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  1. Fliers bearing the Twilight Empire's twin rearing lions can be found throughout Alliance cities and in Dalaran. The fliers are enchanted to show the reader's regular language. Join us in celebrating the Twilight Empire’s 10th Anniversary! Friends of the Twilight Empire, Alliance and Horde alike, are cordially invited to celebrate a decade of striving for peace. Guests will enjoy a night of food, fireworks, and fun including a trivia contest, door prizes, and a surprise contribution by the Cup and Blade Caravan! Festivities will commence on Saturday, August 26th at seven o’clock in the evening at the Tavern in the Mists, located in Pandaria’s Veiled Stair. (( Hello, all! The Twilight Empire is celebrating our 10th anniversary on Ravenholdt, and we’d be delighted to have our friends join us in that celebration! Pertinent Details: When: Saturday, August 26th at 7:00pm server time Where: Tavern of the Mists, the Veiled Stair, Pandaria Who: You! (Unless you’re going to be mean, in which case we’d really appreciate an OOC heads up so we can keep everything fun both ICly and OOCly ) Please contact any Twilight Empire officer with questions! We hope to see you there! ))
  2. Daerek stared hard at the slowly-spreading green blossom on the treated swab he just tested a vial with. Thinking it must be a fluke, he set the vial aside and reached for a new, sterile testing swab and a new vial from his most recent shipment. And reached for another. And another. And another. Eventually, there were no more vials to test for toxins, poisons, or things that generally shouldn’t be in sterile glass vials. Next to that pile, in an increasingly haphazard stack the nearer the top someone looked, rested the used testing swabs. Each swab was returned to its packaging to avoid further contamination, but all of them had the same green stain marring their white tips. Somebody had tainted his shipment, and he bet he knew who. With a soft curse under his breath, the young mage cleared his workstation and set it up for a new project: determining the type of taint present within the vials. Not for the first time, he silently thanked the poison mistress who taught him more than just how to brew. --- A little bell jangled above Daerek’s head as he stepped foot into the rickety Booty Bay shop. It wasn’t much to look at, with its salted wood and grimy windows, but the mage had never had problems with the service…until now. “Heeeeeey, welcome to Sparkfoot’s Deliv—ayyy, kid!” The bleach-blond goblin behind the counter flashed Daerek a gleaming grin. “Haven’t seen you in a while, eh? Always notes and letters and boxes! Howzit been?” “I wish I could say business as usual, Wix,” Daerek laughed, striding to the counter and resting both hands on it. He leaned forward a little, using his height to its full advantage. “But I’ve got a problem with my latest shipment.” The goblin scowled. “What’s that now? A problem? And you think I got somethin’ to do with it? Bub, I’m hurt! How long have we been doin’ business, huh? I’d never scam you!” “I know you wouldn’t, Wix,” Daerek said with a disarming smile, drumming his fingers on the counter. “You know better than to do that because you know some of the same people I know, and you know they wouldn’t be happy if they heard you were earning the wrong sort of reputation.” Arcane energy crackled between his fingertips. “But maybe one of your workers isn’t as smart.” Wix eyed the mage’s fingers and slicked his hair back with a greasy palm. “I got some real idjits here, lemme tell you what,” he muttered, glancing around the shop. “What kind of trouble we talkin’ ‘bout, pal?” Daerek leaned forward a little more. “Somebody laced my glass vials with a neurotoxin. The kind I could slip into your morning coffee and you’d be dead in a day. You want that kind of name for yourself? Wixet Sparkfoot, the goblin who frames his clients for mass murder?” “Hey hey hey! I don’t deal in that kind of stuff no more! I’m an HONEST businessman, kid! Murder is good money but it ain’t my money, ya hear? And none of my idjits’d have the know-how for that kind of stuff anyways!” “What about bribes?” the mage asked. “Someone take one to swap a box? To look the other way while the shipment was replaced with a new one? Anything like