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  1. Ul-Rezaj placed his Dimension-Ripper's Staff on a counter at the enchanter's booth in Dalaran. It had become increasingly more difficult to control as of late, and the worst part was... he began to hear... voices? No, that was insane. Ul-Rezaj shook his head, thinking no better. The staff sometimes broke into floating pieces, dismantling the faceless headpiece at the top, into tentacles that squirmed desperately to partake in reality. Yet, those were all weak, weaker than Yogg-Saron's minions. Still, ... echoing from the dark space that the tendrils of darkness created, Ul-Rezaj thought h
  2. Who is submitting this to Blizzard CMs? I went ahead and filled it out so don't worry about that. I overwhelmingly support a merge with LVM.
  3. The community is too small. It's not an RP exclusive problem. Without new blood, all aspects of the game (RP/PVP/PVE) are gradually withering on the TN-RH server. Most people have formed into cliques even within their own guilds, creating sub-guilds within guilds—united only by a guild tag and the vague notion of more general RP someday. Personally, I have no problem with this. When I came to Twisting Nether, my sole intent was to find an RPPVP guild. I wanted to do light RP for the sense of having a character that felt like it belonged in the Warcraft universe, but I also wanted to PVP.
  4. Using Eye of Kilrogg on Broken Shore BEFORE the Fel-Mountain animates. An Alliance-only one time event per character. You must not do the Broken Shore quest before continuing. I'll leave the wowhead guide here.
  5. Um, there's not really a dark-themed Alliance RP guild. Unfortunately, you might be one of only two DKs on the Alliance side of the RP-community. However, that does make you out to be extremely high value should you get in on some endgame content. There are, however, varying shades of good you can look at: Twilight Empire is a lawful-good aligned RP guild. They continually seek peaceful relationships with the Horde throughout the best and worst of times. Eternal Aegis are an inherited fable-order of paladins or something to that effect. They started transferring IC operations into Du
  6. Oh, I only just became aware this thread existed! I took this to represent what the Ogre Empire is all about.
  7. A duo of menders retrieved Ul-Rezaj’s body from Frostwall Garrison. They unbound the earthen wards, put in place by Kazarak that kept his body from stiffening or rotting, but only after becoming decidedly content that a great portion of the venom seeped out and had sufficiently been undone. When the body had been picked up, Ul-Rezaj sensed it. From the shadowlands, the aching reality of incapacitation beckoned a sense of emptiness. He kept his spirit form sharply peeled on reality, but, like a creature born with blurred vision, he could only depict what he knew were shapes moving his form. The
  8. The Grim ascended the Descent of the Bleeding Hollow cave after agreeing to do an inspection. Kazarak pounded Ul-Rezaj on the head to demonstrate just how futile resisting would be. Ul-Rezaj scowled at him. Others scolded Kazarak for denying the peaceable transition, but Ul-Rezaj, taking on an instinctual defiance to his captors, thanked Kazarak for performing according to his duty. As they climbed back up and out of the hole, they noticed a few Alliance dangling like insects caught in a spider’s net from vines. Unlucky adventurers, it seemed, had either fallen into the cave, were brought ther
  9. The world spun around Ul-Rezaj as he unleashed himself from his bonds. Fel energy pumped into him and projected outwards, as a light, towards the Bleeding Hollow captors. With fingers like claws, he slashed one in the chest. The shaman and the other orc stumbled backwards in fear as they watched their comrade fall. Ul-Rezaj no longer felt weary, tired, or hungry. The fel that pumped in place of regular adrenaline hummed with a pace far faster than anything known to his natural form. It took on a life of its own, blinding him and charging forwards chaotically. Ul-Rezaj made no effort to control
  10. The Bleeding Hollow held Ul-Rezaj bound in chains by his wrists. His chest heaved in pain; his tongue and throat longed for his thirst to be quenched by something more than the accumulation of dew or the occasional beady droplet that seeped down the walls; his eyes by now had adjusted to the cavern's cold, dark interior. The robes he wore had been torn and integrated into a bloodletter's garb. Ul-Rezaj had been flogged, from time to time, during periods of interrogation. In those moments of inquiry, he was promised food, which earned him morsels from a dead felboar, yet that spicy, bitter tast
  11. Heya, haven't seen you in a while, just checking up to make sure you're doing alright.

    1. Derecho


      Ayup! Was having some real life stuff going on but I just resubbed so you should be seeing me around more 8)

  12. Cautious of the effects the blood-magics infused with the Shade of Hakkar might have on one's mind, Ul-Rezaj returned back to Tanaan from Zul'Gurub on a few week's journey to the Dark Portal. It seemed right to him, just to keep in mind, that his primary opponents should be within the savage and chaotic domain of a jungle. Here Alliance lurked sparingly, though they'd largely decommissioned their attempt at gathering assault forces once the Grim had sufficiently swept through the fortress and stolen away the treasured Fel-Worgs within its walls. He smirked cheerily at the siege's triumph, know