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  1. Thaldis scratched away at the parchment, pausing from time to time to sip from a tumbler. It was late. It was cold, even inside the Outrider's tent at Thunder Bluff (Thaldis hated the cold). He was also angry. An errand to Warspear ended with being attacked and became a massive clusterfuck of a battle in the tavern. To top it off, he witnessed a Stone Guard abuse his rank to keep the guards away. He also owed somebody now. Shokkra, the Warsong orc had come to his aid along with a couple of others (despite the ad hominem circumstance) and received several injuries because of it. Thaldis needed to make a statement of this, if just to show that there are consequences for doing shit like that. He took a deep breath and filed his thoughts to establish this logically. Law was logical, after all. - He had been attacked by a Forsaken. Her name was Syreena and she was with the Grim (wearing the tabard, no less). That made her a military woman, and subject to military law. He made a note to obtain her full name and position within her unit. - The burden of proof was on himself, so he would need to compile evidence first. - There were several witnesses, at least one of which offered to be a witness. Thaldis made another note to write up half a dozen templates for witness statements. He put the quill down and rubbed his temples. The alcohol was giving him a headache. The blood elf took a deep breath and filled out the appropriate headers and footers before composing his first letter. The first step was building a case. Then he would give the Grim the chance to deal with this internally. If they failed to punish Syreena or punished her inadequately, he would take it higher. He picked up his quill and added the appropriate headers and footers before beginning. Dear Commander Liene. He hoped he got the spelling correct. My name is Sir Thaldis Dawnstrike of the Outriders. Yesterday on the 13th of Febuary at approximately 11pm, I was involved in an incident at Shatterspear Tavern along with Shokkra Deathrage, a Sanctuary soldier under your command. The incident in question was an altercation between a Grim member known only to me as 'Syreena' as well as several of her compatriots and myself, Miss Deathrage and several others. Firstly I wish to commend her actions, putting herself in harms way to defend a fellow member of the Horde from unwarranted attack. I believe her physical as well as moral courage reflects well on yourself Commander and Sanctuary as a whole. I am pushing for a Preferral of Charges in the matter against Syreena. I write for permission to attend Sanctuary's Garrison to obtain a witness statement from Miss Deathrage about the events leading up to and during the incident. I also wish to speak to your Garrison's Medical Officer, as Miss Deathrage sustained injuries in the incident and wish to obtain copies of any medical reports as potential evidence in the matter. If you have any questions or require any clarifications, please feel free contact me. Awaiting your response, Sir Thaldis Dawnstrike Executive Officer of the Outriders. Thaldis signed the letter, hesitated for a moment and then added a postscript. P.S. Please pass on my gratitude to Miss Deathrage for me. He enclosed the letter in an envelope, sealed it with the appropriate wax seal of the Outriders, and put it in his 'Out' tray. He would send it first thing in the morning. It took some digging to find out the recipent of his next letter, but he found it eventually. He set to work again at once. Dear Chief Cobrak Deadeye, He cloned the three paragraphs, replacing Shokkra's name with Paiyuna, Sanctuary with Borrowed time and Commander with Chief. -- I am pushing for a Preferral of Charges against Syreena in the matter. Miss Paiyuna has already expressed verbal consent in becoming a witness and I wish to obtain a witness statement from her regarding the events leading up to and during the incident. If you could direct her to the Outrider's headquarters in Thunder Bluff as soon as possible, I would be grateful. I apologise for any inconvenience in the matter. If you have any questions or require any clarifications, feel free to contact me. Awaiting your response, Sir Thaldis Dawnstrike Executive Officer of the Outriders. P.S. Please pass on my gratitude to Miss Paiyuna for me. That was that done. He would also need to speak to Warspear's Guard Captain to track down the two grunts that had responded, as well as the innkeeper and bartender of Shatterspear Tavern. There was also the matter of Stone Guard Naring. Thaldis had talked a lot of threats at the time, but it really had been little more than a minor infraction, and he wasn't even sure anybody had witnessed it aside from the two grunts. He could get statements about that too, but it wouldn't go further than his superior. Naring would also only get a slap on the wrist, and that was hardly worth the administrative effort. Thaldis decided to let it slide. Too much input for too little yield. He would focus on Syreena instead. He put the sealed letter of Chief Deadeye in the tray with Liene's one and went to bed. He would post them in the morning.
