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  1. I love looking at images of myself. Very well do i love this drawing.
  2. Naring was actually due to WoW's Random Name Generator. Narrick the evil warlock no one has meet yet was actually an old rp i use to do on a private server. Narrick and Merrick were blood elf brothers.(Merrick was an old friend so it was a good time.)
  3. Naring


    Name: Naring Age: 30 in age + 5 Since, Soul's was bound to armor and weapons by Arthas Gender: Male Relationships: Has a wife and son both deceased. He has an adopted daughter Velissenissa SolisStudium. Currently engaged to Valenee whom is with twins. Other notable relationships: Saelyx the dragon is considered family to Naring for acts of kinds shown to him and the bond they formed together when Naring was in his service. Arauku the "Troll" priest they two of them share an intimate relationship from time to time. Vol'jin, Naring looks to an an older brother after having been helped by him, he has a very strong bond of loyalty to him. Job/Profession: Horde Special Intelligence Officer of Vol'jin(in secret) , Stoneguard of the Rutilus Luna, Herbalist, and Inscription. Physical Description: Seven foot five inches, extremely well built for a troll, with scars and burn marks covering most of his body under his armor. He also has marks of Stoneguard, Vol'jin's personal guard, and Horde interrogator marked on his armor and flesh. Personality Description: Rough, Tribal, Eccentric. and a big fuzzy hidden heart General Notes: Carries, Axes at his sides with his massive pole arm. He also keeps an assortment of bandages in pouches. Unusual Notes: He generally kisses or pushes people on first meeting them depending on the situation to see how people assert dominance, this is a tribal custom and non sexual. History: Naring was born in an orphan in Shatterspear Tribe, he was raised mostly by two female druids. He was never popular troll as the all the other little trolls picked on and teased poor Naring. When he was only six, he made his first real kill of bear. From then on out he had the taste of blood in his vines. He trained and become a warrior. When he was only twelve he was sent away to Orgrimmar where he meet a young shaman named Laci, the two of them, had a son together at the early age of 16, at 18 Naring was sent to the front lines to fight in the fist campaign against the Burning Legion. Thought many years and multiple campaigns Naring fought and raised his family. His young son became gifted with engineering while his mother fought boldly beside him though many conflicts. These battles gained him notoriety by Vol'jin, whom took in the family giving them a home in Orgrimmar. When the rumors of lands far to the north first started to spread Vol'jin, asked Naring to go with a small scouting party consisting of five blood elves, two orcs, and a Tauren. When the boat landed on the shore the boarding party made their way a shore, it wasn't long before the scourge where engaged them. Two hours into the engagement, the blood elves turned tail and ran only to be meet in on the vessel with a trap that devoured the ship and them in flames. The Naring and the rest of the party were not so lucky in their fate. Naring and the other feel after another 5 hours in battle, only to be reborn and find themselves at the mercy of the Lich King. After Awaking at the Ebon Hold, Naring made his way back to his tribe to look in on his wife and child. When the the tribe saw the unnatural state of him they buried him and his family exiling them from the tribe. Naring then vowed to end the Lich King and his reign. He went back to to Northrend and finished tour of duty. Naring stopped off in Dalaran, to pickup toys for his son then waited for his trip home. He was waiting to return home after he had finished his tour, he was planning to meet his on and wife at the Mirage raceway in 1000 needles. It was at that point when Deathwing decided to make his ugly appearance onto Azeroth. Naring's wife and son unfortunately perished in the initial attack in the Barrens. After that, Naring took some time off from the front training other troops into Orgrimmar and work as one of Vol'jin's personal guards. During that time he meet with Theira of the Rutilus whom had after aiding him and the guards fending off an assassination attempt on Garrosh Hellscream. From there Naring started his on going service in Rutilus.
