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  1. It's… I don't know. Winter Veil ended last. Too much to go over. Can’t go over it. So much has happened. I miss the summer. Lahzio killed some members of Borrowed Time and took Rayfeather and Deadeye hostage. Julilee brought me into the meeting where they went over everything. Dora's in charge of Borrowed Time now. Until they get Deadeye back. If they do. Lahzio wants to suck the mana from everything in Dalaran. We’re going to stop him. We have five magical stones to lure him to Borrowed Time’s base and pull off the spell to seal him in a pocket dimension. It’s basically a giant clusterfuck. But this is the plan Dora's going with, so I brought up a plan for the defense of the port. Now I’m in charge of the strategy and defense of the port. Cat helped me with it, got me a list of supplies. We scratched out the final plan on Dora’s office. Now we're just preparing, digging trenches, placing landmines, loading turrets. Mom got here earlier. We got into a fight as soon as she found me. Snatched my pendant that Dora made for me and I knocked her onto her back. I’ll make a chain for the necklace, a small one, but stronger than this rope. For now I’ve re-tied it, don't expect it to be taken from me again. Fits more snugly than before but that’s okay. Needed totems to sense for tremors, and the extra damage and healing will be useful. I wouldn't normally ask her to come, but I had to. She’s one of the strongest shaman I know, and Dora needs all the help she can get. For her to be safe, for Dalaran to be safe, we can't let old grudges get the better of us. It’s just this week and we can all go back to hating each other. Not that they don't hate me now. I notice the looks I get around the port. Cobrak had an order that I wasn’t allowed in. I guess one of the first things as acting chief Dora did was bring me in and place me in charge of the defense. I am the most qualified to prepare the port for attack. I know how to plan a defense. I don't know the enemy as well as I’d hope, but it's good enough. Dora I- told her I needed to talk to her. Once everyone was safe. After the fight. I do. I don’t know what I’ll say. I don’t know what I’ll be able to. I don’t know.
  2. *rocks back and forth on the floor in the corner* My axes. I need my axes. I will write about my axes. NO ODYN, I TOO, AM WORTHY
  3. Two months. Great job keeping up with the fucking journal. So much shit has happened too, motherfucker. Been a fucking clusterfuck the last two fucking months. Fucking deployed to the fucking Broken Isles, got fucking promoted to fucking head of Sanctuary’s defense team or whatever the fuck, took the title Commissar for it. Fucking… a lot of shit, went down with Dora. A lot of shit I wish I could take back, or fix or something. There’s the fucking nightmare corruption shit going on at the guild hall, all of fucking Bloodborne’s bloodsworn came back or some shit, Baern is running a fucking herd of tauren fuckers that seem to only ever deal with his shit, which I don’t fucking trust. Started attacking the Emerald Nightmare too, clearing out the corruption for strike teams to end the monsters inside. There’s a fucking masquerade in a couple days. Karthok and me fought and he blew up my fucking room, I saw fucking Lohd in a fucking dream or some shit. I think most of the fucking officers hate me, at least Baern and Vilmah. Don’t fucking trust them, with their little groups of subordinates that seem to be loyal to them first, the Commander and Sanctuary second. With that shit in mind, I’m going to try to bring my own little pack of wolves together. Right now I have an Illidari, Vheena. After her trial, I should know if I can use her against those bastards if I need to. But, fuck I should probably actually fucking start somewhere and go down the timeline for all the fucking shit I have to fucking deal with. First, me and sparklefuckingshitfuckmotherfuckingelfpieceofwhelpshit got in touch with Stonard and General Katelle of Twilight Empire. I went over the demands with Stonard and got them down from murdering fucking everyone in the Cup and Blade Caravan to just a pound of flesh and then a shit ton of money and supplies and all that kind of shit. We went to Katelle about it, she accepted and said she would talk to Tuuroto or whoever the fuck about it. Haven’t fucking heard anything about it since, maybe I’ll fucking look into that and make sure the fucker didn’t decide that the deal wasn’t fair. I submitted a report to the Commander and she seemed to be happy about it. Good enough for me. Then I fucking got into a fight with fucking Khorvis, beat the fucking shit out of him and stabbed him in the gut with his own dagger. Gave that to the Commander. Haven’t seen him or any of the Grim really since then. Fuckers are probably scared of me, I beat their big dick fucking High Inquisitor one on one. Come at me you sons of bitches. The same night I got attacked by fucking spirit raptors or some shit, tore through my armor like it wasn’t there. Haven’t seen raptors again since then, maybe I tore their spirits apart of whatever. Regardless I’ve been working on relying less on my armor since then, I can fight without it. Though why the fuck would I, going into battle without armor is one of the dumbest fucking things you can do. Fucking blademaster fucking idiots, why the fuck do they think they’re nearly all dead. Next we attacked the fucking Broken Isles. Fucking Alliance fucking attacked Warchief Sylvanas off the coast of Stormheim like the fucking cunts they are. Some people are still fucking trying to justify their actions or shit treasonous bull from their asses against the Warchief. Traitorous mongrels, they’re only loyal to something when it suits them. They should have died years ago. If they ever try to take action on their shit, I will end them. Hell, maybe I’ll fucking report them to the Forsaken anyway, watch them get dragged off into the night to never be fucking heard from again. There’s no room for traitors at times like this, no room for doubt. You’re either with the fucking world, or against it. Being insubordinate to the Warchief doesn’t fucking help anyone except for the Alliance and the Legion. Hellscream’s axe I hate them. Legion is active all over the Isles, infested a clan in Stormheim, a tribe in Highmountain, all of Valshara is basically fucking corrupted and the naga are fucking with shit in Azsuna. Then there’s fucking Suramar which is a fucking clusterfuck of the Legion and fucking elves because we really fucking needed more fucking elves obsessed with fucking magic and shit. City’s fucking gorgeous though, and the women are kinda fucking hot. Like a fucking mix between blood elf features and night elf colours. Perfect combifuckingnation. So a little fucking after that me and a few other people were promoted to Myrmidon status within Sanctuary. I took the title Commissar, and I’m leading the defence team against the Alliance fucking mongrel fucking dogs in their fucking holes. Then, later that night I went up to Highmountain where the Forsaken were dropping plague bombs on the Alliance. I was guarding them, basically. Though there wasn’t fucking much to guard from because of how fucking high up it was from the drop points in Stormheim. I went out into the snow for a while, huddled up on a rock with a blanket one of the soldiers got me. I was… thinking about everything, right? Dora. I was thinking about Dora and everything going on with me and her. What to do, while I waited. Because it hurt, yeah? It still hurts. It’s still hard. I hate not being able to like, express myself about her around her. Or, fuck maybe I can now, I think, or something. It’s still confusing. But, while I was up there, she found me, just by fucking accident or whatever. Destiny. I was fucking cold as hell so I ran over to her and we hugged and talked and shit. She asked me what I was doing out there, and I told her I was out there to think, which I was. She asked if she was hurting me. I couldn’t respond, to that. I just cried, and she held me. Dora’s good at that. We went to the Forsaken camp, just a little away. Left our wolves outside. Storm started up. Went inside a tent on our own, I started a fire to warm us up. We talked, a lot. Argued, kinda. She shouted. I told her that we’d just hurt each other until I died. She started crying, and she left. I tried to go after her but she was already gone. I just fell down in the snow, screamed myself hoarse. Dora and I didn’t talk for a while after that. Weeks went by. It was fucking hard. I just, hurt, a lot. I’ve talked with a couple people about it since then. Don’t know if it’s helped any. We did make up, though. Got together in a bar and had a drink together. It was good just to see her. I missed her. I missed talking to her and hugging her and laughing with her and all that other stupid friend shit. We saw each other again yesterday, went out to the runewood with a keg of cider I got from Kex’ti. Sat and drank and talked about some stupid shit, and our stupid shit. We agreed we’re not going to let the same shit that split us up last time do it again. I’m strong enough to wait, I know I am. I’m strong enough to be by her side and do whatever the fuck she needs while she sorts it all out. That’s what best friends are for. Then there’s the Nightmare shit. It’s just been a bunch of crazy fucking shit going on at the guild hall, people being attacked or whatever the fuck when they’re alone and they fall asleep. I got attacked one time, in the hall outside the Commander’s office. There was something, I don’t fucking know, predatory there. I scared it off, I don’t think anyone’s been really hurt by it, at least from what I know. Which isn’t fucking much since that fucking cunt Baern and Bloodborne hate me. But whatever, they stay in line, we won’t have any fucking problems. People are looking into it, I’ve helped where I can but people tend not to call me when problems with it show up. I moved to Lohd’s room since mine blew up- I’ll get to that. I fell asleep there, and when I woke up someone was at the door. I went to check and it was Lohd. I was so excited to see him that I jumped up into his arms and hugged him and he chuckled and set me down on this crate he was carrying. It was filled with leathers and furs and shit from hunts he’d accomplished on the Isles. We talked for a little bit about shit, Dora, I guess. He was happy for me, I think. That I found someone, right? He said that he would always support me. When I asked him what he meant, he said that I was his friend, and he missed me. Then I woke up back in bed. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? Where the fuck is he? No one’s seen him for months, I should fucking know. I need to find him, maybe he’s a part of it all or maybe he’s in trouble or- or something. I don’t know. That night, though, and all the nights since I’ve started staying in his room I’ve had dreams. Actual dreams, not nightmares or shit. Bright, beautiful dreams. If you’re out there, Lohd, thank you. Finally, there’s my brother. He showed up in my room a while ago. Said that he needed me to train soldiers for his army, some big plans he had in mind. He said… a lot of things that were true. About Sanctuary. How I’ve been treated, shit that’s been pulled on me. It was hard to refuse him, harder than some people might think for me. I wanted to go with him. I wanted to protect him and help him do whatever he had planned. He’s my fucking little brother, I don’t want to see him get hurt for whatever reason by anyone. But… I refused. We fought, briefly. He blew up my room, guess he’s a fucking warlock now. Don’t know where in the hell he got fel corrupted, or what the hell did that to him. He’d never do it willingly, even if he’s accepted it now. I’ll find whatever fucker did that to him and annihilate it for corrupting my fucking brother. With all that said, though, I think I get it. Get myself, that is. I think I know who I am or at least I’m on the fucking way or whatever the fuck. Time will tell and all that bullshit. I’m Shokkra fucking Deathrage, I’m strong enough to handle whatever the fuck the world throws at me.
