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  1. Aaren - Neutral Good Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (32) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (25) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (25) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXX (8) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXX (3) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Chaos --- XXXXXXXXX (9) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9) Evil ---- XXXXX (5) While Aaren is often good leaning, I would think she's more chaotic neutral. But this fits with such a short questionnaire. Breygrah - Lawful Good Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (40) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (35) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (25) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (29) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (24) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Chaotic Evil ---- XX (2) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Chaos --- XX (2) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (23) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Evil ---- (0)
  2. It was a lot of fun, I really liked this idea. I hope we get to do it again sometime! - Pandagirl
  3. 9. Duke Ellington - Mood Indigo Restless Paise Wrenn was getting bored and restless. Her study was silent save for the crackling of flame and quiet ticking of the clock on the wall. Her little sister was long asleep in her room down the hall. The logs on the hearth were near burnt completely to ash as the woman stared into the glowing embers over a deep red wine that sat mostly untouched. She was a paladin trained proudly in Stormwind. She was a knight fighting the undead for the Argent Dawn. She was once a champion for the Light fighting the forces of the Legion in Outland. And now? Paperwork, brokering, treasury. A few public projects, a bit of maintaining some tasks for the Church, but mostly private accounts these days. Nothing of any real interest. For a time Paise preferred the calm. Preferred her soft servant's robes to the heavy plate she trained and worked in for years. She didn't think twice about staying behind while her peers traveled to the Frozen Wastes to fight the Scourge. She never liked the cold anyway. When the Cataclysm happened, she was content to stay in the City and tend to the citizens and injured heroes. Paise had no interest in traveling Pandaria or learning about the strange Pandaren or whatever their problems were, but the re-ignition of the Dark Portal piqued her curiosity. But now, word said the fight in this past that wasn't theirs was near through, and thinking about it made her forehead wrinkle. She didn't like the idea of traveling to a different time and felt that her world's forces were meddling more than was necessary, but still she felt a longing. She missed the rugged dented plate rubbing against her skin through torn clothing. She missed the heavy axe in her hands as she smote the undead, chastised demons, cut down fel orcs through righteous fury for her kingdom and people. She did no good anymore. She helped people and entities with taxes and storage, a job that was becoming unbearably dull and lifeless. How upset would the Pure and the Faithful be to see their former student silently whining about a safe assignment, a secure position, a quiet post in the City's heart? Paise left her forgotten wine on the table and looked to the northern wall of her study. Her plate was displayed on the wall, she told herself and her young sister that it was a reminder of what has been sacrificed for their life now, but she didn't even know any more. Her best axe was fixed beside it, gleaming and radiating a warm aura still years later in the dim light. The woman stood and walked to the ornate display before lifting her gown over her head and reaching for the chestpiece.
  4. Just in case someone's waiting and hasn't checked yet, the Sanctum is back up!
  5. 8. Opeth - Hope Leaves Disburden There is a wound that's always bleeding, There is a road I'm always walking, And I know you'll never return to this place. The rogue wandered around an empty Stormwind in the middle of the night. She didn't sleep much at night anyway. That particular night she made her way to what remained of the Park. The guards keeping people away from the cliffs and rubble were busy talking to each other, and made it easy enough to slip past them where their lanterns didn't glow. She perched herself on a crumbling block of stone obscured by the shadows and thought about the paladin she'd never see again. It had been years already, but she never went back to their home in Ironforge and it was the first she had come to see the wreckage of her favorite part of the city, the place she probably spent most of her time when she wasn't snatching coin purses or stalking for bounties. A long time ago, now. Her red locks fell from behind her ear as she looked down at the rings in her palm. One was flashy, too flashy for common folk to have and be real, and it certainly wasn't. The second a more plain but more real wedding ring, though it still looked rather expensive. They were from the paladin, not anything she swiped from a dresser or vault. She separated them, one in each palm and watched the glinting in the little bit of light they caught in the shadow of the charred beam blocking out the moon in the clear sky. The wedding band sat in her left palm, the engagement ring in her right. She flipped the ring up in her right hand to catch it with her fingers, and a sharp flick of her wrist sent it flying through the air. Her eyes didn't follow it, she didn't listen for the tiny splash or near silent ting of it bouncing off of stone or wood. She looked at the ring in her left hand. The rogue lazily pulled the chain from her neck and looked at the bauble hanging from it after dropping the remaining ring into a pocket on her chest. The chain was discarded and she took the object it held into her palm. It was crystal clear, what looked to be a flame frozen in time. Or ice. It was still cold in her gloved hand. She sent it sailing through the air as well, and this time listened for the plop into the water. The woman stretched casually as she rose with a sigh of relief and made her way back into the city proper.
