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  2. ((...Shokkra's going to need a dress. Also OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I'M GONNA CRY! I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULDN'T CRY! *sobs dramatically, maskara runs down face, looks like racoon in rain, stuffs face with wedding cake*))
  3. An angry, kinda scared like, kinda shell-shocked resonating voice narrates. Over a black screen “Something is coming.” Drums play after he talks like duh, duh duh duh, duh. 1.Ext. Hell if I know A huge, like, colossal black worg snarls at the pitch black entrance of a cave. “And when it gets here.” 2.Ext. Winter Forest A black furred hand rips Gorehowl (Because you know what? Fuck you Thrall. It’s our right to be able to use Gorehowl’s likeness because it’s awesome and it’s not like you need it for anything!) out of a wolf corpse, the camera pans up to reveal Konro, spattered in blood and guts, wearing a furious expression on his face. “It will tear this world apart.” 3.Ext. Hell-cave or whatever Stranger, the big black worg, barks at the cave and backs up. It seems as though a thousand glowing eyes light up inside and a growl to go with it. “So we have to kill it.” 4.Ext. Snowy Mountains A good few raids of heroes and you know, other “people”, like elves. Look out over the vista of a massive like, gigantic army of giant wolves and like tauren that are wolves like the worgen but cooler. A fireball crashes into the screen. “Before it gets to us.” Fades into a close up on Konro’s eyes. He’s breathing heavily, not in that way, you dirty people. Sweat covers his face and you can see his breath rising in the cold. His fqce contorts into a visage a pure and unbridled rage as he roars a battle cry. Cut to black. Text fades onto the screen. ECLIPSE: THE INFANTRY OF THE KONRO COMING SOON (That was so fuckin epic)(WASN’T IT THOUGH?)(Wait, I just remembered, weren’t we going to put the sex appeal in this trailer?)(WELL IT’S TOO LATE NOW)(Let’s just throw a babe up at the end)(KAY) Quick shot of a bodacious blood elf babe’s delightful rear end in lingerie. (Perfect)(DID WE EVEN NEED A SECOND TRAILER THOUGH? TRULY)(It'll be good publicity)(UH HUH)(Go eat some corpses)
  4. *Ahem* Tis the night of December 15, and after being told by no one, Shokkra is invited(?) to the tavern in Stolen Time’s Garrison where Sanctuary is currently located and this is where our story of epic comedy, violence, romance and discovery unfold… (*This chatlog is a proud sponsor of Eclipse: The Move: Part One: The Infantry of the Konro, coming soon to a wow-tng.org near you*) Logging started on 12/14/2015 at 21:14:04. Shokkra enters bar 21:15:51 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Whass yer story then roun' 'ere, you wanna tha Sancts? 21:15:58 Julilee-TwistingNether waves at you. 21:16:01 You nod at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:16:05 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: onna* 21:16:05 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Shokkra. 21:16:11 Cobrak-TwistingNether looks at you. 21:16:11 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Commander. 21:16:32 Julilee-TwistingNether looks back at Garev, in the midst of a conversation, though she had looked intyerested to see Shokkra. 21:16:33 Kexti nods at you. 21:16:34 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Oh great, now issa party... 21:16:35 Cobrak-TwistingNether takes one look at you and lets out a guffaw! 21:16:40 Kexti smirks slyly at Saelyx. 21:16:46 Aaren looks at you. 21:16:46 Saelyx looks at Kexti. 21:16:57 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: They are good but... 21:16:58 Djara-TwistingNether eyes you up and down. 21:17:02 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Not spicy enough? 21:17:03 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: They aren't... fire. 21:17:04 Garev-TwistingNether nods and reaches into his satchel to produce a letter. He presents the letter to Baern. "Excellent. This is for you, then." 21:17:06 Saelyx nods at Kexti. 21:17:17 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Ah. Hrm. 21:17:18 Djara-TwistingNether snorts derisively at you. 21:17:20 Gorok the Cleaver says: Good stuff! 21:17:22 [baern-Ravenholdt]: What? Really? Alright, then. Uh... thanks. 21:17:22 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Let me try to cook something spicy up. 21:17:28 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Baern. 