  4. Shokkra


    The blind priest was lead through the halls of the personal rooms of Sanctuary's betters. Her steps echoed only by the mage she followed. Ahri looked tired as she guided, stopping only once before Cerryan's room. Her frown deepens when she put her hand on the door. She whispered to the wood before continuing on to the Commissar's room. Ahri knocked once then moved to sit down next to the door. Sen had no intention on entering with the once Confessor and the orc. Random shuffling sounds signal Shokkra's door opening, the orcess throwing it open and leaning on the inside. She nods at Ronyo and Sen'ahri, tilting her head for whoever's coming in to come in. Her room is a mess for the most part, sheets and clothes strewn across the room like a linen battlefield. The window is broken as is a decent amount of the furniture, drawers smashed against the walls and such. A small armory and weapon rack sits by one side while the other contains a small table and two chairs. The only thing not horrifying in the room are the books, which are somewhat neatly and safely placed around the room. "Come on in." Thank the Light for thick soled boots, her first steps crunched under foot pulling a twitch from Ronyo, Ahri peeked in. "Careful, Lady Visca, your toes won't enjoy her room." She cautions a low arcane flow whispers around the mage's fingers before the door is slammed shut. Ro stood in the middle of the interior battle casualties, hands folded on the small of her back, "Are you doing well, Deathrage? At least as well as someone in your possession can be." Shokkra shrugs, grunting as she stepped towards the middle of the room by the bed. "I'm fine. You?" She stepped on something wet and looked down to see a large worm had made its way into her room. She sighs and kicks the dead thing under her bed, to the upside down of the nether. Ro takes a long silent breath, whispering a blessing of strength on herself as she stayed stark still in the unknown room. "As well as I can be." "Good." Shokkra ran a hand through her greasy hair, throwing off the torn remains of a bed sheet from the mattress. "So I'm like, sleeping and shit, right?" "More or less," the priest opens the beat up leather bag on her hip, and produces a potion with light green liquid sloshing about in it. "I need you to drink this. It's a dreamless sleep potion. Because we're not actually after your dreams but what’s lurking in your head, this should help things along." She holds the bottle out towards the orc taking careful steps towards where the bed had been fussed with. "Take the whole thing. Shouldn't taste too horrendous." Shokkra sighs and grabs the vial, downing it completely in a couple gulps and belches horrendously. She stumbles back and plops herself on the bed, holding her head in her hands. "I've drank demon blood that didn't taste that shit. Then again demon blood tasted like power, so." Shokkra set her chin in one hand, remembering. "And victory... and the death of my enemies... and, you know, slavery." She shudders and shakes her head. "Anyway, what now?" "You wait, shouldn't be long before you start feel fuzzy and warm and want to sleep. Once you do I'll do my own Hocus Pocus and we'll see what's going on in that head of yours. Though, I'm starting to have my suspicions." Shokkra raises an eyebrow at Ronyo, squinting at her. "What do you mean suspicions?" "Considering how it comes and goes, and how it seemed to blanket you and Vilmah...I'm wondering if it's not you, but something else." She shrugs, "I don't have anything yet, just suspicions." Shokkra yawns, rubbing at her eyes. "Well I guess we'll just have to fucking see then, won't we?" She lays her back down on the bed, her bare feet still planted on the floor. "You still with us, Deathrage?" She smiles, leaning forward. A loud, doom impending snore is all that Shokkra replies with. "By the Light, no wonder the Ahri couldn't sleep." "HAH!" From outside the door. Ronyo shuffles the orc onto the bed proper, a great feat in of itself before sitting down on the edge of the bed. Ronyo worked silently as she ran her hand over Shokkra's face, searching out her features before putting her cool palm against her forehead. Ronyo's Light manifested itself in the form of golden and silver shards of melting ice and frost, a calling to her time in the frozen Northrend. The frost etched itself along the priest's fingers as she pressed her conscientiousness into the other woman's. To a Death Knight this process was painful, and dangerous to both the caster and the victi~ patient, a form of mind control. Where Shadow priests strove to dominate, Ronyo chose to allow some of herself to assimilate for a short while, to see and feel through the other. Shokkra's mind is silent for a while, dreamless and peaceful. After a few moments however, something... changes. Instead of the serene emptiness, now there was more of a void. A darkness that encroached and deepened the shadow of the mind. It quickly envelops the surroundings, tendrils of negative energy wrapping itself around the centerpoint of Ronyo's intrusion. The effect it had was suffocating, Shokkra's breathing became rapid and shallow. A creature comes forth from the shade, born of anger and rage. A monstrosity of darkness and death, blending into its den naturally, only visible due to the white that slashed across it. A Sha, a remnant of anger from a time not so long past that latched itself onto a consciousness in its weakened state and had waited. The beast snarled, bounding from side to side in a zigzag and lashing out at Ronyo. The apparition of the priest stood like a beacon among the black. She had felt this before, the anger that coils through one's self, festering like a bog. Where Shokkra's had stemmed from, either from anger itself or another sha that had festered into something deeper, she could not tell. However it was easy to see, this was not the corruption that had found itself among those of the library that day. "Where do you come from I wonder..." She mused, her thoughts projected like a whisper. On the physical word the priest's frown deepens, the spark of Light flairs, seeping deeper into the orc. "Shokkra," she called, "You want the power of the Light? Why? It's always best to banish these things yourself, if I lend you my strength, can you do it I wonder..." Shokkra stirs, fidgeting under the Light and Ronyo's touch. The Sha continued to bound around Ronyo in the orcess' mind, thrashing through the shadow from whence it came. "I want to be better." Shokkra's voice echoes through the darkness, though the creature of the old gods takes no notice. "I want to believe in something and stand against Azeroth's enemies as something more than a soldier. I want to inspire, and heal, and bring justice to the unjust." The Light around Ronyo grows slightly brighter, the Sha retreating a bit but otherwise continuing its intimidation. Ronyo’s image shimmers and bursts into tiny fragments of silver and gold then coalesces into twisting ball of Light. "Then take my strength, and show me what YOU would do with it, Shokkra Deathrage. Prove that the Light could one day call upon you." The ball floats there, waiting for its user to take hold of it. Shokkra's image forms in her own mind, appearing a few feet behind where Ronyo stood and where the Light now rested. She stepped forward cautiously, every footfall methodical and planned. The Sha rages from its boundary, circling the Light covered area ravenously. The orcess comes before the orb, breathing heavily and reaches out to grasp it. As her skin contacts the ball, a warm glow very slowly starts to spread from Shokkra's fingertips up to her arm, her shoulder down through her chest and up around her head, cascading her in a shimmering light. Even in this lessened form within her mind, the Light felt strong. It was pure and graceful and loving more so than anything else. Shokkra turned to the Sha, the wretch roaring and snarling at her, shadows darkening in a void around and within it. She snarled back and charged at the creature of destruction, arms moving more into a grapple position than a boxing one. The manifestation of anger slithered and raced towards her, shadow spilling from its maw as it came for her, leaping at her chest. She had hoped for this, catching the Sha and slamming it to the ground, her Light empowered touch scorching the creature as she pummeled and choked it. A terrible scream pierced the air as the Sha's essence was smote by the Light, its form being torn apart by righteous fire. With a mighty blow Shokkra shoved her fist through the monster's head, the shadow recoiling and deforming around it as the surroundings did the same. Shokkra breathed, keeping her eyes locked on the spot where the Sha had been as the area returned to the previously peaceful state. The orcess fell over to her side, fainting, and the Light vacated her imaginary body, her mindful form disappearing as the ball reformed. The image of the priest reformed, though dimmed in a way. "Remember, Shokkra you will not always be able to meet anger with anger, live up to your name, be the death of rage. You are a smart woman of war, use your intelligence and keep faith that one day the Light will find you as you have it. However, if you find yourself dark once again remember it only takes a candle's flame to lift the shadows enough to see your path. Have faith in those that light your way." The image flickered and faded. Outside Ronyo stood and pulled covers over the sleeping orc, the potion should hold true well into the morning. Slowly she made her way out of the room and into the hall. Ahri stood to greet the priest. "You look tired, home?" A smile and a nod were her queue as the mage pulled magic and sent the woman home. Shokkra slumbered as the priest left, not snoring horribly for once or having terrifying nightmares, just sleeping. As Ronyo vacated Shokkra's mind, a faint flash of something in the darkness appeared for a split second. Giving any thought to it, it was probably nothing. Just a trick on the mind. Some nights later, the orcess lay in her bed, looking up at the roof as she held the pendant at her neck. It was a blown bullet casing, two names engraved on it. A bloodstone was set inside, something that Shokkra had been told meant friendship forged through war. She smiled at the thought, of sitting on the cliffs overlooking Orgrimmar with her best friend. Of running around Outland looking for beer. Sitting by a small river in Nagrand, having a picnic in firelight. The cold, grizzly wind brushing across their huddled forms by the coast. Fear, naked and bloodied, honest, love, at the manor. The blizzard. Her heart lurched. Shokkra shut her eyes tight, rolling over to her side and pulling the sheet closer to her chest. The blizzard. It had been a fucking cold night. Shokkra had huddled in a blanket on the Highmountain slopes, to think and to watch the bat riders do their thing. Dora had come down to the same place just by coincidence. The raider had jumped up, shuffling over to the elf and throwing her arms around her. Gave her an opportunity to warm up and to hug Dora. Both were very good things in her mind. They made small talk from the muffled shoulderpads both their faces were stuffed in. Then she asked about… what was going on, and all Shokkra could do was cry. Dora held her, and they rode to the nearest encampment, moving into an empty tent. The storm had started up outside. ------------------- Shokkra screamed at the charging paladin, the human howling back at her as steel clashed with steel. The sound of thunder stormed around them, the dark clouds and shrieking lightning of the Vrykul land more than earning its name. He spat in her face as their weapons met and threw his shoulder forward at her chest, launching her weight into the mud. The orcess scrambled to her feet just in time to sweep aside the knight’s next strike, narrowly avoiding having her chest caved in. The paladin continued his onslaught, pushing Shokkra next to the cliff’s edge where she dug in her feet and refused to move from. The warden tower loomed above the fighting duo, gilnean defenders raining down arcane missiles and explosive barrels on the assaulting undead. Sylvanas’ finest continued to march forward. An unwavering, unrelenting force of undeath that systematically annihilated all the dogs in their path. The battle was already decided, their outer defences had fallen, it was just a matter of time until a new flag was raised over this tower. The gilneans had grown desperate, seeing their fate before them and had sent their weakest to the doorway. Their stomachs burst as forsaken boots treaded over their corpses and up the stone stairs. Huntmasters and sharpshooters stood in