  6. 7. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Isn't This a Lovely Day Patience The thunder and lightning seem to be having their way. But as far as I'm concerned, it's a lovely day. Freah could be a little terror at times, but Breygrah was patient. Even with all the traveling, all the new wondrous things the girl saw, she was angry and even at this young age just like her father, Brey thought. Most of the time she was agreeable, but those times she didn't get what she wanted? The small calf made sure that everyone within at least a mile would hear it. Brey didn't mind. She let Freah kick her little hooves against the plate on her legs as she held her. She held Freah's arms when the girl decided that flailing them would be better use of her energy and calmly waited for her energy to be spent. She was angry when it was time to leave Winterspring; Freah was never finished playing with the snow. She was angry when she had to come in for the night in Feralas out of the gentle forest rains. She was angry to be leaving 'grappa' (as he preferred to be called) in the Stonetalon ridges. She was angry that she couldn't chase diemetradons and devilsaurs with a tiny club befitting her size in the Crater. She was angry that she couldn't ride the trees shuffling about in Azshara or the kodos in Desolace. She was probably most angry that she couldn't jump into the waters of Thousand Needles after she finished the various treats the goblins had for sale on the barge. Brey never raised her voice and only moved swiftly to protect the girl, from the environment or herself. She usually smiled through the tantrums and spoke in her usual smile and gentle voice while the girl's own baying usually drowned her out. She explained why Freah must or must not do the thing she wanted, mostly to deaf ears. Deaf ears for the first couple of weeks, anyway.
  7. I'm totally learning some of this stuff still as I go, but I'll try to keep the topic at least somewhat in order. If something isn't clear or redundant or whatever, it can be posted here so I can fix stuff as we go!
  8. Character Pane Names, Titles, and Characteristics. Or ohgodwhatdidIgetmyselfinto. Be ready for lots of post edits! Clicking on Character defaults you to your current character's information. Clicking the edit button lets you change like, everything. Your class name, class color, the icon that shows up in your tooltip, you can even add a color to represent your character's eyes. Title would be something like "Lady" or "Lord" and precedes your name. If you put something in the Full Title slot, it replaces you in-game title in your tooltip. This also tells you if the person you're hovering over is using MRP, FlagRSP, XRP, TRP2 or most other RP addons. You can change the icon that shows up as well. You can search by spell, ability, race, class, creature. As a warning the icon names aren't totally intuitive so it may take some hunting to find the perfect one. Have fun searching through 14000! Right clicking the gear to the right of class lets you change your class color. This color change would also apply to the title you give yourself, and I'll pick a really obnoxious color for this illustration. You'll always have to click save at the top right of the pane before you can see the change take effect of course, but if you don't like the change just right click the gear to reset the color to default. The same process goes for eye color: You can type in what your character's residence/birthplace are, or you can choose your current location for either if you want to be more specific. When you click the little house, the name changes to whatever it says above your minimap: How it shows after you click save: Clicking the little house besides the location opens the map to show the area. And if you'd like, you can change the name to what your specific garrison or base or home may be called, or even just the general area. If you'd like to redo these, just right click the little house to the right of the location while in edit mode and the space becomes blank again. Remember to save all the time. And remember to click edit to change them! The Additional Information field lets you add extra little things that people might generally know/see about your character. Stuff that might be well known about your character, or maybe the only thing people know about your character. Obvious stuff! But stuff that doesn't change very often or at all. All entries can be completely edited to say what you want, and the icon as well. These will show up in