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  1. <p>Yeah, that's the biggest one I've got. I took the base from Fire Emblem Awakening, but I drew the glasses myself <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  2. Brinnea Velmon is Lawful Good. For the most part, she is respectful of authority and is always willing to go out of her way to help people in need, especially friends and family. As a death knight, she has less of a tendency to look out for her own well-being, so she can be seen as entirely too selfless, hence where the stereotypical 'Lawful Stupid' alignment comes in. However, she also has a history with brutal violence and will not flinch at delivering harsh punishments to those she deems to deserve it. That said, she tries her best not to get involved with leadership positions or politics because she believes her subordinates in the Alliance would not listen to her due to being an undead. She also is afraid of making decisions that might fail to solve problems, or even cause new ones. She does not blindly accept the decisions made by her superiors, but she does not question them directly because of her belief her word means less than everyone else's. All in all, Brinnea has the morals of a paladin, but the social ability of a marginalized minority, having been conditioned through her experiences that she and the living cannot truly co-exist peacefully. Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (31) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (27) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (25) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXX (9) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXX (4) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9) Chaos --- XXXX (4) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Evil ---- (0) (I like this test for what it is, and I think the results were accurate as far as my character goes.)
  3. Twilight Empire represent! I appreciate the good sportsmanship on Hordeside as well.
  4. I probably should have expressed my intent to take part earlier, but oh well. I'd like to help the Alliance on my main, Brinnea. (as long as I can make whatever day is decided, I am pretty busy). Looking forward to some murder! You know, for peace and stuff.
  5. Orgog wasn’t surprised the night elf had ceased his cowardly shouting after arriving in Orgrimmar. He had met many night elves before, albeit always in combat scenarios. They had a habit of keeping their cool under pressure, especially when it came to their pride in the face of an enemy. Orgog dragged the man by rope into the depths of the Ragefire Chasm. A few trolls and tauren glared at him on his way through the city streets, but he paid them no heed. A stone guard of the Horde had the authority to take prisoners of war. It would take quite the uproar to get a superior officer on his case, and he didn’t plan to stick around on the ground level long enough to cause one. Orgog had once served the Kor’kron. He had assisted in building the massive underground fortress Garrosh Hellscream had used as a bunker in his final days as Warchief. There were plenty of patrols throughout the citadel, those searching for stranglers from the recent siege and such, but Orgog knew where he had to go to avoid unwanted attention. The storage chamber was still filled wall to wall with remnants of the campaign in Pandaria. The Horde had made an effort to sort through the artifacts to either return them for political reasons or reuse them for their own purposes, but there were plenty of nooks and crannies for the right person to exploit. In one such place, Orgog secured his prisoner, and removed the burlap sack he had thrown over his head for security reasons. The night elf’s face was painted with concern now that only Orgog could see him. The masks these elves could put on impressed Orgog, but their strength was what he admired most. Night elves were inhumanly strong, rivaling even orcs in the most extreme cases. That combined with their hunter’s intuition and dexterity made for ferocious killers. The man who kneeled before Orgog, however, was a mere worker at best. The night elf spoke in the Common tongue of the humans, "I do not know what it is you want, orc. I will do whatever you want, please, don’t hurt me. I have a family!” Orgog understood. He had been taught the language by a shaman translator while in captivity. A useful skill, to know the voice of your enemy. Orgog put a finger to his mouth, silencing the elf. He removed his dragonscale helm at a leisurely pace. Slow enough to build suspense. The elf would do anything to save his own skin, no doubt, but Orgog had to be sure. Once his helm was removed, he place it on the ground and let the elf get a good look at his