pairs along the rise, blasting lead into the undead advance, shredding armor and rotting flesh alike. Some toppled from the force of impact or had their brains plastered across their comrades, but they did not relent, and the wounded gorged on worgen hearts. Outside, a few skirmishes continued. The forsaken were cleaning up nicely, ending the torment of the dying and those who surrendered alike. The paladin was anxious to retreat, to get away from this lost fight as quickly as possible before he became another statistic like his allies. He hammered at Shokkra, making significant contact here and there but no real strikes, deflected by her swords or dodged. With a mighty bellow he brought his warhammer down, swinging it downwards at the orcess’ head to end this. She raised a sword to slash at the poorly protected inner elbow of the Knight’s plate and stabbed forward with her other, plunging the serrated blade into his chest. He screamed as his arm was nearly lopped off, his strike losing some of its momentum and aim, instead crashing into the warrior’s shoulder. Falling back, he gripped at his arm and started to chant healing words as the second sword stabbed through his armor and chest with the force of a charging kodo. Looking up at his demise, he spat blood at her feet, cursing her. The massive raider snarled under her helmet and ripped the blade from his torso, pulling blood and intestines with her. He cried out in agony and fell to his side, clutching at his outside insides. The orcess grunted, strapping her swords to her back and kneeling down to the dying man’s face, pulling off her helmet. “You are not worthy of the Light.” She growled the words, punctuating her statement with a spit before him. He only shuddered and closed his eyes as the blood seeped out from his chest. Shokkra grunted, getting to her feet as she latched the helmet to her belt and turned to look at the wreckage. The flag of the Horde was being hoisted on the top of the towe- Something hit the back of her boot. Shokkra turned slowly, her eyes returning to the dying paladin on the ground. His hand was gripped tightly around her shin, looking up at her with overwhelming fury and decades of loathing. “Then find someone… who is.” With the last inch of his strength, the holy warrior shoved his warhammer at Shokkra’s foot as his body went limp and his eyes darkened, into the dream of death. She blinked, looking down at the hammer and the gauntlet around her foot. Tugging her leg free, she knelt down to grab the blessed armament, tracing her hand across the haft and grip. Nodding to herself, and to the fallen warrior, she stood back up, strapping her greatswords to her back and laying the warhammer across one shoulder. She signaled to the forsaken and a bat quickly descended to take the orcess back to Dalaran. The hammer fell hard onto the floorboards. The weight of it did no great harm to the wood, if sounding quite the “thump” as the head impacted. It had been forged beautifully, the emblem of the silver hand worked onto the long sides of the warhammer and holy imagery detailed on the haft. The glow that once blanketed the implement of justice had faded to nothing, reduced to the simple weapon it was when not in the hands of a paladin. Blood had been splattered liberally across the hammer, for the most part centralized on the butt ends of either side. The orc who dropped it there stomped over to her armory and started to strip her armor off. She didn’t usually loot the corpses of fallen adversaries, much less the corpse of a soldier or a paladin, but this was different. He had asked her. Bright gold and silver, the armor was drenched in red and green, the purple tabard that was snugly fit on the orcess’ chest in dire need of a thorough wash. The stand where the armor usually rested gradually began to fill back up, starting with the faceguard. Shokkra unstrapped and peeled off the rest, grabbing a cloth from a nearby weapon rack and cleaning the plate as she went. The demonsteel did eventually resemble a cleaned, somewhat shining look on the mannequin-like stand. Next she cleaned her swords off, the usual dripping of blood coming to a halt as she furiously scrubbed at every inch of the massive blades. Satisfied, Shokkra stepped back to admire her work and nodded, cleaning her hands of the bloodstains and tossing the cloth to the side, landing squarely on the tip of a polearm. Peeling off the bandage wrappings on her arms, the need for them gone for the night, the orcess threw them into the small fireplace, the dried blood attracting the ash. Shokkra sat herself down on the edge of her unkempt bed, tugging off her light cotton pants and pulling her brawling jerkin over her head, both of them being through haphazardly around the tattered room. With a deep sigh, the massive tattooed warrior rolled herself around to the head of the bed and wrenched the blanket over her, kicking out the light sheet that typically went underneath said blanket. Yawning monstrously, Shokkra closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Then she remembered the hammer. Groaning like a teenager being forced to do something monotonous, Shokkra flopped out of her bed and slumped over to the hammer, grabbing it in one hand and dragging the massive thing across the floor. She swept her hand across a large table, plunging the unfinished schematics to the darkness of the floor. Grabbing a particularly messy parchment, she quickly and expertly cleans the warhammer, ever in the dark, and places it squarely long-ways onto the table. Shokkra flips open a chest and rummages around until she pulls out a couple candles and sets them equally on the hammer’s sides, igniting them with the tauren-sized lighter gifted to her several months previous. She stepped back once again and nods groggily at the makeshift altar, tossing the lighter to the side and falling into her bed, beginning to snore almost instantly. -------------------------- It had been difficult to maintain a steady hold over her unconscious mind since the Sha had been purged from it. The Sha had been such a wonderful tool, it fed off her anger, her hate, her weakness and her sadness, while completely ignoring other, smaller forms of corruption. While the Sha had brought her nightmares, he had watched. Shortly after the siege he had begun to watch her dreams. It proved such an invaluable source of information, even when one was required to sift through the macabre machinations of one so tortured as his poor, dear sister. Fel magic, however, had more than replaced the usefulness the Sha provided. It was unparalleled the amount of control he had now, to discern the truth from the imagination through subtle manipulation. He had learned so much in the weeks since the Sha’s destruction. He knew everything he needed for this exact night. She twisted and tore in her sleep. Sweat had started to pour off of her… well everything really. She thrashed every so often, trying to strike something. Dreams where she ran were a very uncommon thing for the orcess. She was not one to run, she was one to fight at all costs. To break those that sought to break her and then die gloriously covered in their blood. Judging from the way she grunted and mumbled, it was quite the nightmare indeed. Though this was no true nightmare, not as those who had seen the depths and depravity of the realms for themselves. There were only two things that could be honestly called a nightmare, that of the Emerald and that of Twilight. Shokkra had experienced both of them, though only one had really affected her. A terrible thing, the Twilight Nightmare. Potentially lost forever in its hideous wretch of emotional defilement. In that it did its job quite well, and served as the perfect place for undesirables. Shokkra screamed and shot up in her bed, the blanket thrown halfway across the room as she did so. He laughed. She rubbed her face roughly, her eyes darting around the room as her heart pounded, trying to locate the point of origin. After a moment, her eyes adjusted to the darkness and tracked slowly across the walls, then blinked as she saw what she was looking for. He was in his typical black leather, reinforced and padded. His hair stood up straight, the spiked, wicked mohawk looking as psychotic as it ever did. The black mask he always wore was tightly wrapped around his face, you could tell whenever he breathed it was so snugly tied. Two red eyes rested above the mask, almost glowing in the darkness. If it wasn’t for the intensity of them, she might not have even spotted him. Everything else he wore nearly completely shrouded him in the shadow. Even his legs were- wait. The hell? Her eyes moved to his left arm. It was covered in the same black leather. His fingers didn’t glint in the wisp of moonlight as he sat there, completely motionless. “What happened to you?” She said, hoarsely. It could’ve been out of fear or maybe it was so she didn’t wake anyone else, though her scream and his laughter could have possibly done so already. Shokkra slowly moved her knees underneath her, bringing herself closer to his eye-level. Briefly she looked down at his legs again, just to verify that she was correct and they were no longer made of metal. He grinned from behind his mask, uncrossing his legs from their position on the longtable and lowering himself to the ground, making not even a hint of sound. By their ancestors, how did he get his legs back? Her brother brought his right hand before him, holding the holy hammer so that Shokkra would be able to see it. “I never thought that you would seek the Light as your savior, sister.” He spoke softly, as he always did, but there was a hint of something behind his voice. Something she had never heard before, even when he was with his victims. It sounded wrong. Dark. The assassin twirled the massive hammer around in his hand with ease like one might do with a cane. “You know as well as I that the Light does not care for our people. Our parents nearly destroyed the Light’s most devoted followers on Draenor, it will not save us.” It was now she noticed that the candles on the altar had gone completely dark, it looked like the shadows had actually molded themselves to it, a deep void where once Light shone. She snapped her eyes back to her brother, who she could tell was smiling. “Why are you here, Karthok?” She could hear the fear in her own voice, but it wasn’t because she was afraid for herself. She was scared of what had happened to him, what he had done to earn his limbs back. He tsked three times, moving closer to her slowly. He still held the warhammer in his hand, no other weapons evident on his body. But that was expected, he always kept his knives hidden. Though the daggers he wore on his hip were gone as well. The assassin twirled the hammer again. “Isn’t it obvious, sister? I’m here for you.” He extended his arms to either side of himself. “Why else would I risk coming here? A place where if I were found, I would certainly be thrown into the stockades. Or brig, as they put it.” He was just a few feet away from her now, well within striking distance if he lunged. Shokkra shifted, propping herself up on one knee and moving her foot to the floor, the other methodically following suit. He had grown, she realized. He was as tall as her now, bigger actually. In build and height he looked like the pinnacle of an orcish male. The assassin dropped his arms back to his sides. “You see, I have grand plans for Sanctuary. And for Borrowed Time, and the Grim. For the entirety of the Horde and the whole of the Alliance. For all of Azeroth, in truth.” He turned, stepping over to the side of the room slowly and pacing back as he talked. His footfalls made no sound as he moved. “To accomplish this task, I’ll need an army, of sorts. Of course this army must be made to follow my commands exactly, to go above and beyond the call of duty. As I sat at my desk I thought “who do I trust to train an entire army to follow me loyally?” then it hit me. There was of course only one option.” He twists around to face his sister, sitting himself down in a chair next to a table covered in empty bottles and a cabinet. “You.” The assassin set the hammer beside the table, top down, and folded his hands across his lap, his right leg coming up across his knee. She blinked once, her hand reflexively going up to the pendant at her neck. “M-me? Karthok that’s… that’s insane.” Shokkra eyes him up and down again, verifying that she’s not crazy and he really has organic legs again. “I’m a part of Sanctuary. I’m the damn Commissar of Sanctuary, in charge of its defense team. I can’t just drop that to… to go fight your fucking war.” Her gaze hardens on his red eyes, that stare looking back at her. He remains completely