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  1. The night sky rippled with the light of crackling lightning and rifle fire. Parigan tugged at his drake’s reins fiercely to avoid the Horde wind rider’s bullets. The storm surrounding the fliers sent icy rain like shrapnel on screaming gales of wind into Parigan’s one good eye. Growling under his breath, he tightened his grip around Brinnea’s torso and sent his drake into a downward plunge against the rising wind. The lighter wind riders quickly lost range on them as they neared the forest canopy of Ashenvale far below. A bullet struck Parigan in the lower back. Growling under his breath, Parigan pulled up suddenly and directed his steed to fly north in a serpentine motion. The drake trembled under the force of a powerful impact. As the beast let out a cry of pain, Parigan glanced back at the shaft of an oversized spear imbedded in his mount’s back. They were quickly losing altitude, but a sharp yank pulled them back away from the tops of the Ashenvale trees – the spear had a chain attached to it, and the Horde hunters were reeling the fugitives in. Parigan cursed and checked on Brin’s condition. She was unconscious and bleeding from several wounds; he would have to treat her immediately. He stood in the saddle, draping Brinnea over his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Brack,” he said to his loyal drake as the beast cried in pain from its spear-wound, “Couldn’t have made it this far without you.” He leaped off the drake towards the nearest tree. Bullets started to fly from above, but he was moving too fast, and was too small a target for the hunter’s shots to hit their mark. Parigan shielded Brin’s body as tree branches snapped under their weight and flew around them like shrapnel. He dug into the side of the tree with his metal prosthetic arm, trying to slow their fall. The leather straps of the arm strained from the sheer force necessary to slow their descent. Then he hit the ground, hard. The unconscious Death Knight landed on top of him. He wasted no time -- though his body screamed with pain from the impact – and took off with Brin in his arms. The foliage and the dark made them invisible to the eyes of the hunters above. Whenever lightning struck, Parigan could see their silhouettes flying about the trees near where they had jumped. Brackien had fallen out of sight. Rain pelted Parigan’s dark armor constantly as he searched the surrounding forest for a cave or some other safe haven. At last, he found a place that wound suffice. The shattered remains of a tree draped over a small alcove. Moss and bits of wood shielded the crawlspace from view, and kept it relatively dry in the storm. Parigan ducked under the log and placed Brin in a soft patch of moss. He dug through his satchel and drew out his medical supplies, placing them on the ground beside the woman. Then he set to work removing the old, soiled bandages, as well as the rags that loosely fit her thin frame. An array of various wounds revealed themselves, not all of them recent. Scars littered her body just as much as the oldest of warriors Parigan had met. “You certainly made a mess of yourself,” he muttered to himself. He first set to work tending to the burns on her left side, spreading an alchemical solution that soothed while it repaired damaged flesh. Since she was burned front and back, he had to carefully prop her on her right side to spread the concoction on the full area of the burns. After, he tended to the puncture in her shoulder, then the Light-brand on her right arm. A sigil was carved into her flesh, one Parigan recognized from victims of the Scarlet Crusade’s torturers. The brand would disrupt Brin’s runes until it was removed, but he did not have the ability to do that. He decided to cover it with bandages for now. After the other wounds were tended to, Parigan checked her arms and legs. He found her left knee set in a brace since it had been broken, and on her left hand, her middle, ring, and pinkie fingers had been shortened by some tremendous blow. He wrapped each stump carefully. With his work done, he drew some clothes he had appropriated for her from his satchel and clothed her gently. By the time he had finished, the rain had come to a stop outside. The silence told him no one had found them yet. Given the circumstances, Parigan opted to keep moving. As he dragged Brin into the open, she stirred and her eyes fluttered open. Her hazy gaze fixed on Parigan’s familiar helmet mask. He paused, saying, “Hours of applying first aid, and you wake up when I try to drag you out of our hiding place, eh?” Brin stared at him, mouth agape in disbelief. She reached out with her good hand and removed his helmet, getting a good look at his face. “Pari?” she said, unsure. He nodded. Without warning, she tackled him and held on to him in a close embrace. “I can’t believe…I thought you were dead!” He placed his hand on her head and held her against his chest. “It’s gonna take a lot more than a few orcs to get rid of me, Brin,” he said. They remained in their kneeling embrace for a long moment. Up above, the clouds were beginning to clear, and the first rays of sunlight flittered in between the tree branches.
  2. ((Log recorded by Syreena)) Quaran stands at the entrance to the prison, unmoving. His eyes regard the approaching undead and tauren carefully. Syreena eyes the Tauren guard as she approaches, nodding politely to him. Megeda is dusty from his climb up the mountain. His fur is unkempt and his eyes are bloodshot. The presence of the Sunwalker is enough to confirm his suspicions Quaran says: Welcome, travelers. State your business, if you would. Syreena says: We've heard there's a prisoner here. A death knight who slaughtered a village near here. Megeda says: I... Syreena says: We'd like to speak to her. Megeda's voice cracks, he takes a few moments to compose himself Quaran cocks his head to the side at Syreena. "You are of the Grim, yes?" Syreena nods. "That's correct." Quaran says: Then perhaps you will understand if I am a bit cautious of your intentions. The prisoner is here for reasons sparked by her grudge with your people. Syreena glances back at Megeda. Megeda's attention switches to Syreena at the statement. Megeda says: What would have sparked this? Syreena presses her lips together, then looks back at the guard. Syreena says: We would appreciate a chance to ask her a few questions. It might help us deal with the tragedy she caused. Syreena says: That is our only intention. Megeda keeps his mouth shut, he's biting his tongue almost hard enough to draw blood at this point Quaran watches Syreena with his pale golden eyes for a moment, pondering the rogue's statement. At last he says, "You may enter. Know, however, that she has been questioned already. And that I want no further bloodshed in these lands because of her." Syreena bows her head slightly. "Understood." Quaran nods. "Follow me." Megeda takes his rifle off of his back and leans it against the cave wall Quaran halts before a heavy iron door. He fumbles with some keys for a moment, and the lock clicks open. Quaran closes the door behind the visitors. Syreena eyes the closed door behind them, then moves forward. Quaran halts before another closed door, this one smaller, but perhaps slightly thicker than the last. He slide open a small panel on the door at eye-level for a tauren and speaks, "More visitors, Brinnea Velmon." Megeda says: ...Brinnea... Brinnea sits in the back corner of her earthy cell, which has no windows or exits save the heavy door before the undead and tauren. Brinnea She wears tattered undergarments and bandages are strewn across her body. A leg brace holds her left leg together. Megeda peers through the opening at the human. "...This is it?" Brinnea Brin