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  1. I sometimes practice a troll accent. Even though I don't RP a troll. I sometimes get stuck in it and reply in it. I have been asked to be people's troll voice over VOIP. Not sure if that's good or bad.
  2. Zanas Autumnvale - <Unaffiliated > Currently operating in the background. He has reached out to a few acquaintances but overall remains scarce. Has recently been informed of the identity of the man who may be his half-brother. Opportunities - Will be seeking out his half-brother. Reachable by mail, and still for hire. Lazarus S. Graysong - <The Grim> Preoccupied in his lab of late. Infrequently heard from. Perhaps a reason for concern? Opportunities - May be receiving a surprise visit. The usually boisterous forsaken has been quiet of late.
  3. I do feel I am coming full circle though and probably landing on my rogue. Yet again. Stealth is just so... awesome.
  4. With a bemused smirk Zanas pens a letter to the "Twisting Nether Weekly" Dr. Feelgood and Lady Love, I am attempting to woo a trolless. Do you have any suggestions to offer? -Curious
  5. Hah. I once told a co-worker that I "pwned" something. Incidentally that sounds very dirty to the un-enlightened.
  6. Have you ever accidentally let your geek side out? Yesterday while driving home I was confronted with a horrible driver. When I passed them I said, "Learn to drive, noob." I accidentally let the geek (and elitist) slip. Have you?
  7. It's odd for me, but shadow priest is fun and up till this expansion I've never really played shadow priest very much.
  8. I don't know about any of you but this expansion has made it incredibly difficult to settle on a main. I keep hitting 110 and poking around on an alt and finding the play style, usually, fun and engaging.
  9. Zanas


    Zanas approves of this post.
  10. Because of you mother is dead. I have no home. Because of you the damned roam our halls. The music is still. Because of you I will boil the seas. The land will cry. Because of you my heart is cold. The deadwinds blow. Because of you father. Because of you. -Found on the inner binding of Zanas' journal.
  11. Entry: 2016-11-02 "I had a very bad day. A demon violated my eyeball."
  12. (Once over writing -- may come back later and touch it up) The pain was, well, exquisite. In fact the pain was most likely what was keeping me alive. I was too damn uncomfortable to die at the moment. I was lying on a cold rock next to the sea. Waves were sporadically breaking over me and I could feel the lingering remnants of fel energy. I was altogether cold, wet, and in pain. Open your eyes. Open my eyes? Open your eyes! What? Why? Begrudgingly I opened my eyes. I was greeted with the sight of an entirely pissed looking nathrezim walking toward
  13. I'm actually guildless and I managed to get a fair amount of RP for a while. Until I sorta dropped off like I posted about earlier. Do you go to the cantina events? They're weekly. I forget the time though. I may be popping back to my horde toons in the near future to feel out RP if you want to meet up. My tag is Sieln#1130