motionless, if it weren’t the methodical movement of his breathing he could be easily mistaken as a corpse. His exposed fingers are interlocked resting above his leg, thumbs pressed together gently. The sanguine orbs were locked on Shokkra’s, staring hard at her yet showing no emotion. “Of course you can.” The only evidence that the assassin spoke, other than the sound emanating from the void, was the faint outline of tusks shifting under the black mass that covered half of his face. “Sanctuary would be destroyed by your departure. They would lose a new officer, arguably their most experienced in the art of warfare, their strongest warrior and their most devoted member. Many would be completely crushed by an unexplained, complete absence. They would perhaps even send out search parties, wasting valuable time they could instead be spending fighting the Legion. When you were next seen, at my side, leading my army into battle against the forces of Azeroth, they would be heartbroken, or filled with righteous rage. Either way would work.” He considers the shocked expression on her face and begins to gesture with his right hand as he talks. “You don’t care about Sanctuary. You only required something else to devote your time to with the departure of Warchief Hellscream. Borrowed Time and the Grim were not options, so you chose Sanctuary. You devoted yourself to them and proved your worth time and again. But you don’t care about them. How could you? You are Kor’kron. You are brother to me. Many would hate you solely for that reason. Many do. They could never trust you. They don’t. Kex’ti has yelled and scrutinized your every move since you joined. They did not seek justice for you when you were attacked by Syreena. They humiliated you publicly for starting a fight with a warmonger. Julilee has nearly had you thrown out for threatening one who heralded the near destruction of Azeroth. She has accepted a known traitor, someone who she blatantly expected you to attack, into Sanctuary. Because they don’t care about you. Because you don’t care about them. Because of your true nature, sister. Not to mention your little affair with Isadore Arath’dorei. Without her holding you back, you can be free. ” She stepped back, holding her pendant tightly and gasping. How did he know all of that? What did he- how- She bumped into the small dresser beside her bed. It was true. All of it was true. Kex’ti criticized her for everything she did. For even the smallest transgression he would bring her aside and chew her out for her actions. They hadn’t sought retribution when Shokkra was attacked by Syreena. When Kex’ti was in the room and the Shadowblade had thrown a dagger directly at Shokkra’s chest, nothing had happened. Kex’ti had just healed the wound. Yet when any other guild member is attacked, all hell breaks loose. The entirety of Sanctuary rallies to lynch Syreena, but not for her. When she had the audacity to throw a chair at Syreena in bar, Julilee and Kex’ti showed up to publicly reprimand her and ground her to the Garrison, like a child. When she had threatened to expel a half-breed mongrel from the womb of the monster who heralded the eclipse, they had nearly thrown her out. When Julilee accepted Xerrai into the guild, an orc who blatantly admitted to killing her former commander and betraying the Kor’kron, did the Commander ask Shokkra’s opinion? No. No she just told Shokkra to not attack Xerrai within the Garrison walls, not even bothering to deny that the oathbreaker deserved her punishment. They didn’t care about her. They had promoted her to Myrmidon not because she deserved it, but because they had no one else who could lead a defense team. Someone who could crush the Alliance underfoot. They were weak. But Dora- “Remember who you are, Shokkra. You are Warsong. You are Kor’kron. You are one of Garrosh Hellscream’s greatest warriors. You committed atrocities in the name of the Warchief and did so with pride, for that is what you enjoy. You love to fight, to kill, to maim and destroy, regardless of your cause. But no cause is greater than that of the Kor’kron, than that of Warchief Hellscream. Join me, and we will bring ruin to all the traitors, all the enemies of the True Horde once and for all. We will wreak unimaginable havoc together and we shall die glorious deaths atop mountains of bodies and rivers of blood. You know who you are, Shokkra. You are a monster. Just like me.” He sneered devilishly. The inner turmoil could be seen boiling in her head. He grinned. She knew he was right, for once he hadn’t lied. He had used exactly what ammunition the last year had gifted him, all building to this moment. She would join him once again, and together they would bring havoc and destruction to Azeroth in the name of Warchief Garrosh Hellscream. Or at least, she would. Whatever justification she required for the heinous acts they would commit. People were so easy to control if you knew what they wanted. It was easy to tell too, for most. Wealth, power, affection, strength, knowledge. He tilted his head at the hand grasping at her neck. She was still wearing that pendant. Why? They had fought, she had told the one she loved to leave, that they would simply hurt each other again and again. Perhaps it had been that conversation with the Warboss. Her demeanor had changed slightly since then, room hadn’t gotten any more disgusting. Her drinking habit had been somewhat replaced with chain smoking. He knew she would join him. She needed Dora if she were to refuse, a reason to not go along with him. She had said as much in that tent. Shokkra was regressing, returning to her former ways, her natural ways. There was no way she could remain in Sanctuary as such. It would make far more sense to join him now than later, she would see that. Otherwise, she might be thrown in the stockades or exiled for her future actions. Not that it would really matter in the long run. The assassin unfolded his hands and got to his feet, his face returned to the shadow. She eyed him warily, and bit her thumb. She didn’t need to speak. He could see it in her eyes. She would join him. He smiled and clapped his hands together, turning his back on her and slipping over to the other end of the room, devoid of much save for a small table and a weapon rack. He narrowed his eyes at a point on the wall and shot his hands out at it, his gloves igniting with sickly fel fire and arcing towards the stone. The flames burnt brightly in the night, the room filling with its bright fel glow. Anyone outside would be able to see the magic’s iconic color, the light shooting out from around the doorway. He grinned maniacally from underneath his mask. This was his element now, this was his weapon. The fel. Deadlier than any blade, more resilient than any shield. Shokkra would see the power of the fel, just as they had when they were children in Ashenvale, just as their parents had on Draenor. The name Deathrage would once again become a name to fear, spoken only in hushed whispers quickly silenced by a watchful assassin. Just the thought of the chaos made the warlock laugh. Soon, all of his plans would b- something struck him from the back, blinding, scorching pain slamming him forwards to the wall, the portal half-completed. He whirled around, his body wreathed in his fel flame, his hands billowing demonic fire as they curled into fists. Shokkra stood there, holding the warhammer in her hands, clad in her orcish underwear and her Warsong tattoos, snarling. “I killed hundreds of people. I tortured people. I killed children. I burnt villages to the ground. I flayed people alive and nailed their skin to the walls of their houses. I put traitors to the torch and watched them burn and scream. I let bad things happen to people, I watched bad things happen, I… I did bad things to people. H- horrible things. Things that should anyone of Sanctuary ever learn, I would be immediately cast out or worse. I was a monster, we were all monsters for what we did. We all should have died in Orgrimmar or the Barrens or the Undercity or Pandaria.” She stepped closer to the light of the Fel flame, and from here Karthok could see that she was crying, tears streaming down her face. “But instead, I was forced to endure. To live and survive when I had no right to. When I deserved a worse hell than any demon. I was forced to repent for the sins of my past by living with my memories. I have endured a year in exile, months of warfare against the Twilight and the Horde. I have struck against the most vile version of myself, the distorted vision of my mentor, the oldest and most powerful of the Nathrezim on Azeroth and a year of assaults with the Grim. I have withstood everything from Zandalari Warbringers to the machinations of thousands of years of Dreadlord plotting.” She steps closer, the warhammer glowing with the holy power of the Light, reacting to Karthok’s fel corruption and taint in the room. “What makes you think I would falter now?” Karthok roars with unbridled rage, throwing himself at Shokkra with his fists scorching wildly at her unarmored form. The unnatural flame burns painfully, but she doesn’t flinch. The fuckin’ ripped orcess slams her knee into her brother’s chest, sending the larger orc stumbling a couple steps back. She remains focused, the warhammer glowing brightly in her hands. Charging forward, her feet nearly plowing through the floorboards as she runs, Shokkra swings the hammer sideways towards the warlock’s chest, the distinct crunch of bone cracking through the room. He careens into a weapon rack, blades slicing through his worn armor. Karthok snarls, grabbing the rack and throwing it at Shokkra. It’s too big in too small a space to dodge, and the steel crashes into the nearly naked warrior, a stray edge opening a large gash across her chest. As she untangles herself from the wreckage, the warlock shouts demonic commands, a small meteor crashing through the window onto the bed and exploding into a gaggle of five imps. The pyromaniac demons cackle and begin to launch felfire bolts at the warrior, igniting her back in flame. She screams and kicks a fallen helmet at one, the spike in the middle going clean through the imp’s midsection. Enraged at the death of their brother, the wild demons begin to cast their felbolts again, but before they can finish their spell the tattooed orcess flips the bed they were standing on over, crushing them underneath the weight. The door pounds and the lock begins to give way as someone has clearly noticed all the mayhem going on. The door shakes and creaks with every slam of their shoulder against the wood. As the guard finally busts through he’s met with a row of razor sharp teeth that vault at his face, knocking the orc onto his back and swinging his axe wildly as the felhound tears into him, the tentacles latching onto the small areas of magical worth in the grunt’s body. Another orc with an axe charges in and begins hacking at the felhound, severing tentacles and nearly cleaving the beast in twain as another demon slams the near-corpse of his ally away, attacking the orc. The guard grabs the hound by a tentacle and throws him against the far wall, managing to push inside the actual room. As he does so a human mage somersaults into the room, throwing a lance of ice through the chest of an imp and impaling it to the wall. Shokkra scans the chaos and sees Karthok finishing his work on the portal. She kicks off the carnage of her former bed and leaps towards him, the warhammer gleaming blindingly above her head as she arcs towards her brother. The warlock looks up at the last possible second, and smiles, rolling through the portal and dodging her righteous strike. She lands hard on the floorboards and looks towards the flame on her wall to see a felguard storm through as it closes shut and explodes into the room. The demon’s double-bladed axe cleaves down towards Shokkra, the orcess rolling away from the cut with a hair’s width between them. The mage smiles as she forms a block of ice around the felguard’s feet, immobilizing it. Shokkra, taking the chance to end this madness, whirls the warhammer around in her hands and bashing it into the demon’s head, caving in its skull and leaving the scorched mark of the Light. Quickly darting her eyes around the room, the warrior sees that all the other demons have been dealt with and her quarters are now flooding with guards and mages and more than a few Sanctuary members. She looks down to her warhammer in her hands, the glow of the Light fading as the danger is eliminated, the demonic threat gone. The orcess knew she couldn’t herself wield the Light, much less strong enough to actually burn something corrupted by the fel, but luckily for her whatever vestiges of power