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  1. Patch day is next Tues with the Broken Shore event some time later. We can probably get an Alliance team and a Horde team for rps but getting them -both- into the same scenario instance might be tough. Do we want to just do each faction separate and say we saw each other across the beach? The factions don't actually interact with each other outside of the npcs.
  2. Autumn Delenay is starting studies in Dalaran. Making liberal use of the new coffee machine the Legerdeman Lounge now has.
  3. My warrior was already going to be there, might as well be there with you guys =P.
  4. Azura's Minijouster! Hoisonty's Orgebot Siane's Civvy Daerah's Bones Barxter Barov Contestants!
  5. Something's changed in Ironforge. The addicts, once relegated to dark corners and alleys, cause a fierce panic as they assault passersby, in the meantime, others go missing. Those of the assailant addicts who are captured and imprisoned often disappear with out warning. Cannibalism is expected, but not confirmed. To make matters worse, humans and elves in the city appear to be contracting a strange illness. Fever and hallucinations that lead to catatonia and severe muscle calcification is making the skin and muscle harden to a point where blood can't circulate through it. After a few days the sickness leads to death, enough death in the last week that people have started whispering, naming it the Stone Sickness. With all of this in mind, Autumn Delenay decided to take a walk down to Tinkertown, a walk that had been a long time coming. The person she is going to see is a gnome she had followed from the center of Ironforge the last time Myaka and her had watched the area. The gnome had accompanied a dwarven guard who she had suspected was up to no good, one whose street name she found out later on was Mikal. Suited up in her mage attire and accompanied by her large unbound frost elemental Autumn finds the gnome Lizzy's workshop a busy place, full of herbs and bottles of all shapes and variety that hang from hooks or sit on shelves. She is welcomed in after knocking on the door. "My what a busy place. I've recently gotten interested in alchemy and I've heard of your reputation from a friend, I was hoping you could answer some questions." "Oh well, okay, I'm a liiiiiiitle busy right now." She gestures wildly to the arrays and items and work. "I can see. See my friend Mikal, he said you know something about whats been floating around the city lately. Hmm haven you heard of that Stone Sickness, sounds pretty rough." She shifts her question purposely. "How do you know Mikal?" She reaches for a knife on the counter. "Through one of his fellow guards actually." The effort to stay aloof is tiring and she changes tactics, being more direct. "I actually don't care why you are making your own Wreave, and I'm fairly certain you don't have a way to get a hold of the worst parts of that crap. I do want to know what you know of it and its ties to the shit outside the city. Your probably just trying to get your own version out there for the gold. I don't care." "I think you should leave. I don't want any trouble. If you know Mikal, you know the guard isn't going to let you cause a scene here." Autumn holds up her hand to calm her down. "Hey, I don't want a scene. I... am just new at this and I'm still figuring out how to talk to people. I'm only interested in Wreave, did you know it imbues the addicts with a hunger of life and especially fel. Ive seen one kid eat a felhound that was sent after it and teleported away in a blue mist. You seem to have been working with it, I just want to know what it is and in light of what the city is like now, if its tied to the Stone Sickness" Lizzy keeps the knife but calms down. "I don't know too much about that... That's weird though. All of it. What do you want from me?" Autumn sighs, "Honestly... I have two other alchemists working on the small portions of Wreave that I was able to recover and between them and well, watching that kid talk to a warlock friend, I've figured out a lot about it. Umm... That shady dwarf that is distributing the drug, who or what is he?" She looks askance "I'm not sure. It's some sort of narcotic but the supply's been cut down to next to knowing. Look the guy Mikal has tabs on, I don't know his name but he calls himself Venombeard. Kind of racist you know? But anyway, hes gotten real cagey. Clearly the Wreave is still coming in but I'm mostly, just trying to keep this from becoming an epidemic." She shuffles uncomfortably. "These people can't really pay, not since the real stuff went off market, and no sense in getting new customers." "Look the drug is only half the thing." Autumn explains, "This Beast or Kind Vicar is also giving these addicts something else that helps turn them into brainwashed zealots. I don't quite know what his end goal is." "Are you one of the addicts? What are you talking about?" "No but I've been investigating this for weeks now. Since before the dwarf was