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  1. * A Goblin recording device lands on the Commanders desk a note attatched that says "For the commanders ears only* Stamped on it is a gold smile* "Commander, I am sure you are now aware of Whazat's fate. I brought his body to Lord Mograine to examine. His soul was ripped out. The magic at hand was on par with how we make ghouls, and abominations. That is all he could tell me, this next part however is why this was sent only to you. The Whazat impostor we encountered knew too much, granted they tortured him so he was able to give information about Grim forces. But he had no knowledge or our plans. The Blade, Inzema, and the Lasher were the only ones who knew. I was the only one to know the location. When we arrived with the shaman the Lasher had chosen we were greeted by the Whazat impersonator. I knew something wasn't right, I should have gutted him right there. Sy said the Lasher must have sent him. This thing was able to get close enough to Grim, kill one of us, and disguise himself as one of us. I hope no one in the Grim willingly sold out this operation. But someone did leak the information about this mission. And because of that we are down a soldier. I request that this issue is looked into with the utmost priority and discretion. If someone unwillingly leaked information, they should be punished. If they willingly leaked it, please give me the traitor. I will make them wish they were dead. Gazreeth out... *A loud smashing noise as if Gaz threw something is heard right before the recording turns off.*