  4. Well that my friend is a good question i actually recently encountered this when i got back into WoW a few months ago i did have a walk rp in sliver moon before the Rutilus took the rp route. So it does still exist is it common....no. Personally i think this is issue with guild being too clickish, yes we come together for community events however we seem to do very little outside of that unless its in a bar of some sort (no complaints just an observation). I also think it is important to point out how the game has changed org and stormwind are no longer as important to the game as central hubs. Our Garrisons now act as the point and isolate us from each other. I've been working to try and bring the the unity of the rp community as a whole and make it easier for this type a thing to occur. The other issue i've seen is guilds are stuck into particular schedules to do things people log on to do a raid or battle ground or something of that sort then log off, or do other things non rp related. We all have real lives and some of us children (not I but i am speaking in general here.) Another thing that has changed is our age, back when when BC and previous expansions were out that was 10 years ago folks, i for one was still back in high school i had more free time on my hands and less responsibility, with everyone ageing economic changes and other factors in the real world it changes how we think and how be spend time and active and behave inside of the game as well. I don't think that walk up rp is dead i think the the rp community has just hit a bump in the road and its up to all of to breath a bit of new life into the game we all love and enjoy so much. #yesthistrollhasfeelingsandabrain #rplove
  5. Written in a letter that would be a bad cooking recipe (this time for fel hound stew) unless decrypted. The following following letter would be signed and sealed to be delivered to Nalaa a worker at one of the many inns in Horde Capital. She unbenounced to any one else was actually a member of the Horde intelligence division whom would decrypted the letters and see to it they were passed to a courier and hand delivered to the War Chief. The Second of many decrypted letters would read as follows: Bruddha and War Chief, Dark'zon with your aid has agreed to mentor me, dis going further our plans Bruddha. Dark'zon be right we be stagnate in da Horde right now and weak. Jah be right having dis peace be a smart move while we regain our strength before da final blow to da Alliance. Many of da members of Horde don't see jah long game but knowing jah as I do we be looking looking forward to it. Ah nutter note to da Scantury, Ke'ti da mon he gonna be powerful ally i tink. Scantury be losing some of its members I be hoping to get a few of them into the Rutilus fine aids de could make maybe. I can say dis for sure dat, Newly Resurrected Dread Horde with the many Tauren Tribes be going well mon. We flew in and and silenced the dawf kings and his following dis week made me happy only four casualties to report on dat only flesh wounds. Da Grim be another note mon, though we maybe an an alliance with dem, I've not see der hand when we've called for aid dis be troubling me but I'll give it time takes time just as jah say for tings to mend and mold together. Side note Syreena dat one finally coming around i tink, finally ate elf ears with her, know jah don't like dat type of ting in public but jah gotta admit mon der be time dat we took more den our share of blue skins. Vel be doing good, she be after dis Zara girl I tink so proud of her jah know mi little elfie girl all grown up now, I be wanting more kids now I met dis other elfie name Val, she and maybe have some little soon so dat be nice if dat happen. Alliance Report: Der be humon male in his mid age dat i be getting close to he hiding himself a troll named Aruku, apparently him and his family work in da red light district of stomwind, someting anit right about him. Further investigation needed. Drugs and illness. It be confirmed from our reports that dis narrick elf be guldan's apprentice he also has a link to des drugs and the illness going around right now. Apparently he won over some of da old apothcarians working for da dark lady queen. Da trying to make a resurrected fel horde with des tings... not sure how but we both know why an army like dat mon...we not going to be able to win against. Dat be all dat i got to report burddha , Signed -Jah loyal burddah and servant Naring
  6. Scanning them i would imagine
