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  1. Late to seeing all this, but well wishes to the lot of you. Legion saw a shift for me away from Rp unfortunately. At least for a bit raiding was great and Katrynne got to be a part of that! I'll always look back fondly on our planned kidnapping and everything that stemmed from that. I repeat my wishes for continued success! I plan to be more RP focused this expansion, so who knows, our paths may cross yet again. After all, there is still a score to be settled. >:)
  2. until
    Join us in Kharanos in celebration of this year's Winter Veil. Bring a gift if you wish to participate in the gift exchange, dress your best for a photo op, and recall a favorite holiday memory to share with the crowd and help see us to a light hearted and fun evening.
  3. It is often too easy to forget how therapeutic simply writing ones thoughts or frustrations can be. Perhaps if I had forced myself I would find myself happier than I have been. I say this, but what can truly be expected of me in times like these? I am to be the face of peace and speak to others on the topic and it feels almost hypocritical. Of course peace would be nice, but I feel it will take more force than is wanted by the Empire. Hopefully things will finally change after the cowardly attacks orchestrated by this...I forget their name. Something something coalition. Ah whatever, they could be the cuddly bear society for all I care. I know my distance has been increasingly evident. Surely Katrynne has uncertainties about remaining an Ambassador and here I am allowing Siane to rejoin. I'll need to make a decision and soon. I've let my displeasure be known time and again about the activity of our officers, and now I have fallen to such a level. So what do I do? I know not when I will find the time to be the Chancellor I should be. Lines of communication I have helped create with other organizations have fallen silent. We have taken to scheduling community events again, but said gatherings appear less festive with the ever looming demon threat. Not to mention that woman keeps showing up to every event. Aneerys from Stormwind, I've no doubt we will speak soon enough. Ah well, I do not wish to dwell on this any longer. Not tonight. I wish I knew of a tonic that allowed me to survive with no sleep. There are always injured to doctor. I drink what reinvigorate potions I can to try and perform at my best, but there is always a crash. A couple hours of rest a night seems too much so long as one patient hurts. Brianna will soon likely notice where all of those potions have gone, if she hasn't already. If she has, at least she has not yet made me promise to quit abusing them as I have. I believe what truly nags at me this evening is that while running the infirmary, I am taken away from all manner of fighting. I have not experienced it often, but I do find myself drawn towards the call of battle. Even after the disaster that was our initial assault upon the broken shore. There remains this sort of euphoria when you are thrust into the middle of a battle, and every decision, and every second, counts as if it is your last. The constant rush as Light flows from my body, healing or maiming at my command. My skin tingles as if unseen needles are gently poking me from head to toe. It is no wonder that when the heat of battle has gone I wish for nothing more than Bethany's embrace. No matter how fatigued, that is some of the best sex I have ever experienced. Fel I'd enter the underbelly in search of a fight this evening if I could...actually, what is stopping me? It is decided then. There will be no sleep this evening.
  4. until
    Join us once again for a casual evening where the mood is light and the food and drink is plenty! All are welcome to dress in costume, but it is not a necessity in order to attend. Let this be as our Night in Kirthaven was, relaxed and welcoming. Those in attendance will be able to cast their vote for favorite costume and help some lucky attendee take home a gold prize! The Slaughtered Lamb welcomes all this Hallow's end. I hope to see many of you in attendance.
  5. (( Bump! May the crowd be lively, and the drinks plenty!))
  6. *Parchments can be seen posted around Dalaran and the Alliance kingdoms. The text is written in a shimmering ink to help catch the eye of each passerby* Friends of the Alliance! It has been far too long since we have had the chance to revel in each others company. Our world has been plunged into its darkest days, and yet we live and we fight still. The Legion has come, but it is only a matter of time before we force them from our world and back to their fel depths! In this world gone mad, it is important to take time and remember why we fight, and who it is we fight for. Everyone needs a night to recharge, to pass the torch to another and enjoy themselves. And that is what we are offering. Come, rekindle that inner flame with a night of socializing and drink. Help create a celebratory atmosphere, one that we will carry with us as we return to the world at war. Drinking games, bard-like stories, the embrace of another; make of the evening as you will. On October 1st at 7:30 in the evening, let the Twilight Empire Ambassadors steal you away to the quaint village of Kirthaven, where the food and drink shall be supplied and endless. Let this be a Brewfest celebration that we will never forget! The Ambassadors would also like to remind you to never drink and ride, fly, portal, or whatever else you can conjure. Be safe, and have fun! --S.J.Mackinzie ((OOC info: Where: Kirthaven, Twilight Highlands When: October 1st at 7:30pm server Event info: That atmosphere is for us to create. Nothing is pre-planned on our part. Kirthaven is a lovely little town that can provide a nice bar scene, as well as a nice outdoor platform. Have an idea for fun? Bring it with you and we will try to aid as we can. Hope to see you there!))
