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  1. A warm wind whipped the field of sunflowers into a frenzy as Nagoda tried to pick them. He clamped down the stack in his basket before they could take flight. Time was running short; he could not afford to waste time losing what he’d already gathered. The young Tauren carefully picked a flower from the tough earth and gasped as a ladybug flittered up from the pedals and landed on his snout. He giggled as the bug tickled his skin. Gently, he offered his finger for the bug to crawl on and watched it skitter about his palm exploratorily. “Nagoda!” a woman’s voice called. The boy started, sp
  2. Raindrops fell from the porous cave ceiling in time with Jenivyr’s galloping heart. The woman’s breathing had become ragged as she’d dug into her saddle for her emergency medical supplies. “Please, hold on!” she begged the woman. “I swear I’ll save you!” Not bothering to tie Silkie up, she hurried to kneel beside the woman, lying on Jen’s hastily splayed-out bedroll. Thunder boomed in the distance, setting the mare to nickering nervously. Jenivyr’s hands fumbled against the kit’s clasp before getting it open. Father, I’ll never complain about your insistence on putting medical kits everywher
  3. The snow-white mare’s hooves pounded against the moist soil, the wind whipping through her mane. Jenivyr Vayne balanced in the saddle atop the mare’s back, a smile broadly spread across her face. She had one hand gripping the reins tightly enough to turn her knuckles white while the other hand kept her new hat from blowing off her head. She imagined what her father would say and pretended to laugh in his face. Here in the headlands, no one could tell her no. They couldn’t stop her from enjoying life when she was atop a horse, running like the wind. Where was she going? Officially, she had an
  4. “Aaaaaand, done!” Blue presented a key card, designed just the way Cobra had drawn on his note paper. “May it open a path to much happiness for you!” Cobra dug his fingernails into his palms to painfully force down a smile. “It looks perfect, but I’ll let you know if it works.” He reached to take the card, but Blue pulled back. “Unh-unh-uhh! You have to pay up, first! Basic rules of business! Tops has been teaching me.” She smiled proudly at what must have counted for tremendous insight in her mind. Cobra glanced around nervously. The Rat’s Scrap Shop was nearly empty this time of day, a
  5. “Begging your pardons, Miss Blue, but do you really have to come along on the dive with us?” Tails scratched his beard, looking the woman in the lab coat over skeptically. Blue blew raspberries and waved dismissively. “Of course I do! Sting won’t function properly unless I’m there to direct him, and you need him to bring up the haul from the dead slime. Besides, I can’t pass up the opportunity to see the deep dig’s structure! It’s a historical treasure trove of civil engineering down there!” Cobra glanced between the two, uncertain. “Uh, won’t Sting shock us? Water is a really strong condu
  6. The drink burned on the way down, but Cobra would be damned if he let it come back up. He gulped and displayed his tongue for the crowd to see. “There’s a good lad!” Tails cried, slapping his back encouragingly. “The boy can hold his liquor!” The other thieves gathered clapped and cheered. “I could drink as much as you, old man,” Cobra replied. The crowd hushed in awe of his challenge, but Cobra was too flush with pride to shrink away from their attention tonight. Tails stroked his messy beard, a devilish grin on his face. “You challenging me, boy? That’s a mistake, but you’re free to ma
  7. Water gushed from a pipe somewhere under the foamy water, but it was too dark to see how far under it was. Cobra regarded the water cautiously. He’d never seen this much water in one place before. “They say there’s no bottom,” Tails said as he pulled a luminous green stick from his pack. The light shone on a nearby pipe marked ‘Platform 1.’ Tails continued, “They say you can swim down and down and down for days and never find the end. I’ve dived hundreds of times, and I’ve never seen it. Think you’ll be the one to find it, boy?” Cobra shrugged. “I just want to get my pay. I’m not risking
  8. ((The Cast So Far...)) The Wretch / Cobra Mother Tails Slick Ogre Socks Gretta Grabbyhands Tops Blue Mute
  9. The tightness increased around his neck and chest. He tried to wriggle free, but the restraints only seemed to tighten, digging bloody ruts below his armpits and jawline. She stood over him, weeping. Her tears fell from her cheeks onto his forehead. “Why do you make me do this to you?” she asked, as though beseeching a merciless god. “I only want what’s best for you!” “Mommy…please…” He croaked, unable to get enough air. His eyes felt likely to pop out of his head. “You can’t go outside! I’ve told you again and again! Out there, there’s nothing but people who will rob you, cheat you, and
  10. Cobra sat on a barrel, wearing a blindfold over his eyes, and called out to strangers passing by, “A bit for a blind beggar? Just a bit, that’s all I’m asking.” Not being able to see the mass of people helped calm his anxious heart somewhat, but he still rankled under Tops’ restriction against pickpocketing engineers. The crowds surged by, off to their boring lives of servitude to the institution. Cobra had learned about how society functioned in part from the books he read in secret as a youth and more recently from Tails and the other thieves. People slept, they woke, they ate and washed t
  11. The target was clearly from out-of-town, just as Cobra liked them. The gnome had hair the color of an eggplant, styled with a slick flair that indicated a long time spent self-grooming. His shoes were clean despite the grimy floors of platform twenty-two, and his tailored suit reeked of money. But it was his coin purse Cobra fixated on, and the sack of rolled-up papers on his shoulder. Like most smart rich folk, he travelled with an entourage of followers – mostly engineers – that walked together in a tight group. They had walked a nearly full circuit of the platform while Cobra tailed them.
  12. Whap, whap. He trembled under the whipping belt. He covered his stinging face with his hands and felt blood gush from a dozen wounds. “—a miserable little shit stain! I should have fucking swallowed you instead of letting you be born!” Whap, whap, whap. “What did I do?” he wailed. “What did I do? What did I do?” “Shut up! Shut up, you waste of fucking space!” Her hand fell again and again. The belt ripped through the thin fabric of his tunic – the last piece of clothing that still fit. Whap, whap, whap, whap. “I’m sorry, mommy, I’m sorry! Don’t hit me again, please! Please!” “Shu
  13. The wretch’s ragged breaths came like waves pounding a rocky shore. He held the blade between his hands tremulously, still pointing at the motionless corpse on the ground before him. Blood dribbled down his knuckles where he’d beaten them against her face. The steady trickle intermixed with the pool at his feet. The corpse scarcely had a face left to speak of; really, it was only red flesh gashed open half a hundred times leaking grey matter on the carpet he’d cleaned just this morning. It was peculiar; he felt as though his hands should hurt, but it was his heart that hurt more than anythin
  14. Another for Nagoda of the Gold Plain
  15. My first try at a mood board. This one's for Brinnea Velmon.