leans heavily against the wall behind her to steady herself as she stands on her good leg. Syreena peers up at the opening in the door that is too high for her to see through, then shrugs at Megeda. "I guess so." Syreena: "What's it look like?" Brinnea The Death Knight stares at her visitors' peering eyes with a blank expression. She says, "Why have you come?" Megeda " I seek closure." Megeda "You are the woman responsible for the massacre?" Brinnea speaks softly, "I suppose I am." Syreena looks around until she finds an empty crate. Syreena turns the crate upside down in front of the door and steps up on it to peek through the window. "Why?" Brinnea looks at the new pair of eyes. "Why did I do what I did? You should know by now desperation leads to such things." Megeda "Desperation?" Syreena clenches her fists around the hilts of her daggers and opens her mouth, but then closes it again to let Megeda say his piece. Brinnea looks back at the tauren. "Oh, didn't you hear? The Grim kidnapped a member of the Twilight Empire, then tortured her for information. Things like that tend to make people very desperate." A hint of bitterness makes its way into her tone. Megeda "And because of something that these Grim did... You decided that the Tauren deserved to suffer even more than they have?" Syreena says, "You idiot. Do you know anything about the Tauren people? They are a peaceful people....until you piss them off, at least. Nobody in that village would have condoned what we did to her. Why them?" Brinnea Brin replied, "My intention was to lure a member of the Grim to the village so I could force them to tell me where Skylah was. I picked that village because it would most certainly grab your attention." Syreena holds her tongue again, looking up at Megeda. Megeda "That's it? You slew how many people, armed or not, and they were -bait-?!" His voice rises slightly as he clenches his hands into fists Brinnea looks at the tauren, keeping her expression void of emotion, however a flicker of regret flashes behind her icy gaze. "I only slew the guards. None of the villagers were harmed, except those who tried to escape." Syreena says, "You didn't just slay them, from what I heard." Megeda " And those that you slew. Their corpses were defiled, raised to imprison the living." Megeda "Do you have any idea at all what you've done?" Brinnea's jaw clenched at that remark. "Of course I know! I know what I am, what I've done!" Syreena stares at the woman. "Do you also know we retaliated? Did you hear what happened at Eastvale, because of your actions?" Brinnea scoffs. "As if the Grim needs an excuse to murder innocents." Megeda "An excuse? You're just as bad as they are!" Syreena shrugs. "True. But we were busy with other things. Eastvale would still be fine today if not for you." Syreena looks at Megeda again, then steps down off the crate and remains quiet to let him do the rest of the talking. Brinnea Brin says, "The simple fact of the matter is I was protecting those I care about. Nothing else matters to me." Megeda "We agree then." Megeda " It doesn't matter who we hurt, damn, or torture so long as a handful of people we favor live happily." Brinnea remains silent for a moment. Then she speaks to the tauren, "What is your name?" Megeda "Megeda Dustrunner. Son of Illoi Dustrunner." Syreena moves back, dragging the crate out of the way, and leans against the wall, her hands still on her daggers as she listens quietly. Brinnea "Megeda Dustrunner. If you have anyone left in this world you still care about, then you should treasure them. They won't be around forever." Megeda "Yes. You made sure of that." Brinnea "We all become what we hate, Megeda. Undead took my life from me, and look at me now. The closer you come to the abyss, the more it will consume you." Megeda: “So what are you recommending? Grieve for the lost? Try to return to what we had and HOPE that it doesn't happen again? You make no sense, Scourge." Brinnea replies, "Revenge only breeds more revenge. If closure is what you want, you need only wait until someone else with a grudge snips my head off. It won't be much longer now." Megeda "Even then it will not help. How many people know of what you've done in the Alliance? How long before one of them comes along and imitates it? How many more of us will DIE... Because one of you was hurt?" Megeda "One of you all but slaughtered an entire village... Now people realize how easy it is." Brinnea lowers her head. "People will always fight and kill one another, it is a cycle that never ends. I once believed if enough people worked together peacefully, the cycle could be broken." Brinnea "But then I learned that people like the Grim will always be there to prey on the weak. Only the strong survive in a world at war. And I was looking to show that my people, the ones I care about, have someone strong watching out for them." Megeda "A monster to fight monsters huh? How noble of you." Brinnea shakes her head. "My right to be innocent was taken from me. I don't have the luxury of being peaceful anymore. So why not use the strength I have for something I care about?" Brinnea "If the Empire truly can succeed in their vision for peace, then they have to keep surviving. But I'm not a necessity in that future. I'm only a hindrance." Megeda "Tell me... What will you do if you make it out of here?" Megeda "Continue your rampage? Slaughter the defenders and non-combatants to protect those you care for?" Syreena mutters quietly, "Be hunted." Brinnea Brin's eyebrow raises. "If escape were a possibility? I would do whatever it takes to protect who I care about. Whatever it takes." Megeda stares at the woman and shakes his head " ... And you think that provoking the peaceful protects anyone?" Brinnea "I am not the Empire. If I am the one hunted, they will suffer less for the actions necessary to protect them." Syreena grins faintly as she listens. "Oh, they'll be hunted too, don't you worry." Brinnea Brin addresses the hidden undead, "Didn't we stamp you in the dirt a week or two ago?" Megeda grinds his teeth in frustration at the death knight's attitude. What had he expected? a giggling lunatic? A hateful xenophobe? Anything but this. He glares down at Syreena's response Syreena opens her mouth with a retort to the human, but closes it again at the Tauren's look. Megeda "... My father was a farmer. When he heard the calls of distress he picked up a bow to drive the invaders away... I laid him to his final rest when the last of your unholy taint had been cleansed from his body." Megeda "I've no one to protect, Brinnea. You took them from me... He was of no threat to anyone you cared for but you still try to justify your actions?" Brinnea Brin replies, "Your father was very brave. But the price of bravery can be costly to the unprepared." Megeda bellows in impotent rage and slams a fist against the heavy metal door before storming off. Syreena watches him leave, then nudges the crate back into place with her foot. She climbs up on it and peers at the human through the window. Brinnea Brin glares at Syreena's eyes. "I recognize your voice, Forsaken. You were among those that tortured Skylah." Syreena shrugs and smiles sweetly. "Her blood was sweet." Brinnea Brin slips a hand behind her back. Syreena tilts her head, watching her carefully as she pulls a Mecha-Blast Rocket from a hidden pocket in her armor and aims it at Brinnea through the window. Brinnea: As Syreena draws her rocket, Brin's hand whips from behind her back faster than the eye can see. A dagger of frost flies at the opening in the door, aimed for Syreena's eye. Then the rocket detonates, and the room is engulfed in flames and smoke. Brinnea Before the dagger can hit its mark, Quaran places a ward around Syreena. The ice cracks and falls apart. Brinnea