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  1. Are you interested in running Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons with other roleplayers from Twisting Nether and Ravenholdt? Would you like help finding those people? Well, read on! Below is a link to a spreadsheet with a list of other people interested as well. This will hopefully make it easier for everyone to find a group. Guidelines Mythics are not as easy as regular dungeons, so there are some general suggested guidelines. Of course, the person forming a group can set whatever requirements they choose. Item Level – minimum 820 to start. Full gems and enchants. (Old or lesser quality ones are acceptable to start) Consumables – bring enough flasks, food, and potions to last the evening. (Again, old ones should be acceptable to start.) Voice chat – be willing to use voice chat if the group leader requests it. Read up on the fights if you are not already familiar with them. (Dungeon guide links below) Be courteous to your team--be on time, prepared, and attentive. Sign Up! Notes about the signup sheet: At the bottom, there are separate tabs for Horde and Alliance. Be sure to sign up on the correct sheet. Fill in your name-server, class, role (Tank/Heal/rDPS/mDPS), average item level. Indicate whether you have completed the attunements to the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons. Don’t forget to update this after completing attunement! (Attunement details and guide link below.) Indicate your availability for each day. Please use server times. If you do not have regular availability, you can still sign up! Just make a note in the comments that you don’t have a consistent schedule, but you’re still interested. Comments – anything else you feel should be added. Spreadsheet Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bivkf-dHKAQv4H6ufbZBhOMW6ThIjECOYIksuxIMuqE/edit?usp=sharing Forming a Group If you want to form up a group to run mythics, you can reference this list and contact people individually or make an open post to invite people. It would be a good idea to let people know what days and times you want to run, whether it will be a regular or one-time event, what voice chat program you plan to use (if any), and any other special requirements. Court of Stars and The Arcway The Court of Stars and The Arcway are special, mythic only dungeons that require some effort to unlock for each player. The quests required to unlock Court of Stars and The Arcway both can be found in the Suramar side story chapter: Statecraft. To start the line, you need to achieve 8,000 / 12,000 reputation with The Nightfallen, and have the Blood and Wine chapter completed. At that point, First Arcanist Thalyssra in Shal'Aran offers The Perfect Opportunity, which starts Statecraft. More information: http://www.wowhead.com/guides/suramar#unlocking-the-dungeons Legion Dungeon Journal Here’s a link to all dungeon and raids on WoWhead, with loot lists and detailed descriptions. http://www.wowhead.com/legion-dungeon-journal#warlord-parjesh-details-dungeon-journal It is recommended, before doing each dungeon or raid, to read through the abilities and tips. Legion Dungeon Quick Guide Here’s a link to a quick notes guide I made for the Legion dungeons, with separate tabs at the bottom for Tank/Healer/DPS. The goal with this was to have something as a quick reference, even as people are running the dungeons. Feel free to add useful notes as you learn the dungeons. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N76Ezq_Gd4VPQJnFP2Pcj2nei7ABwtBxed1mTzSogFI/edit?usp=sharing
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    I believe this should say Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting September 27 at 8:00pm server time. The calendar is telling me weird times for this. I will be there!
  3. Kanda had searched for the one-eyed talbuk for four days. Her motorcycle was hidden in some brush near the Shadowmoon Valley border. At least, she hoped it was still there. All of her armor, bombs, and one of the twin black axes were stashed with it. Now she wore only cloth leggings and shirt under her Sanctuary tabard, and carried the other axe. She traveled on foot through the greenish-blue forests and grasslands in the ever present moonlight. Without her armor and engineering devices to rely on, she found herself staying more alert, more aware of her surroundings. She heard soft snorts and the rustling sound of hooves on grass even before she crested a small hill to see the herd of talbuk grazing below. The male was larger than the rest, but Kanda didn't get her hopes up. She'd come across seventeen similar herds in the last four days, but none of the sires in those herds was missing an eye. So she lay in the grass and watched him, waiting for him to turn his head. The large talbuk sire lifted his head to look around, still chewing on a mouthful of grass. He turned his head, and Kanda saw only puckered skin where his eye should be. This was her target. She studied him from behind some high grass, laying on her belly on the dew covered ground. At the top of his head, he had long tapering horns, and down the back of his neck, poking out through a lush mane, were several pairs of shorter horns. He even had several smaller spikes on his rump. One of his does wandered towards Kanda. Kanda was downwind of the smaller talbuk, so the doe didn’t notice her as she grazed. The young orc considered her options. Kargron had said no tricks, so she couldn’t sneak through the shadows and surprise her target like she normally would. If she made a direct attack on him without sneaking, he’d see her and the whole herd would run. She watched the doe and waited. When the doe’s grazing brought her close enough, Kanda leaped from her hiding place onto the back of the surprised talbuk. She grabbed each of the long horns in one hand and wrapped her legs tightly around the talbuk’s sides. The doe bucked and bleated. Kanda was careful not to let the many horns get too close. The bleating got the attention of the sire. He stomped and snorted as he sized up the situation. He charged at Kanda and the doe, stopping suddenly only a few feet before impact. As much as he obviously wanted to attack this intruder, he was reluctant to risk injuring one of his herd. Kanda carefully swung down off the doe and rolled out of the way as she bounded off, giving a couple last bucks and kicks as she ran off. Kanda rocked to her feet, reaching over her shoulder for the axe on her back. She raised her one weapon in front of her, suddenly quite aware of her lack of armor as she faced off against the talbuk sire. He snorted and tossed his head. She was ready for his charge. She had it all planned. She would sidestep his charge, and hit him in the back of the neck as he passed. