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  1. *rezzes* there arent enough villainous chars in here!)) Morinth Round Start *A shadow slithers into a violet eye the size of a person, and out walks Morinth in a cocky swaying strut* "Who do i get to play with first?" Unit Selection "*coyly laughing* Let us slay them all." "More souls for my dear brother." "We are Morinth." "Knowledge is strength...and I am the mightiest." Excessive Clicking "Hands off, or I'll take them off." "Oh my. Frisky...I detest frisky." "I have tortured for less." "Do you desire to be sodomized by your own spine? Good. Stop that." Ordered to Move "What awaits, I wonder." "Twilight calls." "We move." "*coyly giggling under her breath*" Ordered to Attack "You are nothing!" "Harvesting time~!" "I play rough." "*maniacal laughter*" Taunt *Morinth becomes surrounded by her clones, who fade into bursts of violent purple energy and dissipate as she flicks her hair* "Groveling only makes your pain all the sweeter." "Your death will not be a quick one, it will linger as you beg me for release." "The thrilling beating of your heart in fear, it is sweet music to me." Jokes "Why do people keep asking me to embrace eternity?...And who is this Shepard man?" "I once was mistaken for a streetwalker, the man who did that is now mistaken for a modern art piece." "*adopts a Valley girl accent* The Villain Club lounge is so boring. All Kerrigan wants to talk about is Reyner this, Reyner that...Oh, and Illidan, do not get me started, if I have to hear a 'You are not prepared' comment again, I will literally SCREAM." Death Morinth howls in laughter as she falls to her knees, engulfed in Twilight flame, and after her parting words, she explodes in a brillaint flash of violet fire. "We are MORINTH!" Rebirth "One falls, another rises." "Do you see now? I am eternal." "SI:7 couldn't stop me; the combined might of the Horde could not stop me...Nothing can!" Specials Taunting Ally Cobrak "What is wrong, my dear Cobby? Don't want to relive the good old days?" Taunting Enemy Cobrak "Sends Broden my regards you worthless greenskinned ape." Taunting Ally Aaren "You were never fit to be one of us, a minion will do nicely though." Taunting Enemy Aaren "Your delicious will not defy me again!" Taunting Ally Lilliana "So charmed to be working alongside the Grim's fucktoy." Taunting Enemy Lilliana "I have your scalp on my mantle, shall I add your new one?" Taunting Ally Kex'ti "Mmhmmhm...You looking rather pale, dear , did you miss me?" Taunting Enemy Kex'ti "I will break you as easily as Tolero did that bitch's spine." Taunting Ally Selash "Remember our agreement, would not want little Kahlan hurt would we?" Taunting Enemy Selash "I'll make sure you stay alive long enough to see your daughter's soul be ripped out." Taunting Ally Julilee "Try to avoid any deep waters, dear. Would not chance another brain injury, yes?" Taunting Enemy Julilee "Let us see how well your ashes rise when I douse them with your guild's blood!"
  2. Morinth laughs at the mention of the Sanctuary commander. "She is no threat at all...bluster and hot air under a shattered standard. Kallavan broke her once...commendable she survived, of course....but luck is no substitute for skill."
  3. "Malastar. He is a crafty fel-sucker, I will grant him that." Morinth grins darkly, looking at the picture of the death-knight-turned-paladin. "A thorn in my side, but nothing more. I will butcher his so-called 'family' and then feed their souls to Jaster."
  4. "Hmhmhmhm...A frightful little girl trying to play with the big kids..." Morinth giggles, "I'll be sure to show her how much of a child she truly is."
  5. <p>Prepare your anus!</p>


  7. <p>I know. You're forgiven. <3</p>

  8. <p>I'M SORRY! I really didn't mean it to be mean. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png" alt=":(" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  9. <p>Oh yeah, it was when you called Eclipse "cut and dry". You jerk!</p>

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  12. <p>NOPE YOU WISH</p>

  13. <p>*looks deeper* Oh hey there's the secret love for Caldrien.</p>

  14. <p>FTR I hate you</p>