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  1. Aaren


    Aaren always had a very steady warmth to her. It was something that radiated from deep within her core, physically, that was just… something normal to her? Perhaps in reflection she could have sensed it and felt a real purpose, but as things go it was just always there and she never noticed it. She only knew that she usually wasn’t so cold as others were in night breezes. She knew she didn’t need so many layers while on holidays in the mountains. It wasn’t something to think about or argue with, especially when it got the evening’s select someone closer to her at opportune times. Whateve
  2. "She seems nice, based on the I think once I've talked to her? Maybe way too innocent for her own good to be around some people, but very nice."
  3. Aaren looks a little disturbed at the mention of Shokkra. There's enough time and silence for one to wonder if it was something the orc did before she finally speaks. "Anyone that doesn't like her are just mad that she follows no directive but her own. And Juli's, of course. You just gotta knock her around to make her see a point. If she don't see it after, she won't see it at all. But she's the first person I'd call for and one of few I know for a fact would be there if shit was really fucked, because she's proven it."
  4. "Yeah, she's cool. I think so, she's nice to me. She might stab you. But probably not! Go on, go talk to her. She's nice. Is she? But don't get to close. Oh, no reason..." Once the interviewer is sufficiently confused or scared or both, she walks away.
  5. Aaren


    Aaren looks to the inquirer with a blank expression that slowly warps into one that reads as 'are you really seriously asking me this?' before she walks away.
  6. "I had a date with him once, and it was wonderful. Back before he got all..." She waves her hands in a 'oh, you know' gesture. "I promised to help him out with some personal things, I think? A good long while ago now, but life got in the way and I just never got around to it. Granted, I was recovering from multiple major life-threatening events in that time period. I just... never got around to it. Siane seems to think one shouldn't even look at him, he's so scary, but she won't explain anything." As she brushes her short hair away from her brow where it began to itch, a small but familia
  7. "He's very nice. Very quirky. Don't be afraid if he pulls a whole pie out of his pocket, it's actually quite good."
  8. "Yeah, I know who he is. Haven't, like, talked to him myself. He mostly just stands in the corner watching everyone and quips here and there, which in itself isn't bad and is generally clever and respectable, but... he's a mage." She raises an eyebrow, a look on her face says that should explain it, but she doesn't elaborate.
  9. "Yeah, he's a cool troll, I guess." A small curl in Aaren's lip suggests that there's more to it, but she shakes her head when asked. "What difference does it make?"
  10. Aaren looks very confused. "I thought he was like, actually dead or something. Isn't he?"
  11. "We still have a lot in common." That's all she's going to say, and she waves the asker off.
  12. Aaren


    "She's pretty dumb. Dangerous, but dumb people often are. Especially when they're technically good at what they do." She points at the interviewer with the hand holding her flask while the other rests on her hip. "The only reason she gets so far is the same reason bratty children always get what they want."
  13. "She was there to help me when just about no one else fucking cared. What, like, five people total?" She pauses a long moment, bitter and refusing to look at the one asking while refusing also to elaborate on what she means. "She is very caring and careful when the situation calls for it. She might seem like a lost kitten most of the time, but if someone needs her she's such a... a mother. She's given me a lot to think about, that's for sure. But, damn it, I'll never get why she seems to favor protecting those that outright hate and hurt her and those she calls friends rather than the peo
  14. Aaren


    By the looks of Aaren's face, she could say a lot about Cobrak, probably. Is it good or bad? "Yeah yeah, I heard you." She slips off of the bar stool and walks away without having given an answer.
  15. "Keep your shields up on any tauren that runs straight into the fight. The longer you keep him up and energized, chances are no one will bother you." Her brow creases as she thinks for a moment. "So long as you're lucky, anyway."