the profile itself and not the tooltip. If you change your mind about this later, just click edit and then the X at the end of the line. Personality traits! These will give other characters a good idea of what to expect from your character, especially useful in a first meeting or with someone you're just getting to know. Using Chaotic and Lawful as an example, more yellow emphasizes the trait on the left, while blue emphasizes the trait on the right. You cannot put six points into any trait. There's quite a bit you can show off, or if you wish you don't have to show any at all. And you can of course make your own! Text and icons are customizable. Remember to always save! There is luckily a dialogue that pops up to tell you when you're about to switch tabs in your character pane without saving your work, but it saves nothing and gives you no dialogue if you change tabs along the side of the window (companions, directory, etc.). It's always easier to save your work and change it later than it is to try to remember all this awesome stuff you've typed up and lost! So this is the plain and bare About panel that I don't use, but most other people do it seems! When you click edit, you get 19 background color and styles to choose from and a preview for each one so you don't have to click through them all. Three templates are also provided so you can enter your in-depth information. Template 1 is just a text editor so you can make it look however you'd like: Template 2 allows you to add frames, as many or as few as you'd like, where you decide what each ones contains and what icon represents them. You can also choose the background with the same drop down menu with previews. I was able to add ten frames when I tested it out, so there should be plenty of room for whatever you'd like to do! Template 3 sets you up with the basics: physical description, personality, and history. These icons are changeable if you'd like to find a closer fit. And your character theme! Choose any in-game music file to follow your character's profile around, wherever it goes! It will definitely help to know the filename if you want something specific. When you hover over a file, a box tells you how to select the song, or preview the song so you're sure it's the right one for you. If you don't want to set a song as your profile's theme, but want to hear it while out in the world, you can find the song here and play it by right clicking it. It continues to play so you can go about your business and loops so you don't have to replay it every time. Under the Miscellaneous tab, you have At A Glance notes that appear in your toolbar for others with TRP3, IC and OOC information that appears in your tooltip, and roleplay style settings that others can see. Your At A Glance lets people know things they can see about your character, especially things that could change often. Currently jewelry, clothing, an injury, something the character may carry often in plain view, their scent. The editor slot has to be selected for it to show up for others, so if it's something you'd like to hide at some times and show in others without having to retype it all of the time, this is the place to do it. The chosen icon is faded so you know it's inactive. The section were you enter what you're currently doing/current apparent mood is hidden all the way back here. This is what it looks like in the edit box, and what it looks like in your tooltip! Your roleplay style includes how often one can reasonably expect you to be IC, what kinds of events you'll tolerate for this character, how you'd like to RP fights, and whether your guild membership itself is IC or OOC. The only bit of this information that shows in the tooltip is your guild membership, otherwise one would have to go into your profile to see what you accept. You can also choose not to show any of this information to others if you wish. IC Frequence ranges from full time OOC with no IC (as in not a roleplay character), to full time IC with no OOC (characters that are always IC unless specially noted, as in /s and often in groups, such as /p and /ra). Accepting your character's injury from, death by, or romance with another can be shown with yes, no, and with permission settings. Battle resolution preferences are in-game PvP (show your skill!), /roll battle (leave it to chance!), or emote battle (get all fancy and dramatic with it!). TRP /roll battle is an option, but that feature hasn't been made available within TRP3 just yet. And there. That's your character information for you!
