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  1. "Mardy?" The orc stops for a moment, pondering. "Lad seems a bit uptight, but an alright sort. Seems tha type ta need a friend er two, considerin' I imagine growin' up wit a shitbag hume dad might be a bit o' its own hell." The orc puffs his pipe, "I know wut it be like, me blood ain't dwarvish, but I wuz raised alla tha same round tha Cinderguts might as well be carryin' sum Dark Iron blood in me...be difficult growin' wit two worlds." Cobrak hums for a moment, "Shame Liene snagged 'im, think 'e woulda fit right fine in BT."
  2. Blackhand was made Warchief bout six years before the Orcish horde invaded through the Dark Portal, and then was killed by Orgrim via mak'gora about 3 years after invasion; so about 9 years. Orgrim was Warchief after Blackhand's death for about five years, until he was defeated by the Alliance at the Battle of Blackrock by Turalyon. You could technically count as Warchief in name for the subsequent eleven years after the defeat since none took up the title until Thrall. So either five or sixteen years total. Thrall would become Warchief eleven years later during the interment camps uprising and Orgrim's death at Hammerfell; and remained so until Garrosh's appointment nine years later during the Cataclysm. A reign of nine years. Garrosh would rule until for about 3 years until the Siege of Orgrimmar when Vol'jin is made Warchief. Vol'jin would rule for little over a year until his death in Legion. Sylvanas currently has been Warchief for maybe 6-10 months during Legion, unknown how far BfA extends the timeline.
  3. I think after a big city trip like Vegas, a more rural trip might be in order. Portland, OR Pros: Lots of Indie restaurants/bars/pubs. Cheap stay Easy access to camping/rafting out in the wilderness Vegas-esque shows for half the price. Cons Far trek for east coasters Summer weather is never predictable. If not there, I'd be perfectly fine with a trip to Boston or a beachhouse/cabin of some kind in the Midwest or New England, but I'd think I'd skip another big city trip if its New Orleans or Atlantic City.
  4. The Oxford Comma is your friend.
  5. Also fear not I will be dispensing the winners caches soon if i havent gotten around to getting yours yet!
  6. strewn about the streets of Dalaran, of Orgrimmar, of Stormwind and even those of Thunder Bluff to Silvermoon and Darnassus to Ironforge; there comes a wave of fliers that adhere to every wall and alley* *Sponsored by the Borrowed Time company* Come one come all! To further relations between the Horde and Alliance, we are proud to announce a fundraising event that is sure to be worth every copper spent! The Mystery Auction Extravaganza! A one-time event that is sure to have you on the edge of your seats with the sheer suspense of it all! Come buy yourself a date, based not on race nor faction nor even looks! Buy them from self-made cards describing themselves for that pure mystery of an unknown rendezvous! What could he or she be? An orc? A dwarf? A tauren? A kaldorei? Who knows! All are welcome to join us January 7th at 6pm on the goblin clock; with our hosts of Phyruss Arath’dorei who will be announcing and bidding on behalf of our wonderful women and the beautiful Siane who will be representing our hunky men! *Fine Print* Purchasing a date does not constitute offers of sexual favors in exchange for money. All dates are confirmed eligible of age and are of their own minds. All contestants are guaranteed safety on their dates, covered by Borrowed Time, Sanctuary, and Twilight Empire enforcers. Obey the rules or they break your face. ((OOC)) So the rules are as follows! -The Biddees are to write a 255 character maximum description of their characters, without using any proper nouns; i.e. Faction, Race, Names, Guilds, etc. They are asked to instead describe personality, hobbies, ideas for a date, anything to represent themselves before an audience. If you would rather not write one, we can write one for you! Send a description to us, but it's all the more fun if you do it yourselves to best give the full disclosure on your character, right? -On Jan. 7th, there will be a Discord up for cross-faction RP, but the auction itself will be transpiring in Old Dalaran in the Legerdemain Lounge. In-game RP is encouraged, but we also hope to make use of this server to talk between Horde and Alliance! -Its up to you and the person you won to set the dates for your schedules to best go on them! -We hope to be able to use real gold for this, but with enough protest, we might just switch to RP currency with a longer time limit. With real gold however, we will be able to purchase gifts for those who participate! -The rule for actual gold: 2 minute auction time, can only do a max increase of 100g until the bud reaches 2000+, then the bids come with a maximum of 200. RP currency, the time limit will be 3 minutes with 50g increments. -Your description will be sold on that night, not necessarily you! So this way, this allows your character to not have to attend the night themselves if you have a conflicting issue, or wish to come on a different character to place bids! -Dates don’t have to be romantic! Buy someone who sounds like you’d have fun with! -Please whisper Cobrak on Discord, or PM me on wow-tng with your descriptions! And honor code here, but don't tell anyone what you wrote for maximum surprise!