21:17:30 Kexti-Ravenholdt goes over to the fire. 21:17:31 Garev-TwistingNether nods and turns to leave. 21:17:32 Baern-Ravenholdt says, tentatively. He accepts the letter. 21:17:34 Saelyx-Ravenholdt continues to chew at the bird meat. "You dn't hrf to." 21:17:42 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Garev-TwistingNether. 21:17:51 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Baern. 21:17:53 Shokkra-Ravenholdt throws her helmet at Cobrak and starts drinking. 21:17:57 Djara-TwistingNether eyes Aaren up and down. 21:18:02 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Well, I won't pry. But that was interesting. 21:18:11 Baern-Ravenholdt looks down at the letter in his hands, though he hasn't yet opened it. 21:18:11 Djara-TwistingNether barely notices in time to duck from the helmet throw. 21:18:20 Cobrak-TwistingNether catches it and tosses it into the fire casually. 21:18:21 Kexti-Ravenholdt cooks some fish over the fire, liberally spicing them. 21:18:23 [baern-Ravenholdt]: Indeed. 21:18:24 Djara-TwistingNether had been looking at Aaren. 21:18:26 Baern-Ravenholdt says, simply. 21:18:26 Aaren-Ravenholdt moves through the crowd silently and sits down near Saelyx, though without as much as a glance towards him. Or anyone in particular, really. 21:18:28 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Whoops. 21:18:31 Cobrak-TwistingNether laughs at you. 21:18:39 You stare Cobrak-TwistingNether down. 21:18:47 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks over at Aaren, his mouth full of food and his grip on a buzzard bone. 21:18:54 Shokkra-Ravenholdt throws an empty flask at the helmet fire. 21:18:56 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Try these, Saelyx. 21:18:59 Cobrak-TwistingNether grins at the orcess, as though daring her to try something. 21:18:59 Baern-Ravenholdt sighs before ripping the paper open and looking at the contents within. 21:19:00 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 21:19:03 Kexti peers at Aaren searchingly. 21:19:07 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: New armor, Aaren? 21:19:23 Shokkra-Ravenholdt makes the "Come at me Bro" gesture at Cobrak. 21:19:29 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at you. 21:19:29 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Mm hm. Heavier cloth, it's warm. 21:19:33 Rhyze-TwistingNether sniffs the air, locking onto Aaren with suspicious eyes. 21:19:36 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks down at the food placed in front of him. He can't help it. He's starving, and seems content to sample Kexti's cooking eagerly. 21:19:40 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: I see. 21:19:45 Kexti-Ravenholdt rubs his beard. 21:19:49 Djara-TwistingNether gives the new orcess a fierce glare before she turns back to the troll male across the fire. "Kriga, joo not have a story joo want tah tell?" 21:19:59 Saelyx-Ravenholdt picks up a bit of fish with his metal covered fingers, tilting his head back to eat. 21:20:11 Cobrak-TwistingNether snorts, flipping a middle finger her way before resuming his drink. 21:20:13 Saelyx-Ravenholdt closes his eyes at the spice in his mouth. 21:20:21 Kexti looks at Saelyx. 21:20:24 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Is that more to your liking? 21:20:27 [Kriga-Ravenholdt]: Ay Kex' mon, y you ne'er say ye be mastuh cook? 21:20:27 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Much... better. 21:20:34 Kexti peers at Kriga searchingly. 21:20:39 Baern-Ravenholdt slowly walks away from the group as he pours over the letter. 21:20:39 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I wish you could cook my hunt every day. 21:20:41 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 21:20:45 Shokkra-Ravenholdt grunts orc-ily at Cobrak and resumes getting sozzled. 21:20:51 Julilee-TwistingNether glances at Baern, then goes to the fire. 21:20:53 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 21:20:55 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: I have regularly handed out my cooking, Kriga...Are you hungry? And yes, Saelyx, I would be happy to do so. 21:20:58 Rhyze-TwistingNether sniffs again, "You're the blackwing?" Eyeing Aaren with a gaze like a hawk. 21:20:59 Kexti smirks slyly at Saelyx. 21:21:23 Julilee-TwistingNether looks around, noticing Kex'ti over on the other side of the room. 21:21:27 Saelyx-Ravenholdt almost smiles, but he is not really able to do so. At Rhyze's words, he swallows his bite hard and shoots his gaze toward her. 21:21:33 Saelyx peers at Rhyze-TwistingNether searchingly. 