  9. So I have no idea how to make a guide to something, but with at least a couple people switching to TRP from MRP for the extra options, It might be a little easier to just (kind of) organize it somewhere. I used FlagRSP and then MRP for the longest time, and I love the extra stuff TRP adds. It also lets you see people's MRPs and lets them see the basic information in yours, so no one is really left out! TRP just has some extra information that might not be fully visible. I decided to use lots of screenshots as examples of what you'll see, since previews on Curse or WoWInterface don't always show you what you get. It might be annoying to hunt through, so PM or whisper me (Aaren-Ravenholdt) if you have a question and I'll find what you're looking for. Get TRP3 here: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/total-rp-3 Minimap Button This is the toolbar it's referring to. This bar can be moved anywhere on the screen but also get in the way, and get annoying sometimes. Being able to hide it is rather handy. This image shows the helm and cloak you are wearing while they are showing, the following image shows what the icons look like when they are hidden. Options are: 1. show/hide cloak 2. show/hide helm 3. set status to afk/dnd 4. set status to IC/OOC 5. easy language swap Main frame (edited to reflect version 1.0.3): The Total RP 3: Extended link refers to the upcoming enhanced addon they're working on currently that is expected to be released in September, soon after Legion launches. I think it's still worth sharing all the awesome things the addon can do already for those who may be undecided in using a roleplay addon, or even for people that haven't found neat things that you can do with the current version. Options here are of course character status (IC/OOC) and roleplayer status. The status option has the choice between beginner/experienced roleplayer, but there's also a really cool option to flag yourself as a Volunteer Roleplayer to let beginners know you're available for help! (which I may or may not have just now noticed existed >.>) The two resizing buttons will be your friend if you'd rather just have some detailed profiles laid out and dislike scrolling through so much. Clicking button 1 first lets you make the Main Frame full screen. Once it's full screen, clicking it again brings it back to its default size (not the size you drag it to). Clicking button 2 lets you drag the window to whatever size you wish, as long as that size is greater than 768 x 501. If you'd like to reset it, drag the window smaller until the numbers are red, or just use button 1. There is a ton of cool stuff in this addon, and I can't promise I'll make sense or explain it well, but I'll try! More to come!
  10. 6. Five Finger Death Punch - Battle Born Wind-bound I don't know where I'm going but I know just where I've been. Tesonii slept solidly, but Aaren didn't sleep much. Perhaps if she ever meant to wake the mage-knight it wouldn't be so difficult, but she usually got up to roam her grounds soon after her companion fell asleep. The only problem was wriggling out of her grasp, but no matter what the priestess would do Tesonii wouldn't ever wake or even really stir, and tonight was no exception. Typically, Aaren would roam silently through the snow and wind to either reflect on the things and people of the day that pissed her off, or what she would do in the future in response instead. Nothing that would truly happen, of course, but she enjoyed the imagery she afforded herself. More recently, she would use it to clear her mind of any of those strong feelings while inspecting the grounds. Not that she needed to check on it, everything was always as it should be. Tonight, she considered recent things that have happened, as well as the things that happened months or years or decades ago. Things she usually went out of her way to forget or at the very least just refused to think about at any depth. Pulling the heavy cloak around her shoulders she found a smooth rock formation to perch herself upon and her thoughts drifted from the death of her mother to the death of the woman that wasn't her mother. How could she ever tell that woman's daughter of what happened, or would it even matter? Her chest seized, she stood and continued her pacing around the empty buildings and dark campus. She hated thinking of timelines and the manipulations thereof by people and creatures that had no business doing so, hated dragons more now than she ever had before. She thought of the few memories of her mother's small family that seemed to vanish when she was very young. She thought of her father's family that would hardly consider her as such, (associated noble families to a lesser extent) and how they would finally forsake her and her mother when she blatanty refused to serve the magisters as they did, as the father she never knew did. She thought of years of her training in a monastery surrounded by mountains and hills and how it still made her happy to be all but isolated from the arcane even now, years and years later. She thought of the sacrifices she made in Outland, though recently that time of her life had shown its ugly head again and again in the weeks past. The magister enjoyed her torment, but that isn't what she would focus on. Ambushes were prevented, plans were found and transports were learned of, everything she became aware of transmitted to her superiors with her cunning. Instead of the pain she inflicted she thought of the lives she saved. Aaren didn't think of herself so highly as to think she was so critical to the victories in Shadowmoon Valley and the Netherstorm, but she was glad to have done her part to help. Returning to Silvermoon made her almost think twice of what happened, however. They expected her to remain