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  1. " Nok? He's the one behind the majority of the tools I use." Megeda set the crate of heavy ordinance down with a sheepish expression. " He seems to view his tinkering as an art almost as much as a science and seems proud that I would 'borrow' so many of his creations. That sort of passion for something constructive is too rare nowadays."
  2. Megeda sets the heavy crate down and eyes the interviewer warily before responding, "He's my Chieftain. He did not demand my loyalty, he did not command my respect, and he did not ask for anything in return for the kindness he showed me. He earned it, all of it." He hefts the crate up onto the top of the pile of other crates and wipes his brow. " He flies by the seat of his pants in most situations, lives with his heart on his sleeve, and his antics have earned him several enemies; but more than that, his personal magnetism makes him a natural leader for the company. I wish I had his confidence." He dusts his hands off on his pants before folding his arms and looking down at the one asking questions. " He saved my life and turned me from a worthless junkie into a respectable member of the company. That should tell you enough about what sort of orc he is."
  3. Megeda Dustrunner: Upon Selection: Ready for deployment Click: Orders? I am here. I am prepared for battle Say the word My skill is yours to command I only need one shot Excessive Clicking: Go poke the orcs. They didn’t mention this in the briefing… Patience is paramount for snipers… You waste your time I didn’t even want to be in this game… I tried out for the part of tauren marine you know? But I couldn’t handle the cigar. Turns out it was all some sick joke anyway. Ordered to move: As you wish The hunt begins On the move Roaming Where is the enemy? Ordered to attack: The battle is joined! Terminating. One shot. One kill. I will end this quickly. Vengeance for Mulgore! Let fly! Taunt: Megeda draws his weapon up, aims, then lowers it and shakes his head in disappointment “ Shame you have a big head, I like a challenge.” “ You don’t have any trophy worth collecting.” “ You’re not worth the ammo.” Joke: Megeda raises his weapon and fires a shot that explodes into confetti, doves, or flowers “ There’s a trick shot.” “ Don’t try this at home.” “ The kids love this one.” Death: Megeda falls on his side, presses a hand to his chest, then raises it to his face before falling limp Alternate death: If killed by an undead or death knight. Megeda pulls something from his belt and drops several pins onto the ground before detonating. He leaves nothing but a charred mark on the ground Rebirth: This power would be of better use elsewhere… But thank you. My ancestors were not prepared for me just yet The Earthmother… Rejects me? -Ultimate- Target is painted. DROP IT! Special interactions Taunting Ally Cobrak: “ Did you bring enough companions?” “ Precision and Fury.” “ Another payday for the Deadshots.” Taunting Ally Faelenor: “ Did you remember which end is the barrel?” “ Just the two of us? More than enough.” Taunting Ally Saelyx: “ How’s your back?” Taunting Enemy Cobrak: “ I’ve more arrows than you’ve friends… And I don’t need them all.” “ Let me show you why recruiting me was your best idea yet.” Taunting Enemy Faelenor: “ I’ve seen you fight… I’d recommend running.” “ A flock of ravens versus a barrage of arrows. Always bet on the arrow.” Taunting enemy Saelyx: “ Don’t make me turn you into a handbag.” Taunting Ally Brinnea: “ Break this agreement, scum, give me a reason.” “ We will settle this later.” Taunting Enemy Brinnea: “ Unlike you, I stick to my oaths. I’ll make this quick.” “ You make me believe in hell. If only for your sake.” Taunting Ally Syreena: “ I hope you weren’t going for subtlety.” Taunting Enemy Syreena: “ You humans never change. You’re monsters in life and death.”