  2. Full Name: Sir Thaldis Dawnstrike Age: Middle-aged (250 or thereabouts, I guess) Race: Blood Elf Gender: Male (hence the 'sir') Hair: Dark Skin: Fair - does not tan Eyes: Emerald Height: 6'1" Weight: 180lb Place of residence: Thunder Bluff Place of Birth: Quel'thalas Known Relatives: None. Religion/Philosophy: The Light. Occupation: Bodyguard/clerical/misc. duties for the Outriders Group/Guild affiliation: See above. Enemies: Poor administration. Likes: Working. Favorite Foods: No particular likes Favorite Drinks: Fortified wine Favorite Colors: Red Weapons of Choice: Cut-and-thrust rapier. Dislikes: Inefficiency. Idleness. Hobbies: None (really). Physical Features: Thaldis is average in height and has an athletic build. Most notably he is missing his right eye, but otherwise his face is unremarkable. He goes to great pains to make his appearance neat and tidy. Special Abilities: Despite his outwardly appearance, Thaldis is actually a paladin (not a blood knight). He only calls upon this in extreme cases, seeing the Light as something one shouldn't squander and use for personal gain. Also a highly skilled swordsman, and a gifted administrator. Positive Personality Traits: Strong moral compass, diligent, poised at all times. Also rather observant. Negative Personality Traits: Humorless - an 'oddball', inflexible, borderline obsessive compulsive disorder with respect to work. Misc. Quirks: Various. Poor social skills. Uses a pallet of bricks for a mattress - cannot sleep on a soft surface. Dislikes wasting time on 'fun'. Always commenting on how efficient something is or isn't. Often fidgets by correcting his hair or attire. Refuses to drink a beverage if it has ice in it. Some others. History: Thaldis Dawnstrike's family is stepped in military tradition - his grandfather led troops in the Troll Wars and his father was a Ranger-Captain for centuries, a position Thaldis himself would attain. Outside of the rangers, he was also an undefeated fencing champion. He was a Ranger Captain when the Second War came around, which would claim his father's life and gravely wound him. His injuries would prevent him from joining the Alliance Expedition into Outland. He resigned his position after the war and spent the next twenty years tutoring young lordlings in swordsmanship. He picked up a sword (not that he had a choice in the matter) when the Scourge arrived. They would kill what family he had left - his older sister, her husband and their children. With few options, he rejoined the military and campaigned under Kael'thas as an officer. He would help storm the Black Temple and survived the march on Icecrown Citadel. Between the crushing defeat at Icecrown and the Scourge, Thaldis was one of scores of soldiers unaccounted for. Having been separated, Kael'thas and Illidan gone and Scourge everywhere, he rallied a dozen soldiers and tried to lead them south. Over the next two gruelling months, he would lose all but two of them to various means as well as his eye to infection. After duelling and killing a mercenary captain for his ship, he ordered the rest of the mercs to sail them home. With Silvermoon more concerned with suppressing their own population than dealing with the Scourge, Thaldis didn't stop at Quel'thalas. He joined the Scarlet Crusade (when Highlord Mograine was alive) and later the Argent Dawn, becoming an original member. It is here he would learn to become a paladin and be granted knighthood. He campaigned here and in Northrend until the Lich King's defeat years later. After returning from Northrend, he and others were restless, and he eventually formed a short-lived mercenary company, consisting of ex-Crusade members. They were largely destroyed by a rival company and with nowhere to turn, he went to the Regent-Lord - an acquaintance from back in his Ranger days. He was appointed to Kiraleen Starvale and the Outriders, where he serves to this day.