lies down. Syreena jumps back off the crate, then glances gratefully, and a bit sheepishly, at the guard. Brinnea: The Sunwalker then releases the ward, and roughly grabs Syreena by the arms and shouts, "You fool! She is to be executed publicly!" Megeda looks back at the cave as he hears the explosion echo out. He comes running back towards the cell Brinnea From outside the hallway, more guards flood in and quickly enter the cell to check on the prisoner. Smoke floods out of the room as the open it. Syreena tenses in the guards grip, but knows better than to struggle. Instead, she asks curiously, "When?" Brinnea Quaran snorts angrily. "Three days' time, in Thunder Bluff. That's -if- she's even still alive in there..." Megeda "What happened? Why is the cell open?" Syreena nods, then twists gently in his grip, the motion more of a request than a struggle. "I'm sure she's alive. Watch she doesn't slip out in the smoke." Brinnea: The guards in the cell crouch down over Brin's limp body. They find that the left half of her body is covered in harsh burns. Her right half is lightly burned in places, but otherwise unharmed. Brinnea Quaran shoves the rogue harshly against the stone wall, then bunches into the cell with his fellow guards, shouting to those outside the hallway not to let Syreena leave just yet. Megeda stares you down. Megeda says: Did you try to blow her up? You look at Megeda. You nod at Megeda. Quaran looks over Brinnea passively. He speaks to the two guards in the cell, "Have the Scarlet patch her up again. These burns won't kill her if she gets immediate treatment." The guards nod and lift the woman from the floor. Megeda says: Did you miss? Syreena eyes the guards watching her, her fingers wrapping around the hilts of her daggers. Syreena says: I'm not sure. Megeda leans to the side slightly, trying to get a look at the unconscious death knight Quaran looks at Syreena. "Up against the wall. She's being moved." Syreena backs up until her back is against the wall. Megeda says: You're taking her out of her cell? Quaran keeps a close eye on Syreena as the other guards shuffle past with the death knight in their arms. Quaran addresses Megeda, "She may be undead, but the burns could still kill her if she isn't given proper treatment." Syreena looks at Quaran, then simply watches them move Brinnea, not moving. Megeda moves to the side, slowly. He looks at the death knight's condition Megeda says: The undead don't suffer the same sort of sickness from an infected wound... Do they? Quaran says: No, but enough disruption to their runic bloodline can prevent them from functioning, to the point their brains and bodies shut down. Megeda says: ...Too good of a death for her. Quaran says: Undead can still feel pain. Those burns would have reduced most to bouts of screaming in agony. That woman is tough. Quaran off-handedly rubs his scarred-up face. Megeda says: ...She's dangerous. Are we sure she can be moved safely? For all we know there are other Alliance waiting to rescue her Syreena looks at Quaran. "Can I go now?" Quaran says: This place is watched day and night by ground and air troops. Quaran looks at Syreena, then reluctantly sheathes his mallet. Quaran says: Justice must be carried out properly, Forsaken. Your actions here only serve to make her seem more innocent. Megeda says: Justice Megeda snorts. Megeda says: That's a pretty word Syreena does not respond to that, though she finds the idea of Brinnea being innocent to be silly. "I will be back in three days to watch her die." Syreena bows her head slightly to Quaran. "Until then, farewell." Quaran glares. "It is the difference between us and wild beasts, kinsman. And besides, if she were killed in secret, the people would have no reason to assume they are safe from her." You nod at Megeda. Megeda nods at you. Megeda says: I question the justice in one fool's life for the dozens she took... It's not a measure of blood I know but... Megeda slams a fist against the rock. Unable to find the right words for his frustration Quaran says: Kinsman, your frustration is understandable. It was my duty to keep my people safe from threats like her, and I failed in my mission. But her death won't bring back those who died. Quaran says: However, it will show the Horde that fear of her, and those like her, do not need to control us. Megeda lets out a long, drawn-out sigh. Megeda says: I know... I know. Her death won't appease those she's slain... Neither will her torture but... Megeda says: Seeing her suffering... I felt a grim satisfaction. She deserves worse Megeda says: But it's not my decision Megeda shakes his head, clearly disturbed by his own mind Quaran says: That satisfaction will only turn to bitterness in the end. I suggest you return home and try to move on from this. The truest revenge on murders and terrorists is to show them they have no power. Megeda says: I... You're right Sunwalker. I'm sorry Megeda says: I will return for her execution Megeda bows before Quaran. Quaran nods. "I will show you the way out, friend. Some fresh air will do us both good." Megeda says: Walk with the Earth Mother Megeda bows down graciously. Quaran says: May the Eternal Sun shine upon you, kinsman. Quaran bows before Megeda. Megeda looks around and whistles for his partner Quaran lets out a long, drawn-out sigh. Syreena hops down from the shadows on a rock. Quaran looks at Syreena. "Are we going to have a problem, Forsaken?" Syreena says: You won't have any problem with me. Syreena says: She will though, if you let her escape. Quaran says: I know. That is why I wanted to ask something of you. Syreena tilts her head, curious as she listens. Quaran says: Brinnea Velmon may have been aided by some nefarious organization when she escaped our hunters in Feralas. And there are those among the Alliance who may yet wish her to live. Quaran says: If they come for her during the execution, my people will be caught in the crossfire. Syreena says: Do you have a description of what I should look for during the execution? Quaran says: I am unsure. No members of the Alliance races should be present at all, but I worry some among the Horde might have a hand in how she escaped. Syreena says: I'll keep an eye out for anyone looking to interfere. Quaran says: That is appreciated. I also wished for you to take this matter to the rest of the Grim, if you would. I know they have the manpower to protect the execution site. Syreena says: Three days...is there a time set, so I can notify them? Quaran says: 8 in the evening, by the goblin clock. Syreena says: Saturday at 8. *She nods* I'll let them know. Quaran says: Many thanks, Forsaken. My people are in your debt if your presence saves even one of them. Syreena says: My name is Syreena. Quaran says: Syreena. I am Quaran Goldfield. Syreena nods politely. "I will bring some Grims with me on Saturday." Quaran says: Very good. May the winds guide your travels, Syreena of the Grim. Quaran bows before you. Syreena says: An'she's blessing upon you. You bow before Quaran.
  3. <p>Will do, Marrus!</p>

  4. A poster appears on every message board in each of the Horde cities, and some of the smaller towns. It reads as follows: "Attention, citizens of the Horde, On Saturday, December 26 at 8 PM by the goblin clock, the notorious death knight Brinnea Velmon will be executed in Thunder Bluff. I, as captain of the Mulgore guard, shall oversee the execution personally. -Sunwalker Captain Quaran Goldfield" ((Hey all! I'll be hosting/DMing an execution event this Saturday at 8 PM server for Horde members. Anyone who wants to take part as either a guard or onlooker may come and take part in the shenanigans to come. If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a PM or leave an OOC post here. Thanks and have a lovely Christmas!))
