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  1. "She is nice. Too nice for this world, I think. Sometimes"
  2. "She is my friend! She is very nice and kind. Very helpful. Just... it is polite if you ask her first, if she needs help.
  3. I'm so glad you're still doing these <3
  4. 7. You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You – Dean Martin The world still is the same, you never change it. As sure as the stars shine above, you're nobody 'til somebody loves you. Aaren's gown was pink. Light pink, and flowing in the light breeze as she walked. She chose that fabric on purpose because of it. She knew people would notice it, and of course her. Her long curls bounced just as readily as her skirts. The mass of it was gathered loosely from behind her head and flowed over one shoulder. The tiny pink buds adorning it might have been a bit much, but that type of thing was almost ex
  5. 6. Superwoman – Alicia Keys Say yes I will. Yes I can. Breygrah had no real place she called home since leaving for the Broken Isles. Dalaran stank of magic and she didn't like it. Living there with Sanctuary was hard enough. The city itself was nice enough, but after every resupply she was glad to be gone from the place. Thunder Totem was still wondrous. She loved being there, and with every departure she missed it just as much as the last time she left. She was more than willing to help those that lived there, but she wouldn't dare take it as her own home. Something didn't feel qui
  6. 5. Dean Martin – Return to Me Hurry home, hurry home, won't you please hurry home to my heart? She made it home. They traveled Northrend together. Fought the undead, fought the Horde that got in their way. They didn't waste time on the rabble. She stepped through shadows and sunk daggers into shambling undead with precision. She adjusted her antidotes to counteract disease and infection. They weren't entirely effective, just enough to help them survive when they needed to travel for aid. He called down divine judgment upon the scourged and blessed the ground that sat tainted for far
  7. 4. Opeth – Blackwater Park It is the year of death, wielding his instruments. Stealth sovereign reaper touching us with ease . Elizabeth stayed in Tirisfal Glades as much as she could get away with. It was dark. It would be cold if she could feel cold anymore, and that would be just fine. She could be alone around other Forsaken that just wanted to be alone. She could be alone by herself, of course. Surrounded by shadows of trees and the Void as she thought. Sometimes there were voices. Most couldn't be understood, the rest she didn't care to try to understand. They didn't bother her too
  8. 3. Flyleaf – Fully Alive Fully alive, more than most, ready to smile, and love life I finally got to go see the giant moose tauren on the giant totem! They're SO BIG! How do they even get that big! Am I going to be that big? I bet they scare away all the foxes and those stinky worms and they break up all those big rock guys! How do they even get those horns like that? Can Breyah make my horns like that? I want horns like that! Then I could pick things up with them! We were up soooo high. There are mountains and they touch the clouds, not like at home. And they have snow on them, and
  9. 2. Breaking Benjamin – Diary of Jane If I had to, I would put myself right beside you. So let me ask you, would you like that? The paladin loved the rogue, for some reason. She was poor. She was a smartass and a troublemaker, and he chose to get her out of dodge several times. She was a drunk, for no reason than just because. She had no real skills and got by on swiping whatever she could. Her adoptive father, in his strange accent, didn't like the paladin once he took a liking to her and did his very best to drive him off. The rogue loved the paladin, for some reason. He was a pomp
  10. 1. Cold – No One I can't ever really believe no one was sent to get me, and I feel like I'm being erased. She received her orders. She'd hold onto them. More insight to the inner workings of the enemy. There was no groundbreaking information within. Nothing like what she'd uncovered in the past, but it's something to help predict how the other branches worked throughout this world. She stuffed the papers into her bag and tightened its strap around herself. If they hadn't come for her by now, no one was coming. Her life was in her own hands. After working so long, so hard. She still
  11. A small reprise of last year. 1. Cold - No one 2. Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane 3. Flyleaf - Fully Alive 4. Opeth - Blackwater Park 5. Dean Martin - Return to Me 6. Alicia Keys - Superwoman 7. Dean Martin - You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You
  12. Still literally the thing I'm second third most looking forward to.