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  1. Feel this is very Shokkra!
  2. Nero begins laughing his head off uproariously, clapping a hand over his eyes as he whoops in hysteria. "Ahahaha! Douche-Eye? The guy who married his sister slash cousin slash clone or whatever? Guy's a fuckin' bitch sack who only knows how to puff out his chest." The young drake settles down, still snickering. "He'll stir up a fight, and then back down when it comes time to nut up or shut up, an' when he finally gets backed into a corner an' decides to be a man....He gets his punk ass knocked the fuck out." He is content to lean back and fold his arms, "...Oh jeez, should've seen how green hi
  3. Neroxian aka Nero Ebonborne Titles/Nicknames: Blackwing, Scorch, Broodfather Race: Black Dragon (Appears Blood Elf) Age: 98 Height: 6'3" Weight: 167 lbs Hair: Red/Orange Eyes: Green w/ Red irises Notable Physical Features: Muscular physique, three elongated claw marks spanning the left side of his face, abnormal amount of fangs in his mouth, massive burn scar spanning from the right side of his chest downward to his hip. Place of Residence: Dragonmaw Port Place of Birth: Blackrock Mountain Known Relatives: Serinar (Father, Deceased), Noir
  4. Nero takes a swig of his flask as he eyes the interviewer, "Shags, huh? She pretty cool...good fighter, not afraid of nuthin'." The young black drake grins wide as he nestles against the obsidian rock he uses as a makeshift throne by the way he positions himself. "Holy shit, is she a good fuck too...Wild child, I'd say." Another dark chuckle escapes him as he downs his beverage, wiping away what had missed his mouth and spilled over. "Shame she has the weirdest fuckin' taste, fuckin' some rotter guy...fuckin' weird."
  5. Neroxian shrugs, smiling broad and showcasing the full extent of his fangs. He rolls his shoulders as he turns from the interviewer, one might see a tinge of red on his ears.
  6. Neroxian -Round Start- *A small volcanic eruption stirs as Nero walks out, swinging his axe one-handed* "Who's gonna be the first to burn?" -Unit Selection- "What's up?" "Gotta problem?" "What are you lookin' at?" "Heh heh." "Ya gotta Blackwing on yer side, nothin' can go wrong." -Excessive Clicking- "Hey, touchin' ain't free." "I know I'm handsome, but shit, lay off!" ".......Okay.....Lower." "Ever hear the expression, 'Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for ya are crunchy an' taste good with ketchup?'" -Ordered to Move- "I was goin' there anyway..." "Shaddup, I'm goin'!