remaining in the warhammer were mighty enough to make her strikes destructive against the fel. Her eyes are then drawn to the pendant at her neck, reaching a hand up to it and holding it. Despite all that just happened, she smiles, and takes a seat on the only non-destroyed piece of furniture in the room, leaning the warhammer against the wall beside her. Three of the guards look at one another, nodding to each other as they approach the situation; two bearing the emblem of the Kirin Tor whilst the other seems a new Sanctuary grunt. They walk behind the others; slowly approaching the weakened orcess and her guardsmen. Too late does it seem when fel-serrated blades appear in their hands, making good to assassinate the Commissar. Until that is, the three of them are encased in frigid tombs of ice. Entering the scene now is the familiar dirty trenchcoat-bearing undead investigator, puffing out a breath of misty ice like one would exhale smoke from a cigar. The other Kirin Tor and Sanctuary guardsman seem still in shell-shock over the occurrence, him nonchalantly strolling forward with an impatient gait. He stops his entrance to to rap his knuckles upon one such demon-cicle, only for it to topple over into shattered shards. "Can't take two damn steps in Dalaran these days without runnin' into a demon mook or two..." Shokkra blinks, then clamps down on the cigarette in her teeth, shoots to her feet and slams her only remaining chain into the ground as it shatters into several hundred pieces. "FUCKING ASSASSINS TOO?!" She roars and stomps through one of the floorboards. "Fucking hell this fucking night." The orcess rubs her face, taking a long drag and puffing more smoke to go with the fel shit in the air. The forsaken man shrugs, blowing another cool breeze from between clenched teeth as his posse begins gently handing the agents to whisk them away to the Violet Hold. "Welcome to my every day now, lady." If an undead could have bags under his eyes, he would surely have a dozen under each golden orb that stared lazily ahead. Shokkra snorts, kneeling down to the floorboard she broke and rummaging around until she finds an unopened bottle of blood red ale. She grunts as she gets to her feet popping the cork and taking a long drink. "Fuckin' hell if I knew this shit was going to happen tonight I would've drank before bed." Shaking her head, she takes another quick drink before replacing it with the cigarette. With a heavy sigh, she turns her eyes to Dick. "What do you want to know?" Bending down to scoop up one of the assassin's blades, Dick just seems to inspect it as he talks with his gravely voice. "Shit, you an' me both." He grunts, tossing the dagger away haphazardly into the portal that had been conjured up, a squeak of surprise from the otherside. "I CAN'T DRINK YOU CAN'T EITHER, BERAS!" The gumshoe yells beyond the portal, an image of a high elven mage shrinking from sight beyond the windowed rip in space. "Where'd the demons come from...Khagdar has all the portal-sniffers tryin' to pinpoint every nook an' cranny the Legion worms in through." "New enemy of mine, I guess." She mutters, looking around at the wreckage and raising a most curious eyebrow at the portal and dagger, but nothing else. "The assassins I have no fucking idea, but it's not like the list of things that want me dead is small." Shokkra kicks at one of the demonsicles. "Fucking hell I don't know what's worse, the assassins or the demons." "Same thing." Dick grunts. "Those guardsmen were demons in disguise, I'd bet my left testicle." Shokkra snorts. "Fucker really plans for everything. Always what he was best at." She offers the bottle to the gumshoe. "Drink?" A hand holds up in denial, "Gotta pass on that one, like ol' Antonidas used to say...drunk mages is how ya get portals in place ya don't wanna go to." He walks past her, looking around. "Alright, where the demons enter from? Portal, stone, anythin' like that?" The orcess points to the flipped over, destroyed bed and the crashed in place where the window used to be. "Imps came in through there, some kind of fucking meteor." She gestures to the most scorched and slightly fiery part of the wall. "That's where the felhounds and felguard came from. And where the fucker who summoned them left by. Some burning portal." The detective moves inside, he waves his hand over the impact points, arcane energy trickling from his fingertips. He huffs to himself, mumbling all the while before moving to the wall. A notepad is produced, a pencil furiously scribbling findings in his almost illegible shorthand. "Who's the perp? Get a visual on him? What were ya doin' fore this started?" "Big orc. Bigger than most. Fucking ripped, looked like he could slam a tauren into the ground without breaking a sweat. Skin was fel-green, bright and sickly. Eyes were red as the purest form of rage. Hair was done up in a spiked mohawk." Shokkra gestures to the size of the hairdo. "Before he showed up I was sleeping. Nightmare." Scribble scribble scribble, goes the notes as he doesn't even bother to look at his writing. "Alright. Robes? Insignias? Tattoos?" Shokkra shakes her head. "Just black leather. Spotless, probably recently cleaned or it just soaked up any blood that might have hit it. No visible tattoos or insignias, badges, anything." "Alright, so he entered while you were sleepin'...how did the fight go? Tell me how he moved, what he did...did the demons enterin' wake up ya up or did he try an' kill ya in yer sleep?" "Him laughing woke me up. I asked why he was here, he gave some bullshit about needing me for his plans. I told him to fuck off, he came at me with felfire in his hands and started throwing in the demons. He threw a weapon rack at me, I crushed imps under the bed, he got in the felhounds, ran when the felguard came through and the portal closed." She grimaces, running a hand over one of her open wounds. She was bare for the most part, just in her orcish underwear, though her tattoos covered a majority of her skin. "Alright. So. He isn't a professional then." Dick moved over, "Not dealin' with an amateur either based on these quickened spells, personal attack. We can rule out him workin' with the Shadow Council, most likely a former initiate." Dick moved over to the window, scraping some charred bits off with his fingers, rubbing it between two pale fingers. "Cocky, but smart enough to retreat when it came obvious he couldn't do what he needed." "So. We're dealin' with a most likely ex-Legion fel orc, since the assassins in the hallways prove that they weren't workin' in tandem. The assassins wanted ya dead, but him alive, notes he has a personal vendetta, whereas the grunts just saw a weakened officer to do way with." Dick turned on his heel, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Kay then." He makes a rectangular arcane rune on the windows, which expands across the room. "This room's gotta be locked down an' cited for investigation.: Shokkra grunts, nodding. "Yeah, figured. I'll find somewhere to stay, someone probably has an empty bunk." She takes a drink, flicking the cigarette away as she did so, then looks to the forsaken. "Unless you're going to take me in for more questioning." "Nah, I got more shit to deal with. This ain't an uncommon occurrence these days." He grunts. Shokkra nods again, downing the rest of the bottle. "Find me if you find anything, especially anything to do with the assassins." "Sure thing..." He says, before bellowing at his deputies to pour in and begin combing over every inch of the room. She drops the bottle and heads out of the room, brushing past guards and Kirin Tor. The orcess eventually finds a secluded, quiet spot away from the bustle of her own destroyed room, a small reading area in the hall. Shokkra rests her back against the wall as she slides down, curling up in the corner, reaching up to hold the pendant at her neck, and falls asleep.
  5. Right. Alright. Fuck... The hunt went badly. We joined up with Draenei vindicators and priests to kill the rest of the Shadow Council that got away from us in Taanan, recruiting more along the way. We tracked them. They laid a trap. We fell for it. Everyone is dead. None of the Howling Reavers now remain except for me. I haven't got any word from Vorniinov so I'm assuming they're all dead too. Some might've got away, ran to Karabor. One or two. Not like they'd tell me though. I got scared. There was so much blood. So many ashes. Husks. I ran. I don't know for how long. I just know that I wound up at the gates of the Arath'dorei manor. I broke the gate, walked up. The servants were scared of me and scattered. I pounded on the door. Ms. Arath'dorei, Isadore and... and Dora, greeted me there. I say greeted but it's not like they rolled out the red carpet or anything. Dora got the servants to get towels and bandages and shit. She took me to the Mageroyal room. Purple everything. Funny isn't it? I told them none of the blood was mine. I hadn't been injured in the fighting. Not a scratch. Dora sent the servant away. She helped get me out of my armor, ran me a bath. I stripped and got in. She washed the blood from my hair. I can't remember what we were talking about. I just remember starting to cry and reaching my arms around Dora's back. I pulled her close, and I whispered in her ear "I love you, Dora." and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I'd told her that I loved her before. We both had. But... this time I think she got it. Something finally clicked in her head or something. Maybe something did in mine too. Maybe I said it differently. Whatever, however it happened, she pulled her head back and looked into my eyes. She told me that she loved me too, and she kissed me. On the lips. Nothing else mattered right then. Not the Legion, not demons or Sanctuary or the Grim or dragons or dreadlords or gods of the hunt. No Nightmares. Just... her. I told myself then that no matter what happened, I wouldn'tThat was the happiest moment of my life. In an elven tub, red with the blood of my friends and naga and demons. Love's a hell of a thing. She got me dressed in her spare workclothes. They barely fit me, but they worked. She smuggled me over to her room and we snuck into her bed. We didn't have sex or anything like that, we just lay there in each other's arms, kissing each other and telling each other about our stupid love filled selves. We drifted off under the covers. In the morning we snacked quick and talked about what happened on the hunt before having breakfast proper with the rest of the family. I made nice with Ms. Arath'dorei and Isadore. Phyruss not so much but, eh, he can go fuck himself. Me and Dora hung out for some more that day and the next. I walked in on her crying. Nok sent a letter apparently. She said she missed him and all this other shit. I told her that she should figure out whether or not I was just another person she was going to leave when she got bored. I slammed the door and left. I left one last letter for her and headed out with my stuff. I cried the whole way leaving. I felt like such a bitch but I knew she had to hear that shit otherwise... things might just end up hurting me more. I just hunted demons. Even when I got called to the Shore most of it was a blur. I know the traitor died. I know King Wrynn died. The Legion will pay for that. I believe that Warchief Sylvanas will lead us through this darkness of the Legion. Orders are sending me to Stormheim. Fuck. I can't get her off my mind. We talked when I got back and she said that right now we can't be anything more than friends. That she needs to figure herself out. That hurt. A lot. I understand what she needs though, and I told her I'd wait for her. I will. I've been slaughtering as many demons as I can, keeping my mind occupied, being angry. Just to keep her out of my head. I miss her, and not being able to... be real with her, it's hard. Ever since I met her, I felt like she was the only person I could really be myself around. Everything else tries to suppress me or fuck with me somehow. With her, I'm just me. Not doing that is fucking killing me inside. I've been snapping at everyone. Getting angry at people easier. Vilmah fucking Bloodborne came back and within the first few days I'm already on her bad side. Fucking hell. I'm such a fucking bitch. I'm so fucking stupid. ---------------------------------------------- The Commander has assigned me and T'suro to a diplomatic mission to the Alliance. Apparently a caravan attacked Stonard before being fended off. I've contacted Katelle Larmont of the Twilight Empire. We're coordinating things now. I'll have to take T'suro to Stonard so we can hear the people's demands there. I hope this goes well. If I do this right, I might be promoted.