face. Wrinkled and gruff, Orgog’s face was smeared with grease, sweat, and a long beard running along his jawline. His eyes were pure red, his hair a deep crimson and cut in a short Mohawk. Several scars, many still red and fresh, dressed his face like form-fitting clothes. They complimented his look nicely and told stories of his accomplishments. The elf stared, breathing hard, waiting for the orc to speak. Orgog finally obliged, “What I want from you is total cooperation. You will do something for me, and in return you will live your pathetic life however long you elves live these days. I am searching for a man. An orc, named Randar Strongaxe.” Orgog paused to let the name sink in. “Randar was imprisoned years ago by the Alliance. He must be somewhere in one of your capital cities. Stormwind stockades, Darnassus dungeons, Ironforge prisons. You will search them all. If and when you find him, you will find me, and then you will forget we ever met.” The night elf stared at him, too stunned for words. When he finally spoke, he asked, “Why me? I don’t know anything about prisons, or orcs, or combat. I’m only a peaceful leatherworker!” Orgog grunted, as he often did when he needed to be blunt. “I picked you out of chance. You were alone, and easy to capture. And you are no military type like the many of your kind I slew on the battlefield only yesterday.” The elf sat in silence for a few moments, unclear on how to respond. Then he spoke again, “And if I agree…you will return me to Darnassus? What…what’s to stop me from going to the sentinels for protection?” Orgog was curious as to why the elf would ask, but he quickly reasoned it out. If he didn’t ask, and he did go to the elves, Orgog might have an unpleasant surprise waiting for him. Even if he did raise Orgog’s suspicion, it would be better to know how one was being tracked than to live in the shadow of death unknowingly. Orgog spoke, “I have an ally who will take care of that for me. A shadow priest.” Orgog left it at that. Alleda, the priest he spoke of, was a specialist that worked for a friend of his in Silvermoon. She was a prodigy in the ways of the shadows, especially in mind control magic. She would keep an eye on this man so long as she was within a reasonable distance. Hiding her somewhere on Teldrassil would do. The elf looked uncertain, but he spoke more quickly this time. “I will do as you ask, so long as myself and my family as unharmed.” Orgog squinted at the man. “Swear to me by the souls of your ancestors, and by the moon goddess of your people.” “I swear…by the spirits of my ancestors, in the light of Elune. I shall search for Randar Strongaxe.”
  6. Drakes, wyverns and various other flying mounts ascended into the sky in swift retreat from the Temple of Elune in Darnassus. Orgog directed his own armored wyvern towards a tree off on the edge of the isle of Teldrassil, overlooking the Veiled Sea. A blind spot, where night elven riders could not spot him without leaving the perimeter of the city. Over his hearthstone, Orgog heard his instructions clearly. He was to teleport away from danger as soon as possible. An order given for his and the other Grims’ safety, no doubt. But Orgog had other plans. When would he have an opportunity like this again? The Alliance’s attention was fixed on the Temple and the fleeing sky riders. Resistance would be inconsequential. Orgog tucked his hearthstone in his saddlebag and took off. He pointed his wyvern towards the wooded region opposite the Temple across the body of water at the center of the city. The wyvern took shelter in the trees. The sentinels saw even better than he in the night, so he mustn’t count on them not looking for him. One warning to the city guard, and he could be cornered. All his strength would mean nothing if he applied it at the wrong moment. Orgog saw that moment when an elf stepped from his treestump of a home and began a lonely walk down the road. No other elves were close enough to witness his attack. The elf man stopped and frowned at the sound of alarm in the direction of the Temple. Orgog’s wyvern glided down towards the ground, slowly, quietly. A few feet above the elf, Orgog leapt off the beast and fell onto the elf, knocking the wind out of him. He hit the ground with an oomph, and Orgog immediately began lassoing him with ropes tied to his wyvern. Once the ropes were secure around the elf’s waist and chest, Orgog reached out for his still descending wyvern and lifted himself off the ground. He took off without opposition. The night elf didn’t manage a yell until they were well above the treeline. By then it was much too late. Orgog had claimed his prize. A short flight back to the mainland would give him time to resecure the ropes. Then they would make for home. To Orgrimmar.
