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  1. Twas a cold and… well actually twasn’t that cold really. A bit nippy in truth. Colder than usual for the Gurubashi jungle around this particular time of year. Twasn’t like, really that super cold but twasn’t also like, just aboot room temperature. Something in the middle between the two, just a few notches under average for the jungle night. Though then again it had been a slightly colder year with a decently long winter so perhaps this was a bit nicer than the trolls were used to. The light fur covering their skin protected them from the cold in any case so it didn’t really matter anyway. Perhaps we’re getting off track. Where was I… AH, yes. Twas a fairly average just a few notches colder than usual evening for the Gurubashi of Zul’Gurub. Braziers of blue, green and orange flame that the Witch Doctors conjured up lit the pathways and shacks of the citizens of the once great city. The Raptors finished up their midnight snack of snake, dwarf and fish bits, settling down and snuggling over their yet to the hatched nests of eggs. The ordinary peons and peasants that somewhat filled the streets of the city during the day retreated back into the humble hovels, filling the air with the occasional passionate mating cry and the somewhat less passionate but more common thumping beats of a single bed. In the center of the former capital of the Gurubashi Empire stood the imposing and magnificent temple of Hakkar(not to be confused with Hakkar the Houndmaster, a servant of the Burning Legion). Though the vast majority of the Gurubashi had sworn off the demonic blood god since the Cataclysm, they still feared the Soulflayer’s almighty power and dared not disturb the shrine. The structure was abandoned and run down, covered in vines, the cracked remains of stone constructs and yellowed bones scattered across the premises. Jin’do the Godbreaker’s skeleton had remained where he fell, his soul destroyed by the awesome might of Hakkar for the Troll’s hubris. A lone figure was splayed out at the center of the temple, bare as the day he was born save for an obligatory loincloth that quite barely contained his manhood. The Troll was, as the children say, “high as fuck yo”, smoking from a hookah, a self-rolled blunt, snorting white powder, stabbing fluids into his arm and munching on hallucinogenic mushrooms. For any normal person, or even experienced addicts, it would be enough to send a man into insanity and death. Luckily for us, this man was already insane and nearly dead. As the Ass Clown smoked and snorted, a vision started to appear in the haze above him. He squinted as hard as he could at the forming image, propping himself up by his elbows and waving some of the sweet scented smoke away from his face. The spectre resembled that of a bone serpent, but one with skin like, what were they called… one moment. *furious researching sounds* AH, wind serpents. That’s it. Anywho, the image forming above the Witch Doctor’s head was that of a grand and powerful wind serpent, Hakkar the Soulflayer himself. Alakroz would normally have shot to his feet and prayed and such, but at the moment he didn’t really care since it was just a hallucination. The majestic and awesome avatar of Hakkar spoke. “Hey man.” Alakroz responded. “‘ey.” Taking a bite of mushroom. The Soulflayer surveyed the surroundings, noting the skeleton of Jin’do. “You said you were gonna clean that up.” He gestured to the pile of bones. The Virginslayer groaned loudly and exaggeratingly. “Ah’ll do eet lata mon.” Hakkar snorted.”You said that last week. and the week before that. and the week before that. and the week before that. and every week before that until the day Jin’do died.” Alakroz just shrugged and drank down some reddish-blue liquid. The Blood God sighed, folding his wings behind his back and slowly floating between one side of the room to the other. After several moments, he stopped and turned to the troll. “Alakroz.” Alakroz responded. “‘ey.” Hakkar floated down to be eye height with Alakroz and put a wing on his shoulder. He smiled faintly. “Alakroz, Virginslayer, buddy, you gotta get a hold of yourself. All of these drugs and drinks are screwing with your head man. When’s the last time you even cast a hex on someone? Or sacrificed a virgin to me? I’ll