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  1. Kolgarn tips his hat upward, reading the script as he restraps his guitar to his back. "Charitable volunteers?...Hrmm...Well, s'worth a shot!" The dwarf hums as he jots his name down, attaching a small musical note to the end of it for good measure.
  2. Full Name: Kolgarn Cindergut Nicknames: Kol, Blazer, The Blackrock Bard Date of Birth: November 19th, Year 561 Age: 62 (Human: 23) Race: Dark Iron Dwarf Gender: Male Hair: Brownish-Orange Skin: Charcoal Eyes: Dull red Height: 4'8" Weight: 139 lbs Place of Birth: Blackrock Spire Known Relatives: Treiga (Mother, Deceased), Fryjja and Hildegarde (Sisters, Latter is Deceased) Broden (Uncle, Deceased), Garfel (Cousin), Cobrak and Pythral Deadeye (Adoptive Cousins) Religion/Philosophy: The road is my mistress, freedom and fun my traveling companions. Occupation: Traveling Musician, Pyromancer, Mercenary/Raider (Former) Group/Guild affiliation: Cup and Blade Caravan, Blackshots (Former), Cindergut Rebels (Former) Enemies: (None) Hobbies: Singing, Flirting, Making sure his pet core hound does not destroy anything in his vicinity Physical Features: Eyes are somewhat less aglow or fiery than most other Dark Irons, with roughened hands. Special Abilities: A talented musician and singer, he is also well versed in mediocre cantrips and spells, more suited to domestic or convenience use than combat. He is also knowledgeable about golem upkeep and repair. Positive Personality Traits: Easy to befriend, sociable, and loves to entertain and make people joyful. Negative Personality Traits: Forgetful, Overzealous when it comes to partying, and a gossip. Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: History: WIP