21:21:34 Aaren-Ravenholdt turns her head with a small tilt to watch Saelyx so focused on his food with a smirk, before hearing the new voice speak up. She looks up to the elf and narrows her eyes. "No." 21:21:38 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: What are you in the mood for? 21:21:50 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Don't lie...I can smell it on you. 21:21:52 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 21:21:57 Ardyan looks around. 21:21:59 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Come... here, Rhyze... 21:22:00 [Kriga-Ravenholdt]: Sumtin' hearty fo' da soul 21:22:05 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Hrm. 21:22:05 Saelyx-Ravenholdt tests the command quietly. 21:22:11 Kexti-Ravenholdt rummages in his ingredients. 21:22:11 Rhyze-TwistingNether blinks at Saelyx. 21:22:12 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Keep it to yourself. 21:22:13 Aaren rolls her eyes. 21:22:20 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Kexti. 21:22:21 Rhyze-TwistingNether acquiesces and hops down, "Yes?" 21:22:30 Saelyx-Ravenholdt blinks in surprise at her response. 21:22:32 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 21:22:37 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Is there a celebration of some sort tonight...? 21:22:39 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I-... 21:22:40 Saelyx stares Rhyze-TwistingNether down. 21:22:46 You look at Ardyan. 21:22:56 Baern-Ravenholdt rolls the arrowhead around between his thumb and forefinger. He turns back to the letter and reads its contents a few more times. 21:22:57 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: There you are, friend. 21:23:09 Kexti smiles at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:23:10 Rhyze-TwistingNether looks like a cat who got caught peeing on the rug, "..I'm sorry...d-did...I mess up?" 21:23:10 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Hoi. 21:23:12 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Yeah, we killed Naheal'sh kids. Good times. 21:23:14 Deadskull-TwistingNether slams his axe into the floor as he orders his drink. 21:23:15 Saelyx-Ravenholdt just stares for the longest time. "I would ask you... could keep quiet about this, as she asks. Would you.... do that? As a favor to me?" 21:23:28 Baern-Ravenholdt strolls back to rejoin the group. 21:23:35 Kexti looks at Baern. 21:23:37 [baern-Ravenholdt]: Commander, you might want to have a look at this. 21:23:38 Saelyx peers at Rhyze-TwistingNether searchingly. 21:23:38 Julilee-TwistingNether looks up at Baern. 21:23:42 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Oh? 21:23:46 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Not as good as when Konro got gutted, I imagine. 21:23:48 Naheàl-TwistingNether pauses mid drink for a moment, then finishes it. 21:23:48 Ardyan looks at Aaren. 21:23:49 [Kriga-Ravenholdt]: T'ank you mon. Taste mo' deelicious 21:23:55 Kexti smirks slyly at Kriga. 21:23:55 Frostwall Smith says: Not bad at all! 21:24:00 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Of course, Kriga. 21:24:02 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I imagine that wuz a right hoot. 21:24:03 [baern-Ravenholdt]: It wasn't for me. I think it's for someone else in the Sanctuary, I just don't know who. 21:24:11 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: It I had been there, probably. 21:24:21 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Hmm. Perhaps I can help figure it out, then. 21:24:22 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Or when we burned the rest of that squad that tried to kill us. That was a damn laugh. 21:24:29 Rhyze-TwistingNether nods quietly, "I-if you insist..." 21:24:39 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I'm... not used to this, but if you are redsworn, you should know... it is our duty to protect Aaren. 21:24:48 [baern-Ravenholdt]: Do you know if anyone has a brother named Caahl? If they do, the letter's for them. And it doesn't sound good. 21:24:54 Rhyze-TwistingNether is suspicious of Aaren. 21:24:54 Kexti-Ravenholdt coughs and takes a pull from his medicine jug. 21:24:57 Aaren-Ravenholdt lowers her head to rub a hand across her face, underneath the hood. She could be seen sighing heavily, but quietly. 21:24:58 Ardyan-Ravenholdt doesn't seek to interrupt anyone. He takes a little time to watch Aaren while she doesn't know he's there. Hopefully not in a creepy way. 21:24:59 Saelyx-Ravenholdt offers some of his fish and buzzard wings to Rhyze, uncertainly. 