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way. He did charge, and she did sidestep him. He tossed his head as she moved though, and one of his long horns caught her in the shoulder. Without her usual armor, the horn went all the way through, poking out just behind her shoulder blade. The follow through of his head-toss flung her over his back to tumble headfirst into the wet grass. She laid on the ground a moment, dazed. She saw her axe gleaming in the grass just beyond her reach. Then she heard hoofbeats; the talbuk was coming at her again. He only has one eye, Kanda reminded herself as she rolled out of his path and got to her feet, grabbing her axe as she rose. The talbuk was turning to face her again, but she swerved to his blind side and brought her axe up hard at his throat. The blade cut through his windpipe and arteries, and the great beast collapsed. Kanda watched the talbuk until he stopped twitching. From shoulder to waist, her left side was soaked, front and back, with her own blood. She tentatively moved her arm. It didn’t feel like anything was broken. When the talbuk was still, she went to him and knelt by his head. She laid down her axe and ran her hand through his thick mane, then along one of his elegant, but deadly, horns. The tip of one of them was red. She dipped her fingers in the fatal wound in his neck, and then painted his blood on her face. Although the excitement of the battle was starting to wear off, giving way to the pain in her shoulder, she was pleased with herself. She would report to Kargron for his confirmation that she’d passed the Om’riggor, but she was confident it was valid. As she had promised, she would bring the talbuk’s meat back to the garrison.
  4. In the Orgrimmar orphanage, the matrons told many stories to the children. Some of the stories were about the great hunts of the Om’riggor, a rite of passage where orcs of about twenty years old were sent out alone to kill their first big prey. If they succeeded, they were celebrated on their return and officially considered adults from then on. Often, this was also the time a young orc earned their own last name. Kanda was of the age to participate in the Om'riggor, but she wasn’t confident she knew all the requirements for it. She’d killed beasts before to defend herself and for food, protected by armor, using her twin axes and engineering bombs to make sure it was the beast, and not her, that lay dead at the end of the encounter. She had a feeling there was more to it than that. She could go back to the orphanage and ask there, but it wasn’t the orphan matrons she had to prove herself to. If she were to be accepted as an adult in her new life, it was Sanctuary that she needed to impress. Returning to her old life, the life she had as a child, for such guidance seemed counterproductive to her goals. For her, this was to be the start of her new life. Fortunately, there was a Sanctuary orc she met last week who might be able to help her. As she was walking up the steps to the main command hall, Kanda found Kargron walking out. She saluted him respectfully, and he stopped mid-stride, staring at her blankly for a few minutes before returning the salute. “Just who I was lookin’ for,” Kanda said. “Hrm. I was on my way out. But I had no real purpose in mind,” Kargron informed her. “You...were looking for me? Curious.” “If you're busy, it can wait.” Kargron shook his head. “It is nothing of importance. It can wait. Follow me,” he instructed as he turned to go back inside the command hall. “We can talk freely inside. I prefer privacy. Solitude.” Kanda followed him inside and across the room where they stood next to a burning brazier. The hall was peaceful and warm. “The Commander is not here....,” Kargron observed. “Hrm. I do not know where she is. You are certain you wished to see me?” Kanda looked around, and nodded. “Zug zug. I wanted to talk to an orc about this.” “Hrm....,” Kargron eyed Kanda for a few moments, and then he gave a slow and solemn nod. “I understand.” Suddenly, Kanda wondered if she was right to bother a Sanctuary officer with such things. Surely he was busy with much more important matters. “I could go back to the orphanage and talk to them, but it seems I should stay here now.” “There are many things that....others simply do not comprehend,” the older orc responded. “The ways of our people. The honor and pride of clan. I would be all too happy to assist you however I can.” She was relieved he didn’t seem annoyed about her taking up his time, so she just jumped right into it. “I am twenty years old now, and I believe I am ready for the Om'riggor. You are the only orc I know out here, so I thought maybe you could suggest what prey I should hunt for it.” “Hmmm,” he mused, folding his arms across his chest. “That is possible. Though it is preferable to have a shaman present to make this like that of the old days or our people.” He let out a long, drawn-out sigh. “But those days seem to have past us by.” “I don't know any shaman out here.” The older orc nodded. “Neither do I. Not of our people. They are far too rare. And I'm just an old soldier....” He murmured something else to himself, and then shook