  6. Hey, Dora I wanted to stay, I did. You have no fucking idea how much I wanted to stay with you. But I can’t. I don’t know how to work with this relationship shit, I’ve never had something like what we have. No one’s ever told me that loved me before, like you did. It’s scary. I know you told me not to be but I can’t handle it. I really, really don’t want to fuck this up. I’ve never cared about something or someone like this before in my life and I don’t want to ruin it because of my stupid bullshit. I know that me doing this is stupid bullshit too but, time away with no contact will like, fucking decide if I’m not just another Saelyx. That I’m not just another thing for you to entertain yourself with before you run back to Nok. So, I think we both need time to work through this. Make sure we’re both like, ready or whatever. It’ll be hard for both of us. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this in person but I already hurt you enough today. I love you so fucking much and, I want you to really, truly love me as much as I do. I saw the way Nok acted when you told him you loved him and that makes me wonder if you really did, if you meant what you said a couple nights ago. I know I did but, I mean fuck you don’t have the best fucking track record for love and shit. Nok then Saelyx then Nok then me. It just, it feels like you’re not loyal. Fuck, how do I know you won’t fall in love with someone else while you’re with me and I just become another broken heart in your line? I know how to fight, not how to deal with all this shit. I’m going hunting. I don’t know for how long or where I’ll be. Just, know that I’ll be there. For the next bitching session in Shattrath, The next dumpling stuffing at the Shrine, The next pretty picture at the Cantina, The next gun repair at MY port, The next Amani debate on the Southfury, The next sex talk at Honeydew Village, The next picnic in Nagrand, The next booze run of Outland, The next tan at the Gorgrond hot springs, The next dragon hunt in Dragonblight, The next sleep under Grizzly Hills’ sky, The next dragon taming in Dalaran, The next stitch removal in the Barrens, And the next fight under Dalaran. I love you, Dora Arath’dorei. -Shokkra Deathrage *left along with the letter is the romance novel Sinlanna gave Shokkra, a book of elven poetry, an elven cooking book and an orcish/Thalassian dictionary*
  7. Hey Dora Soooo, got your letter, and all that. It's cool that you're hanging with Eive. She needs the interaction. It'll be sweet if you two start a wine vintage and stuff. “The Arath’dorei”. It'd be cool to see that on fancy shelves at bars. And no, I didn't know she had two moms. Guess that means she's adopted eh? Poor fucking girl. Sucks that you haven't had more time to bake with your brother, I know Vorniinov can't wait for more of your sweets. We haven't made it to Shadowmoon just yet. Thought I'd be in Harbourage for your next letter but we ended up getting to Shattrath by the time it came. Not that the others minded, they didn't have to wait a couple extra hours at each stop. I didn't make them, I mean. After Harbourage I figured I should just keep moving, you letter would reach me when it did. So we're just stocking and resting up before the plunge into Shadowmoon, get blessed at Karabor then hit the warlocks at the volcano. I paid for a courier to deliver all the next letters to me out in the valley. He has a location tracker with us so he'll always be able to find us. I miss you. -Shokkra Deathrage P.S I wasn't sure whether to get you something from Karabor or Shattrath. Figured a pendant of the Light or something would be a good souvenir of the hunt. Little reminder of what we're fighting for. I did buy one here but I'll see what they got at the Draenei’s most holy temple too
  8. Shokkra


    Running. Interesting way to combat a lethal force of Kor'kron and Vindicators. Traditionally you stood to face your enemy. Traditionally there were no warlocks or demons either. Times change. She had left soon after. Not welcome among the warlocks. Not that she wanted to be there at all. She was there for him, that was all. He would return soon. He suspected training would move faster than preferred by the more experienced. It already had. When they fled the Citadel, they ordered him drain one of the wounded. He had. It felt good, sweet, powerful. It gave him more knowledge of the Fel. How to use it, how it could be used, what the dead thought of it. The fallen had planned to kill its brethren, unsurprisingly. Take their power and use it to go to Gul’dan. Only united would they be able to get to their master, or one if it had absorbed the rest. He now filled the fallen’s place. There were nine remaining, including him. They had been taken unawares previously. Unprepared for the ambush then, the Fel Reaver. They would be prepared this time. They knew the force, their capabilities. The Shadow Council had trained them well, however. Nine Shadow Council warlocks and their Naga allies against a force of thirty paladins, priests and Kor’kron. It would be a short fight. By his estimates the enemy would reach the Hand of Gul’dan in one week’s time. Time enough. He had been dispatched with two others to Coilfang Reservoir to recruit what little Naga remained into their fold. Simple enough. Intelligent creatures, yes. Former Highbourne. Easily manipulated when their demonic masters were spoken of however. The Naga numbered in around fifty. Once, they might have been a challenge for the enemy but their armor was rusted, their weapons dull from years of no use. Expendable. They only needed time enough to prepare their spellwork and unleash it. Others had gone to Tempest Keep and the Forge Camps. Needed reagents for the gateway. They taught him what they could. The fallen spoke more of it. Filled his sleep with visions of glory. Detailed spells and bindings. Useful.
  9. Dora So, got your letter and all that. Made everyone wait an extra hour in the morning then hoofed it to Thrallmar, letter came in there. Got your brownies too, so fucking good. Isa was right about the double chocolate. I think Vorniinov had a mini heart attack when he saw me coming towards him with a handful of chocolate goodness. Betcha me and him will have added a few extra pounds by the end of the hunt, heh. We’re still on schedule for getting to the Hand. Zangarmarsh and Terrokar are gonna be the hardest to navigate with our wolves and elekks but we should reach Shadowmoon in a few days. The warlocks are getting ready for us, preparing and shit but I’m not too worried. There's only… what, maybe ten left? They’ll have Naga friends joining them I’m sure but our force of thirty should be able to get the drop on ‘em and come out with no losses. Hell, Kor’kron and Vindicators are specialized in killing warlocks and demons. It's weird, not being around. Instead of elves everywhere I’m back to being with the old crew. Conscripted them out of prison for this job. Convinced a couple of the higher ups that I'd be keeping close watch on ‘em and that they'd be more use to the Horde hunting demons than rotting away. It's funny, it's like nothing’s changed except where we're fighting. Olgoth is still an ass, Kodlak is still overly superstitious, Morkrok is still quiet all the time and Brokara is still fucking insane. It's been so damn long since I've seen any of them and they follow my orders like we're back in Pandaria. Everyone fights like they did, talk like they did, eating is generally more enjoyable than the shit they gave them in the stockade. Gods it brings me back. The Commander is really something isn't she? Everyone always makes fun of Sanctuary for having the emotionless Commander Liene but she's so fucking awesome. Once you talk to her and get to know her she's a really cool person, she just covers it all up with regulation and her authority. Maybe compensating for her disbelief in her ability to lead, even though she does a pretty decent job. She cares, you know? About everyone under her command and every innocent out there that needs to be protected. Fucking bad ass. I don't hang out with her nearly as much as I should. I'll fix that once I get back. I'm glad she could help you with what you were going through. Leadership’s hard man, but we get through it. One of my old COs once told me, “When you're in command every little shit has to speak up against your every decision, every order. But when you second-guess yourself that's when everything's gone to hell.” I think that's true, and we just gotta deal with our mistakes and shit. Dunno if that helps or whatever, just felt like getting it out there. I believe in you Dora. You'll get through this just like you've gotten through everything else. Just, you know, stay strong and all that. Besides, I'll be back soon to do all the hard stuff for ya. Love, -Shokkra Deathrage P.S Thanks for setting up a watering system. Can add the time I took watering the plants to my morning workout. P.S.S THAT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER AHH
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    Doraaaaa Day five. Outside the Dark Portal right now. Back to being green and shit since we destroyed the Red Portal. Vorniinov and the other draenei are sleeping in the alliance side, we’re sleeping in the Horde side. Got treated to a damn decent meal and some fuckin good wine. A few of the guards around here are gonna join up with us since I can like, kinda conscript them since I’m a Blood Guard and they’re bored as shit here so we got a couple of mages, an elven ranger and a druid. Feasting and drinking before making the hard ride through Hellfire and Zangarmarsh and Terrokar before hitting Shadowmoon. Once we get the Warlocks we’re gonna head to the Temple of Karabor and see what Akama and the Ashtongue have done to purify it and make it beautiful again. Soooo yeah, fun stuff. It’s cool that you're hanging with your brother. I’m sure he’s a decent-ish person under all the layers of bravado and cowardice and idiocy. I’ll work on a letter for him and send it with this one. Easy access to an actual mailbox right now so I’m getting all my stuff done before I have to use couriers or ride hard enough to get to Thrallmar and shit. I won’t have a seal on it or anything so you can read it I'd you want, make sure I was sincere enough. Cool that you’re hanging with Isa too. I bet you’re a great teacher. Can show her how to skin a dragon and shit like that. Ooh, could cover her in gore from Ghouls you kill and have her walk all dead-like towards your mom. Scare the shit out of her. Heh. The cinnamon cookies you sent were edible and pretty fucking good. I stuffed them all in my face except for a couple which I gave to Vorniinov as a gesture of goodwill. I think he liked them because he gave me me a bottle of light-blessed wine. Only for really special occasions. So thanks for helping keep the peace! Woo Sanctuary! Also I’ll talk to my mom about you if I see her. I bet she’d like you if she met you. Your respect for the hunt and the reverence for the spirits and the elements would totally get you on her good side which is quite a feat. You would’ve been a fucking kick ass paladin. Your kindness and compassion and positivity and fucking bravery would make for a fucking beacon of the Light. Hell you still could be a beacon