  7. Not a problem, happy to show off my useless knowledge of video game lore hahaha
  8. Mists of Pandaria Wandering Isle The history f the Wandering Isle begins in Pandaria several centuries earlier, after the last Pandarian Emperor Shaohao sealed away Pandaria from the War of the Ancients in dense fog that would keep it safe from onlookers, Pandaria remained in isloation for thousands of years. Until that is, a pandaren named Liu Lang, in an effort to satisfy his wanderlust, set out upon the back of a turtle to see the world their people once isolated themselves from. He returned many times over the years to Pandaria, telling grand tales, and every time he returned, the turtle (Named Shen-Zin Su), had grown much larger. Soon enough, Liu Lang developed a string of followers who would join him on Shen-Zin Su's back to set off into the world. Eventually, the turtle became an island, housing hundreds of pandaren and even its own ecosystem. However, one fateful day when the island sailed past the Maelstrom, Shen Zin Su began to swim erratically, the crops upon him wilted, and the ground became unstable. The pandaren were split deciding on what to do; the pandaren followers of the Huojin style, led by Ji Firepaw, favored immediate action to find the cause of this, whilst those opposite, the Tushi style led by Aysa Cloudsinger, favored meditation and focus to determine what was wrong before making a decision. The Huojin found the Tushi too slow and felt the need the act, the Tushui finding Huojin too rash and favored patience. However, soon both factiosn came to discover the cause of the Isle's woes. A crashed airship had smashed through the turtle's thick shell and had impaled Shen Zin Su's side. The same one the Alliance and Horde used to chase Deathwing, the Alliance betraying the Hord eonboard to make them prisoner, and in the resulting chaos, had crashed the ship. Typical Alliance, right? Now the Alliance and Horde fight each other as well as a saurok (A race of lizard men native to Pandaria) infestation unleashed by the crash. Ji and Aysa come into disagreement as Shen Zin Su begins to bleed out into the ocean, Ji favoring using goblin explosives to dislodge the ship and heal the wound after, Aysa pleading him to stop and think before he injures the turtle further. Eventually, the choice is made and the ship is blown up and removed, causing the turtle's wound to open further. Alliance and Horde work together to mend the wound, only to immediately try to turn on each other once the threat is passed. However, the pandaren cease their squabbling for the moment and convince them to go their seperate ways, and of hearing of the world outside, many pandaren choose to enter the world along with them. Ji and his Huojin followers join the Horde, while Aysa and the Tushi join the Alliance. Theramore The Alliance-Horde War enters full swing during this time, with Garrosh finally setting his sights upon Theramore, the seat of power for the Alliance in central Kalimdor. He calls a massive meeting of his council to discuss the attack, and that he would lead an assault of the city by ground. Baine, owing a debt to Jaina and Anduin, sends a runner warning them of the attack, giving them time to prepare. The 7th Legion veterans and a slew of the Alliance's best generals, as well as Rhonin, Veressa and their Kirin Tor/Silver Covenant reinforcements are summoned to Theramore to defend it whilst Anduin is sent back to Stormwind with a naval escort. Unbeknownst to anyone, this is part of Garrosh's plan. When the ground attack "fails", Garrosh pulls his troops back to let the Alliance savor their victory...before he unleashes a weapon he had stolen from the Blue Dragonflight. The Focusing Lens of the Nexus had been stolen from Coldarra, and converted into a massive mana bomb to rival a nuclear warhead is dropped via zeppelin onto Theramore. Rhonin sacrifices himself to teleport Veressa and Jaina and a small handful of others away