nailed to the wall. I just don't want you getting caught up with what ever is going on here. These people are dangerous... Venombeard." "Oh. That poor thing... Heard he delivered something and yeah, I honestly don't know much about the Wreave, I was just cutting it with some of my own stuff. I think Venombeard has a god complex, maybe thats the vicar thing?" "Who mentioned a delivery?" "Mikal, by means of Venombeard. Mikals been on edge ever since. Looking for a way to you know, get rid of him. He picks his stuff up from somewhere called the Beast in Repose. I don't know where it is, I think hes just a dealer with delusions but something is scary about him." "Do you know who the package was for?" "No just someone Venombeard works with, some cabal of warlocks maybe? I don't really know, other then his drug is doing a lot of harm and I intend to stop it." "Outside of the bar he retreats to, does he go anywhere else?" She shakes her head, "No. Not that Mikal has told me. Well, that's not actually true. He heads into the old city even though its condemned." "Okay, would you be willing to accept some help stopping Wreave? I could direct any alchemist friend this way, she is very skilled in a wide range of things. More competent then me, for sure." "Oh. Uh, no, I'm okay. I have this one under control." She looks uncomfortable. "Okay, well I want to apologize for thinking worse of you." "Why?" "Because you were willing to take things from Venombeard, I thought you were doing something opportunistic but, stopping Wreave? Thats awesome." "Oh. Well. We all have to do our part, you know? Putting addicts out of their misery is not too hard. Just stop what ever this horrible drug is coming from and whats its doing to our people. Oh and before I forget, there's something you should know that's really bad. This is ... Strictly confidential right?" Autumn looks concerned and curious. "Uhh... Okay." "Well I found something really disturbing. I think Venombeard is plotting something regarding this illness, or war, or something." She rummages in her desk and places a vial with a large glass bottom. The bottom is very this compared to a normal potion vial, the top seems to be a normal tonic. "Check this out. Its pretty sinister. Like it looks weird right?" She un-stoppers it and uses a syringe to move most of the potion into a beaker. "But watch this?" She turns it on its side and the vial seems to refill with another substance. "Its got a hidden compartment. See when you drink the potion in the top, the contents in the bottom spill in. Its pretty cleaver but .... I don't imagine its going to be used for anything good." Autumn becomes incredibly interested. "Yeah... Iagree. Wow, That's pretty nifty, imagine how dangerous this is if its sold as one thing then whoops you are tricked into drinking something else. Shiiit. where did you get this? Whats the first fluid and whats the second?" "The normal is a healing potion. The bottom... is Wreave. Mikal "confiscated" a huge crate of these, in hopes of either taking them off the marking or having Vendombeard buy them back." Autumn looks kinda concerned. "The crate... what was the label on it?" "White hound industries" "Alright." Autumn looks very satisfied, "You have been a wealth of information...." Autumn pauses, thinking. Her eyes widen and she grins stupidly as she runs her hands through her hair. "Holy shit! Ha! We fucking have him!" White Hound industries is the business that had recently hired Tayissa and her crew, of which Autumn is the quartermaster for. The receipts and paperwork she manages had all the evidence she needed. "Who? And mikal and I, we aren't going to be in trouble?" "Who even needs to know you were involved? If you don't want to be known... I don't feel that we have to tell anyone." Lizzy nods. "I'm glad I could help. You can take the vial if you want." "Sure, we haven't managed to get a full bit of Wreave. Well gees. You have helped so much!" "Anything to avoid getting arrested" Autumn grins. "If you can get these addicts on your drug and not Wreave we might be able to wean them off. Then we will only have regular addicts to deal with, not fel imbued zealotish ones." "Oh. Uh. Yeah. Sure. That sounds good. Just doing my part, you know?" Autumn smiles at Lizzy, a look that seems to say "yeah, you -are- going to do this." "Thanks so much Lizzy, you have helped so much." She stands up and goes to leave, watching the gnomes reaction. Her large elemental is still standing outside the doorway as she opens it, giving Lizzy a good glimpse of him and as goes invisible as she closes the door. She makes her way home feeling very satisfied for having gotten information from someone and leaving in a mysterious and intimidating manner, like a secret agent from a book. Can I trust Lizzy? Maybe. Might be worth it to have someone come back, poke around her workshop. Though that thought is quickly followed by a second, Probably already moving her stuff right now.... It's not my problem. I'm after White Hound industries now.