  7. To whom this may reach, I am able and will to provide healing and medical supplies as needed where ever it is needed. As current I am hold up in Ironforge and have been healing the injured in combat but will respond to medical issues in the field as needed. As for supplies if bulk orders are needed due to the legions advances my stocks are running low but if raw surplus can be provided I will convert the needed supplies on hand free of charge in the dire times. I can be found within or near the empires medical clinic if not in the field. Light guide us all, Zodean Ironhand ((transferred over from the TE site. ))
  8. My Friends, I write this hurried letter in hopes that it reaches all of you. Few of us still reside in Ironforge, and if the sounds I hear and injured I heal are any indication, things are only getting worse. Please take caution as you may. We need all of you at this time. If any of you or yours find yourself in Ironforge and are in need of healing, I urge you to come to the infirmary immediately. I know it is possible for some to have an aversion to Light healing, but do not let that stop you. We have a well trained triage staff, as well as a stock of potions, salves, and elixirs. We will work as hard as we can, as we all know that you are doing the same. The Light may shelter us, but it is your will that will save us. Stay strong. With Hope, Skylah J. Mackinzie
  9. The major topic of the first public Ambassador Meeting: How might we better aid each others organizations in these dire times? The answer is surprisingly simple. Communication. With people willing to volunteer their healing skills, help with war effort supplies, entertain, and lend their fighting prowess, all we need is to know where to use all this help. Skylah offered for her and her Ambassadors to play messenger if needed. Since she has taken refuge in Ironforge after the Dalaran attack, she can direct messages, and every one else wouldn't have to burden themselves with memorizing everyone's location. As well it eases the worry of having to be mobile. One less stress for the front lines. As expected, we learned that the forces within each group are stretched thin, from Westfall to Hillsbrad. None present currently held position in Kalimdor. With this information, I invite any to use this thread as a means to communicate if desired. IC/OOC letters and requests can be posted here as a central hub. An example, say Cavanaugh requests aid around Hillsbrad because of a stronger Legion push to the north. His request for aid could simply be posted here (along with any OOC wants/wishes/ideas for how this might be carried out in RP). In my head it would be akin to someone sending a letter to Skylah, and she having drafts made and sent to all corresponding Guilds, only we cut out all the behind the scenes messaging in PM's. Guilds in attendance: Twilight Empire, Cup and Blade Caravan, Invictus Sanctum, The Dusk Watch, The 9th Legion, Honour and Valor, Eternal Aegis. Only unguilded I saw was Magrimas. *Important note: People not in attendance do not need to feel neglected. All that wish to participate are welcome.