21:25:00 Kexti-Ravenholdt looks at Baern and shakes his head. 21:25:07 Djara-TwistingNether rolls her eyes, finishes off her drink, then pats Cobrak on the shoulder. She leans in whisper something to Cobrak. 21:25:14 Kexti nods at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:25:18 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Hoi, friend. 21:25:26 Deadskull-TwistingNether bows before Kexti. 21:25:27 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 21:25:29 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Caahl... No, I don't think so. 21:25:30 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Have we met? 21:25:30 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: ...I'll trust your judgement. 21:25:33 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Did... Faviastrasz tell you to find another, at the time of his demise? 21:25:33 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Lok'tar. 21:25:38 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 21:25:54 Kexti nods at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:25:58 Saelyx-Ravenholdt motions for her to help herself to the food. 21:26:11 Aaren-Ravenholdt lifts her head and looks between Saelyx, and who appears to be his friend? She doesn't say anything, but keeps a steady gaze on the pair. 21:26:13 Kexti looks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:26:14 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It's been too long shince i've seen the clan.. 21:26:15 Rhyze-TwistingNether shrinks, "N-no....I....was away at the time..." She shakes her head, not hungry at the moment. 21:26:16 Saelyx-Ravenholdt lifts his coffee mug to drink. 21:26:17 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Naheal you did jack shhit, you made ush deal with our own sholdiersh because you didn't wanna get your handsh dirty or whatever. 21:26:26 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Oh, are you associated with Shanctuary/ 21:26:36 Cobrak-TwistingNether grins back, leaning to his trolless companion. 21:26:36 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 21:26:44 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Beside Neroxian... I thought I was the only one who knew him. 21:26:44 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I am! 21:26:48 Kexti cheers at Deadskull-TwistingNether! 21:26:50 Julilee-TwistingNether blinks at the contents of the letter as she reads it. "....No. That does not sound good. But the only other male tauren I can think of hasn't been around in some time..." 21:26:53 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Hey, Cobrak. I think I hear an unwelcome irritant in our garrison. Did you hear that, too? 21:26:54 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Well met indeed then! 21:27:03 Cobrak-TwistingNether laughs at Naheàl-TwistingNether. 21:27:15 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks back at the food. He takes another bite, then offers the plate to Aaren. But his own appetite seems to have increased suddenly. 21:27:23 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I fink its jus' a pissant tryin' ta make itself biggah than it is. 21:27:26 Saelyx-Ravenholdt decreased* 21:27:35 Djara-TwistingNether stands, gives Kriga a curt nod, and makes her way out of the tavern. 21:27:40 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: There I was just walking around the big city and stumbled into the hall there. Julilee welcomed me right in. 21:27:43 Djara-TwistingNether nods at Kriga. 21:27:53 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Hrm. 21:27:59 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: ...Lord Faviastrasz preferred to be among mortals....he didn't like the hands-off attitude the rest of the Flight shared. 21:28:01 Kriga nods at Djara-TwistingNether. 21:28:05 Saelyx peers at Djara-TwistingNether searchingly. 21:28:09 Kriga bows before Djara-TwistingNether. 21:28:20 [baern-Ravenholdt]: Yeah. Obviously, I'm not very well-versed in who's who in Sanctuary. But hopefully we'll be able to find who we need to. 21:28:25 Kexti-Ravenholdt yawns and rubs at his shoulder. 21:28:25 Saelyx looks at Naheàl-TwistingNether. 21:28:26 Julilee-TwistingNether nods at Baern. 21:28:30 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Trouble, Naheal? 