  7. ((Originally written by Ruuki)) Ruuki had been checking the notices pinned to the guild hall message board when the bags arrived. She was used to gifts of tribute being made to the Grim, and she'd seen plenty in her short time as an officer. Once she found out who it was from, she directed the delivery grunts to bring the bags to her office. "Seems I've got a knack for obtaining Supplicants who take the trials of the Inquisition very seriously." She spoke to no one in particular as she closed the door to her office, cutting the ties on one bag so she could examine its contents. Ears, more ears than she could count. Still, she laid them out, even matching up which ears she could. Five hundred night elf ear pairs. She grinned with pride at his achievement, and stuffed the ears back into the bags haphazardly, not bothering to sort them again. Half she'd send to Syreena to enjoy as a snack, the others she'd find a way to make a sort of trophy. She sat at her desk, finding a scrap of parchment to pen a reply for Orgog. "Orgog, I only gave you this task a few nights ago, and you've already completed it. It's little wonder then that Ashran has been much quieter today. I will present this bag before the Grim tonight to announce the completion of your first trial. I am very certain that the Shadowblade will enjoy this tribute to her. This is only the beginning of your life in service to the Mandate. You are a prime example of the Mandate in the flesh. -Inquisitor Ruuki"
  8. Orgog tossed the last corpse onto the pile that had amassed during the long day of fighting. Nearby peons were already sifting through the heap of mangled limbs and bodies. He had told them at the day’s start what he sought from them. The feckless runts tentatively cut ears and stripped bones from the dead. Satchels were filled with either the pointed elf ears or the clean bones found amongst the fallen. The ears would go to the Grim. A pair for each dead elf. One to prove the kill, and one for the crazed rouge to have. The bones, however, would be given to the great gladiator of the Frostwolves as a tribute. The gladiators would spread the word throughout the Horde that Orgog Strongaxe was the scourge of the Kaldorei. Five hundred night elves slain in one day. The Alliance would learn soon that the name Strongaxe means death for all. One of the peons gagged when a particularly rotten corpse fell apart in his hands. Orgog watched the pathetic scene for a few seconds. When it was clear the worker would not continue his task, Orgog made for him at a swift pace. The gagging neophyte looked up just as Orgog’s boot collided with his face, shattering his nose. The peon yelped and clutched his broken nose, writhing on the already blood-soaked ground. “On your knees, maggot. You have bodies to sift through,” Orgog said in a flat, disinterested tone. The sniveling whelp slowly picked himself off the ground and returned to work. The dishonorable runt worked diligently under Orgog’s red glare. The rest doubled the pace of their cutting and bagging. When the task was complete, Orgog had the bags put into two carts and dragged off, one to the Orgrimmar portal, and one to his wyvern, to fly back to Frostwall. When he was not a few minutes out at sea, a crossbow bolt buzzed past his wyvern, narrowly missing the beast. Orgog turned toward the origin of the bolt, and saw an Iron Horde vessel floating off the coast of the isle of Ashran. He grunted in mild exasperation and pushed his armored mount into a swift descent. Once he was within range of an easy shot, he dove off the wyvern and crashed onto an orc with a sickening crunch. The soldier’s neck snapped, and Orgog charged off to fight the rest. An arbalester. The crossbow never lifted from his hip before Orgog’s sword passed through his throat. A quick twist and a pull, then Orgog barreled down on his next target. And so it went for a few minutes of glorious slaughter. From topdeck to the lowest deck on the ship, the paragon of clan Strongaxe slathered the vessel with orc blood. An amusing distraction, but it was over as soon as it began. The Iron Horde was weaker than Orgog had ever imagined, and they were growing weaker. After rigging the ship’s engine to explode, Orgog turned to depart. He was stopped by the sound of a weak voice. “You…strange green orc…,” she said crawling from the corner, bloodied and broken, “You fight with honor…with purpose…yet you are not one of us…why did your kind side with others…over your own kin?” Orgog looked down on the dying orc with eyes lacking mercy. “You are not my kin,” he said, “You threatened my homeland, my entire world.” Orgog moved in front of the orc and crouched down. He grabbed her hair and tugged her head back so she would look him in the eyes. “No weakling may live to threaten me or my kind while I yet breathe. Take my words to the next life. I am Orgog Strongaxe, Stone Guard of the one true Horde, defender of Azeroth, slayer of dragons, and scourge of the Alliance. I will paint the world red with the blood of any fool enough to challenge me.” Then the snapped her neck.