  10. Skylah entered the room, her feet nearly dragging across the floor as she followed her hourly routine. Those she passed had said nothing of her unkempt state; waist long hair tangled, eyes darkened and red, and a sadness present in her features. She had been continually defeated by an unknown culprit since their return from the lines of battle. So many were lost, never to return, but Skylah would do what she could to assure the health of those injured. She had immediately began working at the Dalaran infirmary, sparing no time for sleep and little time for meals, hardly more than snacks in passing. But the one person she so badly wanted to heal, and yet could not find the means, was that of her sister. She stood beside Brianna's bed, wondering if her sister could sense her. There was never a moment when the two were near that the others presence was not clear. Like a hypothetical ball of existance in the back of ones mind, the access was always there. It was far more than the ability to simply communicate. They knew of each others well being, their state of mind, and while thankful, this terrified her more than ever. She could sense the exhaustion and fear, the utter loneliness and despair, that plagued Brianna now. And where there was yet a feeling of underlying determination, though it was fearfully faint. Skylah worried that it would not be enough. A tear streamed down the young Priestess' cheek as she stood there and watched helplessly. She had never doubted her abilities in the healing arts, finding little that could ever resist her power for long. But the presumed curse that had taken Brianna was too elusive and strong. Even the bite on Brianna's thigh proved resilient. Skylah took what small satisfaction she could in knowing that even though not much progress had been made in the actual healing of the wound, she had been able to halt it from progressing further. "What am I to do?" she spoke aloud in the silent room. Her gaze traversed every inch of her sister looking for some sort of sign. She noted that there were no outright signs of improvement, only that her breathing had stabilized somewhat, though still irregular and shallow. She dabbed at her cheek to clear away the newly formed tear and sniffled before speaking in pained tones. "Show me something... anything, Bri. Please!" She reached out and took Brianna's hand; holding it lightly for fear of doing anything that might harm her sister in such a frail state. "If you can hear me, I -will- find a cure. Stay strong!" The young woman stood slowly, her eyes to linger on Ellaluna as she lay unmoving on Brianna's thigh, the same spot she had been resting most of the day. She seemed reluctant to leave Brianna and the light had faded noticably in her once mischievous gaze. Skylah wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her dress as she heard the familiar sound of small hooves upon the floor approaching the room. A series of light raps came on the wooden door. "Auntie Sky? Vatya called softly. "Can I come in? I've brought something for Mama." "Of course, Vatya." She spoke after taking a short moment to steady her voice. She wanted to appear strong and unworried for the sake of her niece. Vatya opened the door, making sure to close it behind her, and stepped into the room. "Drats," she said softly. "I vas hoping Mama vould be avake." In her hands she carried the snow-globe Brianna favored so much. Skylah smiled and knelt down as the young Draenei girl entered the room. She held her arms out wide to embrace the child. "Is that what you brought for Mama?" she asked after having seen the snow-globe. Vatya quickly stepped into Sky's loving arms and gave her a big hug, nodding as she did so. "Jes." She looked over at Brianna and her eyes filled with renewed worry. "I vanted to sit it near her bed for ven she vakes up. So she could feel at home." She held her niece in a tight embrace, breathing deeply to keep herself steadied. "I know she will be very happy that you brought it for her." She turned her head slightly to gaze at the bed where her sister slumbered. "Would you like to sit by her?" "Jes please," Vatya nodded eagerly. Her silver eyes were rimmed with a hue of red as she glanced to Skylah and handed her the snow-globe. 'Vill you put it over there on the table for her?" Leaving Skylah to see the small request completed, Vatya then climbed up very carefully and settled in next to Brianna. Smiling, Skylah stood and took the globe in hand. "Yes, of course." She ran her fingers through her uncared for hair and tucked the loose strands behind her ear as she moved towards the bedside table. "Vatya. Have you...have you ever talked to someone while they are sleeping in hopes they will hear you?" The child contemplated this with a small furrow of her youthful brow and a few thoughtful flicks of her tail. "Vell..." After a moment she shook her head. "No." Gently she took Brianna's limp hand in hers and held it, keeping certain to avoid the IV site. "Do you think Mama can hear us in her dreams, Auntie Sky?" Skylah leaned forward and let her hand slide gently down to caress Brianna's