  5. I don't believe I met anyone named Ugraz, but Orgog was a toon I had in the Grim for a while.
  6. I like to make lists, and I thought people might be entertained by just how many characters I've made in my few years rping in WoW. The following is a list of all the ones I can remember (excluding ones only mentioned out-of-game): Parigan Blackmane - Undead Prot Warrior Brinnea Velmon - Human Frost Death Knight Lady Esmerra Blackmane - Worgen Balance Druid Lord Moors Blackmane - Human Combat/Outlaw Rogue Torren Velmon - Human Fire Mage Ersolon Blackmane - Worgen Survival Hunter Terenas Blackmane - Human Holy Paladin Cynthia Blackmane - Human Destruction Warlock Rickert Redhelm - Human Arms Warrior Vemynisa - Draenei Shadow Priest Gameron/Kresk - Draenei Retribution Paladin Kazarak Bloodscalp - Troll Enhancement Shaman Orgog Strongaxe - Orc Fury Warrior Quaran Goldfield - Tauren Prot Paladin Wallace McMurray - Dwarf Assassin Rogue Alecard Storm - Human Windwalker Monk Khorus Ravenwing - Blood Elf Fire Mage Alleda Nyrrum - Blood Elf Shadow Priest Zamorak Kinslayer - Human Unholy Death Knight Fang Whitepaw - Pandaren Mistweaver Desmond Finch - Worgen Beast Master Hunter Jesse McSkeleck - Human Combat/Outlaw Rogue Laurana Corman - Human Prot Paladin Belladora - Worgen Fury Warrior Walther Vayne - Worgen Discipline Priest Lord Robert Greatfang - Worgen Arms Warrior Lord Walden Hunter - Worgen Marksman Hunter Dom - Gnome Marksman Hunter Ephraim Duhfek - Goblin Beast Master Hunter Feel free to throw your own lists up, especially if you think you can top mine
  7. A clank signaled the hallway door open outside Brinnea’s cell. The death knight was huddled in a corner, nursing her blackened arm under what was left of the fingers on her left hand. The pain had yet to subside since the tauren had dragged her back to the cell days ago. The panel on the door slid aside and the Sunwalker’s golden eyes glared in at her. “You have a visitor,” he said plainly. His face vanished from the opening and was replaced by a familiar pair of somber brown eyes. “Hello, Brin,” her father, Torren, said with a hushed, hoarse voice, “I’m sorry I couldn’t come any sooner. I’m surprised they let me see you at all.” Brin stood uneasily on her good leg, every muscle in her body groaning as she did. Brinnea ignored the pain, staring at her father. Her mouth hung open, but no words found their way to her tongue. What could she say at a time like this? He spoke for her, “I’m sure I’m the last person you wanted to see…” “No!” Brin interjected, “I…I’m the one who should be apologizing. Ever since we found each other, I’ve been selfish and juvenile. You have been nothing but patient and sincere, but I’ve been dishonest and denied you the forgiveness you deserve.” Torren’s eyes welled up with tears. “Brin…I don’t know what to say.” He took a deep breath. “I’ve been a terrible father. I should be the one in a cage.” Brin limped to the door. Unable to even lift her right arm, she placed her wounded hand against the panel. “I never stopped loving you, father,” she said softly, “It hurt more than anything to leave you behind. I couldn’t bring myself to forgive you before because…I didn’t want to hurt you. What I am, what I’ve become…I am a killer.” Torren gave her a look full of conflicted emotions. Pain, sadness, regret, and hidden deep in his earthy brown eyes lurked pride. He placed his hand against the panel as well. “You are my daughter, my only remaining family. You are not a killer. Whatever happened, whatever will happen; I will always believe in you.” With a heavy sigh, he placed his head against the door and closed his eyes. Then, under his breath, he whispered, “Help will come for you.” Brin hid her surprise and shock. He continued, “You are not alone.” With that, he stepped back from the cell and looked at her from outside the cell, tears streaming down his wrinkled, worry-rent face. In a normal voice he said, “Oh, and Colin made it home safe. He misses you.” The tauren approached Torren, telling him it was time to go. He nodded to them sadly, but on his way out, he turned back to Brin and said, “Happy birthday, Brin. I am so proud of you.” Then, he rounded a corner and was gone. The nearby guard stepped forward and slid the panel closed. A green glow from the corner of her cell caught Brinnea’s eye. When she turned around to look at it, she swore she saw an eye, but it was gone before she got a good look at it. She was left in the dark and silence of the cell once again, but this time a flicker of hope sparked in her chest. Help would come, but who was left that would help her? The list of people who would stick their necks out for her at a time like this were very few. Still, the hope that she was not alone was the best birthday present her father could have given her.
  8. For me, I search through a genre that seems to fit the character well, then I look around until I find a song whose lyrics reflect the soul of the character really well. It can take a long time, but sometimes I get lucky and run across something inspiring very quickly.
  9. <p>Yeah, the caravan ends up there somehow. Apparently wagons can fit through mage portals according to Blizzard.</p>

  10. <p>Naw, the other horse next to it is named Preston.</p>

  11. <p>I found a horse in Eastern Plaguelands named Argyle the other day.</p>

  12. I can see a DK getting upset with hearthstone for not being represented like the other classes.
  13. I agree with Keraph on the undead race choice. Plus with your background of being a noble, you could easily use the background of any of the human kingdoms that were invaded by the Scourge, or Gilneas as it was invaded by the Forsaken in Cataclysm. Also the name Evangeline sounds particularly Gilnean, or undead as the case may be. Alternatively, if you wanted to be undead without all the bones sticking out, you could just be a human DK, although I understand you would prefer a Horde race. Blood Elf DK also works particularly well given the background and theme.
  14. Ravenholdt Alliance: Brinnea Ravenholdt Horde: Parigan
  15. ((WARNING: This post contains depictions of torture and gore.)) Brinnea sat huddled in the corner of a small, dank cell of stone and tightly packed dirt. The only way in or out was a thick metal door with a sliding panel for looking through. Her captors had dressed her wounds and set her leg in a brace of wood and cloth before shoving her into the cell and setting enchantments around the perimeter. All night, she sat in the cell with her thoughts and the writhing maggots to keep her company. The orc who took her down before, Orgog, she was certain Cynthia had spoken through him. Yet she also knew the warlock was not a fighter of the caliber Orgog displayed in Duskwood. Somehow, he was under her control, but retained his own skill in battle. The tauren, on the other hand, she had no idea if Cynthia had gotten to him, too. She could believe him coming after her after what she had done in Mulgore. All his troops, his friends, no doubt. Who knows, maybe he had been friends with the village elder she had… A door opened somewhere outside the cell. Muffled footfalls drew closer to the cell door. Brinnea dragged herself to her feet, careful not to damage the brace. The panel slid open and a pair of large golden eyes glared in at her. A jagged scar ran down the side of the tauren’s face. The Sunwalker. With a click and a long creak, the door slid open. Three tauren squeezed into the tiny cell and grabbed Brin around the arms. They