  6. Autumn had called in an expert. Another member of the Empire and a warlock, Averila Blacksun stood inside the cell of the young man named Tom. In the day or so since she had last seen him he had certainly grown more haggard. Something about the fel magic in the mans blood had made Autumn suspicious, was his blood infused with fel or did the drug do it to him. More and more she felt like she was being led away from what had initially got her to start investigating this, the disappearances, but these leads were something. As Ave engages the man, Autumn looks through the bars of the door's window. 18:00:51 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: Tom turns to regard Averila with wide eyes, and a look of near reverence rises to his face.* 18:01:00 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: Autumn looks into the room through the window in the door. 18:01:34 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "Oh, kind, merciful vicar, the blood, or the Wreave today?" 18:03:01 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He is a haggard, pale boy with dark hair. His eyes have deep, red bags beneath them, and he twitches and shakes as though with an ague. 18:03:16 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He is human, likely in his early 20's, and he has a look that combines desperation and rapture. 18:03:34 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He is in a heavily soiled straightjacked, attesting to the necessity of his confinement. 18:04:10 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: Averila notes something extremely strange in the boy. He is suffused with almost lethal levels of fel...and something else. 18:04:48 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "Oh the blood, I see now." 18:05:11 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: Averila holds up a hand. "Not yet. Today, I have something new for you to try..." 18:05:35 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He begins to shake with need. "PLEASE?" he begs. 18:06:08 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "Oh the blood, it makes us mortal. It makes us more than mortal. By the blood, we are mortal no more." 18:06:31 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He whispers this line quietly. 18:07:28 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: A succubus seems to materialize from the ether, stepping toward the boy, whip in hand. "Naz, soothe his mind, make him pliable." The demon reaches out a hand, placing it on Tom's forehead. 18:08:57 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He lashes out, throwing the entirety of his slight frame against your minion. His surprising body slam takes the succubus to the floor of the cell. "Oh, merciful vicar, you have brought such a gift!" 18:09:06 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He raves as he tries to chew into the succubus's neck. And not in a nice way. 18:11:27 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: The succubus struggles against the voracious youth, barely holding him away from her soft, warm neck, the warlock takes a step aside. "Nearly there now... A little more. But if you were to tell me who usually passes you these gifts, I might be able to coerce her into submission." 18:13:32 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He continues to snap. You feel...a strange change in the boy's presence. His mind is lost, locked on the sweet, sweet blood. 18:14:06 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: There is something in him that you can bend to your will... 18:17:09 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: The warlock frowns at his seeming unresponsiveness. "Disappointing. If you cannot be civil for the slightest few moments, then I shall remove your new toy." The erotic demon vanishes from underneath Tom, slipping away into the Nether. 18:17:56 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Now, you will tell me, or you will be punished further. Appease me well, and I will give you a new gift." 18:18:01 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He collapses, and begins to grown. "Please, kind vicar...I cannot ascend without the blood!" 18:19:50 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "I don't know his name...He is simply the Kind Vicar...He promised...I need the blood...or the Wreave...The blood is the Wreave..." 18:21:03 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "I see... has he taught you anything? Has he given you knowledge of his sorcery?" 18:21:45 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "I don't need...that magic. The Wreave has all I need for my exaltation..." 18:22:24 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "It reaves us...so that we may be rewoven...WHOLE!" 18:22:37 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He yells this last line and lunges off the floor towards Averila. 18:25:46 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: The warlock's eyes go wide, clenching a fist as a few droplets of blood spill from it, incanting a [blood Horror] as he strikes her. 18:26:30 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He recoils, though you feel a reverberating presence of fel magic. Or is it magic? It seems more...intimately entwined with his body than it should. 18:27:19 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "No, Merciful Vicar! Please...please...forgive me..." 18:28:31 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He falls to his knees in supplication. "He is...Oh he is The Beast in Repose, and he is yet so much more...He blessed me, when I was at my weakest, when I had nowhere to turn to. Please, forgive me...He asked only for my silence..." 18:30:27 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: The warlock responds by resummoning her succubus, and another demon of lust alongside it, both of which make quick work pinning the young man to the floor with their hooves and further binding him with their whips. "Forgiveness must be earned, child..." 