that?” “I don’t like what you’re insinuating, kid,” Wixet grumbled, “but I’ll ask my people. Yeah? And you won’t go spilling this all over the place and ruining my good name! Got it?” Daerek pushed himself off of the table and spread his hands wide. “I knew there was a reason I liked you, Wix,” he grinned. “You’re an honest goblin looking to make an honest buck. I’ll spread a little love in your name if you get me an answer, alright? Maybe throw some extra gold your way at the same time.” The goblin harrumphed and tugged on his vest to straighten it. “Damn straight you will after all this trouble I’m going through for you, pal. You’re damn right. Now if you’ll excuse me, time is money—and you’re wasting my time!” --- As it turned out, Wixet Sparkfoot was an honest goblin who wasn’t interested in murder for money. Nor were his employees. No, the weak link worked for Wixet’s glass seller. It seemed the goblin responsible had indeed accepted a hefty bribe to swap one innocuous crate with another—and after some method of questioning that Daerek didn’t dare ask about, Wixet even discovered the briber’s name: Minkley Fizblade. Daerek didn’t expect Wixet to investigate any further, but the slick-palmed goblin had done it anyways (“Nobody knows you to be a liar, kid,” he’d said when pressed, “and if you go spewin’ nasties about my name, that’ll cost me double money to fix”). In addition to bribing the goblin who swapped the crates, Minkley did the bulk of the dirty work herself—procuring the toxin, lacing the vials, and packing the crate. Wixet casually mentioned that he was already in talks with “the proper authorities” to see poor Miss Minkley received “appropriate treatment” for her part in “potentially costing two well-known and well-respected businessmen like themselves” their good reputations. Daerek didn’t dare ask what that meant, either. “Where did she get the toxin from?” Daerek asked with a frown. He expected to hear Qabian’s name somewhere in the narrative…was he an alchemist, or a poisoner, too? Wixet flicked some lint from his vest. “Eh. She said it was from the Royal Apothecary Society. I got someone followin’ up on that, but it might be a while.” He flashed his pearly whites at Daerek. “Unless I can talk’em into speedin’ up their inquiries.” With a sigh, Daerek plucked his coin purse from his shirt pocket and dropped it on the counter. “I need to know.” “Desperate, much?” the goblin asked skeptically. He swiftly pocketed the money anyways. “Word for the wise, kid. Don’t go poking around the RAS. They won’t just eat you alive, they’ll tenderize you with their experiments first.” “I’m touched that you care.” Daerek laughed humorlessly. “But I’m not getting my hands dirty with them. I just need to know, Wix. You’ll do that for me, right?” Wixet patted the pocket where the purse went. “Anything for my loyal customers,” he said with a grand sweep of his arm. “Now go on and make that money to keep up your excellent patronage, eh? Eh?” He laughed. “Ah, you’re a good kid. Go on, bub.” Daerek left the little shop with a smile, a wave, and an impatient itch at the back of his mind. The next time he heard from Wixet, it was by way of a note added to his next shipment’s invoice: The name checked out, but he hasn’t been seen since he sold the goods. I’d bet my business he’s gonzo. The mage stared at the note for several seconds before crumpling it in his fist. A quiet whoosh of flame engulfed his hand before flickering out, and Daerek opened his fingers to let the smoldering ashes fall to the floor.
  3. Katelle found herself part of a small crowd in Stormwind, listening to the Dusk Watch dwarf. Coalitions had come and gone, even during her scant few years as General of the Empire, but the possibility of new and beneficial relationships with Alliance entities was always something the Empire had to look into. Especially now, with the final pushes against the Legion coming so close--it was folly for anyone to isolate themselves or break ties with one another. As she returned to her canal office once the gathering broke, the rogue reached out to her sister--conveniently another Path Leader in the Empire, and one who would be most interested in this opportunity on a professional level--through her guildstone. "So sis. There's a meeting I want you to join me for..."