cheek. "I believe so, yes. It would probably comfort her to hear your voice. Go ahead, let her know you are here." The tired Priestess managed a convincing smile, nodding to urge Vatya on. The little Draenei girl looked thoughtfully at Brianna as she scooted closer. "It's me, Mama. Vatya." Tenderly she stroked the back of Brianna's hand as she bit her lip to keep it from quivering. "I miss you. I vish you vould vake up and talk to me." "Me too, Bri. We're all here for you, waiting for you to come back to us." Skylah shifted so she could rub a hand down the little girl's back. She leaned in to hug Vatya from behind before moving to look at the potions she had brought in the room when she first arrived. Glancing over her shoulder to see that Vatya was still intently looking at Brianna, she pulled a syringe from her bag and filled it with one of the potions; skillfully injecting it into the IV. Vatya continued to talk, her voice quiet, as she held tight to Brianna's hand. "Miss Violet says I don't have to go to classes anymore for avhile. And ve are going to live here in the mage city." Suddenly she remembered something, eager to share. "Oh mana biscuits! Did you know there vas a pet..." She paused, uncertain of the word, and looked to Sky. "Vat is it called again, Auntie Sky? Pet meneree?" Turning back towards the other two in the room, Skylah knelt down and rested her arms and head on the bed wearily while watching Vatya. "Too cute. Menagerie. The store across the city, hrm?" Vatya nods, repeating the word perfectly. "Menagerie, Mama," she continued, looking back to Brianna. "They have all kinds of pets there! And I even held a spider, but, I didn't like it very much." Skylah laughed lightly. "Much smaller than the wild ones at home, at least." She reached out to take Brianna's hand. She used the gesture to disguise checking Brianna's pulse in order to test the effect of the given potion. She frowned as it was unfortunately not the answer she had hoped for. The room had fallen quiet, the excitement fading from Vatya as she realized Brianna wouldn't be responding, that she couldn't. She sighed with a heartbreaking sorrow and looked to Skylah. "Vhen vill she vake up? She has been asleep so long. Vhat if she gets hungry?" Skylah held her hand out to take the child's hand. "Your mother fought very hard and needs this rest very badly. Do you know what she and I do? How we tend to people?" Vatya responded with a nod of her head. "Jes, you are both healers. And Papa says you are healing Mama." She squeezed Vatya's hand lightly. "And we use other methods than the Light, yes? You see this little tube here?" She points to the IV line running into Brianna's arm. The young girl simply glance to the tube and nodded. "Other methods...like the shadow? Mama told me about that before." She glanced inquisitively at Skylah. "No, sweet child, not the shadow. We use non magic means to aid us as well. This tube, it is...feeding, Brianna. Helping her stay strong." Skylah grinned, not truthfully expecting the child to bring up the Shadow. Vatya's silver eyes widened in surprise. "Vhat? Truly, Auntie Sky?" She peered closer at the tube, as if trying to see bits of food within. "And then she vill vake up soon?" The question struck hard and true. The fear and worry that Skylah was trying so hard to keep at bay was gnawing at her on the inside. She did not want to break in front of Vatya but combating the unknown, the potential loss of her sister, was too much. She felt like she was trapped in that barrage of emotions for eternity before realizing that her niece still awaited an answer. Wordlessly the Priestess nodded to the child, then looking away to wipe away the welling of water in her eyes. Vatya seemed comforted by that and a good portion of the worry in her gaze retreated. She peered at Brianna with a smile and said, "I hope you are having sveet dreams, Mama." She cast a glance towards Skylah. "Papa says that I should help you in any vay you need. Is there something you vant me to do?" How can I give her a task when I do not know what to do myself? The thought tormented her, playing off her past self doubts. Before being whisked off to confront the Legion's forces, Skylah stopped to make a promise to a fallen soldier. She had failed him during the siege, and so vowed to never fail another. Now, mere days later, she was failing her own sister. You should have stayed h--. Not. Now! Not in front of Vatya. She silenced her doubts for the time being. All she needed to do was concentrate on the sweet child staring back at her. She began looking around the room to find a task to assign, her eyes eventually falling on Ellaluna. "Do you know where Mama keeps Ella's food?" The young Draenei quickly nodded, eager to be of assistance. "Jes!" She carefully let go of Brianna's hand and slid off the bed. "In her pack," she said, looking around for it. Once spotted, she moved towards it and began rummaging around. "Ella is waiting for Mama to wake too. But she needs someone to look after her. Can you do that, Vatya?" Skylah was watching the little Fae while speaking. With arcane dusted