silent in regards to the things she had seen and done. She never thought she should receive even a commendation, but she was invisible and merely existed quietly until ships bound for the Frozen Wastes were commissioned. She was never build for fighting, but poured every bit of herself into rigorous training and crippling the scourge's operations anywhere they existed until the doors of the Citadel were breached. Her time in Icecrown is why she will never be bothered by the winds and snows of Frostfire. She was glad for such an uneventful life since then, until now. Her hatred of dragons of almost every color of the rainbow was more of a perpetual thought, now. Chronomancy was the most insane of the magister's studies, and never seeing or hearing of it again for the rest of her days would still not be enough. She didn't belong in Borrowed Time and wondered how soon her usefulness would run out and she'd be run off from a garrison she never visited aside from neccessity. She didn't belong anywhere else, either, though. It had been years since the lingering misfit feeling trailed behind her. She wondered how often Tesonii, someone much different than most other people she's met, had felt the same thing. Her thoughts regarding Tes usually turned to wonder when Aaren would finally break her poor heart, so she always moved on from the imagery rather quickly. A gust of cold against Aaren's face brought her back to the night. She thought about how she wasn't always so cynical, but she couldn't quite remember when exactly that was anymore. If not just sometime before journeying into Outland, it must have been when she was a child and didn't know any better of how the world worked. Her flyers carried her the worlds over, but still not as much as she led her hawkstrider on the ground. She'd seen every land and worked in every one. If there was nothing else she knew of how life worked, it was that the only thing that was ever sure was the past. That, and that Tesonii would be upset to wake up cold and find herself alone, again.
  11. Oh gosh you guys :3 I am ready for the piggybacking, or making everyone think we had it planned the whole time while we BS the shit out of it! Example, the Aaren in my no.2 is the same Aaren in Kex'to's no.6!
  12. 5. Killswitch Engage - My Curse Home I watched you walk away, hopeless with nothing to say. I strain my eyes hoping to see you again... ...But still I wait to see you again. Dorn Thunderhorn had not seen his youngest child in far too long, longer than he would even admit and it left an aching void in his heart that wouldn't dull with time. He thought of her every day without fail, usually after remembering an inward joke they shared, or of the times she would help him at his firepit that doubled as an alchemy lab. He loved his mate Malana dearly, but her mouth would drive their daughter from the home that he tried to keep open for her. Breygrah, having come into her own not only as a warrior, but a protector, never felt quite comfortable around her mother. This was especially true after she chose to leave the nomadic village behind to find her own place in life. Malana made her feel even smaller than she was at times, all the while he saw it and said nothing. He knew it would have only made her feel even more isolated to voice his concerns, but he constantly wrestled with regret in not guarding his youngest from her mother's lashing tongue. Still, he thought and more importantly hoped she always knew she had his silent unwavering support. He would always curse the family and village dynamics for pushing away his little girl, but he always knew she would be okay even without him to take care of her. Strong, just like her mother, but silent and patient like her father. Helpless to stop her, he ran to the nearest hill upon her initial departure and watched until she vanished into the distance. Then, he sat and watched even longer until the afternoon turned to evening, evening turned to night. She rarely wrote, he knew she wouldn't knowing how she disliked trying to put her thoughts onto parchment, or words in general. She visited even less often, and when she did it was usually cut short after a tantrum from her mother. Still, he watched and waited for her or her word. His patience was more true than his girl's, but patience didn't mend or prevent the pangs in his heart. He certainly didn't have any favorites of his four children, and much less would act upon those inclinations. But, if he did indeed have one, it would have been her. Malana and most of anyone that would have cared were away on a hunt when Dorn heard the too rare but wholly familiar clanking of plate bouncing around a hip to a short stride in the still evening air. He left a pot boiling over a fire to hurry and meet Breygrah on the road. He knew his elixir would be ruined, but he didn't care. He cared more about his gentle daughter, and surprisingly on this occasion, the child she carried sleeping in her arms. Breygrah slowed her stride as they neared each other as her father did the same with his eyes dancing between the two. First, they conveyed confusion at the sight of his daughter carrying a child several years old that he had heard nothing about, not even a suggestion. They were quickly overcome at the joy of the prospect, paired with Brey being there in the first place. "Is... she Akagar's...?" He was cautious regarding the girl with black fur in contrast to the woman's brown hue when a thought occured to him. "But, no, wait... his fur was white, was it not?" It doesn't even matter, young one he wanted to say, but he held his breath with the hope that he didn't embarrass the poor girl. "She isn't mine." Brey finally broke her silence, quietly through a lopsided smile that mirrored her father's own perfectly.