before the explosion hits. Jaina, maddened by grief, vows vengeance on the Horde, and recovers the Focusing Iris, though the radiation it gives turns her hair white in the process. She uses it to mass enslave a horde of water elementals to drown Orgrimmar, though eventually, she is talked down by Thrall and the Blue Aspect Kalecgos. She instead uses the elementals to destroy the naval blockade the Horde used to great effect in Theramore's fall. The Pandarian Campaign Anduin, on his way home, was attacked in the Southern Seas by a Horde naval force. His escort suffered heavy losses and ran aground, along with the the remnants of the Horde fleet. This led to the discovery of Pandaria when Varian sent reinforcements to recover Anduin, and Garrosh sent an attack force to secure the land for the Horde. The vanguard of the two faction's forces landed in the eastern Jade Forest, where the Horde and Alliance immediately set out to destroy one another. General Nazgrim leading the Horde forces and Admiral Taylor the Alliance, their forces both are decimated not only each other, but also a lingering darkness within Pandaria known as the sha. The land itself was alive, you see, and the sha were the darkest aspect of its soul; having been the remnants of the former Old God Y'sharrj, who the Titan Aman'thul himself destroyed in the foundation of Azeroth milennia before. The sha fed on the dark emotions of people, growing strength from violence and conflict, which war brought in spades. Taran Zhu, leader of the Shado-Pan, the few elite defenders of Pandaria, warned both factions not to bring their war to pandaria, lest the major sha be released from their struggle. Nazgrim and Taylor do not heed his advice, and instead seek the natives of Pandaria to ally with, the pandaren mostly refuse their offers, only tending to the wounded and offering shelter. Instead Nazgrim recruits the Jade Forest's Hozen (Monkey men), with their superior numbers and the Alliance allies itself with the Forest's Jinyu tribe (Plop a koi head onto a night elf, viola, its a Jinyu), who are master aquamancers. The two tribes already at odds, come to war alongside their new allies. The battle culminates in a showdown at the Statue of the Jade Serpent, a statue to commemorate one of the August Celstials, the Wild Gods of Pandaria. However during the conflict, it is revealed that a major sha was housed inside the statue when it feeds off the death surroudnign it, thus the Sha of Doubt is released and both sides are wiped out, save for a special few elite from both sides who are recovered. The sha feed on the growing conflict, and in the turmoil, the Sha of Violence erupts from within the Shado-Pan Temple, corrupting many of its soldiers. The Sha of Hatred is freed and takes to Townlong Steppes in the northwest, driving the native yaungol out and forcing them to attack Kun-Lai in great number to seek shelter. The Sha of Anger is unleashed in Kun-Lai, driving the natives berserk. The Sha of Despair is loosed within the Krasarang Wilds, but was managed to be sealed back with the efforts of Anduin and the Red Crane, another Celestial. The Sha of Fear is released within the Dread Wastes, home to the Mantid, a race that are cousins to the Nerubians and Qiraji. The Sha of Fear corrupts their queen and forces the mantid into a vicious frenzy, swarming into the rest of Pandaria. Some mantid, though they are steadfast zealots devour to the Old Gods, see the sha as a travesty to befall their people, the priests of the Klaxxi accept the aid of outsiders to purge their kin and queen whilst raising their own champions, the Ten Paragons, from slumber. Eventually, the six sha are put down, but there is one more that lingers in Pandaria... In six months time, the full armies of the Horde and Alliance make landing on Pandaria's southern shore, the Horde and its Dominance Offensive, and the Alliance and its Operation Shieldwall. The strength of the sha intrigues Garrosh, who