  7. Written in a letter that would be a bad cooking recipe unless decrypted. The following following letter would be sigood and sealed to be delivered to Nalaa a worker at one of the many inns in Horden capital. She unbenounced tto any one else was actually a member of the Horde intelligence division whom would decrypted the letters and see to it they were passed to a courier and hand delivered to the warchief. The first of many decrypted letters would read as follows: Vol'Jin my brother and warchief, Forgive me for taking so long to report in. Theira, Matron of the Rutilus as keep me plenty busy since I've left your side and begun this assignment. Rutilus is on the rise again there numbers are increasing. The definitely show all the signs of special forces drunk and restless off duty but bloody and deathly on duty. A fine group of soldiers in the special forces serving the Horde. As requested I've begun the process of reforging the Horde's assests. The Rutilus and The Grim have already stuck an accord, Borrowed Time won't be far behind. The Bloodhoof clan has fallen into the an according as well as two other Tauren clans to reform the Dread Horde. Scantuary and Cold Star seem to be last two key players that will be needed to fall into in place before I can report we at full operational capacity. I have my doubts but if our Intel is correct even with all the pieces in place it still may not be enough for what is coming. Sanctuary, the Grim and Borrowed Time are all looking into an innicend on the chemical weapons we discovered from the legion. Little do they know that directly ties into the lead intelligence recovered about syrenna and the bounty on head from elf named Narrick. I do not believe she is aware at this point that part of her formula was used in the the creation of the drug. I have not found need to make light of this information to the others seeing as it would cause discord among all already fridgal ranks. On top of that I have a soft for the undead I pitty her more so as skill as she is. Vel my adopted daughter is doing well slowly becoming quick skilled as a healer on the field yet still full of energy as always you would hardly recognize her old friend. She was on in an action the other day by another elf woman. She grew up too fast for me. I miss my wife and son dearly and shatterspear tribe too many things gone. However I endure and move forward as we all must. I've been complying a list for you of individuals of intrest. Cerryan: a weak one ear cowardly elf noble whom ass I've saved and extorted more times than I can count maybe of lush to us. He seems to have the funds and backing and if able to reach out to prove to useful. Syreena: untrusting, weak and dim however, she my yield use off the battlefield to help eliminate some of the issue that research and development have been encountering withe felblight stabilization and useage. Shaelie: A quite yet brilliant young a engineer, possible enhancements to war machines and defensives. Tahzani: He able to get you anything you desire as long as it's a drink moral when he is around improves consider for troop entrainment on a commission. Khorvis: strong and intelligent orc, has a heavy accent consider for special forces recruitment. Saelyx: dragon for all his worth and loyal friend I feel he will have a part to play in this when the time comes. Kexti: sensible for an elf, maybe a key for nagotions with Cerryan. I am afraid that I've not much else to report my guise as my normal oafish tribal self seems to have no one suspecting I am Horde intelligence officer. Only Theria knows I was your personal guard yet i still wear the marking on my armor and the marking I have on my flesh yet few troll I've encountered seemed to have made no notice or acknowledgement of them. I will continue to follow your orders as advice my brother for I can never repay you the debt is owe. -signed your faithful friend and sergeant Naring.
  8. *Naring counts his gold counting the time as it seems forever until he may have an opportunity to buy a date with "The one"* I don't know if dis gonna be enough.
  9. Updated 3-25: Naring DK Blood tank 713 item PVE With Ring
  10. *Naring wonder's around various cities, posting up two various posters. The first larger on reads as follows: " "*The second is merely a fill out application flyer. stating* "Single troll male seeking second parent to raise his adopted blood elf daughter. Please submit applications no later then next week." *there was a second page attached that had name, age, race, gender, and qualifications. and then a return mailing address to Naring.*
  11. That's a good looking troll up there.
  12. *Naring strolls up to the flyer and searches around carefully for others. He then adds Syrenna's name to the list in a sloppy style. Then takes a flyer for himself and strolls off*
  13. Naring strolls right up sign his name and gives a toothy grin. "dis gonna be one fun night mon" he says to himself.
  14. Well Hello everyone!. Some of you know me, some of you love, me some of you hate some, some of you I've probably kissed in character. I finally decided to hop onto the gazette to bring my a bit deeper into the server's role play community. I am currently a member of Rutilus Luna (Red Moon) guild on Twisting Nether. I just wanted to let you all know I am around. #foreveralonetroll -Signed Naring of the Rutilus Luna