  13. I love the Bayou story so very much. Perfect song too!
  14. 4. Travels Cover me with heaven's blue and let me dream a dream or two. Sing me to sleep, Lullaby of the Leaves. Twilight Mesa was always one of Breygrah's favorite places. It had been years since she'd been to the place, or to the Barrens at all for that matter. Not since long before the journey into Draenor, before the ruin and victory that would come in short repetitious cycle with her time there. It was the most tumultuous time of her short life, being in this world where by all rights they didn't belong, and the events sure mirrored that train of thought. With rare exceptions, her time since recovering from whatever that Morinth person had done was spent in the wilderness. The warrior remained in Draenor a short time at the request of the arakkoa friends she had made along the way, clearing out remnants of their hostile brethren and Iron Horde still entrenched in the dark and dense forests. The slight tauren's sights were next set on an orphanage in Northrend. The child wasn't hers, and in all honesty being in charge of a small person was rather horrifying, but the warrior became apt at focusing on better things that were to come. The headmistress warned her not to waste her time with the unruly tauren child, or was she taunka? The orc woman couldn't tell. She just knew the time among oracle and frenzyheart children made her impulsive and quarrelsome in the worst ways and even tried to dissuade Breygrah from taking the calf under her watch. The woman's patience was strong, as she had proven to people time and time again, and her longsuffering would help mold the child as she taught her how to focus her energies. Brey would be the tauren influence in her life, she would teach her the traditions and customs that she herself would even forsake for years until now, though she would seek another for the caretaking, the best mother she knew thus far would care for her totally and completely. Freah would be an amazing shaman one day, especially under the guidance of Pythral. That would come a little later, however. Once they left Northrend, they made her way to the Nagrand of Outland. Breygrah would have never admitted it, and would feel somewhat ashamed to think about it for a moment, but she liked the mystic air and broken lands of the shattered world. The islands high above the land proved perfect and safe places in which to share a meal or begin the earliest lessons with her new charge in tow; the spirits on the ground would whisper comfort. The two traveled Kalimdor next. The Eastern Kingdoms would wait until her small burden was old enough to keep a more vigilant watch; Breygrah never particularly enjoyed the more 'civilized' lands in favor of her teeming wildlands. Silithus was too dusty, Tanaris too sandy, Un'goro too damp. The new water-land of Thousand Needles made the warrior uncomfortable in her plate. The child loved the everlasting green of Feralas, the oasis of Desolace, even with the presence of the elves that made the child fluff up her fur and growl ferociously. From there, they flew to Winterspring to a refreshing chill that excited Freah, and she would spend her few days there playing with the few goblin children in Everlook and building men and kodos in the snow, packed strong enough to climb to the top for a view their short legs couldn't afford them. At least, that's what they thought. They didn't arrive at Twilight Mesa until late in the night, when Freah was deeply asleep wrapped in a blanket. Brey set her down and started a fire nearby before walking out toward the edge of the mesa and drawing a circle in the dirt with her hoof. The air was still, but the wind carried whispers to her ears that she missed since her travels to Draenor, whispers that used to be her guidance and lullaby. She had grown greatly since then, for sure. She wished she could erase events of the last few months but knew she was a better person now for them. She settled down in the center of the drawn form on the ground with hardly a sound but her breath and the crackling of the fire behind her.