tell you. Three months. You haven’t sacrificed anyone to me for three months and the person you did sacrifice was a baby space-goat. Now look, I’m not mad at you, nor am I disappointed, but you need to control yourself and face the truth. You are the shittiest Witch Doctor ever. And I mean in the history of forever. Even the very first Witch Doctor was better than you, and she was a woman. A woman Alakroz! And yet she still managed to be a better Witch Doctor than you. That’s just sad man. Hell the only reason Hakazuembi didn’t explode your ass into oblivion was you stabbed him in the throat halfway through summoning. Which was not cool, by the way. So, because you’re a shit doctor and I’m basically the only Loa who gives a crap about you anymore, I’ll give you one more chance. If you drop these drugs, I’ll teach you how to make some better ones. They’ll improve your agility, your senses, your pain tolerance, and your attunement to me. Hell I’ll even give you some new armour and weapo-” As soon as Hakkar mentioned new drugs and new gear, Alakroz shoved all of his implements and narcotics out the small entryway and over the side of the temple, the vials shattering against the stone and washing into the water below. Several dead fish float up to the surface immediately. “Alakroz did you just poison Zul’Gurub’s water supply?” A crocolisk corpse floated up to the surface as well. The troll shrugged, drop kicking a skull into the river. The Soulflayer sighed. “Okay, whatever, cool. Stand still.” Alakroz essentially froze in place. The Blood God’s avatar stuck his wings out towards Alakroz, red lines of magic swirling and beaming into the troll. Hakkar the Soulflayer chanted ancient and deadly words, channeling but a miniscule amount of his power into Alakroz. The Virginslayer collapsed onto his knees, overwhelmed by the almighty he strength he felt and the images of concoctions and potions burned into his mind. “Rise, my Shadow Hunter.” Alakroz rose to his feet, cracking his neck, shoulders and arms. He felt different, stronger than he was before, maybe, could just be the drugs still. A bow and spear appeared(?) next to the troll, additional weapons and tools Alakroz would need, along with a fresh set of armour covered with the trinkets and markings of Hakkar. “You have been given a great gift for your years of loyal service to me. Do not squander it. A great threat is coming to this world, and you do not have much time to prepare. Become accustomed with your new power, learn to use your connection to me with full effectiveness. As the other Loas have forsaken me, terrified of me, they will not be blessing you or gifting any abilities, as other Shadow Hunters would. You have me, that is it. Grow into your new skin, relish in your might. I require sacrifices on a regular basis, you will worship and give me the blood I desire as no other being has. Welcome to your new life, Shadow Hunter Virginslayer.” The being started to disappear into the night’s air. “And work on the name, my sacrifices don’t need to be virgins, idiot.” Hakkar poofed into nothing. Alakroz stretched, grabbing a blanket and wrapping up his new gear in it. He whistled for his raptor and fastened the pack to the saddle. The Shadow Hunter gathered up his few belongings, his blowgun and darts, his potion book, empty vials and a book on herbalism. Hopping up onto his raptor’s back, he slowly departed the city, kicking off Jin’do’s bones as he left. He couldn’t help but wonder if that had actually been Hakkar or a crazed drug-fueled fever dream that physically manifested into real objects, the new gear. Or perhaps he had made the gear while high, blacked out and forgot them until he found them on the ground of the temple. Maybe the citizens of Zul’Gurub finally got tired of his bullshit and created an elaborate plan to send him away from the city forever. “Meh, fuck ‘eet.” He kicked his heels into his raptor and rode off into the jungle to get ready for the imminent threat that “Hakkar” mentioned. “Maybeh ah shud git a pet too. Tie da ‘ohle ting togeda.” Alakroz grinned wickedly. “Ah gaht a gud feelin’ ‘boot dis, ‘ey gurl?” He patted the side of his raptor’s face and Citra ripped off Alakroz’ thumb with her teeth. Howling in agony, the Shadow Hunter and his bitch of a raptor vanished into the Gurubashi jungle.