juniper berries, Vatya made her way over to where Ellaluna rested. “Jes, Auntie Sky!" She spoke with pride, as if undertaking a serious mission. "Ella~" she called, holding out a berry. "Are you hungry?" The Fae retained none of her usual excitement for food. She did not even bother to move, let alone sniff the fruit. "Ella no want," the dragon spoke with heavy lackluster. Vatya leaned across the bed on her stomach and held the berry up to Ella's mouth, who refused it again and turned completely around so as not to even look at them. "She doesn't vant it," she said to Skylah. "She is sad about Mama." Skylah nodded in understanding. "Ella dear, we need you to eat, alright? Brianna would not want for you to starve. How about a compromise, will you at least drink?" She looked back and forth between the child and Fae. "Ella no want. No drink. No food." The repeated words were spoken plainly to the wall as Ella continued her refusal. The little girl ran a slender finger over Ellaluna's spine and spoke softly to her in a pleading voice. "Please little Ellaluna? Mama vill be upset if she vakes up and you are vithering avay!" Ella begrudgingly turned around and flicked her tongue out to snatch the berry from Vatya's fingers. She hastily ate the berry, swallowing it whole, and then laid back down with a sullen tone. "Ella done." Skylah gave an appreciative nod towards Ella as she closed her eyes and let her head sink. She was quiet for a few moments passing. "We have to take care of each other in these times. We're family. We will see home again, but, for now we must simply stick together." She took a deep breath before turning her attention back to Brianna. "Curious. Vatya, how have your lessons in the Light been progressing?" Vatya glance to Skylah as she spoke, "They are going vell and I have been practicing." She held out her hand and called forth a little orb of light that circled her hand before fading away a few seconds later, unable to last longer. Skylah smiled at the display. "You may not pick up on everything you see, but I am going to do a 'scan' of sorts. We want to make sure nothing is hurting your mother." With a nod, Vatya scooted back to give Skylah room to work, perching at the end of the bed with her hooves tucked beneath her. She looked expectantly to Skylah and remained quiet, eager to see what would be done. The priestess raised her hands just slightly over top the body of her sister, each erupting in a grand brilliance of Light. She then placed a hand over top Brianna's wrist, and another on her head. Tendrils appeared to travel forth and emanate from within Brianna's sickly body; they seemed to outline and alternate between the different bodily systems. Skylah's gaze was a mask of focus, as if she was seeing and searching every inch of Light that traveled through her sister. "The idea is that the Light will find anything that does not belong. However, it does take time to search every dark corner within the body." Vatya watched with intense silver eyes that drank in everything. "Vill it heal vhat doesn't belong?" she asked curiously and with pure childish hope. Skylah bit her lip as she continued to let the Light flow forth. "If I find anything that does not belong, I promise it will disappear faster than dessert at our house." She spoke in attempt to elicit a laugh from her niece. Vatya giggled, though it was not as hearty as her usual carefree laughter. "Mama says you are a better healer than even her!" She looked at Skylah in wonder as she tilted her head. "Find anything?" "Dammit-," she quietly began while the tendrils of Light faded away. She exhaled sharply and glanced up at the young girl. "I ask that you do not repeat that around your mother or father. And...sadly I have not found anything. Nothing at all." Not phased by the curse word, Vatya nodded. With thoughtfulness unfitting of one so young, the little girl turned her attention to Brianna. "Maybe Mama can guide your Light in her dreams." Skylah looked her sibling up and down, regarding the child with a curious glance. "Would you think me a coward if I said that playing in the mind of another can be terrifying? There is much that can go wrong." While seemingly in thought, she moves up onto the bed and scoots close to Brianna. "I vould never think that of you, Auntie Sky," Vatya responded in truth. "It vould be scary to look inside someone's mind because vhat if you see something you are not supposed to see?" A weak smile comes across the Priestess' lips. "Well, yes, that is scary. But believe me, I have seen plenty of things I wish I hadn't. It is more the tediousness of navigating the mind. And be assured, Vatya, there are dark places in each of us that can pose a threat to all persons involved. Luckily, with Brianna and I it has always been different. As if no magic at all were needed for us to speak with one another." "Your mind speak," Vatya says in understanding and then suddenly widens her gaze. "Auntie Sky, are you going to go into Mama's head while she is asleep?!" Skylah gave a gentle, loving pat on Ella's back before altering her gaze. She reached out and ran a hand