of the Light, you got so much time and- “Hey, Purple, writing another love letter to your girlfriend?” The orc man laughed as he cleaned his rifle. Shokkra groaned, falling back on the crate she was sitting on. She set her pen and paper to the side,looking around at the defences of the portal. Setting up camp here had seemed like such a good idea before everyone started teasing her. If only she didn’t have to send so many damn letters. Then again, she kinda loved writing them. Calmed her down and let her focus on something brighter than demons and warlocks. Shokkra flipped off the sniper and that just made him laugh harder. “I’ll be taking that as a yes.” Shokkra rubbed at her face. It was getting dark and the portal was the brightest thing for miles around. Hehe. Dark Portal is bright. The orcess snickered internally at her own joke and allowed herself a grin. The patting of feet on the hard blasted rock caught her attention. Olgoth was leaning on the crates, hands wrapped together under his chin while his elbows propped him up, looking down at Shokkra. The damnable sniper had been fucking with her since day one, came up with the nickname and the elf taunts and whatever the hell he was up to now. Too fucking bad he’s a good shot. She needed everyone to be ready to hunt these fucking Stormreavers to the end, and having one of Garrosh Hellscream’s best marksmen on her side certainly helped, even if he was a dick. The warlocks were running and fighting for their lives, Shokkra's Kor’kron and Vorniinov’s draenei were ending the last piece of a corrupted world. It felt good to be on this assignment. Forge stronger bonds between Sanctuary and the Alliance as well as put an end to the feldamned Stormreaver Clan, those that had once corrupted the home of her people and almost did so again. Shame that Ner’zhul wasn't still around. She would have loved to tear that bastard apart like he tore Draenor apart. Limb from limb, bone from bone she would have obliterated that fucki- “Hey, Purple.” Shokkra grunted, broken from her hate fueled daydream. Olgoth poked her cheek lightly, still wearing that shit eating grin. “What is it ogre fucker?” It was an old insult, tried and true. It’d serve while the orcess thought of one with more bite. Rifle-fucker? Fellicker? Barrel-plugger? Eh, not bad. The sniper poked her again. She was tempted to bite it off and shove it in his eye. “If I could find an ogre lady, I would. But right now the Vindicator wants to see you. Something about the end of the world and moving.” Olgoth stuck his finger over at the Alliance side of the blockade where the Draenei had stationed. Shokkra sighed, getting up to her feet and stuffing her writing supplies down her shirt. “You know I could take care of those while you’re busy, proofread, make sure you didn’t draw hearts instead of circles on top of the i’s.” He crumpled to the ground as Shokkra planted her boot on his groin, rendering the cocky sniper a near broken orc. Good enough for now. Shokkra giggled with the glee of an arsonist and half-skipped over to the Alliance. Vorniinov was waiting for her in a tent illuminated by the crystals the draenei just had to use for everything, giving the inside a purplish glow. As she stepped through the flap the seasoned paladin gobbled down the last bits of a cinnamon cookie and waved happily at Shokkra. She couldn't help but smile as she gave a light wave back. “Greetings, Guardian. I’m glad to see you came so quickly, I half expected you to be too embroiled in your writing to permit my distraction.” Shokkra chuckled, rubbing her face. “Word travel that fast about my letters?” “Your marksman is quite talkative, and I believe in knowing those who I work with. While I didn’t expect you to be some horrible orcish monster, I did think you’d be a bit of a brutish warrior. Your commitment to Sanctuary's good work with my people and your company’s tales of you loving an elf girl has left me happily surprised however.” He chuckled, wiping a few crumbs off of his tabard. “If she is as sweet as her cookies are then I see why you like her.” “For the record they DO exaggerate things. Just, you know, with this they’re mostly right.” Shokkra sighed as she pulled up a chair to the large table in the center of the room. A map of Outland had been set on top with the glowing crystals holding down each of the corners. There were marks on several locations throughout the wasteland of a world. The orcess gestured to the markers. “What are these?” The vindicator trod forward to the table and pointed at each of the markings in turn. “In Hellfire, here at the Citadel, have been reports of activity. The same goes for Coilfang Reservoir, the old forge camps in western Nagrand, Tempest Keep and, finally, the Hand of Gul’dan. Almost all simultaneously reports have come in that there have been sightings of black robed figures and demons at these locations. We’re assuming that the Stormreavers are gathering all their remaining strength and possible allies to perform some sort of ritual at the Hand. So, we’re going to stop them. Slaughtering any demons we find along the way we'll make our way to the Hand of Gul’dan and put an end to the vile Clan for good.” Vorniinov stated flatly, with finality. Shokkra surveyed the map. Warlocks using demonic portals would explain all the sightings, keep themselves busy while their hunters rode through hell to find them. Luckily that hell had calmed down since the last great hunt of Outland. “The Clan, yeah. But Gul’dan is still out there. I doubt he’s orchestrating this mess. It’s disorganized, dangerous. If they were being led competently then there wouldn't be any reports at all. Whatever ritual they’re planning is probably to find the bastard and get to him. They could grab potential allies at Coilfang, tools and reagents from Nagrand, magical shit at Tempest with Kael’thas being all demon Legion crazed and the Hand us named after the cunt for a reason. If they wanted to locate and travel to their master that’d be the place to go.” Vorniinov nodded. “That makes sense. Perhaps we wait for them to open a gateway and we strike then? Destroy the Stormreavers and Gul’dan in one attack. The Legion would be without a powerful ally if we eliminated the wretch.” Shokkra tilted her head from side to side, running a hand through her hair. “I’d love to kill the bastard, I really would, but we are not nearly strong enough to kill that fucker. Hell even the remaining warlocks have a chance of wiping us all out, especially if they get the fuckin fish to help. We cut off the portal, kill the warlocks, call it a day. Sound good?” The draenei sighed and after a moment nodded his agreement. Shokkra smiled. “I’ll tell my troops, ride hard for Thrallmar tomorrow and keep going as fast and far as we can everyday until we get to the volcano. Lok’tar, Vorniinov.” The draenei mumbled a prayer as Shokkra exited the tent, returning to her crates. She stepped on the just recovering back of Olgoth onto her spot and pulled out her writing tools. Shokkra reread what she had wrote, tapping the end of the pen against her lower lip. Fucking damn it. Time. Always fucking time. Damn time. I’ll get back to her soon and I can stop worrying about fucking dying and fucking age and fucking time and fucking demons because fuck them all, I got someone better to think about. She scribbled out the rest of the paragraph. I’ll wait for your letter before I go out. Maybe once we get these Warlock bastards I should come back and hang instead? We got time. Love, -Shokkra Deathrage Shokkra giggled and folded the letter, pictured herself sealing it with a kiss, broke out of her girly daydream and plopped the letter in the mailbox along with a letter to Phyruss and a stack of love letters she had written to Dora when she was drunk and sent that to Eiverlyn along with a letter for the elf herself. The orcess skipped away to her tent, happy as can be when in the shadow of an army transporting portal of cosmic death.
  11. Doraaaaa Day five. Outside the Dark Portal right now. Back to being green and shit since we destroyed the Red Portal. Vorniinov and the other draenei are sleeping in the alliance side, we’re sleeping in the Horde side. Got treated to a damn decent meal and some fuckin good wine. A few of the guards around here are gonna join up with us since I can like, kinda conscript them since I’m a Blood Guard and they’re bored as shit here so we got a couple of mages, an elven ranger and a druid. Feasting and drinking before making the hard ride through Hellfire and Zangarmarsh and Terrokar before hitting Shadowmoon. Once we get the Warlocks we’re gonna head to the Temple of Karabor and see what Akama and the Ashtongue have done to purify it and make it beautiful again. Soooo yeah, fun stuff. It’s cool that you're hanging with your brother. I’m sure he’s a decent-ish person under all the layers of bravado and cowardice and idiocy. I’ll work on a letter for him and send it with this one. Easy access to an actual mailbox right now so I’m getting all my stuff done before I have to use couriers or ride hard enough to get to Thrallmar and shit. I won’t have a seal on it or anything so you can read it I'd you want, make sure I was sincere enough. Cool that you’re hanging with Isa too. I bet you’re a great teacher. Can show her how to skin a dragon and shit like that. Ooh, could cover her in gore from Ghouls you kill and have her walk all dead-like towards your mom. Scare the shit out of her. Heh. The cinnamon cookies you sent were edible and pretty fucking good. I stuffed them all in my face except for a couple which I gave to Vorniinov as a gesture of goodwill. I think he liked them because he gave me me a bottle of light-blessed wine. Only for really special occasions. So thanks for helping keep the peace! Woo Sanctuary! Also I’ll talk to my mom about you if I see her. I bet she’d like you if she met you. Your respect for the hunt and the reverence for the spirits and the elements would totally get you on her good side which is quite a feat. You would’ve been a fucking kick ass paladin. Your kindness and compassion and positivity and fucking bravery would make for a fucking beacon of the Light. Hell you still could be a beacon of the Light, you got so much time and- *the rest of the paragraph has been scratched out* I’ll wait for your letter before I go out. Maybe once we get these Warlock bastards I should come back and hang instead? We got time. Love, -Shokkra Deathrage
  12. "Aaren's a bitch. Like, seriously. A major bitch. Probably ranks up there with the Silver Covenant Windrunner and Proudmoore. But she's a bitch the Horde needs. Keeps people like me in check with perfect taunts and occasionally a broken bottle across the face." She gestures to the jagged scar running up the right side of her face from her jaw. Shokkra grins broadly, sharpening her knife in front of the Dark Portal. "I get it though. She's been through a lot. I understand her as best I can and know her better than anyone else thinks they do. Sure, we've had our fights but hell, she made the right choice in the end and we're fighting for justice together now." Thunder booms overhead. Shokkra laughs. "At times like this, we need a real bitch to throw against the Legion, and who better than Aaren fucking Anastasis? Other than me, of course."
