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  1. RAINMANTLE HOUSE Backstory: Headed by Frenne, his network of craftsmen, spies, writers, enforcers, researchers and influential members of society group together at the manor of Lord Jaxus Rainmantle. Rules: Be civil, be inviting, be creative. RP will be fairly loose, guild arcs will rarely have success based off of rolls, instead opting for method taken. Joining: Speak to any guild member about setting up a meeting. Don't worry about your character's class, there can always be a use, and anyone who wants to come is welcome. Role: 90% RP purposes, don't expect a full RBG or Raid team. There will still likely be some PvP or PvE, but it will not be an official guild event. Alignment: For all intents and purposes, you become neutral inside of Rainmantle manor, outside of it you can be as evil or good as your heart desires. Feel free to use and abuse this neutrality inside the manor, as it extends to non-guild members as well.
  2. Full Name: Frenne, disavowed. Age: Late 20's Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Blonde, some parts greying from stress. Skin: Pale, but not extremely pale. Eyes: Green. Height: 6'1" Weight: 198lb/90kg Place of residence: Various short term accomodations. Place of Birth: Gilneas City Known Relatives: All family is known dead. Religion/Philosophy: Unknown. Occupation: Unknown. Group/Guild affiliation: Rainmantle House Enemies: The Grim, Martenn Thronecroft, Assorted random criminals. Likes: Well learned people, civility, reading. Favorite Foods: Edible food, as long as it's not fish. Favorite Drinks: Water. Favorite Colors: Silver and Purple. Weapons of Choice: Anything that hurts, and shadows. Dislikes: Unwarranted violence, shows of force, authority. Hobbies: Reading, attending theatres, research, work. Physical Features: Scarring, especially on the neck. Special Abilities: Can control shadows, to perform multiple tasks. Partially crippled physically. Positive Personality Traits: Even headed, polite, in control of himself. Negative Personality Traits: Deep-seeded disrespect of authority. History: Born in Gilneas, Frenne's father was not imprisoned despite raping his mother, as a result of this; both of Frenne's parents were distant at best and abusive at worst. Frenne spent much of his early childhood learning to read and to write, and admiring the rebels for fighting Greymane and his choice to build the wall. Once the Worgen began to assail the people of Gilneas City, Frenne took a knife from his kitchen, defending himself on the way out of the city. Before he could be glad to have survived, however, the Forsaken assaulted Gilneas. Frenne was not evacuated with the rest of Gilneas, instead surviving in the ruins. Shortly before the end of events in Pandaria, Frenne found a boat, sailing out of Gilneas and landing in Booty Bay. After reaching Booty Bay, Frenne was sent to Ratchet and trained by the Steamwheedle cartel in assassination and pragmatism, following their tutelage and working for them until shortly after the Iron Horde invaded. During the Iron Horde invasion, Frenne took contracts from different employers, eventually finding his way to Arathi Highlands; where he stalked and eventually joined the crew of the Jade Lion, if unofficially. Over the course of a few months, Frenne got allies and enemies on the crew. Frenne then spent 5 months presumed dead, and came back, before splitting off from the crew in all forms. During this split, Frenne empowered a young man to the station of nobility, using them as a puppet while he worked from the shadows. Frenne is currently in the service of SI:7 as an attaché to King Varian Wrynn's minister of foreign relations.
  3. January 17 Okay, so kingmaker may be an exaggeration, but "noble-maker" doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Nevertheless, I've found my mark, a "Jaxus Rainmantle". The lad is well groomed and has enough noble in him to make a good puppet. Daelm is on his way to manage negotiations, see if I can garner influence with the judges and get a sponsor to make Rainmantle into a lord. January 20 Lady luck favors us, Jaxus has made the appropriate impressions; at least with Daelm's help. In a half a week he will be an established noble, however this little operation has costed me most of my influence in the Alliance courts, not like rebuilding it will be too hard. Anyways, I've made arrangements for a base of operations in Surwich, so I'm staying where I might be needed. January 22 Fad managed a meeeting. I should promote him. Regardless, I have work ahead of me. Hearts and minds to win over. Danariel has reached the last straw, however. More than 3 bounties and an attempt on her life that left her looking like a pincushion and she refuses to go into hiding. Fool. To the north I go. January 23 I talked with the Dwarves about a safe haven, I negotiated the ability to hold councils and meetings within the bunker at Aerie Peak, it's a good place, defensible and good for the purpose I'll put it to. I talked to an ex-SI:7 field medic and procured his assistance, which should be good if and when the eventuality of sending agents out into the world comes around.