over Brianna's hair and peered into her sibling's closed eyes. "I am going to try, darling Vatya. Might you grab me a water before I begin?" Though the feeling of exhaustion hovered about her small frame, she had to discover a way to 'find' Brianna. This wouldn't be the first time that she attempted to reach her subconscious, but perhaps this time she could use the Light to help amplify her attempts. The little girl slid off the bed, taking care not to jostle Brianna and ran to the table that housed the water pitcher. A clean glass was grabbed and she began to fill it. Once full, she returned to the bedside and offered the glass up to her aunt. "Thank you, Vatya." She wasted no time drinking the entire contents of the glass, using a levitation spell to see it sat next to her potions on the table. She spared a glance to the smaller bed that resided in the room. "You should grab my blanket from the chair and lay down. This is likely to take a long time, and I don't know that I will be very responsive." The idea was not immediately accepted by the child, as evident upon her frowning face, but she was a very well behaved little girl of nine and she eventually nodded. She would do as her Aunt asked. Once settled in atop the second bed, with her elekk plush nestled in the crook of her arm, she tugged the blanket up to her chin and closed her eyes. “But you vill vake me as soon as you find Mama in there,” Vatya said sleepily, the pull of slumber already taking her hand. With a smile at the young child, Skylah laid down face to face with Brianna and began infusing the bond they shared with a strand of Light. The surroundings seemed to blur away for an unknown amount of time as she delved within her sister's mind and the darkness that awaited. ((Written in collaboration with Brianna.))
  11. Skylah Mac


    Doomsayers unite! I had mentioned this last week and decided to put things on hold to see if more interest could be gathered. I admit there is no huge IC plot developement with this, but it could be some fun and interesting RP. The idea is for people to portray Doomsayers on a path from Stormwind to Ironforge. Skylah and crew will trek from the city gates to the tram. Once in Ironforge we will cross through the Military ward on our way to visit old Ironforge (where Magni once was). Along this path, we will stop and speak with every IC Doomsayer. This is where you come in. Whether you already have a character created, use TRP to be someone else, or roll a whole new toon, it all works for me. And for what you wish to say, I leave that to you. I love surprises. You can be one of those people trying to sell Legion outfits, or a crazy "repent now and save your soul", and anything in between. We will react to whatever you decide. My character (Skylah) is curious to listen to what is being brought to the masses. So you are free to have fun and be creative. And if there are any Alliance that just "happen" to be in our path and wish to join us, I am open to that as well. If those playing Doomsayers want to switch over after they do their bit and join in, the more the merrier! I really think this could be some light and fun RP. I like the idea of not knowing how the Doomsayers might act and look forward to responding to them Date: Wednesday August 3rd Time: 8pm server time Place: Stormwind and Ironforge
  12. Doomsayers unite! I had mentioned this last week and decided to put things on hold to see if more interest could be gathered. I admit there is no huge IC plot development with this, but it could be some fun and interesting RP. The idea is for people to portray Doomsayers on a path from Stormwind to Ironforge. Skylah and crew will trek from the city gates to the tram. Once in Ironforge we will cross through the Military ward on our way to visit old Ironforge (where Magni once was). Along this path, we will stop and speak with every IC Doomsayer. This is where you come in. Whether you already have a character created, use TRP to be someone else, or roll a whole new toon, it all works for me. And for what you wish to say, I leave that to you. I love surprises. You can be one of those people trying to sell Legion outfits, or a crazy "repent now and save your soul", and anything in between. We will react to whatever you decide. My character (Skylah) is curious to listen to what is being brought to the masses. So you are free to have fun and be creative. And if there are any Alliance that just "happen" to be in our path and wish to join us, I am open to that as well. If those playing Doomsayers want to switch over after they do their bit and join in, the more the merrier! I really think this could be some light and fun RP. I like the idea of not knowing how the Doomsayers might act and look forward to responding to them! Date: Wednesday August 3rd Time: 8pm server time Place: Stormwind and Ironforge
  13. Skylah Mac

    Island Beach Party


    (( Woot, only a couple more days! I best get on and get my outfit together. ))
  14. ((Oh dang. Just realized I better get busy finding some swimwear! Party this Saturday! Has anyone contacted about catering and such yet? ))