  4. A few days earlier... Ironforge wasn’t anything like Dalaran, but Daerek kind of liked the coziness of the mountain stronghold. It was closed and warm, like a blanket or a hug, and if not for the dire circumstances he and Anee found themselves in, he might have particularly enjoyed staying there. As it was, their relocation here had been the idea of a mutual friend, one they knew they could trust. It wasn’t optimal, but it was something—and he planned to try and keep morale up as much as possible, if only for Anee’s sake. Keys jangled outside of the door to the small Ironforge apartment as Daerek tried to balance the bags in his arms and open the door. The reinforced wood lurched open under the force of the young man’s shoulder, and he kicked it shut with his foot. “Anee?” he called, setting his bags on the kitchen counters. “Hey, I found some peach fizzy wine too…I got us a couple of bottles to try.” The newly-brown-haired mage kept unpacking the bags, peering up at the unfamiliar cabinets as he went. There were already some basic foodstuffs and kitchen supplies stored there, but maybe they could rearrange things to make it a little more like home. Daerek pulled a small wrapped package out of the bag next, smiling down at its weighty presence in his palm. He’d found a few strings of magma crystals that he thought his roommate might like, hoping the surprise would be enough to bring a smile to her face. “Anee?” he called again, taking the small package with him to peer into the cozy sitting room. A frown cut across his face when no answer was forthcoming for a second time. He crossed to her bedroom, rapping his knuckles against the door. “Hey…are you sleeping?” There was nothing but silence to respond to him, and Daerek gently tried the doorknob. It gave easily, allowing the mage to poke his head inside with slowly mounting panic. “Anee?” he asked softly. His breath left him in a rush when he saw her room: bare of her belongings, only a few articles of clothing strewn across her bed and a couple of odds and ends elsewise. Daerek spun away from the door and bounded to the bathroom. The door was open, nobody inside to have closed it. He shouted an uncharacteristic curse and turned in place, body jerking this way and that as his mind seemingly short-circuited from the sudden fear crushing his chest. There wasn’t a sign of a break-in. Had she gone out on her own? Did somebody take her and cover their tracks? Was there another room he hadn’t discovered yet that she was occupying? “Anee?” he called again, almost shouting the dual syllables. It was on his third aborted attempt at moving one direction or another that he laid on the bare table and the folded parchment with his name scrawled on it. “No…oh, tell me you didn’t…” He rushed to the table with lead feet and set the small package down before picking up the parchment with trembling hands. He swore again at seeing her handwriting on the inside, emotion choking his voice. Daerek, I am so sorry that you are in danger because of me. I’m sorry you had to leave your home and your sister. And what about your work? Your sister needs you. You said yourself there’s a reason she came to Dalaran. She’s your sister, and she needs your help. It’s not fair for you or her for you to have to drop that because of my troubles. You have been kinder to me than anyone ever has. I want you to know that I appreciate it. And that’s why I must go. If anything happened to you because of me, I couldn’t stand it. Go help your sister, have a happy life. I’ll come back when this is over if I can. Please don’t try to find me. Be safe. Your friend, Anee The young mage stared blankly at the letter for several minutes, body still except for his ragged breathing and quaking muscles. Finally, after what felt like a small eternity, he pulled out a chair and sat heavily in it. He pitched forward and let his head rest in his hands, elbows on the table, letter still clutched in one fist. Daerek stayed like that for hours, and when he finally moved it was to plod blankly back to Anee’s room. He stood as near to the middle as he could, turning in a slow circle to take stock of what was missing and what remained. He hoped he could determine maybe where she went…if he’d been smart, if he’d been able to control himself, he would have gone after her as soon as he found the letter. She couldn’t have gotten that much of a head start on him at that point, but now it was impossible to say where she had gone. What if she got hurt? What if she got killed? What if…what if… Daerek paused to stare at a light blue hair ribbon left on the dresser. It was just a stupid ribbon, but sentimentality got the better of him and he picked it up to tuck away in his pocket. He left the room then, stopping by the table in the sitting room to retrieve the wrapped gift he’d bought for the missing woman. He dropped that into his pocket too, followed by the folded letter, before lifting his hands and channeling a portal to Stormwind—and to the only person he knew could help him now.
  5. Adding my own peeve in here: Amuse vs. Bemuse "Amuse" means to be funny or entertaining; to be amused is to find something funny or entertaining. "Bemuse" means to be confusing or puzzling; to be bemused is to find something puzzling or confusing. Her amused smile faded at his sudden raucous laughter--this was a solemn funeral!--and was replaced with a bemused furrow of her brow. (Forgive the example. I am sleepy!)