  2. In extremely large letters one word is scrawled on the sheet. "VIRGINSLAYER"
  3. "Ah toght dat shea loved meh! Ah toght dat ah wuz da onleh one fo 'er an dat shea wud alwayz keep meh bah 'er sied! But no! Instad shea took off wit dat Zakael litta wimp bastad an' left me in da cold alone wit da 'akkar damned Peons! 'ell! Shea even liftad ma 'ead off 'er lap so dat she cud kiss da pasteh bastad in da mudafukin cold blizzahd sheet goin on. 'e wuz goin' on aboot 'ow 'e knew 'er betta den anehbodeh else an' dat 'e loved 'er an' dat da person she useta be donna matta anehmo! Well ah'll tell joo someting, if dat litta pasteh elfen sord-sallower knew 'alf da tings ah knew aboot 'er 'e'd beh runnin' fo da 'ills a garanteh eet, an' ah donna even kno dat much! Alsoh 'ave known da new Sha-ney fo' longa den 'e 'as but SOME'OW shea picked da twig ova' dis! Ah mean c'mon! Look at meh!" Alakroz straightened up to his full height and flexed his adequately sized muscles. "Ah mean take joo fo exampal litta ladeh! Joo wud be in da 'ammock wit' meh inna 'eartbeat!" For the record the interviewer at this time was a male blood elf. "But instahd she chose dat litta nerd. ARGH. DAMN DA GAHDS 'OO MADE DAT BAHSTAHD GO TA 'ER! AH CURSE JOO IN DA NAME O' 'AKKAR!" It was at this point in the interview where Alakroz devolved into muffled sobs and incomprehensible words that sounded both sad, angry, envious and elemental all at the same time while waving his arms around the tavern and stabbing random customers with blowdarts. It's reported that at least five of the customers were admitted to healers,one even had to have a team of druids work over them for a full night and day.
  4. "First, imma tro eem on da alta an ty eem doon. Den ah'll take ma knife an' slice off 'is valabals, 'is 'ands an' 'is feet. Den ah'll slow roast eem ova a fiya an' eat eem as a sacrafice fo da blood gahd."
  5. He just kinda popped up there. Back in Stranglethorn. Back in Zul'Gurub. Back at the Blood God's altar. Alakroz stood across from Hakazuembi, the large, lanky troll made motions and chants over a cauldron with blue smoke funneling from the top. He was adorned in shrunken heads and voodoo beads, dangling from his wrists, neck and waist. Voodoo markings covered his face, carefully painted blues and greens and other Voodoo colours or something. Inside the cauldron was an amalgamation of severed body parts, random chemicals and at least two chicken heads. Several tables were set out nearby with various bubbling potions, some carving knives, a couple troll corpses were laid out on the tables along with some chickens and compys. “Just like ol’ times eh Haka?” Alakroz watched the larger troll semi-carefully, not remembering how the other used to fight. Hakazuembi looked over at Alak unfeeling like. He stood up from the cauldron, lifting it and shoving it over, spilling the contents over the side of the massive altar. Haka motioned to the two other empty pots on either side of the altar. “Alakroz. You seem more sane than usual. Good. Maybe that will help you for once. In any case, do you remember the rules? Whoever summons the most combined power in the span of a day wins. The other dies. Are you prepared?” Hakazuembi readjusted his beads and such, like any good Witch Doctor. Orthodox to the bone this one. Alakroz nodded and started gathering ingredients. With some compy hearts, a troll head and a bamble of potions, Alakroz lit the fire under the cauldron and threw the assorted poppycock in the pot. Hakazuembi grabbed some severed hands and two potions, the basics as it were. Then they got to cooking. Haka summoned some minor loas. God of Meat, God of Scents, God of Smells and some other little beings over the course of the day. Alakroz decided to go for the big boys. He chanted and danced and cannibalized throughout the day. As the sun set on the Jungle trees, Hakazuembi walked over to Alakroz, grinning. He held a curved dagger in his hand as he stalked over while Alakroz was in some sort of trance. “Looks like I win, old friend.” Haka chuckled lightly to himself. Alakroz mumbled something under his breath. “Sorry, didn’t catch that.” Hakazuembi came closer. Suddenly Alakroz’ eyes shot open and grinned like someone truly mad. “‘ave ah eva told joo, da definition o insaniteh? Inasaniteh is, doeen da exact same fuckin ting, ova an ova again, expectin shit ta change. Dat is crazy.” Alakroz looked over at Hakazuembi. “Ah wud say tryna git into dis world ova an ova again, infectin people wit ya curse, killin innocents an wantin ta burn dis world da ta ground evereh once in a while is pretteh fuckin insane.” He screamed at the top of his lungs, “KIMBUL, GOD O TIGAS! LORD O BEASTS! KING O CATS AN DA PREY’S DOOM! AH SUMMON JOO TA KILL ACCALIA! GOD O WOLVES AN DA LOA O PREDATORS!” Alakroz cackled like a maniac and looked at Accalia with a burning hate. Accalia dropped the knife, morphed into her wolf form and tried to run, but Kimbul was there. The gigantic feline Loa opened his jaws and chomped down on the wolf god’s image. The Loa thrashed her around like a chew toy, eventually the back half of the wolf fell off and Kimbul swallowed the front half of the body before chowing down on the rest until nothing remained of Accalia but a massive, bloody stain on the Altar’s stone. Alakroz strolled over to the blood and the Loa of Tigers. He scooped up some some blood and licked it off his fingers. “Neva tought wolf-loa blood wud taste so gud.” He grinned at Kimbul and scooped some more blood up into a couple glass vials. Kimbul looked down at the troll with a small amount of glee. “You have done very well by me Witch Doctor. Should you ever need a favor, I am at your disposal. You don’t know how long i’ve wanted to kill that bitch.” The tiger smiled at Alakroz and vanished. Almost immediately the nightmare started to collapse. Alak capped the vials full of blood and poofed back into the real world. He was back in Stranglethorn, back in Zul’Gurub, back at the Blood God’s altar. He was Alakroz Virginslayer. And he killed a god in her own realm today.