half-carried, half-dragged her through a subterranean passage to another dimly lit stone room with a metal table, fitted with restraints, resting in the center of it. Brinnea did not resist as they set her on the table and restrained her. The guards stood by the door as the Sunwalker and an undead looked her up and down. The undead seemed amused by her, but discomfort and impatience was written in the wrinkles of the tauren’s face. It was clear he wanted this business done quickly. The undead man moved to the side of the table, grabbing a small table from the corner of the room and setting it beside where Brin was laying. He rolled out a bundle of medical instruments, and a second that seemed more geared towards torture. Brinnea showed no signs of fear as the undead admired his tools. The Sunwalker laid a hand on her shoulder and spoke to her softly, “I have no desire to see you suffer, Brinnea Velmon. However, there are questions that need to be answered about what happened the night you entered Kaur’he village.” Kaur’he, Brin thought to herself. So that’s what it was called. The tauren gave her shoulder a rough squeeze. “Don’t make it any harder than it has to be.” He released her and backed up. The undead leaned against the table casually. He gave Brin a dopey grin of rotting teeth when she looked up at him. “You look extraordinarily calm for a lady on an operating table, red,” he said, gesturing to her auburn hair. “Let me fix that. You see, before I died at the hands of one of your scum-soaked worthless shit-pile death knight brothers, I was a Scarlet cleric with a minor in undead torture.” Brin stared at him, her calm demeanor shattered by his smug words. A Scarlet cleric could harm her in ways that would twist her mind and body to the point of insanity and permanent crippling. An undead does not often feel true fear, but in the face of this realization, she felt fear bathe her like a bucket of ice-cold water. The undead patted her on the arm and moved back to his tools as the Sunwalker spoke again. “Let us begin. The day before you commenced your attack, where were you, and why?” Brinnea steadied her thoughts and began, “I was investigating the surrounding area. Looking for signs of Lady Skylah Mackenzie’s kidnappers.” The undead’s hand flared up with the power of the Light. In his other hand, a hot poker soaked in the Light, and glowed, casting an ominous shadow on the torturer’s face. The tauren spoke again, “Be more specific. Who were you with? Where were you looking?” “I was…I was alone.” The tauren frowned deeply. “Do not lie, Brinnea Velmon.” The poker dug into Brin’s arm. For a brief moment, she felt no pain. She felt nothing at all. The shock wore off after a moment. The pain was sharp, like a concentrated sunburn stabbing into her flesh. The raw energy of it forced a scream between her lips. Her body convulsed as wave after wave of Light pulsed across her body. Her vision was dotted with black spots, and her ears rang. The tauren shouted something inaudible to the undead, and the poker was released from her arm. Slowly, the pain subsided, until it was just a throb in the right half of her body. After a moment, she realized she had been gasping for air, and forced herself to calm down and focus. She tried to avoid looking at her arm, but couldn’t resist the temptation. Whatever flesh remained around the wound was charred black and peeling away. Bone and sinew were visible underneath. She tore her eyes away. “This room is sealed with a zone of truth. If you or anyone else lies, I know,” the tauren continued, “Again, I ask, who were you with the day of your attack?” Brin replied, though every word pained her, “I was with the Twilight Empire and the Cup and Blade Caravan that evening. We were looking around Honor’s Stand for evidence of where the Grim took Skylah. At nightfall, I left the Stand with two of my fellow Imperials before they, too, headed back.” The Sunwalker nodded. “And what about after nightfall?” Brinnea grunted as her head racked with pain. “I meditated on what I wanted to do for perhaps an hour, and I flew into the valley to the first village I came across and killed the guards. Then I…” The tauren put up a hand. “I know the rest. But tell me, did you attack on your own volition, or were you given orders?” Brinnea shook her head, “I was alone. No one gave me orders.” “No one asked you to or gave you a suggestion?” “No one. It was my decision and mine alone.” He looked her in the eyes for a moment. Then he nodded. “How many civilians did you kill?” “Only one. The elder, he… He tried to take me down to free everyone. I had to kill him or he would have crushed me. I didn’t want to hurt any of them…” The undead snorted. The tauren shot him a look and said, “We’re done with questions, then. I believe you are a misguided person, Brinnea Velmon, but not a malicious or evil one. Perhaps with better luck, we could have been friends. But, you are a danger to the world now. I have to put you down, and my people need to know they have no cause to fear you anymore. I do not hate you, death knight.” He put his hand on her head, looked her in the eyes and said, “But I am not sorry for what I must do, either.” He walked off and told the guards to take her back to the cell.
  16. “The notorious terrorist death knight known as Brinnea Velmon has been captured…” “…to be briefly interrogated, and publicly executed…” Parigan read and re-read the words again and again. Brinnea was in Horde custody. Within the next couple weeks, she would be put to death. It would be even worse for her if someone with a grudge got to her beforehand. Parigan crumpled the paper with his working hand and tossed it aside angrily. He stormed off, his metal boot and prosthetic foot scraping loudly along the slimy wet cobbles of the Undercity. He exited the city through the pipeline leading up to the mouth of a cave, and strode across the glade to the ring of tents surrounding a ruined tower. He made his way to a small brown tent containing his own supplies. Hastily, he packed them all into a thick bundle and threw it over his back. His actions caught the attention of a nearby officer. “Blackmane!” the undead called out, “Where do you think you’re going?” Parigan started to walk away without a word. The mercenary pursued. “Hey! You still have two months before your contract is up. You leave now and I’ll see to it no mercenary band ever hires you again!” Parigan stopped a few yards past the edge of camp and shouted loudly into the night. In the distant hills, an onyx nether drake flew towards Parigan’s shout. The mercenary scoffed and stomped back into camp, muttering curses. The drake landed before Parigan and awaited him patiently. Parigan leapt onto the dragon’s back and in a flash, they were in the air. They flew west, across the glade and the mountains, then out into open sea. Parigan spoke to his faithful drake, “We’re going all the way across to Kalimdor. I am needed in Thunder Bluff.”
  17. The following notice has been spread to all major Horde cities: "Attention citizens of the Horde, The notorious terrorist death knight known as Brinnea Velmon has been captured after a brief skirmish in Duskwood where she was engaged in battle with members of the Alliance. She is to be briefly interrogated, and publicly executed in Thunder Bluff within the fortnight. To all those whose families were irrevocably sundered by this human's actions, be at peace knowing she will face ultimate judgement soon enough. -Quaran Goldfield, Captiain of Mulgore Guard."
