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  1. Razz

    The House

    SIXTY DAYS later..... The House event is finally over. Some highlights from the show: A band of murloc pirates who took over the pirate ship playhouse in the back yard, followed by fish fillet sandwiches the next day. A kraken with frikkin' lasers. Peachicks Shower stabbing Women in bikinis Piranha pond Outcasts Interviews The audience Mind-wiping Fights and Romance The WHEEL OF MisFORTUNE! The coffin, truth serum, fish broth, lava floors, itching powder Spa Day Bun huggers for buns and hot dogs
  2. Razz


    "Horrid girl!" Razz looks very upset when asked about Tynalie. "Absolutely horrid! She set off a firework in my house! Who does that? Sparks burned everything! The walls, the furniture, my arms! And she started a fire in my kitchen! Horrid, just horrid." The curvy prima donna goblin walks away, shaking her head and holding a perfectly manicured hand to her ample bosom. She is obviously completely distraught at even the mere mention of Tynalie.
  3. Razz

    The House

    The House is an RP event that will take place entirely in Discord. All Horde and Alliance roleplayers on TN/RH are welcome. There will be contestants and audience. There will be chances for the audience to participate and help guide the challenges for the contestants. The main goal of this event is to put your character into a setting with other characters they might not normally interact with, for some fun RP! More information about the house, including screenshots and descriptions of each room are on the Discord server. Applications are due by midnight on Sunday, June 3, and may
  4. Razz

    The Debt

    Kyrberns Goldsnark, otherwise known as The Collector, carried his sleeping captive into one of Booty Bay’s inns. A fat goblin woman waited inside, looking like she had eaten several human’s worth of food. She sat in a wheeled chair, rolls of fat slapping about when she turned toward her visitor. Her human bodyguard stood stoically nearby. Nobody else was inside. Kyrberns dropped his prize into a chair, and then bowed to the fat lady. “Baroness, I have brought your bounty,” he said with all due politeness. Razz wiggled around on the chair, trying to get comfortable again in her slee
  5. Razz

    The Debt

    Booty Bay was a great place for shopping. So many exotic imports in one place! Sure, the boardwalks were always slick with salt water and seagull droppings and booze and blood and probably other bodily fluids a lady shouldn’t have to come into contact with. And the bruisers were rude, inconsistent, sometimes bothering people for no reason, other times ignoring pleas for help if they were busy drinking or gambling or doing anything else more interesting than their job, or if they had been paid, threatened, bribed, or blackmailed. Still, the Bay was a great place for finding fine good
  6. I would like to sign up for the honor combat! Rekkit says I'm ready. I expect a large prize purse for me when it's over. And a drink. Something cool and frothy and expensive.
  7. Razz

    The Debt

    Letters are such exciting things--mysteries of untold potential! Maybe it was an offer of a second date with Fad. Or it might be an invitation to a fancy party. Or it might be notice that she won an all-expense paid vacation to the warm beaches of Stranglethorn. Those were the thoughts that went through Razz’s mind when she returned to her modest apartment in the Borrowed Time garrison to find an envelope addressed to her in neat goblin script. She set the letter down on a small table beside an overly stuffed, pink and black zhevra striped loveseat and poured herself a glass of wine. She
  8. Razz

    Love is Blind

    Razz Blastwhizzle Saturday night Men only. Preferably a rich goblin man, who is handsome and funny and brave and charming and dresses well.
  9. Full Name: Razz Blastwhizzle Nicknames: Razzy, Razzle Dazzle Date of Birth: May 21 Age: 22 Race: Goblin Gender: Female Hair: Blonde Skin: Green Eyes: Blue Height: 2’10” Weight: 45 lbs Physical Features: Very curvy, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and smooth skin. She has several piercings in her nose and ears. Along with her jewelry, her clothes and equipment are all the finest that money can buy. Not a visible scar or callous or any other sign she’s ever known hard work. Place of residence:Bilgewater Harbor Place of Birth: Kezan Known Relatives: Rekkit Blastwhizzle (half-brothe
  10. Razz wandered around the garrison, looking for that silly drill sergeant brother of hers when she came across some chocolate. “Ooh,” she said. She lifted the lid, looking it over. “I wonder if this is the good stuff, or if it’s cheap candle wax from Booty Bay.” She picked up a piece with her perfectly manicured hand and experimentally nibbled a corner. Seemingly approving the treat, she popped the rest of the piece into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she chewed, and made a soft “Mmm” noise. She started to reach for a second piece, then drew her hand back. “Oh, no, I must watch my