his head. “Nevertheless, you came to me with this.” “This is one of the most important stages of your life,” Kargron continued. He approached Kanda, and clasped her on the shoulder, his expression serious. “I thank you for honoring me with this. As for your hunt…” He released his grip on her and backed away, his head lowered as he concentrated. “Hrm. I am curious. What does the hunt mean to you? Why is it important? What do you seek?” Kanda thought for a moment before answering. “To prove I am capable of supporting the clan, only in this case, the clan would be Sanctuary. So to help provide food for everyone here.” It meant so much more to her than that, but she couldn’t find the words. Kargron nodded. “Hmm. Proving loyalty. Admirable.” He stroked his chin for a few moments, then nodded. “I believe I have an answer then.” Kanda listened eagerly. “The Talbuk are the most loyal of creatures. They will not part from their master until their dying breath. Many orcs hunt them. Few realize just how dangerous they can be, when threatened... There is a great one. A large one with one eye missing. I killed him myself, for my hunt, many years ago. Only in this world....he's still alive. In Shadowmoon Valley.” He paused. “Wait, I may have spoken too soon. Do you know from which clan you originate?” “The Frostwolves,” Kanda answered. A talbuk, even a large one, didn’t sound like such a challenge. Still, it was an honor to be assigned the same hunt he himself completed when he was younger. “Good! That will work. The wolves of Draenor prey on the talbuk. And you must prove yourself to be as ferocious as our Frostwolf companions. So, to Shadowmoon.” Kanda nodded, eager to prepare for her hunt, but Kargron continued. “But there is one thing more,” he instructed. “To fulfill your hunt, as in the ways of our ancestors… You may carry only one weapon. And you must not wear your armor.” “Any one weapon?” she asked. Now this sounded more like a challenge. “Whatever you prefer,” he confirmed. “It is a vicious beast. You will wear no armor, and use no tricks. You will fight honorably, with only your wits and natural power at your disposal. You will fight with the spirit of your clan. And in doing so, you will prove yourself ready.” “Dabu,” Kanda replied. “I will bring its meat back to the garrison.” “We will use it. And perhaps, if I can convince the others, we will celebrate. As in olden times. Too many have forgotten the traditions of our people. It is good to see the old ways in you. Our ancestors must smile upon you.” She smiled proudly at his words. “Blood and thunder, Kanda. May your hunt prove successful, and may you return with the blood of your foe, and its spirit burning a new flame in your soul. Aka'magosh.” Kanda saluted him and left to make preparations, pleased with her challenge and determined to succeed.
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    Full Name: Kanda Nicknames: None Age: 20 Race: Orc Gender: Female Hair: Black, usually worn in spikes or braids Eyes: Blue Height: 6’2” Body Type: Solid and lean Physical Features: She’s average for a young female orc. She has no visible scars or other markings. She generally has a friendly expression and an easy smile. Place of Residence: Sanctuary/Borrowed Time garrison Place of Birth: Hillsbrad Foothills Known Relatives: None living Religion/Philosophy: Life is hard. Work when it’s needed, fight when it’s needed, and have some fun along the way. Occupation: Engineer Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary Enemies: None specific Currently Known Associates: Likes: Sparring, drinking, partying Favorite Foods: Meat Favorite Drinks: Mead Favorite Colors: Black & purple Weapons of Choice: Axes Dislikes: Bullies, dragons, magic Special Abilities: Tinkering, child care Positive Personality Traits: Easygoing, focused and dedicated when given a purpose, usually friendly until she has a reason not to be. Negative Personality Traits: She can sometimes get too focused on a task, and become impulsive, overconfident, or lacking judgment when trying to prove herself. History: Kanda was born in the internment camps in Hillsbrad. Her father died there when she was still an infant. When Thrall freed the orcs, Kanda and her mother followed him halfway across the world until they eventually settled in Orgrimmar. A few years later, her mother, along with several other members of the Horde, was sent to Blackrock Mountain to kill the false Warchief. She never returned, and Kanda was sent to the orphanage. At the orphanage, Kanda was bored and often snuck off to explore the city. In her early days there, she often got into mischief like stealing and fighting. One day while she was looking for trouble in The Drag, the rogue trainers caught her. They offered her a choice: do errands and odd jobs for them, or be turned into the guards for theft. She accepted the job, and in exchange, they taught her how to fight. With something to focus on, Kanda got into less trouble. As she got older, she took on more responsibility in the care of the younger orphans. She passed on what she had learned about the use of axes and daggers. Then Orgrimmar started to get dangerous. There were rumors of uprising against the Warchief. Kanda saw people she knew banished from the main parts of the city, and some were even executed. Although she could have left, she stayed at the orphanage to watch over the children and continue their training. Finally, Garrosh was defeated, and Orgrimmar became safe again. The orphan matrons told Kanda that it was time for her to go out and find her place in the world. The portal to Draenor had recently opened, so she decided to start there. Then one day in Warspear, Kanda ran into another rogue who had taken her out a few times during Orphan’s Week. The rogue brought her to the Grim’s garrison where she stayed for several months, trying unsuccessfully to fit in there. Eventually, she gave up and left. She recently joined Sanctuary and has been staying with them.