  6. She’d been out of the city when the attack happened, instead spending the day in Dalaran with her husband and her children. She was considering temporarily relocating her office to her residence there; the small plot of land and accompanying living quarters had cost her far too much gold to now be sitting, unused, and gathering Fel-only-knew what kind of dust. It was with a great pang of terror that they received the news, terror and brightly flaring anger, and while little Sophie was too young to understand the words, their son--who had been acting odd as of late to begin with, insisting on staying by her side day and night as much as he was allowed--seemed more defiant than afraid. Her first instinct was to get her children to immediate safety and return to Stormwind to aid whatever lingered of the fight, but her husband--with a stern look born of fear and a large hand on her swelling belly--put a stop to that. Instead, when they received word that Stormwind was clear once more, the family hurried home. Her scouts reported that all Alliance leaders were accounted for; it seemed the Grim-led attacks had been strong and swift, their strikes landing before the alarms could be raised. The rogue wanted nothing more than to seek an outlet to her own anger, but she couldn’t--not yet. Her cousin met them at their residence on the outskirts of the city, both to take the children and help ascertain any damage that had gotten through the hefty wards surrounding the property; most of them were Ketani's own handiwork, and they seemed to have held fast. “Zak’s going to go help start with the reconstruction efforts,” Katelle murmured to her cousin. “I'm headed to the infirmary to help patch up the wounded. I'll let you know when you can bring the kids back--” “I'm NOT going.” Both women turned to look at the ten year old boy, eyebrows raised in an identical fashion. Even Zakarnas, conversing with one of his crewmen via radio a short distance away, turned to look at his normally quiet son. “Excuse me?” Kate was shocked. Ketani’s lips curled up in a smirk that she tried to hide by turning away and coughing. “I'm not going. I'm staying with you.” The rogue frowned. “Marzano, this isn't up for debate.” “You're right, Mom, it's not. I'm not going to Shattrath, I'm staying with you!” Katelle looked to her husband for support, but he only gave her a look that plainly said 'he learned this from you’ before going back to his discussion. She turned to Ketani next, but her cousin only shook her head. At a loss, the rogue turned back to her son with a warning frown. “They'll put you to work helping me,” she stated calmly. “There are many wounded people, Marzano. Are you sure you want to witness that?” The red haired boy nodded. “I'm not leaving you.” Katelle sighed. “Okay. Change your clothes and let's go.” --- It wasn't until several hours later that the rush of wounded began to slow to a trickle and the healers, nurses, and physicians told Katelle she could head home and rest. Marzano had been a dutiful assistant, not cringing once at some of the sights before him. He even knew what some of the instruments she needed were, and how to conduct some of the basic procedures she performed. When asked how he knew any of it, the boy just shrugged and said, “Aunt Brew said I’d need to know one day.” The rogue felt a rush of affection for the sweet dwarven priestess, but it was tempered with the rage that had simmered in her breast since they first learned of the attack. It was that rage that kept her fueled in the infirmary, and still kept her going even as she tugged her sleepy son along towards home. Zak was still gone by the time Katelle finished helping Marzano wash up and put him to bed. Satisfied that the only other occupant of the house was fast asleep, the rogue allowed a low growl to come free from her throat as she padded downstairs to her study. Sharp and violent movements, not at all like the tender gestures that tended to patient and son alike, gave way to quick slices of words across the heavy parchment she used for official correspondence. I played their politics. Now it’s time to play it my way. “Councilors and Path Leaders of the Twilight Empire…”
  7. I enjoyed my mage while I was leveling him to 100, despite not knowing what I was doing and dying all the time. 😂 I haven't had the time to do anything with him past 100, though. I've also enjoyed all four levels of my warlock that I've managed to eke out since the expansion dropped. I don't know if they are still apparently poor contenders in end-game content, or how much you care about that, but if you enjoy it you can run with it!