  13. Hey Dora Writing to you from the top of a Fel Reaver at the top of Hellfire Citadel. Sky is fuckin’ crazy up here. A bunch of vindicators busted in after us and yelled at us a bunch. Guess they didn’t know the Stormreaver remnants had taken up residence here. Once things calmed down, they set up watch and I guess are gonna get some full time guards in here or something. Sleeping at the top of a conquered citadel under the gaze of hardened paladins. Pretty cool. By the way, mostly half of the Fel Reaver is intact so I’ll send what I can along for your lame sculptures. First of all, fuck. I almost forgot about that night in the World’s End! Mostly because I got pretty hammered and went to see my mom after. She lives in Nagrand with the Mag’har and Warsong. She’s actually a Greatmother now, had the ceremony and stuff a few years ago. She’s pretty old now, getting into her late sixties or something. Me and Karthok were kind’ve a blessing from the elements, no one expected her to have a child, let alone two at her age. Crazy to think about. If we make it to Outland I’ll stop by her again. But, right, talking about your stupid ass dragon dating was fun man. Good times. I thought you were pretty damn cool too, if a little bit stupid. Hehe. Stupid. *a heart is drawn with the word STUPID in big bold letters* Second, update on the Warlocks and shit. Since they took up positions on the top of the Citadel they saw the Reaver coming and prepared for it. When we got to the top, my crew jumped off and we came face to face with a HUGE fucking demon. Like, ugh what are they called, fuck it they’re named Palebloods now. Massive axes, oh Fel Lords? Whatever, Palebloods. Because of the white skin. So there was one of those up there and he was PISSED, probably at being summoned and that a Fel Reaver with a bunch of Orcs had just blasted up to him. He kinda maybe cleaved through the Reaver so I diverted all the remaining half-power to the gun and blew his head off. All while sober, duh. There were a few lesser demons, Felguards and shit. Took sweet care of ‘em and another Stormreaver while the others ran. So the Vindicators assigned us the task of killing them. We are legit on assignment from the Draenei Vindicators now, got a scroll and everything. Capture or kill the remaining members of the Stormreaver Warlocks under Gul’dan. Woohoo! Almost makes me want to grab a hammer and pledge myself to the Light. Heh, can you imagine me as a paladin? Hella crazy. So now our Kor’kron crew is rolling with some Draenei priests and paladins. The head guy, Vorniinov, is determined as hell to end these bastards. He thinks they’ve gone for Outland through their portals. Makes sense, we don’t know where Gul’dan is and going to the land he helped corrupt would help them commune with their master and shit. Sleeping here tonight, going for the Dark Portal and Blasted Lands tomorrow. Third, cooking? You? Haaaaah. I bet Phyruss is grooming you for your expected housekeeping duties as the dutiful sister to the man in charge. Ahhh give that bitch a slap if he gets all huffy if you ask him about it. Probably deserves it regardless. You know I COULD write him a letter and apologize that way, unless you think in-person is really the way to go with this. Either way works, just let me know. Also if you get a picture capturing the explosion and Phyruss’ face I better see some fuckin’ red water. It adds a special something, you know? Unless little Isa is there, that is. Might be kinda traumatizing. So, uh, keep that in mind? My favorite food is bacon wrapped steak covered in mushrooms with lots of blood. Specific, I know. Otherwise food in general is pretty good. Orcish food overall is my favorite. Lots of blood and meat and fish. Steamed Sea Scorpions with chopped up Fireweed? So goooood. Hope that answers you question stupid. Love, -Shokkra Deathrage P.S I mean if you ask the Commander about her beautiful blooming flower and hint about polination then yeah she’ll give you a weird look, but otherwise you’ll be good
  14. Shokkra


    “Get me to a healer.” He had made a mistake. He shouldn't have made a mistake. He should have been ready. He should have planned for this. The arcane vortex of the portal threw him to Orgrimmar. She was carrying him. “What the he-” The crackling of flame silenced the priest. “HEAL HIM!” She was angry. He was angry. This never happened. He was always ready. He never lost unless it benefited him. He always had a way out. Why didn’t it work? Light washed over him. He didn’t feel any different. He looked over to his arm. Pale. Still pale. Almost white. Wrong. “Shaman.” A blast of heat impacted the worshipper of the Light. It screamed as the fire tore away at its skin. She picked him up. The cave was lit. Inviting. She set him down on stone. “By the elements…” She summoned the flame in her hands again.Nothing further was needed. The Farseer set to work. Totems were placed nearby. Water. Healing rain, streams. Soothing.What did he use? Faster than normal targets. Quieter. No illusion. Smoke? Light teleportation. Useful. Intelligent. Dangerous. Weapons. Blades? Green. Fel. Warglaives? Hunter. Will have to watch it more. Distance. Use slaves. A pain seized his chest. Breath. Wrong. “Mage.” She summoned a bound elemental to her. The Shaman drowned. She picked him up. Bright stone. The Drag. Enchanting? Smart of her. Scream. Shrill. A table was cleared. She yelled. One ran. A lance of ice went through its kneecap. Its mouth froze. He was set back down. Fear. They were scared. Weak. “Purge.” The elf stammered spells. Better for her to choose those more used to this. Enchanters could help. Verify location. She was useful. Intelligent. Brutal. Resourceful. Deadly. Attractive. Perhaps. More thought needed on the subject. Would Shokkra cry? Humorous. Mother would be proud. Nothing had changed. One more option. “Fel Forge.” The Mage looked up. The other was still crying. She picked him up. The tower exploded. Dark. The sky was always dark in Taanan. Curious effect of the Fel. So strong it altered the heavens. Powerful. Draining. The forge was nearly abandoned. Bodies were strewn about. Husks. Lifeless. Warlocks remained. Drained the rest to survive the longest. They would fall soon. Just as the citadel had. She was angry. The Fel was corrupting. Wrong. It would feast on him and use him. Take away what he was. No other choice. Was she worried? Unexpected. He felt a brief rush of air. Oh. It flooded into him. Sickly green infested every part of his body. He trashed and writhed. The metal of his legs and arm twisted and changed. It burned. He opened his mouth to scream and he choked on it. It punctured his every movement with horrible pain. It felt GOOD. He felt his muscles ripple and flex. He felt the tendons and ligaments of his lost limbs lash out at the iron and form with it. He felt his bones crack, snap, break and change. He felt an overwhelming sense of power like he had never felt before. He broke the surface of the pool, leaping forward from the fount of Fel energy and roared, his howl piercing the air. The Warlocks were waiting for him. One stepped forward, arms open. “Welcome, brother. To the Stormreaver Clan.” She was watching. She looked disgusted. He didn’t care. He would tear the world asunder with the Fel. He would break them all.
  15. You know, it’s times like this that I wish I had a voice recorder or a holotape or some shit. Get the emotion out, you know? Bah, this is fine. This is fine. Alright, so. Fuck. Okay. I helped Dora with an assignment she was working on. Defending the brothel from a demon hunter named Lahzio. Apparently Cobrak killed him a few years back. Didn’t work, not that I’m surprised. The bastard’s been killing people in Dalaran. Alliance spellcasters. Turned into shriveled husks. Stirring up more hatred for the Horde in Dalaran. Because there wasn’t enough of that already. Dora was in the street with this timeline’s version of her’s cat. Petsitting, she said. She told me about her extremely unreliable team and I planned out what she could do with that. She seemed surprised, Shokked. Hehe. She said it helped a lot that I was helping her, took a huge weight off her shoulders. I’m happy I could do that for her. She’s got enough shit to worry about without demon hunters and sha. So after we walked the streets for a while we went to the Filthy Animal and talked some more about life and timelines and what we would tell our younger selves and love and- Love songs. Despite being completely uninterested in the idea as a kid, the love songs and marriage songs in the Clan were always my favorite. They always had so much emotion behind them. Every note was meaningful and special to the couple. It was beautiful to see them sing and dance and kiss and hug and everything. That’s something I’ve really missed. Hell I haven’t even been to a wedding since the caves. Wonder if Nath and Baal will get married. I bet they’d invite me. Heh, that’d be fun as hell. Out in their cabin in Grizzly Hills. Grizzly Hills. Lot of memories of that place. I started my training for the Kor’kron in the pit. I fought with Konro and the 37th there. I defended my brother against Borrowed Time and Voidblade and the Horns. I spent an eternity of the Nightmare there. I killed Kex’ti and Breygrah and Cobrak and Konro and my brother and Telerian over and over and over in the pit. I killed them in every possible way with every weapon at my disposal. But, the thing I remember most, my favorite memory even if it is recent, is talking with Dora under the stars. The lights of Northrend dancing above us, the smell of the sea and the pine intermingling, the feel of the grass under my feet and the warm furs that covered Dora. I can’t even remember what we were talking about, heh, probably how stupid we both are. Gods, I- fuck. I’m tearing up. Fucking damnit. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to leave behind everyone and everything I love. It’s so fucking final. Once you die, you’re gone. Everything keeps moving without you. Damn dying a glorious death it’s better to live and keep fighting as long as you can. Keep believing, keep hoping what you do makes a better fucking world for everyone you love. Fucking elves. They’ll live for six hundred years or more after I die. Kex’ti and Julilee will have more children and raise their family under the Sanctuary banner, Cerryan will build a fucking church in Dalaran or wherever the hell Sanctuary ends up, Aaren will find someone to spend her life with or fucking write a book of priestly memoirs. Rayfeather, Ama and Ms Arath’dorei will help raise each others families and have a fucking loving relationship like they already do. Rylie will- is she a half-elf? Or human, or is she elven? Bah, she’ll still live longer than me and have her own little Rylies running around for Kex’ti to cook for. Eive will end up a great swordswoman and probably ending up Secretary-Badass for Lor’themar or something. Heh, T’suro will probably become a high-ranking member of the Thalassian military. Dora- *the name was scratched out, erased, and rewritten several times* You know what? Who gives a fuck. Who gives a fucking shit about the future. There’s no fucking point in dwelling on it. We live in the fucking present. Everything we do matters in the here and now and that’s fucking it. I live now, I love now, I fight now, I know now. I live now. So why in all that is holy have I not told Dora? There have been so many times where all I wanted to do was feel her lips against mine, to look into those bright green eyes and just fucking tell her how I FEEL. Just to fucking see her face makes all the fucking shit go away. She’s so bright and bubbly and fucking CUTE when she’s excited or passionate about something. She is so feldamned unique when it comes to anyone I’ve met. I’ve never seen so much unbridled, pure positivity even in the face of so much danger. She can always crack a joke or smile when everything else is grim. She has such a great desire for peace that blows even the most stalwart members of Sanctuary out of the water. Not once not fucking ONCE have I seen her raise even her fist in anger. Hell the only times I’ve seen her fire her gun are tonight and when we fought Fury or Lahzio. She’s so fucking caring too. Even when I’m a fucking bitch she’s there to talk to me and patch my wounds and make me feel like everything’s going to be okay. Not once has she stormed off because she was angry or told me to fuck off or even like, lectured me. She just wants us to talk through the problems we’ve had and we do and it all works out. You know I see now why whenever I’ve talked about Dora lately people have asked if we were a thing. Heheee. Probably one of the best things I heard out of Julilee. “She doesn’t swing that way orrrr…” HEEE. She is the best. Just the fucking best Commander. So fucking happy I can call her that. That she’s let me stay in Sanctuary even after all the shit I’ve pulled. It- it shows how much she cares, you know? How much she really wants me to be better. How much she believes in peace and justice and ME. Damn good fighter too with that shield of hers. Gah, didn’t she have a name for her sword? Glory or something? It’s a damn wicked sword too. Fuckin’ badass. I partly modeled the sword I made for Dora after it. I wonder if she’ll name it. “Wing’s Talon” or something. That’d be cool. Just that she liked the weapons was cool. I felt like a little girl giving her crush a flower. Which was, you know, kinda what I was doing. Only the flower was a deadly set of a saber and dagger that could slice through flesh like butter. It’s kinda weird. I made the blades so that Dora could use them to defend herself but I’d prefer if nothing got close enough that she would have to use them. Feels weird. You know, I feel so fucking bad for Eiverlyn. I just want her to be happy so fucking badly. She’s just so fucking sad and just fills the fucking pit with wine and beer and cider. She just fucking sits alone in her apartment at night and drinks by herself. Gods I hope she finds a girl to drink with. Hell I hope she finds a girl that will stop her drinking. I felt so bad for her when she hugged me after Dora left tonight. She just started crying and squeezing me and beating her fist against my chest while she sobbed. All I could do was wrap my arms around her snd hold her and cry too. She said me and Dora were fucking idiots. That it didn’t take professional training to know what was there. That to see two people deny their feelings for one another is insulting to those that don’t have it. That… that she was angry that I let it walk away. Fucking damnit. Gods fucking damnit. *tear stains mark the paper at this point, the paper crumpled and withered* She, she fucking said that I should fight for it. That I should fucking convince her. That I was the sweetest orcess she ever FUCKING MET. *oh jeez way more tear stains* I said I didn’t know how to fucking do that. I didn’t know how to show her or tell her that I loved her. FUCK. *there’s a sizable rip in the paper* And… and Eive said to just say it. That while I’m gone for the few weeks that I am, to tell myself that I love her and when I get back to- to tell her. Don’t hold back. To remember how much I missed her and, and how much she made me smile and blush to think of being with her. Eive said that at least one of us should be happy, to not be dumb anymore unless I was being dumb together with her. That might be the best advice I’ve ever fucking gotten in my life. Like, fuck man. I’ll write every day if I can to Dora and Eive. I’ll convince her, and stuff. Then, when I get back, I’ll tell her. I’ll tell Dora everything and not hold back. I might as well, right? Gotta make the best of your fucking life while you got it. You know if someone ever finds this and reads this my cred as a badass orc killer with nerves of steel and a heart of cold hard iron is completely going in the trash.