21:28:40 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Not yet. 21:28:44 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Yeah, my old clan died, so it seemed silly to be a clan of one. 21:28:45 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Naheàl-TwistingNether. 21:28:49 Aaren-Ravenholdt raises a hand to decline the food silently. 21:28:55 Kexti smiles at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:28:59 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Well, welcome, friend. 21:29:01 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Shhe welcomed me in, and I pledged my loyalties. 21:29:12 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: thank you. 21:29:13 Deadskull-TwistingNether bows before Kexti. 21:29:16 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Well friends, I think that I am going to turn in for the evening. 21:29:17 Kexti bows before Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:29:24 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Kexti. 21:29:24 [Kexti-Ravenholdt]: Sinu a'manore. ...hic! 21:29:26 Saelyx-Ravenholdt nods and looks back toward the plate he sets down. Not able to pass up, he takes another bite of fish, to nourish himself. The back of his glove wipes his mouth off. 21:29:32 Kexti smiles at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:29:38 Julilee-TwistingNether smiles at Kexti. 21:29:39 Kexti-Ravenholdt hobbles out. 21:29:39 Deadskull-TwistingNether is puzzled by Kexti. 21:29:50 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:29:57 Rhyze-TwistingNether bites her lip, showing off her buck teeth. "He...mentioned you a few times..." 21:30:03 [baern-Ravenholdt]: I'm going to join Kex. Thanks for the night, everyone. 21:30:07 Julilee-TwistingNether nods at Baern. 21:30:11 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: You know this one, Saelyx? 21:30:11 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I guess that is why I am here. He taught me most of what I know. I found him in a cell, but... he saved me, really. 21:30:17 Deadskull-TwistingNether catches Julilee's gaze... 21:30:17 Aaren-Ravenholdt interrupts rudely. Because Aaren. 21:30:19 Saelyx looks at Aaren. 21:30:22 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: ...I'm sorry I wasn't there...maybe...maybe if I was... 21:30:24 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Just met her... 21:30:28 Ardyan smiles. 21:30:36 Deadskull-TwistingNether hugs Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:30:36 Julilee-TwistingNether blinks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:30:41 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: ... 21:30:49 Julilee-TwistingNether doesn't know what to do about this. 21:30:53 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It's been so long...! 21:30:54 Gorok the Cleaver says: Ah. Worth the trip! 21:30:58 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Ah... yes. 21:31:00 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: But she is a sworn to... well... the closest thing I ever had to an older 'brother', as many would place it. 21:31:02 Julilee-TwistingNether extricates herself. 21:31:06 Naheàl-TwistingNether looks at Jazi-AzjolNerub. 21:31:09 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: I hope you've been well. 21:31:09 Naheàl-TwistingNether peers at Jazi-AzjolNerub searchingly. 21:31:14 Rhyze-TwistingNether wraps her arms around her legs as she tucks them in about her. 21:31:18 Jazi-AzjolNerub orders a drink. 21:31:26 Naheàl-TwistingNether raises a drink to Jazi. 21:31:35 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: He was my elder. I am... promised to his duty. It is why I am promised to watch over you, if you go piece to piece. 21:31:42 Jazi-AzjolNerub looks over and does the same to Naheal. 21:31:46 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Well, I fell into a pit and lived off rodents for a while... But I made it out! 21:31:50 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I swore to him I would finish what he started. 21:31:53 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Been a while. How've you been? 21:31:53 Julilee-TwistingNether blinks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:32:05 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I saw him die... for that cause. 21:32:10 Aaren-Ravenholdt makes a quiet sound of acknowledgement, something not quite approval but not quite otherwise, either. 21:32:12 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: They're still not that good. 21:32:17 [Jazi-AzjolNerub]: Better. Yourself? 