orders the Reliquary and his forces to study in depth. However, Garrosh's increasing vileness towards non-orcs and those who do not follow his implict orders begin chaffing the Horde leaders, most notably Vol'jin and Lor'themar. Vol'jin is sent north to study the saurok, who turns out, are artificial beings created by the mogu, who themselves are former Titan creations that abused their power to create a tyrannical empire years ago and lorded over Pandaria with an iron fist. Garrosh sends a trusted assassin of his aongside Vol'jin, and when this is discovered, Vol'jin abhors such cruel magic and seeks to destroy it, but his throat is cut out by the assassin, who is killed for his betrayal. Garrosh, as it turns out, ordered the hit should Vol'jin show signs of 'disloyalty', so Vol'jin urges his partners in crime to tell everyone he had died in thsi encounter, and fades into the shadows to plot Garrosh's downfall. Lor'themar, increasingly frustrated with Garrosh, secretly meets with Varian Wrynn to discuss the blood elves joining the Alliance once again. Garrosh's agent finally uncover a mogu artifact said to control the sha, the Divine Bell, and hurriedly seke it out. Anduin, meanwhile, hears of this and begins his own quest to find a way to counteract Garrosh's plan, with the aid of his new friend, Wrathion. Eventually, Garrosh and his forces discover the Bell, but it is stolen from them by Darnassian agents, who secure it in Teldrassil. Jaina, now leading the Kirin Tor, places several wards upon it and the city to help safeguard it. However, the Sunreaver leader Aethas, aids Garrosh's forces in taking it back, assaulting Darnassus and reclaiming the bell. Jaina, furious at the Sunreavers for their actions, begins purging Dalaran of the Horde presence. Any who don't surrender are put to the sword, the rest, locked away in the Violet Citadel. Lor'themar furiously vows vengeance against Proudmoore, and states she is a fool for driving his people back into Garrosh's Horde, Varian, as well reprimands Jaina, who sees nothing wrong with her actions. Lor'themar leads a sortie into Dalaran and frees a great number of blood elves, including Aethas, as well as promising Jaina a swift death. Garrosh, meanwhile, uses the Divine Bell in Kun-Lai to begin infusing his soldiers with sha energy, driving many to enter a blind madness and attack anyone around them. Garrosh reprimands them, stating they do not have their emotions in check. Anduin arrives in the chaos, and uses a relic he had found to render the Bell useless. Garrosh, angered, smashes Anduin into the Bell, causing it crumble and break, burying Anduin and seemingly killing him. Anduin survives thanks to Wrathion, and the two begin a campaign to find out the Titan's secrets within Pandaria. In northern Kun-Lai, the most powerful Mogu Emperor sleeps in his tomb, Lei-Shen, the Thunder King, who stole a Titanic Wather's power and used it to enslave all of Pandaria to his will, lays in his crypt. Until however, the Zandalari intervene. The Zandalari, mad over the loss of their home during the Cataclysm, reach out to all troll tribes and bring them back under the original troll banner. They bring the Farraki, the Drakkari, the Amani, and the Gurubashi to heel and uses their forces to infiltrate the Emperor's tomb. The Zandalari and Mogu enter an alliance, and the trolls make good on their pact by resurrecting Lei-Shen, who begins a brutal campaign of dominance to celebrate his revival. From his seat of power upon the Isle of Thunder, he begins his invasion. The Alliance and Horde both race to the Isle to counteract it, Lor'themar heading the Sunreaver Onslaught to match against Jaina and her Kirin Tor Offensive, the two at odds though both are aided against the Thunder King by a contingent of Shado-Pan. Eventually, Lei-Shen is killed once more. After months of campaigning against the Alliance, goblin excavators within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, which