  9. Full Name: Chinasu Strongaxe Nicknames: "Chi" Date of Birth: July 21 Age: 16 Race: Orc Gender: Female Hair: Purple, cut into a line of top-knots Skin: Light green, fair complexion Eyes: Ocean blue Height: 5' 9'' Weight: 145 lbs Place of residence: Orgrimmar, Valley of Strength Place of Birth: Hammerfall, Arathi Basin Known Relatives: Ogrian, her eldest brother. Orgog, her older brother. Salag, her father. Megami, her mother. Religion/Philosophy: Ancestor worship, shamanistic. Follows Thrall's philosophies. Occupation: Shaman in training. Group/Guild affiliation: Member of Sanctuary Guild Rank: Initiate Enemies: N/A Likes: The outdoors, animals, and working with her hands, (especially in brawls). Favorite Foods: Any kind of fish. Favorite Drinks: Moonberry Juice Favorite Colors: Red Weapons of Choice: Hands or axes Dislikes: Cramped spaces, pollution, and needless killing. Hobbies: Brawling, travelling, and trying new food. Physical Features: A young, stoic looking orcess. She wears her hair in a line of braids, and has only two earrings for jewelry. Her green skin is of fair complexion, marred only by dirt and mud from her time in the wilderness. Her eyes are brilliant ocean blue, and always gazing off at something far away. Her body is well-toned and developed into an athletic orc woman's build. Her hands are well-used and tough. They always seem ready to leap into action is need be. As strong as her body looks, it isn't half as powerful as her connection with the elements. Those who can sense spirits can tell she has spent much time communing with them. Her aura blazes like a wildfire, and the air crackles like ozone. Special Abilities: As a shaman, she has learned so far to channel each of the elements in a crude fashion, which bolsters her brawler fighting style. She is also able to mend wounds with the power of water. Her connection with the spirits and the elements is well-toned, even more so than her athletic body. With the elements on her side, she will make a great warrior someday. Positive Personality Traits: Always willing to help those in need, usually selfless, and has respect for nature and all that lives in it. She is accepting of all kinds and creeds, even those she finds less trustworthy. Negative Personality Traits: Impatient, easily annoyed, aggressive, and does act selfish in that she will ignore other’s needs if she can get in someone’s face that she doesn’t like. Can hold long grudges. Not a big fan of organization and structure, and can be disrespectful to superiors. A partial believer in might means right. Misc. Quirks: Doesn’t wash to get clean, so she us often dirty and smelly. Mocks people’s poses without thinking about it. Played by What Famous Person: Me. Duh. Theme Songs: “Firebender Training” from Legend of Korra History: Born in an internment camp and raised in a Horde ruled by Warchief Thrall. Chinasu learned shamanistic arts from her mother and the values of being a warrior from her father. Her brothers were distant a lot of the time, and she spent much of her childhood exploring the wilderness of Durotar and the Barrens. When she became older, her father and brothers were always out at war and her mother was busy tending the wounded, so she chose to attend speeches by philosophers among the tauren. The ideology of Thrall became her lifestyle. She respected life, and fought only to protect home and to help people in need. She believed in balance, rather than brutish war making. This is what eventually led her into trouble with the Kor’kron, the faction her brother Orgog was a soldier in. He left Garrosh’s service, but not because Garrosh had betrayed the Horde. He left because he though relying on the sha was a sign of weakness. Chinasu never understood her brother’s desire to slaughter humans. She did not know of the terrible things that happened in the camps when she was a baby. Eventually, her desire to help peace bloom led her to Sanctuary.