21:32:22 Julilee-TwistingNether can't tell if serious. 21:32:22 Saelyx-Ravenholdt takes a breath, more solemn and calm about the situation now, after years. 21:32:35 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Depends on who you ask. 21:32:38 Deadskull-TwistingNether has a look that tells he is. 21:32:42 Rhyze-TwistingNether mumbles another starchy "M'sorry..." Before she excuses herself quietly. 21:32:46 Naheàl-TwistingNether smirks slyly at Jazi-AzjolNerub. 21:32:50 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: What happens to you, Rhyze? 21:32:55 Kriga-Ravenholdt bids everyone farewell. 21:32:58 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: I'm glad you're okay. 21:32:59 Aaren blinks. 21:33:03 [Jazi-AzjolNerub]: I'm askin' you, ya ass. 21:33:12 Naheàl-TwistingNether lets out a hearty chuckle. 21:33:26 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Could be better. C ould be worse. 21:33:28 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Yeah, it was quite the hole... But I found my way out. 21:33:29 Jazi-AzjolNerub drinks his whatever he ordered. 21:33:51 Saelyx-Ravenholdt just watches her leave, giving a small shrug to Aaren. 21:33:51 Naheàl-TwistingNether is pretty sure Jazi just ordered rocket fuel and is now on fire 21:33:56 Deadskull-TwistingNether pulls a hairy chunk of meat out of his teeth. 21:34:00 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Did you not have your hearthstone with you, to call for help? 21:34:00 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I'm... I don't know what to do. 21:34:09 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I don't like people calling me that. 21:34:15 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at Julilee-TwistingNether with a confused look. 21:34:27 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Been able to talk to her? 21:34:30 Jazi-AzjolNerub sets the drink down and just...pushes it aside.... 21:34:32 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 21:34:49 Saelyx-Ravenholdt stares over at Aaren. "I know. But she doesn't. I've never seen a red sworn, before." 21:35:02 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Didn't you ever attune your hearthstone to our frequency? 21:35:09 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: The only other I've seen of my kind is... Faviastrasz, who we spoke of. 21:35:10 Deadskull-TwistingNether pulls out his hearthstone. "Oh, this?" 21:35:18 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Hm. 21:35:19 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Yes... was it not working? 21:35:23 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Yeah, I sure did! 21:35:23 Jazi-AzjolNerub shivers a little. "Yeah. What, she not comin' 'round here anymore?" 21:35:45 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 21:35:47 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: There's really no sense in hiding, Aaren. I am learning this, too. 21:35:47 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I don't see her much. We had some history from... before the last time. I tried to kill her multiple times. 21:35:47 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I think it works... *Taps on the hearthstone* 21:35:56 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks at his helmet, between them. 21:35:57 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 21:35:58 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Yep, sure does! 21:36:05 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: ... hiding what? 21:36:07 Aaren frowns. 21:36:21 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: ....Maybe try using that to call for help if you ever get trapped again. I or someone would have come to help you right away. 21:36:37 Deadskull-TwistingNether scratches his head "I... Guess I forgot. 21:36:46 Julilee-TwistingNether looks a little pained. 21:36:48 Jazi-AzjolNerub looks over to Naheal with a minor look of hostility, "Oh yeah?" 21:36:52 Deadskull-TwistingNether shrugs at Julilee-TwistingNether. Who knows? 21:37:13 Gorok the Cleaver says: Ah. Worth the trip! 21:37:14 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Was back when she was... more of a fanatic for another elf. Years ago. 21:37:18 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Hopefully something like that won't happen again, though. 21:38:05 Saelyx-Ravenholdt stares down at his cooling coffee for a moment. 21:38:08 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Have you met Shokkra? 