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  1. Don't Get Bit “Zak’s Pack,” as some affectionately referred to the group, were gathered in the brush at the edge of a clearing. They looked across the clearing at an abandoned mine. Abandoned by humans, that is. A handful of worgen could be seen out in front of the mine’s entrance. There were seven worgen hunters on this particular team of volunteers. All were armed and armored. All listened as their captain briefed them on today’s mission. “I have received word that Alpha Prime has been sighted entering the tunnels there,” Zak informed them. The team had hunted here before, outsi
  2. Henri “Zak! Savas!” Katrynne shrieked. Over and over, she called for the team’s leader and its healer. She was on her knees beside a fallen teammate. Her brother, Henri, had gotten the worse end of a fight with a worgen. The worgen was dead now. Katrynne had helped Henri finish it off, but not in time. Savas and Zak joined them, followed closely by Alain and Phaedra. Savas took one look at Henri, and his hands began glowing softly with the Light. He knelt down beside Henri and hovered his healing hands over the worst of the injuries—a piece of ripped and ragged flesh in Henr
  3. Leaving Home “I won’t have it!” Tadeas Janson raged. “No daughter of mine is going to dress up in armor and go off and play soldier, or hunter, or whatever it is you think you’re going to do!” “I’ve already started training, Father,” Katrynne said in a voice carefully level, taking equal care to keep her expression calm. “I can’t just stand by and do nothing. I want to help.” “You can help by serving the Light in a respectable manner--praying and working at the church!” “Praying won’t keep the city safe from those monster. Captain Zak says—“ “’Captain Zak’,” Tadeas mock
  4. Know Your Enemy Katrynne, with the rest of “Zak’s Pack”, minus Zak himself who had stayed outside to go for a walk, was in the Jolly Frog Pub. They’d just finished their third successful worgen hunt in a less populated neighborhood nearby, and they were feeling good. After a few drinks in them, they were feeling really good. Some of the other regular patrons of the bar were feeling good too. One of them was feeling so good that he reached out and pinched Phaedra’s backside as she walked past. “Hey!” she yelped, swatting at the man’s hand. “Hey, lovely, nice walking stick,
  5. Sneaking Out Katrynne hurried through town on her way to Zak’s. The moonlight shimmered off the wet cobblestone streets, and her footsteps echoed softly through the sleeping town. Morning training started at six o’clock. Breakfast was at five-thirty. Zak didn’t believe in working his team on an empty stomach, and he knew most of them weren’t likely to fix a hearty breakfast for themselves that early. So each morning, he cooked for them, and they took turns doing the washing up. Katrynne’s father thought she was going out early to do the Light’s work. She believed she was doin
  6. The Old Argument Katrynne was running along the riverbank with her fist clenched in her skirts to keep from tripping on them. Her breath came in gasps, and she risked a quick look over her shoulder to check for her pursuer. As she looked at the path in front of her again, she nearly collided with a man dressed in dark leathers. Muscular arms encircled her waist, lifting her off her feet as her momentum tried to carry her forward. She gave a short scream, startled, and she slapped at his shoulder. As her captor’s head nuzzled her hair, she broke down into laughter and threw her arms
  7. The Patient When she was fifteen years old, Katrynne worked as a volunteer in the infirmary tent that had been setup outside the healers’ office to shelter the overflow of patients. The civil war of Gilneas took its toll as neighbors turned against each other, creating a battlefield out of a city. Every able-bodied citizen was expected to aid in some way. Katrynne was no exception. How stupid it was! A kingdom fighting itself, when there were so many other evils in the world to fight. But we didn’t know of those other evils back then. We were hidden away from them, kept safe f
