his eyes full of life. Vanry moved to stand in front of him using the circles power to help her gather the powers she needed, slowly she reached out with her willpower, with care she drew out the humans’ life force. A faint pale blue glow leeched its’ way out from the man’s eyes. He screamed of course, they always did at first. Baal’themar watched on, his hand rested on the hilt on his dagger and his eye alert despite his calm face and relaxed posture Vanry knew he was aware of her… and her power. She couldn’t help but grin at the thought of this man being on edge because of her. And rightly so. She thought. The humans’ screaming reached its fever pitch as they neared the peak of the ritual, his body was a withered husk of dry and broken flesh, his ribs and bones could be seen through his skin. A ball of pale blue floated above him, all that he was or could have been was floating above him. It was beautiful in a strange way. What would hers’ look like? Would it be pale blue? She asked herself for a brief moment before she plucked the last thread of the humans’ life. The man collapsed into an empty husk, his fleshed looked brittle and dry as if ravaged by countless eons. Vanry slowly looked toward Baal’themar who stood at the side of the dead mans’ husk. “Move aside. I need to make a vessel to finish this.” Baal’themar stepped back and made room for whatever she was going to do. With the swirling ball floating within the circle of power Vanry set about creating something to hold the raw necromantic energy. She waved a hand toward what was left of the humans’ body and the leathery flesh that was once healthy and pink boiled away in a thick black ooze that slithered away from his bones. Vanry looked at Baal’themar as the room darkened around her, the candles closest to her dimed and died as if the air had been pulled out of them, an aura of malice surrounded her. Her elven guest watched on, his hand no longer resting on the hilt, his blade was gripped in his hand. Not yet drawn but ready. She smiled, and returned to her work. The bones clattered toward each other, she worked the bone into new shapes, unnatural shapes. She settled on a cube. She took her time to make the surface smooth, the inside however was a labyrinth foul magic and necromantic runes. Finally satisfied with her work she moved her hands and the two parts became one, the pale light seeped into the porous bone and deep into the grim cube. When the light faded she sighed and walked to the morbid artifact. The air of malice slowly faded and warm candle light returned to the room. “Done.” She looked at Baal’themar, he had relaxed again. “This will work for your needs.” She pulled the cube from the air, she ran her thin fingers over the bone surface and felt the rough edges before handing it to Baal’themar. He took the cube with a slight nod, and stashed it safely inside his pack. "I trust you can find your way out." She says heading to a chair with as much care as possible to mask the trembling in her hands. The rituals always took something from her, leaving her numb and cold. She crossed her arms as she sat down. “Thank you, Vanry.” He turned on his heel and walked up the stairs, leaving Vanry to her rest.
  2. *leaves a bear print on your wall*

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  3. (Very glad people enjoyed my cards! I truly laughed out loud at Rand's reactions to my shenanigans. The savagely written card for Kiannis was also done by a mischievous Fay. I was laughing so hard. Writing cards for two hunters might not have been the safest of ideas but now I own them both for an evening so my plan worked! *fans self with cards* awww yassss. Now to figure out how to top this while I dodge arrows)
  4. I want to sign my Vanry up for 6pm!