18:30:50 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "...I will give you that chance. Now, where did you meet him? What were the words he whispered to you?" 18:32:15 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He looks weak in the hands of the succubi. Even with his strength, he is subjugated. 18:32:44 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "He...spoke to me. And suckled me at the teat of the red blood." 18:32:59 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "He fed me Wreave, as much as I asked...But then he did not." 18:33:20 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "Please, Merciful Vicar, the blood!" 18:33:55 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Did he keep any company? Company like those I keep?" She pulls out a small dagger, eyeing his reaction carefully. 18:34:15 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "No...He only gave the blessings..." 18:34:54 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "Mistress! Please! I cannot bear it any longer. Engift me, liberate me from these bonds, that I might be made anew!" 18:36:26 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Tsk, tsk... but you probably have an immense pain tolerance. I'm sure Nazriana and her sister would love to play... but no matter. You shall have it." She turns to the door. "I am finished with him. And he shall find himself soon cured." 18:37:35 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "Merciful Vicar?" 18:38:03 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "I just wonder if its worth having him lead us to this Beast?" 18:39:48 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He eyes you as you leave, then turns to the succubi. 18:40:48 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: Averila steps out, and almost immediately the succubi release him and slip back into the nether. Averila firmly closes the door, ensuring it is locked before she presses a hand against it. Another portal opens in the padded cell... 18:41:41 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: Tom waits, enraptured at the portal. You feel as though the proximity itself is bolstering his resolve. 18:42:00 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "A shame that he had to succumb to such a terrible thing. He's no warlock, certainly..." Through the portal steps a felhunter, vicious, drooling, eyeless, and maw gaping at the sight of the prone Tom. 18:42:16 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: The doctor looks at you. 18:42:31 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: "What are ye doin'? This is a place a' healin!" 18:42:52 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: Autumn nods, she doesn't seem to have much pity for the boy. 18:44:03 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "...He will be cured of his afflictions, mender. He is lost, and his very existence is suffering." Almost on cue, the demon beast leaps upon the boy, great maw savaging at the boy's flesh, simultaneously feasting on any magic that might have saturated him 18:44:40 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: The unexpected happens. 18:45:09 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: You feel your connection to the felhunter break. It has not been dismissed. 18:45:16 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: You feel its energies fading. 18:45:54 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: Through the window, you notice that even as Tom is covered in blood, the felhunter ceases its movement as the boy bites hunks from his flesh. The succubi strain to keep him in check. Thick gouts of blood run down his gullet. 18:46:02 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He begins to whisper to himself. 18:46:23 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: Averila's expression begins to twist into one of comical concern. 18:46:39 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: Astonished Autumn looks to the nurse. "I don't think we can heal that." 18:47:44 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He stiffens, and his body contracts. His muttering continues. He looks through the bars with deadly clarity as the doctor runs to get other help. 18:48:18 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: He gazes into Averila's eyes. "Mistress...the gift...it...is...rapture!" 18:48:35 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "What the fuck was done to this kid?" 18:48:37 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: His physical form roils and collapses, fading away in a powdery blue mist. 18:48:45 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Fucking hell!" 18:48:53 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: The mist heads towards one of the edges of the room, and passes *into* it. 18:49:16 [Remiaan-Ravenholdt]: You are left with an exsanguinated felhunter and two very confused succubi. And an empty, blood straightjacket. 18:49:25 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: The warlock blinks a few times, remaining silent as the warlock and the succubi all look on, confused and astonished. 18:50:01 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: Autumn fights to get the door open. Once inside she looks around at the mist. "It is a form of teleportation." 18:50:37 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Well... fuck. At least we have got some information."d 18:51:29 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: The warlock brings a hand to her brow, rubbing it before dismissing the succubi with a gesture. "I have a few hunches, Miss Autumn. You will like none of them." 18:52:01 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "I haven't liked anything about this, we still need to know." 18:52:39 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Have you ever heard of turning into mist as a method of transportation?" 18:53:25 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Some Monks supposedly could, what concerns me more is the use of demon blood. You're well aware of the effects, I assume?" 18:54:54 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Some yes. It's like the stories of the blood elves at the Sunwell." 