  18. Brinnea gathered her followers around her in the quiet clearing. The dank haze of Duskwood permeated all around them into a thin mist that shrouded the expressions on each of her allies’ faces. The dark made them all but invisible from more than a few feet away. She knew only two of them by name by now; the stoic draenei warrior with a massive spiked shield was called Kellas the Shield-Bearer. The gnome with the sniper rifle went by the name Dom. They both volunteered to come with Brinnea when she mentioned a visit to Duskwood. The Order’s members seemed raring for something to preoccupy their time. The long stay in Alterac had them restless, which made them as dangerous as bandits at times. The rest of those gathered were young recruits, many of whom had recently left the scattered remains of the Alterac Syndicate for one reason or another. Mostly it was the matter of their empty coffers. Brinnea had been teaching them how to fight, and these few had decided to see some combat close-up. Brinnea had warned them she didn’t come here for a fight, but one might be all but inevitable. She hoped they wouldn’t take that as an invitation to try and raid the Mackenzie Manor. When their mounts had been properly secured and their gear accounted for, Brinnea spoke to the lot of them. “I’m going to speak with them alone. If I need help, I’ll signal with my flare. With luck we’ll get out of here without any trouble, but don’t hesitate to flee if things take a turn for the worse.” She looked around at them all. There were some scattered nods. She took that as a sign of readiness and turned to walk to the manor. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: There is a bustle about the gate and surrounding wall, armored footsteps moving hither and thither. Eventually, both Brianna and Rorrek arrive upon the scene whilst the latter lent forth directions which wafted down vaguely from the distance. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea stands before the gate, holding a helmet under her arm and two scimitars and a dagger resting in sheathes on her belt. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: She stands solemnly and silently, awaiting response from the residents of the estate. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek had soon after leant over the rampart, brow to furrow as he peered upon the lone figure. Recognition flashed within his eyes, to which he leaned back and spoke quietly to Brianna. However, he makes no indication of speaking yet to the Death Knight. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea glances up at the peak of the wall, noticing Rorrek's glance, but says nothing herself, deigning to speak when addressed. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: The Priestess peers dispassionately down upon the Death Knight, though there is an austerity in her gaze as she recognizes the person. Her voice is raised, a biting edge to it, as she addresses the undead. "What do you want, Velmon?" [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek stepped from sight, issuing then unseen gestures toward the maintained guard of the estate. There is another bustle of footfalls, to which thereafter do peak forward slowly crossbows and bolts over the tower battlements which flanked the gate. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea looks up at the priestess with a blank expression, saying, "I wished to speak with you, Magistra. To offer condolences, and to ask a favor." [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: An incredulous expression crosses her dark gaze as she raised one brow. "For the trouble you have cause, you dare to offer condolences? ...and you seek a favor?" A small disgruntled noise may be heard in her throat. "Speak then." [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: "For any trouble I may have caused, I am sorry. I strive to make up for every mistake I've made, but there is much yet I have to set right. My only concern was to see your sister home safe, and to be sure she stayed that way." [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek gave pause as he heard the words drift over the wall, a momentary pang of an unspoken regret within his stern gaze. However, moments later does he see about to the guard once more. There is yet more bustling and movement above. The crossbows aim. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna shook her head in disbelief, her mouth drawing into a grim line. "If Skylah's safety was your true concern, you would not have involved innocents so recklessly. Are you aware she lost her hand as a direct result of your actions?" [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea's hands remain firmly at her sides, away from the hilts of her swords. She continues, "What the Grim did or did not do had nothing to do with me. If they wanted her hand, they would have taken it anyway." [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: The clattering of sabatons on stone continued, though now it were accompanied with a faint dragging sound...Several thuds followed suit before halting all together, such sounds resounding not from the flanking towers, but from above the gate instead... [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna sets her jaw, clenching tightly as the hands at her side curl into fists. There seems to be an internal struggle dancing within her harsh gaze. "You are wrong. You are choosing to be ignorant of your actions." [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea shakes her head. "Not ignorant. I feel regret every day for what I had control over, but this was different. I did what I had to." [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek returned to the battlement, glancing over as he spoke aloud. "The slaughter of those innocent, for whom knew not nor conspired, is deed to be defended not. Such is to be reviled." His tone is solemn, tinged with disappointment. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: "I will not make excuses for myself on that count. However, if you truly wish to see the innocent go unscathed, you might consider what I have to ask of you." [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna glances to Rorrek briefly, sharing unspoken words with him before turning her cold attentions back to the Death Knight. "Speak your favor." [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: "Ever since I began taking the medical herbs you sent me, my visions seemed to be receding, that is, until I lost what I had left. Now, the visions are growing more prominent, distracting, sometimes driving me out of control of my actions." [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna remains silent, listening with a slightly frigid impassiveness. There is a flicker of interest in her gaze upon hearing the visions were growing more prominent but she says nothing, awaiting further words. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: "Because of all that has happened, I would understand if you didn't want anything to do with my treatment, but I trust no one else with my memories than someone of the Empire. I do not wish to harm anyone, or bring myself to harm for <c> [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: "negligence in this matter." [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: There is a more quiet approach behind the gate itself, a shuffling of several armored persons. They halt behind the still shut gate, waiting...Momentarily had Rorrek stepped away, as if to check such preparations. Upon returning, and hearing the words, - [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: - does he look to Brianna. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: It might involve going through the entire dictionary and replacing every word with a string of at least five)) [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: "Do you mean to tell me that your actions against the Tauren village were due to one of your spoke of blackouts?" Sincere curiosity fringed her voice, though it remained unfriendly. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea closes her eyes and lowers her head for a moment. "I told you, I'm not making excuses for my actions. All you need to know is more people died than needed to because of my lack in control." [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna seemed highly unsatisfied with such an answer, stepping hastily away from the ramparts. An unseen conversation ensued once she was out of sight, lasting for a lengthy pause. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek remained stationed at the brim of the rampart, though he glanced over his pauldron. A tension arose within the quiet air as he stared down impassively. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Out of sight Brianna begins busying herself with issued orders spoken in hushed tones from the Knight. A subtle light may perhaps be seen in a very brief flash atop the ramparts. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea pretends not to notice the guards gathering on the other side of the gate, but she does rest an arm on the hilt of one of her blades. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek continued to stare down, stoic and still. He then spoke aloud. "Hast thou further to request?" [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Rejoins Rorrek, stepping close to his side. A whispered word is exchanged before her glance shifts to the Death Knight below. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea re-fixes her gaze on Rorrek. "I have nothing more to ask of you except to take my request into consideration." [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: There is a tension in Brianna's stance as she speaks aloud. "Perhaps I could continue your treatments..." [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek remained silent for a brief period. He quietly sighed before resolving. It is then that, with a gesture of his hand, the crossbows trained upon Brinnea let loose their bolts, aiming for the woman's legs and lower abdomen. A harsh cry rings <c> [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: <c> out from atop the gate, and the guards whom had huddled against the ramparts rise. The men cast the weighted nets down toward Brinnea's person, such broad and thick. Said nets as well seem to exude an obviously recently imbued presence of Light. <c> [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: The gate groans, beginning to slowly rise. The Knight glared downward as the bolts and nets flew in haste, holding onto the brim with his gauntlets. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea tenses as the bolts are loosed. From her mouth, a gale of frosty wind bursts forth, knocking the arrows off course and flash-freezing them into solid chunks of ice. In a flash, her scimitars were in her hands, and nets shredded apart in the air... [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: ...like dried leaves. She took a ready stance as the guards came closer. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: "I suppose I've overstayed my welcome." [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: The gate rises still, though a sharp yell from the Knight above commands it halt before the men in formation behind it are revealed wholly and thus vulnerable to onslaught. The Knight grits his jaw and yells again. "Volley!" The bolts resume. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea sprints closer to the gates, aiming to place herself in the midst of the gathering guards. Any bolt flying toward her would have a good chance of hitting an ally. She parries any blows aimed at her by the guards. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea shores up against the wall, putting on her helmet and setting off a bright orange flare as the guards are still on the other side of the gate. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna watched with a frenzied gaze as the nets were sliced apart effortlessly. She took cover, half behind a risen slab of rampart. Her hands glow brightly with divine Light as she peers briefly below, the Death Knight out of sight. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Words were exchanged with Rorrek, unheard over the clang of armaments below. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The light of the flare cast long shadows in the forest beyond the walls of the estate. Shadowy figures shuffled around just out of sight, coming closer. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek's gauntlet met the stone rampart harshly. The gate is closed, though the men remain readied behind it should it open again. The Knight barked harshly before hearing Brianna's words. "Hold! Lend aim and wait! Be readied to loose at will!" [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek spoke hurriedly to Brianna as the scene stilled, crossbowmen within the towers and behind the protective outcroppings of wall to take aim in wait for any movement. It is then that the distant figures are glimpsed. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek spoke with hushed severity, footsteps hurrying around his person until yet more dragging could be heard. Presumably the gathering of yet more weighted nets. It would seem the Knight has indeed prepared the estate beforehand... [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea waits against the wall as her reinforcements draw nearer. Then, one of them emerges from behind a tree, a large draenei man carrying a hefty spiked metal shield, quickly advancing. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: The Priestess sent a rushed divine star into the distance, towards the amassed shadows, exploding brightly after a moment of hovering above in the air. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: More troops, at least five more come into sight just beyond the treeline. Suddenly, a loud gunshot echoes from the forest, and an even brighter flash blinds those on the top of the ramparts. Brinnea bursts into a sprint. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek shielded Brianna, pulling her aside into a crouch as the blinding flare is arisen. "Hold! Hold fire!" The crossbowmen stay their bolts once they recuperate from the reeling light. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Shields of light are immediately arisen to encompass those upon the ramparts, momentarily blinded by the flash. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea reaches the draenei halfway to the edge of the woods. The two of them begin to move back towards the woods with the shield covering most of their vital areas. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna stills her aim at Rorrek's behest, lowering her hand as the Light coalescing there dims slightly. She blinks against the spots in her gaze, though she is able to see the parties retreat. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek had come to stand, gripping the rampart's brim resentfully. A shout for horses arises behind the gate, to which he swiftly orders that such be belayed at once. He stares into the distance then as they make their escape, unpursued. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: As the pair begin to retreat towards the woods, one of the lurkers in the tree suddenly flies out from behind the tree, a human man, but with his head freshly severed. Brinnea and the draenei pause suddenly. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: An orc, dressed in dragonscale plate and wielding a fiery axe walks out from behind the trees with the dead man's head on the head of his weapon, and his other hand around the throat of another of Brinnea's allies. He gives Brin a toothy grin. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek watched from the distant estate, gaze sharp and observant as the scene unfolded. He glanced then to Brianna at the sight of the Orc... [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea shouts a curse at the orc and a quick order to the draenei with the shield before rushing off towards the orc. As she does, the orc flings the severed head at her with great force. She ducks out of the way. Her blades rise to meet the orc's axe... [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: The Priestess furrowed her brow, emerald gaze widening ever so subtly. Her slender frame tensed once more, uncertainty flashing across her features. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek watched the clash intently, though the Knight is less focused upon the actual quarrel itself. He seems to be watching the surrounding woodlands, as if to ascertain their numbers. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: A loud *clang* rings out as Brinnea's blades wobble at the sheer force of the orc's one-handed parry. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The draenei shield-bearer waits for any guards looking to charge them while Brinnea deals with the attacker. The orc walks slowly forward, blocking every strike with one arm, while tightening his grip on his prisoner's throat with the other. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The other allies hiding in the shadows seem to be holding back, as if afraid to join in. The sniper has yet to fire another shot. Brinnea is forced backwards slowly by the orc's strikes. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: The Knight, after a time, turned from the clash as further reinforcements seemed absent. A cry rings out, to perhaps be heard at the quarrel for a host and horses to assemble...There is much tumult from behind the gate that might perhaps not remain - [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: - closed forever... [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna remained alert, watching the battle below unfold with intense emerald eyes. The Light at her hands continued to amass, ready at a moment’s notice should any attempt to come towards the gates. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The orc pushes Brin back, then tosses the limp body in his hand to the side. He brings his axe down in, now with the force of both hands. Brinnea tries to regain balance, but the blow lands just before she can block. A stream of blood spurts forth... [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The blade in Brinnea's left hand falls on the ground, the frost it permeated sputtered out. Looking down briefly, Brin saw that at least three of her fingers had been sheared off. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The orc's boot rises and falls on Brinnea's knee as she tries to adjust her stance. She falls to a kneeling position. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: For the first time, conflicting emotions arose in the dark gaze as she saw the Death Knight fall to her knees. She makes a hasty turn, as if heading to descend the tower... [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The draenei curses as he sees Brin being overwhelmed. He charges at the orc, shouting a battle cry in draenic. His mace and shield block the orc's axe, which had been intended to sever the death knight's head. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek reached out, gripping Brianna's arms. His demeanor is hard, though not unkind unto her as he shook his brow from side to side. He made to speak further, but it is then that horns sound from the estate walls. The host of guards and horses are <c> [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: <c> assembled at the gate below, to which the portcullis began to slowly rise. A flood of armored horsemen unto the scene below perhaps lend pause to intruders found...As well, the sounding horns are sure to attract other inhabitants of the Duskwood <c> [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: <c> should they stay too long with their fight... [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The draenei clearly cannot stand up to the sheer strength of the orc. His shield arm quickly fails, and the axehead is planted between the man's horns. He falls to the ground, lifeless. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Brinnea looks between the dead shield-bearer and the orc. She lifts herself from the ground slowly, leaning on a sword for balance. The orc kicked her back down and knocked her remaining blade away. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The orc looks up at the incoming guardsmen. He lets out a bellowing laugh. "Yes, bring more lambs to the slaughter! You shall learn what makes us strong, humans!" He draws a second battleaxe and places a foot on Brin's body, locking her in place. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Despite the taunt, the mounted guardsmen but remain near the open gate. Torches are distributed in haste, lighting the darkness and revealing that such sortie is not a small number, enough to overwhelm perhaps even the stoutest. The Knight atop the <c> [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: <c> attempted to make past Brianna, as if to join the host which awaited below. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna followed the Knight, taking such as an invitation. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: A wyvern lunged forth from the shadowy woods, landing beside the orc gracefully. A passenger was seated on the beast's back, a tauren Sunwalker with a jagged scar across his face. He dismounted, a hammer in one hand and a hook and chain in the other. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: The Priestess steeled her will, taking a deep breath as she called upon a great source of Light; speaking inaudible incantations as she did so. The front riders were shielded as prayers of mending were sent into their armored frames. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: The Knight's armored steed were held at the reins by the party's head, Rorrek to take such and see Brianna mounted behind his personage atop the beast. It is then that the gate closes behind them, and the host prepares itself with horns aloud. <c> [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: <c> A charge is imminent, obvious to any whom could see their sizable and well-armed gathering. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The tauren glared at the death knight on the ground before saying, "Justice demands this, murderer." He kneels and drives the hook into Brin's shoulder as the orc moves forward to stall the incoming guards. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The tauren looks up from his work and shouts, "Hold there! This is between us and the death knight!" He looks at the orc and says sternly, "Orgog, hold your damn ground!" The orc stops with a growl. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: The riders, at Rorrek's command, formed into a stout wedge formation. The mounted Knight and Priestess form the spearhead of the gathering, to which the rider at their side passes Rorrek a hefty lance as many carried. The Knight yells in response: [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: "Thy fury is understood, righteous as it may be. Nonetheless...such shall -not- be hither." The final word is given in a grating and severe tone which brooked no negotiation. "Leave." [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: With a chain in hand and a hoof placed on Brin's body, the tauren rose and addressed Rorrek, who seemed to be the man in charge. "We did not come to fuel any aggression. This is a dangerous fugitive, and we are taking her back to Thunder Bluff for<c> [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: a swift and public execution." [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The orc snorted. "I heard you lot left this one out for the wolves. We're going nowhere without her in chains." [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: From behind the Knight, Brianna leans forward to speak privately with him. She seems intent on something, the Light growing brightly at her palm as a trail begins to form quite literally out of it, akin to a weightless ribbon. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek's demeanor shifted for a time as the explanation of judicial execution rang out, to which silence followed. The host looked to the Knight, horses awaiting and at the ready. He contemplates this grimly, staring at Brinnea. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The tauren moves to finish wrapping the chains around Brinnea's body while the orc paces restlessly, staring down the mounted knight. [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: After several moments of there being no response does the Knight lift a single gauntlet. His countenance is as stone, his voice authoritative and stoic. "...Open the gate." The gate slowly opened, the riders in the back of the formation preparing to <c> [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: <c> return within. Yet, the front half were bidden stay at Rorrek's behest as if to see the task and capture through from their distant position. He nods slowly towards the Tauren. "Be swift, and leave this place." [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The tauren gives Rorrek a thankful nod. He says to the orc Orgog, "Put those away. We're leaving." He stands and lifts Brin onto his shoulder. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Orgog huffs and mounts the wind rider as he puts his axes back in their straps. [Mackinzie-Ravenholdt]: Brianna's mouth parted slightly at the unexpected order. "Dalah'felo..." She spoke with a slight horror to her voice. "Surely we cannot..." [Rorrek-Ravenholdt]: Rorrek grew still within his saddle, gauntlets lashed tightly around the reins. His visage is darkened, such coursing through every crevasse of his statuesque presence. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The tauren calls for a second mount, a rylak which flies from the woods. He, too mounts up, with his captive in the saddle. [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: The tauren takes off, flying up into the night sky and out of sight. The orc starts to float up, and turns to face Rorrek one more time. "We'll be seeing you again real soon, puny warrior." [brinnea-Ravenholdt]: Then he takes off. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Light pierced through a veil of darkness as Brinnea’s eyes tentatively fluttered open. The pain had dulled by now, and the bleeding had stopped, but she could still tell her leg was untended to, and her hand and shoulder had been left alone as well. She was sitting in a chair in a dimly lit room with a green candle lighting a small space in which two chair sat facing one another. She could not see the walls through the dark. Her arms and legs were tied down by chains imbued with the holy Light. She didn’t bother struggling too much; the Light made her runes disobey her commands and drew the unholy strength from her muscles. In her condition, she would be little use in any fight, so she chose instead with another course of action. “HEY!” she shouted, “I’M AWAKE, YOU BASTARDS!!” Shortly after, a hidden door opened, letting light flood into the room as the orc who had captured her stepped in. He closed the door, and it was dark again. Only his angry red eyes were fully visible in the dark space. Brinnea spoke, “I don’t think this is Thunder Bluff, orc. Come to have your way with me before the headsman takes me away?” She layered her voice with a bitter tone. The orc stepped into the light of the candle, towering over the death knight in the chair. He spoke in a voice that didn’t seem to belong to him, one that was almost too gentle and silky for an orc, “Oh, Brin-Brin. If only we had as much time as we wanted together… The things we could accomplish together make my mind pulse with excitement!” Brinnea’s face twisted in surprise. She hadn’t expected anything like this. He spoke as if he knew her, almost as if… He continued, “But alas, you and I wouldn’t work out. Even after you impressed me with your actions in Mulgore, I was disappointed to see you were still your old, self-righteous self. Some habits never die, hmm?” Brinnea’s eyes widened. That voice, she knew who it belonged too. Gazing into the red eyes of the orc, she swore for a moment she saw them flicker bright gold. “Cyn-Cynthia?” Brin asked timidly. The orc gave her a wide, toothy grin. “So glad to see you again, Brin my dear. I’ve missed you, hmmm…”
  19. So if he had made a Horde design instead, you would have given him an H?
  20. <p>It's also a scottish name</p>

  21. <p>Don't blame a playa for liking dwarf names</p>

  22. <p>Yes. I based it on the Latin word for silver, argentum. So I took the "arg" and made the first name that came to mind. No regrets.</p>

  23. Full Name: Khorus Ravenwing Nicknames: The Black Flame of Eversong Date of Birth: July 15, about 200 years before the Dark Portal opened Age: ~230 years Race: Sin’dorei Gender: Male Hair: Golden Blonde Skin: Pale Eyes: Fel green Height: 6’5’’ Weight: 160 lbs Place of residence: Silvermoon City, Eversong Place of Birth: Silvermoon City, Eversong Known Relatives: Father: Matthanos, Mother: Oricelle, Brother: Vergil, Aunt: Janiel, Uncle: Jorfis Religion/Philosophy: Non-practicing Occupation: Artificer, Opera Singer/Actor, Archaeologist Enemies: The Reliquary Likes: Warm weather, socializing Favorite Foods: Chicken Favorite Drinks: Sweet wines Favorite Colors: Gold, red, black Weapons of Choice: Elven swords, estoc Dislikes: Cold and wet weather, quiet places, dull or superstitious people Hobbies: Experimentation and treasure hunting Physical Features: Built strong for an elf mage. Hefty upper body and lithe lower body. Built to dance or fence. Special Abilities: A fire-based battlemage that channels fire spells through his blade and uses mage armor to suppresses the impact of enemy strikes and spells. Armored arm grants ability to freely manipulate magnetic fields up to levitating approximately 100 lbs. of magnetic metal for two minutes. Carries enough metal in his bag of holding to coat his body in armor. Positive Personality Traits: Upbeat and relaxed. Doesn’t let things get him down and is highly resourceful and inspires confidence. Negative Personality Traits: Self-confident and boastful. Considered an outcast by many due to his odd mannerisms and experiments. He associates with shady characters on a regular basis, and often doesn’t flinch at atrocities committed, unless done to people he cares for. Misc. Quirks: Often plays with fire, even in flammable environments. Sometimes stops paying attention to what people are saying because he thinks something else is more interesting. Theme Songs: Blood Thirst Concerto - Soul Calibur V Summer - Vivaldi’s Seasons History: Born and raised in Silvermoon City. Was childhood friends with an elf named Alleda. His father, Matthanos, was a detached and disinterested man who often took out his anger on his wife and children. During Khorus’ youth, his mother Oricelle left Eversong and disappeared entirely. Khorus was close to his mother, and was devastated by her leaving. He blamed his father for it, and became obsessed with finding her, while growing steadily less loyal to his father. Meanwhile, Khorus’ brother Virgil became a respected paladin and a keeper of the peace. Khorus would eventually become a member of the Kirin Tor and fought alongside the Grand Alliance in the Second War. He joined Kael’thas and the Illidari when the elves’ homeland was invaded by the Scourge. He became addicted to demonic energies, and even now continues to harvest fel magic to fuel his addiction, shunning the Naaru’s gift of a new Sunwell for reasons unknown. Never one to settle for a single vocation, Khorus has bounced from one faction to the next, often departing on poor terms, to find a new manner of enhancing his power. His power-hungry nature stems from his ultimate desire to find and protect his mother from all harm.