  8. I need this, as well as one with plums and some sinister looking creature in the background. Maybe he's holding a cup of coffee! ~_^
  9. Rogue4Lyfe!!! Really though, I've never had trouble deciding on a main because I'm so in love with the rogue fantasy that I'll always choose it, despite issues that may arise with the play style. Also, my rogue is my RP main and that will never change.
  10. I have routinely responded to "Kate" in real life. My real name is nothing like "Kate." I have had moments where I go to /tar something I'm trying to find...at home. With no keyboard present. My first instinct is just to /tar it. I started using chatspeak in conversation ironically (with my friends, mom, boyfriend, etc.) and now I can't stop. HELP ME LAWL.
  11. Your altversation was cute, Felonius. Contrary to Nikaa, MOST of my alts know each other somehow. I really enjoy writing an intertwined narrative for them. One time I even made a bubble map of how they were all connected, just for the shiggles. It was very messy. *Laughs* For example, Katelle is my main. Ketani is her cousin. Trelorian, my belf, is connected to Ketani and knows (mostly) the rest of their immediate family. Daerek, my mage, knows Katelle from a few years ago--but actively avoids her for Reasons. Buckles, my warrior, briefly met Kate while Southshore was being destroyed (here's looking at you, Infection *adopts TN Server Lore even though is a Ravenholdt native*) and they worked to get refugees out and to safety, and now works under her in the Empire. Kriabryve, my goblin, knows Kate through business (as Kate used to, and sometimes still does, supplies various buyers with herbs); Kria ALSO has a connection to Ketani through my boyfriend's belf/Ketani's lover. The only RPed character I have that don't know Katelle or any of the others is my shaman, and I haven't touched her in ages...nor have I ever RPed on her! Character maps get messy.
  12. Zanas stick figures are the best stick figures. I loves them.
  13. The response is written in Thalassian as well, but it is not Katelle's handwriting. August 2016 Kex'ti, Indeed, things have changed drastically in these weeks. My heart grieves as well for the loss of both the King and the Warchief...and it sickens me to hear of blame being placed at the feet of innocent parties and the resulting violence. I hear talk that the Horde "abandoned" the Alliance at a critical point, and yet I cannot bring myself to believe it...not after learning of Warchief Vol'jin's passing. How fares Sanctuary? The Empire has lost Myaka Winterborne to the conflict upon the Broken Shore, and Brianna Mackinizie lies comatose and cursed. I am nearly broken in my grief for my friends, but if those of your order are at least alive I will count that as a rare happiness. I won't talk of Brinnea's choices in the past right now, only that she has joined the fight against the Legion and plans regarding her have been put on hold indefinitely. Even so, I thank you for your input. Regarding Siane, she appeared at an Empire meeting shortly after I received your reply. My fears have been allayed, and I thank you for your information there as well. Please be safe, Kex'ti, or as safe as you can manage in these times. I cannot take to the field myself, but I will keep you and yours in my thoughts. ~Katelle Larmont General Twilight Empire Transcribed by Ketani Addison
  14. Kex'ti and I spoke a loooong time ago (during Ch. 2 of Quorum, holy dang!) about Katelle using the assassination weapon he has listed. The lore he's created for it fits perfectly, and because it's a "player idea," I don't have a problem with using it's listed abilities as Kex'ti has written them. However, she simply just doesn't carry around large weapons like that, preferring her very slim daggers...so probably what will happen is she'll have to learn to carry the damn thing on her back, enchanted for invisibility until she uses it. *cackles* Otherwise, the artifact weapon I get will be immediately transmogged to a dagger she arleady uses, because ICly she wouldn't be carrying around a giant green sharp thing anyways.
  15. Hi, Tatyahna! Welcome to Netherholdt. What do you mean by "less benevolent?" There are many variations on the idea, from characters who are downright cruel and evil, to ones who enjoy the killing they do as a routine part of life, to so much more...a bit of a narrower idea might help us pinpoint something for you that we might otherwise overlook! As for BF, as far as I know it was disbanded due to IRL time constraints. I'm unsure if Brinnea is planning on restarting it in the future, though. Good luck in your search! If nothing else, perhaps you could start your own!