18:55:30 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "The wretched but that strength." 18:55:38 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Not only that, look at what it did to the orcs." 18:55:52 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Bloodlust." 18:56:19 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "So... that guy that he tried to bite earlier, he might have been a warlock." 18:57:05 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "I still have one more lead in the city, a gnome who had been trying to replicate the drug. She might know some more about it." 18:57:39 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Are demons weak to sunlight?" 18:58:15 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: Averila snorts. "Yes, the same way trees are weak to birds." 18:59:09 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "I've taken a photo of someone else like him and he freaked out. Everytime I've taken a photo of the drug its flash boiled, so I assume the same thing happened to the blood the drug is in." 18:59:24 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Probably causing extreme pain.' 18:59:49 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Well, what ever. I'm sorry, what else did you discover?" 19:00:27 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "It could be a reactant. Perhaps some void dust is used...? If this is indeed a warlock, then odds are he may be familiar with blood pacts. That's fairly common, though." 19:00:58 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "It seemed more like this Vicar infused him with fel." 19:01:21 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Weakened him with Wreave the substituted it with fel." 19:01:56 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "The way he spoke, it sounded like a sermon." 19:02:12 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Stuff the vicar probably said." 19:02:39 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "A ritual, perhaps. Rites are common among summoning rituals." 19:02:52 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Especially those that seem religious." 19:04:07 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Beast in respose. A sleeping demon?" 19:06:07 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Well. Thank you for your help. I wouldn't have gotten any of that from him." 19:06:30 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Or something worse. Something a..." She pauses, a flash of consternation settles into her features. "I'm unsure though, still, glad to have helped." 19:07:16 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "We should probably go before I get kicked out for summoning demons into a ward. I don't want another bounty on my head." 19:07:50 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: Autumn smiles. "I have a friend in the guard here, we could probably talk you out of it." 19:09:18 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "We can go to my place if you want?" 19:09:41 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Much as I appreciate it, I do try to avoid the law where necessary... If there is more to discuss, I'll gladly take you up on the offer." 19:10:01 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Alright. I'll see you around." 19:10:34 [Averila-Ravenholdt]: "Be safe, and if you learn anything more, particularly of rituals and demon blood, let me know." 19:11:34 [Delenay-Ravenholdt]: "Will do. I think you should expect a call, we probably only just scratched the surface here."
  7. A letter came to Autumn's residence in the Mystic ward, sent from the guard Morgarr. At first she assumed it was a thank you for the photos she had taken for him but to her dismay it was far from it. Using the Empires guild stones Autumn called Myaka over and they both venture into the city. They find the guards in a back alleyway, a Dark Iron dwarf Autumn and Myaka both remember from their stake out a few days before, was strung up on a wall, nails in his hands and feet. Autumn, having once applied to the Stormwind City Guard to be their photographer, first asked if the dwarven guards needed some taken for them and then, after being told they already had them, she gained the permission to take a photo for herself. Her suspicions proved to be justified when a vial of the drug, hidden in the Dark Iron's mouth, once again flash boiled when exposed to the Apexis stone Autumn uses for her cameras flash. Bit by bit, Autumn develops her theory. There is little doubt now that Wreave reacted negatively to Sunlight, and bringing this to the attention of Morgarr, they both agreed that Ironforge is certainly the perfect place for it. Leaving Morgarr, Autumn and Myaka head to the Mystic Ward where they were told a young man was being kept while he was dealing with a Wreave withdrawal. Talking to the nurse they are informed that the young man had attempted to bite a dwarf earlier in the week and was arrested and that he then later broke out and was found in an alley way with vials of Wreave around him. Autumn then asks the nurse for a bit of his blood, wanting to run a quick test and as Myaka and the nurse holds the boy down he resists with a surprising amount of strength. After two quick experiments Autumn finds herself hopeful yet worried at the same time. The first test proved that Wreave will boil any liquid dry the moment it is exposed to sunlight, blood included. This gives Autumn the idea to run more tests on the blood of the young man later on, with varying degrees of sunlight to determine at what point does the drug not boil. This would allow her to construct a lowlight flash and hopefully make it easier to pick those on Wreave out from a crowd. The second test, a quick flick of arcane magic directed at a second drop of the man's blood, revealed a resonance of Fel energy. Whether it is from the man himself, he might be a warlock, or if the large amount of Wreave he took during his brief moment of freedom imbued his blood with it, Autumn can't say.
