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  1. Pai

    Love is Blind

    Orgrimmar and other such capitol cities come under siege by slews of fliers written in the familiar Orcish script, decorated with fancy swirls and hearts. Featureless doodles of busty women and hunky men dot the assorted papers as the writing reads as such. Once again brought to you by the assorted maniacs of the Borrowed Time mercenary company, comes an event for all you boys and girls looking for love! The Blind Date Selection Extravaganza! What is that, you ask? Why merely sign up on one of these fliers, dedicate yourself to one gender, or both if you prefer! And we will set you up wi
  2. Paiyuna growls playfully at mention of the bartender, hanging upside down with her knees bent along a sturdy jungle branch, "Rawr...dat Tahz...He be da mellowest, chillest, an' prolly da nicest troll guy I evah met!" She giggles as she hefts her upper body up in a crunch before swinging back down to lazily hang from her perch, arms waving upside down without a care. "I looooove ta see wut undah dat robe o' his...I'dda ride him dusk ta dawn iffin he let me! Hee!"
  3. Ooh ooh ooh ME ME ME ME ME ME
  4. Pai, for once seems caught offguard and oddly serious, she makes to speak before stopping herself. Her face turns hard, "She be a Grim, dat should be enuff..." Her eyes seem genuinely sad as she hops off her perch and walks away.
  5. The trolless giggles, tanning nude upon the beach. "Oh yeah! I know her a lil! Only meet her a few times, but she seems ta be a good'' her daughtah be a cutie!"
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  11. "Heee! Aar be a wondahful girlie, such a quick tongue anna bitin' one at dat!" Paiyuna cracks the biggest smiles as she takes a drink, raising her glass to something unknown, "She gotta goo' heaht undah all dat blistah."
  12. "Meggy? Oooooh, he is jus soooo cuuuute!" Paiyuna cackles, "Gonna makka sum lucky girl happy, I can tell!"
  13. "Shokk? oh she crazy." Paiyuna smirks. "Inna goo' way sumtimes, anna bad time at uddas...I be glad she survived da Siege so I could met her, woulda been a shame iffin me an' da Stalkahs killed her."
  14. "Shae's so cute!" The trolless laughs, holding her side in her cackling. "She reeeeeeeeeeeeeallllllly need ta git laid doh, she kinda uptight!"