  8. Flashes of Life the History of Katrynne Simms They say that you see your life flash before your eyes just before you die. What will I see as the last breath leaves me? More importantly, what would I see after? Would the Light welcome me, or would I face endless darkness and torment? I wonder if I have done enough good to atone for the evils I have done. At the same time, I know that’s just not possible. It wasn’t a glass of milk spilled, that I can clean up and refill. It wasn’t a vase I had broken, that I can glue the pieces back together. What I have done cannot be forg
  9. "Care to explain to me why you countermanded the orders of the Mandate to keep a filthy pinkskin alive?" Ruuki, a tauren Sunwalker and The Grim’s High Inquisitor, walked through the stone and wooden hallways of the Grim's guild hall, the flames dancing along the edge of Ashbringer casting twisted shadows along the walls. Kiannis, her subordinate, walked alongside her as they made their way to the portal Mai'kull had left open to where the bounty lay bound. Kiannis held a cold countenance as he stalked a half-step behind the High Inquisitor. It had been the late evening when he had enter
  10. Lazarus appeared in the crypt with a snap from the portal. His customary red robes were worn sans his usual cowl. No light emanated from his dead eyes and his scalp was utterly devoid of hair. Walking over to the pit that the beast was in, he looked down at her now pathetic form and clasped his hands behind his back. “Good day,” he stated. Katrynne’s ears turned as she heard someone nearby. She slowly lifted her head up and opened her eyes. Her nostrils twitched, and she recognized the undead gardener she’d attacked in Silverpine Forest. She tensed, but the spells and enchant
  11. With his assailant distracted Mai’kull reached for his trump card, “REAVES!” the mage cried out. With a thundering crash, a small mechanical shredder droid no bigger than a gnome dropped to the beach at its master’s side. “GREETINGS MASTER!” it chimed in an oddly chipper tone. “Reaves, activate combat mode, NOW!” Mai’kull barked, taking hold of the blunt arm on the machine. “AFFIRMATIVE!” it sparked. Something inside revved up like an engine roar as Green Fel-Flames issued from its back exhaust-port. Electricity surged from every joint on the construct as it began to grow, to a
  12. As Kat launched herself at the mage to Mutilate his abdomen, he was already prepared to move. Shimmering backwards he readied his Ebonbolt to fire. Kat kept her eyes not only on her prey, but the two looming minions she was now in-between. The Water Elemental fired a Water Bolt as the Voidcaller launched a Void Bolt. The slow movement of the two creatures even at this range was staggering. Using her elusiveness, she feinted through their attacks which scraped against her armor. She could see the Mage was almost ready to unleash his spell, and she attacked again with a Vendetta. Shadowst
  13. The smell of Tirisfal Glades, and so many undead residing in one place, reached Kat well before she reached the border from Silverpine. She directed her black gryphon to land. She would travel on foot the rest of the way. She dismounted and changed into her worgen shape. Leaving the gryphon to browse and hunt on its own, she made her way through the forest. It was no secret that the Grim guild hall was near Brill. Kat had to move cautiously through the enemy territory, but she managed to avoid being seen by keeping to shadows and shelter provided by trees and rundown structures. Eve
  14. Katrynne did not sleep that night, nor eat the next day. She was in Stormwind, sitting outside the Cathedral as she often did, when the message came to her, as she knew it would. General Larmont summoned Kat to her office. Katrynne had made no secret of her Grim hunt, and had even spoken with the General about it after the recent city attacks. She knew that Katelle agreed with her, but as far as Kat knew, it was still unclear where the Council stood on the matter. One thing that always had been quite clear, however, was that the killing of any non-hostile Horde was not permitted.
  15. A street beggar ran up to Katrynne in Dalaran. Impossible to tell whether it was male or female, the youth had a dirty face and the typical short haircut to stop lice from infesting it. He or she wore dirty clothes and well-worn home-made boots of wood and canvas. “That man took some Grim elf woman to Booty Bay,” the child panted. Kat decided it sounded more like a boy than a girl. “I couldn’t risk following him, but it looked like it was important. He was almost dragging her through a portal.” Katrynne pressed a few coins into a dirty hand, and ushered the child to be on his