was the heart of Pandaria itself, a Titan Vault. Within it, a pulsating, eldritch heart that seemingly oozed corruption. Garrosh moves to claim it as his own, until the intervention of the Shado-Pan, the Warchief fighting Taran Zhu in a heated conflict. Garrosh wins, and takes the heart for himself, but not before delving into the Vale's source of pure water, enriched by Titanic magic. It stains the land with sha corruption, polluting the Vale and many of its defenders, and Garrosh steals away the heart into Orgrimmar. Vol'jin resurfaces, and instigates a full-blown insurrection against Garrosh, who now only has his fanatical army of Kor'kron within Orgrimmar to defend himself with, along with a slew of vile new allies the heart gives him. For the heart is of Y'sharrj the Old God itself, the Klaxxi and the Paragons draw to serve Garrosh, who has finally realized how to master the power. Vol'jin enters a ceasefire with the Alliance, and the two forces lay siege to Orgrimmar. Martial law is instated, any non-orcs are killed or enslaved, Ji Firepaw and his monks are tortured for information about the pandaren artifacts Garrosh secured. Gamon is beaten for fun in public, before both are freed. Gamon leads Horde forces and slays General Nazgrim in combat. Garrosh refitting Ragefire Chasm to serve as his laboratories and workshops for his True Horde, enlisting the aid of goblin mercenary troupe, the Blackfuse Company, who unveils their newest creation, the Iron Star, a marvel of destructive engineering that is based off of the Focusing Lens they had studied. It offers infinite energy and is also used as a kamikaze battering ram and warhead. Thrall returns to action, and leads a small party of Eitrigg, Saurfang, and other like minded orcs and kor'krons down t fight Garrosh. Thrall is the only one to make it to Garrosh's seat of power, and engages in a duel, but is beaten due to Garrosh's usage of the heart. Eventually, Garrosh is taken down by adventurers, and the heart is drained of its power. The Horde and Alliance squabble over what to do with Garrosh, until Taran Zhu arrives, offering that he should be put on trial. The two sides agree and Garrosh is taken away in chains. Jaina urges Varian to strike at the gathered Horde leaders, to dismantle the Horde. Vol'jin is instated as Warchief, and the two parties reach a truce. Wrathion, trying to instigate a victory for the Alliance, as he believes a unified front is what Azeroth needs, condemns Varian's action as foolish and flies off. Garrosh's Trial Garrosh is brought before the August Celestials as jury, Taran Zhu as judge. Tyrande serves as the offense, or accuser, who strives to execute Garrosh whilst Baine is chosen to play as Garrosh's defender. The two offer testimony aided by Kairozdormu, a bronze dragon who uses a relic found in Pandaria, an hourglass that can see and interact with timelines, to showcase their evidence. Baine is reluctant, but only agrees to do his duty when his father's spirit advises him to do so. Sylvanas and Veressa finally meet, having never done so before Sylvanas becoming undead. They plot together to murder Garrosh before the trial ends, and Veressa wishes to live in Undercity with hers and Rhonin's children. Sylvanas agrees, but does not state that she intends to make them undead in the process. In the end, Veressa has a change of heart and abandons Sylvanas and her part of the plan, Sylvanas takes this betrayal in furious tears and ends up butchering an entire forest of creatures in her rage, missing the trial. The trial ends, with Garrosh declaring he regretted nothing, and that he would gladly butcher everyone in the room would he have the chance. It is then, Kor'kron loyalists mounted on Infinite dragons atatck the trial led by Zaela, the Warchief of the Dragonmaw. Kairoz and Wrathion reveal themselves to have betrayed those present, and manage to escape with Garrosh in the chaos. Thus, leading up to Warlords of Draenor...
