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  1. Cobrak

    To Ash

    “Here, the prisoner has given us the location of their supply caravans. Utilize the mountain passes, burn everything we cannot take.” The form of Grand Marshal Sakainu Redmoon towered over a sprawled map laid before him, the armored kaldorei traced an invisible line through one corner of the parchment as he spoke. Hunched over the map as well was a pandaren fellow in heavy plate, stroking a thickened auburn beard; at his side was a female Dark Iron woman, wreathed in reinforced ebonweave that glimmered but slightly with innate magical defenses woven in. “That will cripple the local garrison, a
  2. The hornet’s nest was stirred, it seemed, as a trio of allied forces’ griffons and wyverns took after his position. He would be found out if he stayed put, and he would be found out if he moved; might as well make their charge to his advantage. Cobrak bared his teeth from behind his veil, an invisible challenge to those who dared move against the Horde. Sight dipping to the riders making for him, then to the saboteurs’ work nearby, then to a lone charging warrior beelining across an open field. What kind of nut job would charge a sniper over open ground? When the reticle hovered ov
  3. One thing taken from the first Siege those many years ago, Bladefist Bay was lousy with perfect sniper nests to pick off attackers. Where the Kor’kron of yesteryears rained bullets down upon rebels and Alliance alike, Cobrak would do the same. A prime spot was taken among the jags of several hoodoos, the peak of one of the lesser providing him ample angles to pick off loose targets. The scope is brought up once more, settling into a kneeling position with his form beginning to shimmer away, runic symbols upon his person gradually coming to reflect the area around it as though another mir
  4. Cobrak


    Durotar’s sun was hot as always; the bright afternoon star baking the orange soil beneath it to a degree that to the naked eye it would play tricks in the distance, shaking and distorting the path ahead like running water. A foreign entity to the natural world distorted one such area, barely size enough to fit a man’s shadow. The stillness of the air was ruined by a few hundred echoes of shifting armor and weapons, wheels grinding through the rough dirt of the roads. War cries of all languages erupting in unison amongst the cacophonous din and carried through the winding paths of Drygulc
  5. "Mardy?" The orc stops for a moment, pondering. "Lad seems a bit uptight, but an alright sort. Seems tha type ta need a friend er two, considerin' I imagine growin' up wit a shitbag hume dad might be a bit o' its own hell." The orc puffs his pipe, "I know wut it be like, me blood ain't dwarvish, but I wuz raised alla tha same round tha Cinderguts might as well be carryin' sum Dark Iron blood in difficult growin' wit two worlds." Cobrak hums for a moment, "Shame Liene snagged 'im, think 'e woulda fit right fine in BT."
  6. Blackhand was made Warchief bout six years before the Orcish horde invaded through the Dark Portal, and then was killed by Orgrim via mak'gora about 3 years after invasion; so about 9 years. Orgrim was Warchief after Blackhand's death for about five years, until he was defeated by the Alliance at the Battle of Blackrock by Turalyon. You could technically count as Warchief in name for the subsequent eleven years after the defeat since none took up the title until Thrall. So either five or sixteen years total. Thrall would become Warchief eleven years later during the int
  7. I think after a big city trip like Vegas, a more rural trip might be in order. Portland, OR Pros: Lots of Indie restaurants/bars/pubs. Cheap stay Easy access to camping/rafting out in the wilderness Vegas-esque shows for half the price. Cons Far trek for east coasters Summer weather is never predictable. If not there, I'd be perfectly fine with a trip to Boston or a beachhouse/cabin of some kind in the Midwest or New England, but I'd think I'd skip another big city trip if its New Orleans or Atlantic City.
  8. The Oxford Comma is your friend.
  9. Also fear not I will be dispensing the winners caches soon if i havent gotten around to getting yours yet!
  10. strewn about the streets of Dalaran, of Orgrimmar, of Stormwind and even those of Thunder Bluff to Silvermoon and Darnassus to Ironforge; there comes a wave of fliers that adhere to every wall and alley* *Sponsored by the Borrowed Time company* Come one come all! To further relations between the Horde and Alliance, we are proud to announce a fundraising event that is sure to be worth every copper spent! The Mystery Auction Extravaganza! A one-time event that is sure to have you on the edge of your seats with the sheer suspense of it all! Come buy yourself a date
  11. Not a problem, happy to show off my useless knowledge of video game lore hahaha
  12. Mists of Pandaria Wandering Isle The history f the Wandering Isle begins in Pandaria several centuries earlier, after the last Pandarian Emperor Shaohao sealed away Pandaria from the War of the Ancients in dense fog that would keep it safe from onlookers, Pandaria remained in isloation for thousands of years. Until that is, a pandaren named Liu Lang, in an effort to satisfy his wanderlust, set out upon the back of a turtle to see the world their people once isolated themselves from. He returned many times over the years to Pandaria, telling grand tales, and every time he returned, th
  13. Cataclysm Major Details: I'll try and hit the major details, apologies since there's so much that happens... Horde Thrall appoints Garrosh as the new Warchief and grants him Gorehowl, despite the opposing advice of Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol'jin, and several other prominent figures of the Horde as Thrall is required to join the Earthen Ring as its leader to aid the newly sundered world. Cairne, having borne witness to Garrosh's bloodthirsty nature, challenges him to Mak'gora for the title of Warchief. During the procedures, Magatha Grimtotem, the Chief of the Grimtotem, poisons Goreh
  14. I think Brinnea of Beryl Falconia might help, I dont know much, but I think theyre sort of a dark anti-hero esque guild.