  8. Autumn calls Myaka Winterborne over to her home in Ironforge a few days later to ask her about herbs that have properties that affect metals when there is a knock at the door. The guard Morgarr had come by to talk about the photos for his daughters dance and Autumn takes the chance to prod him about the dwaven guard she had seen take a vial earlier that week. The description matches three dwarves who go by alias' on their patrol, Thorgar Granitehand, Wartin Ulgurslayer and Mikal Stonawl. Each of them Morgarr's superiors. Autumn asks Morgarr to not put himself in danger then after he leaves she and Myaka go to the forge. They find the shady dwarf making his rounds, pacing up and down the central forge area. With Autumn up near the ceiling of the city, in the shadows and Myaka casing the street they watch and wait. The dwarf unfortunately spots Mya and waves off an approaching gnome, Autumn takes this chance to split up, following the gnome while Mya watches the dwarf. The pink haired gnome doesn't get too far before she is pulled aside buy the dwarven guard she warned Morgarr about and after following them on her runesaber for a few minutes Autumn gets impatient and uses her magic to get close. To her surprise the dwarven guard, Mikal is partners with the gnome Lizzy, and Autumn overhear them talking about what she believes is the production of their own version of the drug Autumn has learned to be called Wreave. After getting the names of the two and following the gnome to her home she returns to the great forge where Myaka had watched as a young human lad had been denied any more drugs. The shady dwarf roughly inspected the lad, a rash had formed on his arm, and told him to go to a specific alley way before walking to the bar he had vanished in the first day Autumn had lost him. Myaka causally follows behind but is spotted by some of the look outs near the bar who promptly warns those inside causing many of the patrons to scatter, those left inside seem wary of her. After an hour, more come and go and the bar resumes its regular atmosphere, just in time for a Dark Iron dwarf to approach Myaka. Thinking she is someone else, a plant in the Empire, he gives her a box of mystery, indicates that their boss is upstairs then leaves.
  9. Autumn took over 150 photos at the tournament! There's no way I'm posting that many so here are some highlights. Unfortunately everyone jousting did so a mile away so there aren't many good shots. If anyone is interested in seeing all of the photos click the link in my signature! ((/shamelessplus)) The Joust And the winner is Zakeal The Melee And the winner of the melee, after a close few fights is Rorrek
  10. ((First, nice Boktai reference and I like the Lore of that sword. Second... I didn't know my old mage created the Blink spell =P. I used to have a human mage named Sumner who wore the Tirisfal set or at least all red, he met an unfortunate end. Don't change anything though, it wasn't his real name and now I like the idea that he took the name after reading it in a book about the spell Blink and he did get into portal magic near the end too.))
  11. ((Great names and great lore, it's impressive. I already have an idea for Autumn's fire sword and ice staff but I can't wait to see what you come up with for the other artifacts, I have oh so many characters. =p))
  12. Autumn Delenay is still working her photography business, researching connections between titans, apexis and what crystals on azeroth are for and waiting to start her work as a quartermaster on Tayissa's new ship Mari'se "Nightbolt" is making a new pair of goggles that can work as a radio (think goggle codex), a revolver (for when she goes outlaw), mechanical hand mods for two people, a grappling hook system (surv javelin and outlaw grappling hook) and a way to make them mech hand mods for those two other people. Shes considering becoming a gunsmith now too.
  13. Thanks for coming out everyone!
  14. Who will be coordinating the alliance? What guilds voice chat should we meet in tonight?
  15. Were the Grim really this stupid? Autumn thought as she adjusted the lens on her camera. The multitude of things she has crafted over the last year for her business have given her some useful tools. *Click* Her camera's shutter snap as she takes a photo, it's one of many that she as taken since arriving in the Easter Plaguelands. They have to be planning something, to be this confidant to tell everyone about it so early. Flyers had fallen in Stormwind, advertising this very location, her last photo was one of the very same gallows shown on the paper, just from a different angle and much further away. To give us so much time to get here and prepare, to ambush them. I don't understand. She hoped these photos would help the rescue team, a combined might of the Empire, the Aegis and so many others, form a plan. Too see something she couldn't.