  9. Cataclysm Major Details: I'll try and hit the major details, apologies since there's so much that happens... Horde Thrall appoints Garrosh as the new Warchief and grants him Gorehowl, despite the opposing advice of Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol'jin, and several other prominent figures of the Horde as Thrall is required to join the Earthen Ring as its leader to aid the newly sundered world. Cairne, having borne witness to Garrosh's bloodthirsty nature, challenges him to Mak'gora for the title of Warchief. During the procedures, Magatha Grimtotem, the Chief of the Grimtotem, poisons Gorehowl before the match (Without Garrosh knowing), thus ensuring Cairne's death. Baine succeeds Cairne, but Thunder Bluff soon comes under siege by the Grimtotem in an effort to wrest control. They are beaten back and Magatha and her like-minded Grimtotem are banished from tauren lands whilst those who surrendered and pledged their loyalty to the Horde were allowed to stay. Vol'jin launches the Zalazane offensive to take back the Echo Isles, since Vol'jin threatened Garrosh's life for not only killing Cairne, but because he too distrusts Garrosh and is tired of the new Warchief practically segregating Orgrimmar. Vol'jin finds Zen'tabra and her newfound troll druid followers, who sought the advice of a Loa named Gonk, and used the druid's arts to hide themselves on the Echo Isles when Zalazane took over. Vol'jin and his forces retake the isles fter securing the aid of Bwonsambdi, the Darkspear Loa of Sprits and Death, to finally kill Zalazane once and for all. Garrosh declares war on the Alliance for starving the Horde of trading resources after Durotar is ravished by the Cataclysm, he pushes deep into Ashenvale with an army of proto-drakes and enslaved magnataurs, but is eventually halted by an Alliance sortie led by Varian. War breaks out all over the world as Horde and Alliance push against one another. Thrall travels to Nagrand in outland and learns the old ways of shamanism from the Garadar, as well meet his future mate, Aggra. Thrall, on a small Horde ship, sails in secret to the Maelstrom to halt its churning as well as explore it as a newfound route to the Elemental Plane of Earth, Deepholme. However, he is waylaid by an Alliance ambush set to capture him. Thrall is captured and most of his entourage is killed. Their ship crashes onto an unknown island in the South Seas, along with a massive goblin ship carrying slaves from the Bilgewater Cartel; survivors of Kezan's volcano erupting during Deathwing's flight over Azeroth. The goblins and shipwrecked orcs work together to not only combat the Alliance, but also to overthrow the Bilgewater Cartel's cruel trade prince Gallywix, who had enslaved and bamboozled his own people all the way here. Thrall and the goblisn defeat Gallywix, who surrenders. Thrall spares Gallywix and orders him to take his cartel to the Horde, to work for Garrosh. Sylvanas, meanwhile, has her hands full with securing Lordaeron's borders as she invades the newly-opened Gilneas, as the worgen curse inflicted upon the humans rendered them immune to her plague (Even though the use of her blight is forbidden by the Warchief). Sylvanas is also under suspicion for her enlisting of former Scourge agents, such as the val'kyr, who she uses to make new Forsaken with their necromancy. The Forsaken manage to drive out the humans who lived in Hillsbrad, but soon enough, the survivors make a pact with the worgen to drink their blood and become worgen themselves to take their revenge. The worgen also in league with the Alliance, fight them wherever possible. Alliance Varian becomes High King of the Alliance, and Stormwind struggles to maintain order after Deathwing attacks the city to recover Onyxia's head which was hung on display. Magni, foreseeing the disastrous events of the Cataclysm in a vision, heads to the lowest levels of Ironforge and engages in an ancient ritual to safeguard Khaz Modan from it. However, the process turns him into a statue of diamonds, unable to movve, speak or do anything. Muradin is reluctant to become the new king of Ironforge, but considers it when Moira, Magni's estranged daughter, returns to the Throne and claims it as her own. She having married and had a son with the now-deceased emperor of the Dark Irons, Dagran Thaurissian, and she claims her son now inherits both the Bronzebeard and Dark Iron thrones with her acting as regent until he comes of age. This of course, means the Dark Irons are free to enter the city, which ruffles feathers. Eventually, Moira takes hostage Anduin Wrynn when she instills martial law, which leads to Varian leading an SI:7 rescue team into Ironforge to save him. Varian comes