  6. Alakroz Virginslayer Gender, Race, Class: Male Troll Shaman Occupation: Black Market poison and sleep dart merchant, Witch Doctor (working?) for the Horde. Affiliations: The 37th Infantry, the Zandalari, the Gurubashi, the blood god Hakkar. Languages: Zandali, Orcish. Physical Description: Alakroz is tall, even for a troll. Not extremely super buff but muscular enough to look like a Beserker from a distance. His hair is up in a slightly groomed mohawk. He’s got tribal voodoo face paint on his face. Usually grinning. Personality: Alakroz is a happy, carefree most of the time, worshipper of the Blood God Hakkar, Witch Doctor who just wants everybody to hang out and not be assholes. Skills: Expert in the use of a blowdart. Trained to birth babies. Professional sacrificer. Badass Witch Doctor. Dancing. Combat tactics: Alakroz will use his blowdarts if the threat is minimal. He can call upon the elements and the blood god’s powers in battle. If he’s in really, really dire straits, Alakroz will pop a potion and go full crazy. Phobias and Weaknesses: Afraid of heights, scared of giant snakes and failure to save his friends. Can’t think of any good weaknesses, will update possibly. Pet peeves: Mean people. Special Possessions: His blowgun and darts. Origin/Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale Brief History: Alakroz was born into the Gurubashi Tribe in Stranglethorn. For a good while Alakroz was a faithful servant of the blood god Hakkar (which he still is) but unfortunately he was kicked out for sacrificing too many troll virgins. He joined up with the Horde military since he didn’t have much else to do, becoming part of the 37th Infantry. During the Cataclysm he went back to Stranglethorn to help his brethren bring the blood god into this world and repel the invading Alliance and Horde forces. After Vol’jin took over the Horde Alakroz went into hiding as he and the rest of the 37th had bounties put on their heads for helping the Kor’kron in the barrens. But now he’s back and ready to do stuff. Character Diamond Something old: a typical trait of the race, hardwired into his ancestry. Alakroz is a bruddah, bruddah. He just likes to chill and do voodoo with his buddies. Alakroz is happy, jovial and all around a good guy...once you take out the virgin sacrificing. Something new: A way in which this character is a bit of a “rebel” or stands out from what’d you expect of the stereotype. Ah dunno bruddah. Alakroz is pretteh darn stereotypical. Someone figure something out for this. Something borrowed: A personality trait “borrowed” from his class or profession. Not exactly accurate, since the personality trait is inborn, and they probably chose the profession based on their personality, rather than just adopting this trait because of their profession, but hey, its a mnemonic, so sue me. He’s crazy. Like literally insane. Just try hurting one of his buds. Just try. Something blue: This is something just for "color." This should be the trait that makes the character most interesting to others, that draws others to them - the one they'll remember most. This is often one of their most likable or at least interesting traits - the reason people choose to spend time with them. It can be something related to race or class OR something a bit unusual, but its main purpose is to make this character *interesting.* It differs from the "something new" in that a person can be unusual for their race/class without being interesting or likable. Alakroz is just likeable. He doesn’t hate people, hell, he doesn’t even dislike anyone. He’s ridiculous and makes jokes all the damn time. 1. list four things you like very much. Drinkin, partayin, sacraficin, lovin. 2. list four things you dislike very much. ah dunno. Potatoes? Frogs? Mean people. 3. Did you have a happy childhood? Ya brodah. 4. Describe the incident in childhood that you think most affected you. Ah became ahn official memba o da Gurubashi. 5. Describe your mother and how you feel about her. She wuz pretteh great mon. Taught meh a lot o tings brodah. 