  15. 3. Sonata Arctica - Everything Fades to Gray (Instrumental) Shadow The Shadow always brought with it a chill Aaren couldn't shake. A part of the reason she was so drawn to the Light was its life-giving warmth and how she could call upon it at will to envelop her and make her forget some of the things that plagued her continually, at least for a little while. Shadow itself wasn't cold, per se. It wasn't quite the same as the unforgiving dunes of snow in Frostfire, the painfully frigid winds of Icecrown, even the refreshingly crisp powderings of Winterspring. It was motionless cold without cause while standing in the rays of the sun. The chill came wholly from within and she never liked it. Using the shadow more often and for longer durations made it easier to forget how cold it was. It made it easier to forget what she became when she allowed them to consume her. Easier to forget the things she'd do when shade gently guided her, a curved grin upon its face if it ever had such a thing, leading her deeper into the icy aura and numbing her to the searings she'd dole out. The painful explosions of shadow, the burn of shadowfrost, the instruments of darkness suddenly cutting through the mind of its unwitting victim more cleanly than a newly sharpened blade. Even with all the good she'd done, with all the good she intended to do, the shadow made her cruel. She wielded it with absolute mastery as her inclinations so decided. Aaren was taught for years that Shadow brought balance, where Light falls there must also be shadow. While it did have its proper uses, she was still haunted by the things she once used it for. The chill often found her in the night, a silent howl of laughter in her mind to jar her awake in the darkest hours.
  16. Kerala it's really smart to include timelines in your writing so often, especially since you write so much. I've always liked that you do that and I'm sure that takes a good bit of time to sort through everything even yourself.
  17. 2. Billie Holiday - I'll Be Seeing You Missing I'll be seeing you, In every lovely summer's day. In everything that's light and gay, I'll always think of you that way. Journal entry one: I arrived home finally, and mother isn't here. She couldn't have gone far, she was expecting me! Excited to be seeing me after a couple years, even. I pulled some strings in Dalaran and got my orders delayed by another two weeks so I'd have extra time to see her, and she knew it. Something didn't come up, or she would have told me. Or told Analiese to tell me. At the very least, left a note. Even if something did come up, she dotes on me far too much to just vanish like this. I'm going to write this all down so she knows exactly how worried I was when she decides to show up again. Entry two: This isn't like her. A few says still, I've been here a week and a half, and not a word from her or anyone. I checked with anyone she would have been with. Her students, their families. I know she says she sometimes takes fruits or candies to them when class is not in session, her own way of keeping up on them and making sure they aren't getting lax in their studies. The sanctums, I heard from various people that she started spending a bit more of time with them. Probably aiding in research and all that. The vendors in the bazaar and markets didn't remember seeing her around recently. I know she even used to go check on the Farstriders regularly and bring bread she made for them, and they've seen nothing. At least they are decent enough to go searching for her, or so they say. Entry three: Four weeks, and nothing. I know she's able and accomplished in her own right, but I know something is wrong. I convinced the City to send an investigator. All they've been able to tell me so far is that I should stay here and wait for her to come home, but what good is this doing? Entry four: I left Analiese in charge of the watch and traveled throughout Lordaeron. I spent the last three months checking each major city and town, and nothing. I thought maybe she just got her dates mixed up and went to get some supplies or something for when I got home? She does that sometimes. Rare, but it happens, particularly when she's gotten too excited over some event happening. There are specific shops, or at least specific artisans in each city she used to take me to, places she would definitely visit if she was there, and none of them remember seeing her since the last visit a half a year ago. Analiese said investigators came to check, even a magister or two, but she's seen nor heard a thing from mother. The magisters didn't say if they were looking for me rather than her, but if it was to check for something arcane, don't they think I would have found it myself? Entry five: Grandfather came to urge me to stop looking for something that won't turn up. My positions with the magisters isn't in question, even with my extended absence. Something I know he has control over, but I know he wants me to stop fretting over my search and move on. It's only been eight months since I arrived. I don't appreciate him advising me to sign the deeds and other papers he brings me for her property and possessions. They're hers, and she'll need them when she turns up again and then I'll be able to worry about finding my own. The gift she said she had for me was sitting on the floor when I very first arrived, but I haven't opened it. I'm not going to until I find her.