  4. Full Name: Megeda Dustrunner Date of Birth: Middle of winter around 17 years ago Race: Shu’halo Gender: Male Hair: A mixture of grey and white Skin: Yes, he has it Eyes: Light Blue Height: Approximately 9 feet tall Weight: >1000 pounds Place of Residence: Borrowed Time Garrison Place of Birth: The Barrens Known Relatives: Illois Dustrunner (Deceased) and Katawa Dustrunner (Deceased) Occupation: Hunter and Mercenary Group Affiliation: Borrowed Time, formerly Coldstar Merchant Co. Known associates: Allies in Borrowed Time Likes: Goblin gliding, field testing new technology, Leatherworking, Strawberries, and boisterous comrades who draw attention away from him. Dislikes: Humans, (Most) death knights, Scourge, and mosquitoes Positive traits: Loyal, dependable, good listener Negative traits: Impulsive, naïve, violent, and doesn’t know when to clap Physical appearance: Megeda is a young tauren with a heavy build more suited towards heavy labor. His eyes are a light, piercing blue and his brows are almost always furrowed, giving his face a permanently analytical expression. His fur is grey and white, giving him a slightly aged appearance History: Megeda was still a child when the Tauren finally bested their enemies with the Horde’s help and settled in Mulgore. Born to a family of forward scouts he was raised in the nomadic style, learning to hunt, stalk, and scavenge so that nothing went to waste while his people roamed Kalimdor. When the tauren began laying down their roots in Mulgore, his father found a quiet patch of land and retired his bow in favor of tools to tend the land. Up until his teens, Megeda worked with his father as a farmer to provide food and other supplies for the nearby village of Kaur’he. When he was of age, Megeda took his first trip outside of Kalimdor to use his skills for greater profit by joining the Coldstar Merchant Company and send his earnings back home. For a short time, the gold helped his father hire more help than his son could provide and his family’s farm prospered. Everything changed when a lone death knight suddenly appeared. By the time Megeda returned home, he found a village filled with slaughtered and tainted guards awaiting their last rites, his father was one of the unfortunate souls that had been claimed. Wracked with grief and rage, Megeda was given no choice but to manage the farm in his father’s stead as the corpses were cleansed of the undead taint left behind. He visited the captured death knight where she was being held and to his horror, found that those who had been slain and corrupted with dark magic to serve as the knight’s thralls were merely a warning to an outside force known as the Grim. His people had been slain just to grab attention, his people were nothing but bait. Unable to comprehend the undead’s logic for the act; Megeda left her to her fate to carry on in his father’s stead. When the death knight escaped her own execution, Megeda abandoned his father’s farm and set out to bring her back, only to find that he was far too late to confront her in Winterspring, and far too late to save the other tauren in pursuit. With the crushing disappointment came the grim realization that such a battle would have gotten him killed and resurrected just as the other fighters had in Kaur’he. Unable to live with sitting idle, Megeda began his training to avenge the fallen. Megeda took as much as he could from the company, procuring weaponry, a vehicle and an edge to make up for his lack of experience. The stimulant known as Cram allowed for the rapid development of muscle memory, allowing Megeda to observe the feats of greater hunters and mimic them with a higher rate of success. He worked with the Argent Crusade and the Aldor of Shattrath to procure vital supplies for slaying unholy creatures be they demons or undead. Despite his actions, it was not enough to bridge the gap between himself and his quarry. The haze that had hung over him for months began to lift and the young tauren began to realize his situation. The drug that had allowed such rapid development was now something he could not live without and in lieu of vengeance he had vented his anger on any human that crossed his path outside of Hearthglen. He realized he had hit rock bottom when the orc rogue, Karthok, identified his wretched state as something to be used and brought him into a plot to destroy the Mercenary guild known as Borrowed Time. Hearing way the orc’s joy when talking about murder and torture disgusted Megeda. Even being associated with such people brought on a fit of self-loathing that was only cured by confronting their target. As fortune would have it, Megeda stumbled into the target of Karthok’s plot and in the chaos of a bar fight, allowed himself to be captured. The reappearance of Karthok made the explanation unnecessary but still earned him a measure of trust from the mercenary, Cobrak. That trust turned to much needed aid in helping Megeda remove his dependency on the drug and more importantly, tempering the hatred that had lead him to such desperate acts in the first place. Megeda still struggles with his loathing of the human race and his addictions, but has devoted more of his focus to Borrowed Time and the larger problems that plague the world still.
  5. The hunter set down the heavy crate to look at the flyer. He had a hard time believing it was real, but this had been the third of its kind that he had seen in the past hour. After a few moments of thought, he finally filled in a line on the sign-up sheet. 'Megeda Dustrunner'