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  1. "I have notknown her for very long but she is... Ambitious." The tauren rumbled, leaning back in his chair and eyeing the reporter. "She joined the company, immediately began taking on missions and supporting her own projects. She is not like most nobility I have encountered though allegedly she's as short tempered and easily offended. I said allegedly, stop writing. Still, I respect her drive and surprisingly clean vocabulary. I am still not sure what 'Helling' means though."
  2. " Nok? He's the one behind the majority of the tools I use." Megeda set the crate of heavy ordinance down with a sheepish expression. " He seems to view his tinkering as an art almost as much as a science and seems proud that I would 'borrow' so many of his creations. That sort of passion for something constructive is too rare nowadays."
  3. Megeda sets the heavy crate down and eyes the interviewer warily before responding, "He's my Chieftain. He did not demand my loyalty, he did not command my respect, and he did not ask for anything in return for the kindness he showed me. He earned it, all of it." He hefts the crate up onto the top of the pile of other crates and wipes his brow. " He flies by the seat of his pants in most situations, lives with his heart on his sleeve, and his antics have earned him several enemies; but more than that, his personal magnetism makes him a natural leader for the company. I wish I had his confidenc
  4. Megeda Dustrunner: Upon Selection: Ready for deployment Click: Orders? I am here. I am prepared for battle Say the word My skill is yours to command I only need one shot Excessive Clicking: Go poke the orcs. They didn’t mention this in the briefing… Patience is paramount for snipers… You waste your time I didn’t even want to be in this game… I tried out for the part of tauren marine you know? But I couldn’t handle the cigar. Turns out it was all some sick joke anyway. Ordered to move: As you wish The hunt begins On the move Roaming Where is the enemy? Ordered to attack:
  5. Full Name: Megeda Dustrunner Date of Birth: Middle of winter around 17 years ago Race: Shu’halo Gender: Male Hair: A mixture of grey and white Skin: Yes, he has it Eyes: Light Blue Height: Approximately 9 feet tall Weight: >1000 pounds Place of Residence: Borrowed Time Garrison Place of Birth: The Barrens Known Relatives: Illois Dustrunner (Deceased) and Katawa Dustrunner (Deceased) Occupation: Hunter and Mercenary Group Affiliation: Borrowed Time, formerly Coldstar Merchant Co. Known associates: Allies in Borrowed Time Likes: Goblin gliding, field testing new technology, Lea
  6. The hunter set down the heavy crate to look at the flyer. He had a hard time believing it was real, but this had been the third of its kind that he had seen in the past hour. After a few moments of thought, he finally filled in a line on the sign-up sheet. 'Megeda Dustrunner'