  18. 1. Breaking Benjamin - Fade Away Citadel I live for those I lost along the way... ...I live to fight and die another day... ...I'm cold and broken. How high up was it, there the top, anyway? The priestess couldn't even see the ground, standing on the edge of the platform and looking down through the gray-blue haze and heavy fog that somehow persisted in the unforgiving and bitter winds. On the ground, the freeze was painful. The winds were biting cold and readily cut straight through any cloth, leather, or fur, anything that attempted to guard against the frigidity. But up there? It would seem a relief if she was to just go back down to the frosted ground rather than take the portal back to the City. Fitting that he would have chosen a place so inhospitable to life. It was the first the woman was able to stand still since she arrived at the cursed place, and a violent shiver finally began to take hold of her. She expected the shift from pain to numbness to be more gradual, but it was more instantaneous with the lack of movement. She couldn't feel her nose. She couldn't feel her fingers or feet, but she rather welcomed the numbness. Her hood kept her ears from freezing completely, but she reached up to pull her hood down and allow the wind to flow through her hair until a plated hand stopped her with a gentle grip. His battered shield was still fixed to his arm as the paladin reached around the priestess to drape his cloak around her shoulders. It was still much warmer than she was. She absently expected the plate to be cold as well when he silently pulled her close with his arm around her, but it too warmed her and she suddenly became aware of the icy air again. Her eyes drifted from the ground she couldn't see to the rocky ridges jutting through the unusual cloud cover, and eventually to the dark ring that seemed to circle the world on the distant horizon. She predicted profound thoughts when it finally came to pass. She thought she would stay behind, alone, in deep contemplation and reflection on the last few years of her life and how they meant to lead up to this moment. There was a sense of completion, yes, but her unexpected impassivity was also greatly welcome. Perhaps focusing on escaping the frigid gusts was best for now, anyway. The paladin watched the priestess silently. He was more uninterested in the view than in nudging her into the direction of the portal a small distance away when the magister announced that it would be closing soon. "I guess some rum and a fire would be best for now, yeah?" The priestess finally smirked when the paladin chortled at her. "Yeah. We live to fight and die another day." He spoke quietly with a finality that sounded strange coming from him, with his usually stubbornly light personality. Her eyes moved to gaze at him for only a couple moments before he rolled his eyes and took her shoulders into his hands. A faint smile fixed itself on her face as she was awkwardly pushed toward the portal without as much as another glance toward the vanquished. The warrior had once told the priestess that her own peace came from living for those that were lost along the way. The priestess was never quite sure how she could do that herself, but she was determined now more than ever to try. Even before the damage done to her people as a whole, this was for her mother.
  19. 1. Breaking Benjamin - Fade Away Citadel 2. Billie Holiday - I'll Be Seeing You Missing 3. Sonata Arctica - Everything Fades to Gray (Instrumental) Shadow 4. Travels 5. Killswitch Engage - My Curse Home 6. Five Finger Death Punch - Battle Born Wind-bound 7. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Isn't This a Lovely Day Patience 8. Opeth - Hope Leaves Disburden 9. Duke Ellington - Mood Indigo Restless 10. Ella Fitzgerald - I Concentrate on You Festivity 11. Sierra Swan and Scooter Ward - You Got Away Debut 12. Adema - Giving In Concession 13. Flyleaf - Believe in Dreams Quiet 14. Five Finger Death Punch - Coming Down [Piano] Withdrawl 15. Flyleaf - I'm So Sick Intrigue 16. Sonata Arctica - The Worlds Forgotten, The Words Forbidden Time 17. Five Finger Death Punch - You Work 18. Shinedown - Burning Bright Rest 19. Miles Davis - It Never Entered My Mind Tarry 20. Isis - C.F.T. Imagery
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  22. "I like Lilly. She's never done wrong by me."
  23. "Zak needs to make sure that stupid human stays away from her. I dunno if he knows how to use the thing or not, but I'd rather not find out."
  24. "Ha! Zak's a little bitch! Oh, hey, wanna see something funny? Tell him you saw this weird book written in Common nearby."
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