close to killing Moira, but Anduin pleads his father, who spares her. Instead, he proposes that there will be no king/queen of Ironforge, that all three clans should rule equally. He forms the Council of Three Hammers to rule Ironforge, Falstad of the Wildhammers, Muradin for the Bronzebeard, and Moira representing the Dark Irons. All three clans are welcomed into Ironforge for the first time since their Civil War several hundred years ago. Mekkatorque heads Operation Gnomeregan to take back the gnome's capital city, they take some of it back but ulitmately fail to reclaim it whole because gnomes are goddamn idiots. The night elves are on the verge of rioting in the streets of Teldrassil when the Highborne come out of hiding and approach Tyrande, citing the need for mages more than ever with the Horde declaring war and the cataclysm. Tyrande distrusts them, but ultimately welcomes them into Darnassus. Overall Storyline Nefarian and Onyxia are resurrected within the deep laboratories of Blackwing Lair called the Blackwing Descent, Onyxia little more than a mindless zombie and Nefarian somehow even more mad in his undead state. They are slain and their experiments ended. In Badlands, a lone red dragon manages to purify the first black dragon egg of the Old God madness which consumes their flight, but she is killed by Deathwing and the egg is lost, believably hidden away by the red's agents. Ragnaros is brought back into Azeroth by Deathwing, and the Firelord launches an invasion of Mount Hyjal with his elemental minions. Therazane, the Stonemother and Elemental Lord of Earth, allies herself and her stone giants with the mortals to combat the encroaching Twilight Hammer cultists wreaking havoc in her kingdom. Neptulon, the Elemental Lord of water, allies himself as well with mortals to fend off the Old Gods and their naga minions who seek to claim his power as their own, he is never seen again after he is seized by Ozumat, a massive kraken in service to the naga. Al'akir, the Elemental Lord of Air, opens up rifts between the elemental plane of Skywall and the formerly hidden zone of Uldum to enlist the aid of the Tol'vir faction, a long lost race of Titanic creations who succumbed to the Curse of Flesh. He promises the gift to restore their previous stone forms, which he uses to enlist the aid of the Neferset tribe of tol'vir, those who oppose them are the Ramkahen tribe, who side with the Horde and Alliance to combat their treacherous cousins. Ragnaros and Al'akir are eventually slain for good within their prospective Elemental Planes, and nothing is known about the power vacuum occurring in the planes. In the Twilight Highlands, Cho'gall leads an army of Twilight Hammer cultists against the resident Wildhammer dwarves and Dragonmaw orcs in the region, the latter two eventually seeking sanctuary within the Alliance and Horde prospectively. Cho'gall is slain, as well as Sinestra, Deathwing's mate and guardian of his eggs. The lost black dragon egg is revealed having hatched and takes the form of a dark-skinned human leading a band of mercenaries out of Alterac, his name is Wrathion. He enlists the aid of rogues, spies, assassins and outlaws to hunt down the remaining black dragons in hiding around Azeroth, beliving a purge of the maddened dragons was the only way to restore his flight fully. He hides from the other flights, not willing to be their pawn. Thrall marries Aggra, and is sought out by the Dragon Aspects to empower him as the Earthwarden to combat Deathwing, but first, they need the power of the Dragon Soul. The artifact was destroyed in Grim batol years ago in the Second War, but Nozdormu uses his mastery of time to fetch a duplicate from the War of the Ancients. Thrall uses it alongside Horde and Alliance forces to bring down Deathwing in an Alliance airship. However, the airship suffers damage and is forced down into the sea as Thrall, the Aspects and mortal heroes face Deathwing in the Maelstrom. Deathwing is slain, and the Dragon Aspects lose a great deal of power in the process, almost becoming mortal. Will do a MoP writeup in a few! Hope this helped!
  10. I think Brinnea of Beryl Falconia might help, I dont know much, but I think theyre sort of a dark anti-hero esque guild.
  11. Cobrak


    "That blubberin' boob!" Cobrak laughs heartily, leaning back in his chair with his pipe puffing. "Swear that lad eats more thanna dozen kodos put together...tween 'im an' Mythiis, we go through double our rations sumtimes!" The orc blows an exasperated breath lined with arid smoke before another chortle is wormed out of him. "But tha lad leas' be useful! Started thinkin' right an' began swipin' food from them damn butterfly dwarves instead o' our supplies!"