6. Describe your father and how you feel about him. 'e wuz crazeh! 'e wuz da best Witch Docta dis side o Strangletorn. Pretteh badass in a fite too. 7. What are your favorite pastimes? Sacraficin. Partayin down by da beach. Turnin ma girlfriends fada's inta frogs. 8. What person do you think has most influenced you? Konro da Stohmreava. 9. How do you feel about sex? Pretteh damn awesome mon. An ahm vereh experienced ladies. 10. What are your people’s religious beliefs. Well we gaht da Blood Gods an all dat. We also gaht da loas. 11. How far do you go along with these beliefs, and how important are they to you? Pretteh damn impotant. Ah mean dey actualleh exist, unlike da light o da paladins an priests. 12. How are your people organised and led? We gaht all dese tribes an our tribal chiefs. 13. How do you feel about the leadership, and how important is it to you? Its okeh most o da time. 14. What is your philosophy on life? Everehbodeh, just be 'appy mon. 15. If you could have any tangible thing in the world you wanted, what would it be? A famileh o ma own. 16. Do you have any physical difficulties? Nah brodah. 17. What kind of education have you had, and how do you feel about it? Do joo count Witch Docta school? 18. How do you think other people react to you as a person? Dey love me brodah! Ahm awesome companeh! 19. What are you most proud of? Ah canna tell joo brodah. 20. What are you most ashamed of? Naht succedin at defendin Zul'gurub. 21. What is your deepest fear? Dat ah'll die wit no buddehs o famileh. 22. How do you feel about food? Banana. 23. What makes you feel good? Everehting brodah! 24. What do you dream about? Ladies. 25. What do you try hardest to avoid? Mean people. 26. What makes you angry? How do you react when you’re angry? Nutin makes meh angreh brodah! 27. How do you react to your people’s relationship with the world? Like a boss. 28. What one person had the greatest effect on you as a child? Ma fada. 29. How athletic are you? *he flexes* 30. How methodical are you? Wut? 31. What are your chief taboos? Bein an asshole! 32. How much traveling have you done? Some 'ere some der. 33. Describe a situation where you acted courageously. Ahm always courageous brodah. 34. Do you see yourself as a self centered person? Nawww. 35. Do you see yourself as a loving person? Ya mon. 36. Do you see yourself as a popular person? Tottaleh. 37. Do you see yourself having a potentially important influence on the world? Maybeh. 38. What is the purpose of your people? 'avin fun! 39. How artistic are you? Ah paint wit all da colos o da wind. 40. How do you feel about materials things? Dinna make a diifarence ta meh. 41. What are your plans for the future? Git a fameleh. 42. How idealistic are you? Ya. 43. How realistic are you? Tottaleh. 44. How successful are you? Supa. 45. Name the four things you object to in other people. Mean. Mean. Mean. Mean. 46. Name the four things you object to in yourself. Nutin. 47. How gullible are you? Ahm naht dat gullible...prolly. 48. How intelligent are you? Is der a test? 49. Does the end justify the means? Depends on da situatian. 50. How attractive are you physically? Just ask da ladehs. 51. Do you believe there is anything worth dying for? What experiences led you to this conclusion? Always brodah. 52. What do you worry about the most? People naht 'avin fun. 53. What makes life worth living for you? Evereh litta ting. 54. What is the difference between good and evil? Wut side ahm on. 55. What kind of person would you like to be? A gud one. 56. What ideas in the history of the world as you know it should be forgotten? Bein mean 57. What changes taking place in the world as you know it should be encouraged?, which discouraged? War. 58. What ideas now popular among the people you know do you consider potentially dangerous? Meanies. 59. What do you think is worth knowing? Everehting. 60. How do you feel about violence? Fuckin sucks. 61. Do you have any children? Describe them if you do. Ahm workin on eet.