21:38:23 Shokkra-Ravenholdt grunts. 21:38:24 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Eh, it builds character... 21:38:29 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I guess I can always put my helmet back on. 21:38:29 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Not yet... 21:38:39 Julilee-TwistingNether nods toward Shokkra. 21:38:45 You look at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:38:46 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Long story. Lot of bad memories. 21:38:49 You look at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:38:55 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Shokkra, this is Slagg'rah Deadskull. 21:39:04 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Lok'tar. 21:39:04 [Jazi-AzjolNerub]: I see. I didn't have an interest in pryin'. 21:39:07 Deadskull-TwistingNether bows before you. 21:39:09 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Hey. 21:39:10 You salute Deadskull-TwistingNether with respect. 21:39:11 Saelyx-Ravenholdt glances at Aaren with gold colored eyes, gripping his helmet by a horn. 21:39:19 Deadskull-TwistingNether eyes you up and down. 21:39:23 You stare Deadskull-TwistingNether down. 21:39:27 Rhyze-TwistingNether breathes again to help steady herself. 21:39:29 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You checking me out? 21:39:29 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I just climbed out of a hole! 21:39:35 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks over toward Rhyze. 21:39:39 Aaren-Ravenholdt peers at him for several long moments, as if trying to read him. 21:39:43 Julilee-TwistingNether blinks and wonders why she thought this would go well. 21:39:46 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Hey, you wouldn't have happened to have heard what happened out in Mulgore, would you? 21:39:48 Deadskull-TwistingNether has a childish yet serious look. 21:39:51 Naheàl-TwistingNether looks at Jazi-AzjolNerub. 21:40:01 Rhyze-TwistingNether feels eyes upon her and turns to see another young elf eyeing her. 21:40:05 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: What kind've hole? 21:40:13 Saelyx-Ravenholdt just seems as solemn as ever. He follows Rhyze's gaze toward the door. 21:40:16 Jazi-AzjolNerub meets his look, "Naw. I don't get out that way too much." 21:40:21 Isadóre-TwistingNether immediately spots her uncle, manging a careful smile. A thought dawns on her, and her expression goes a little strained before she glances around and stares at the female. 21:40:23 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: A deep one. It's okay, it had rats to eat. 21:40:24 Isadóre-TwistingNether blinks at Rhyze-TwistingNether. 21:40:25 Naheàl-TwistingNether smiles at Isadóre-TwistingNether. 21:40:39 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Oh...sorry, am I in the way? 21:40:46 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Huh? Oh, no, not at all! 21:40:47 Saelyx-Ravenholdt watches Isadore quietly as he tilts back the rest of his coffee like a shot. 21:40:47 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Hi! 21:40:47 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Ah. Too bad. Was hoping you may have heard something. 21:40:48 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: They still taste gross. 21:40:49 Rhyze-TwistingNether scootches back a little. 21:40:52 Isadóre-TwistingNether holds out her hand. 21:40:56 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Couldn't you have just called shomeone? Or done made a ladder. Or shomething? 21:41:01 Deadskull-TwistingNether smiles at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:41:05 Isadóre-TwistingNether gets up in this girl's space, doing her best to be friendly. 21:41:20 Rhyze-TwistingNether retreats on instinct, backing into a pillar. 21:41:27 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Oh, Julilee just asked me the same question. 21:41:31 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks over at Isadore and Rhyze. 21:41:33 Isadóre-TwistingNether hesitates, dropping her hand to the side. 21:41:41 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Uh, sorry! I didn't mean to startle you! 21:41:44 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: My name is Dora! 21:41:46 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Rhyze... 21:41:47 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I guess I forgot. 21:41:49 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: It's alright. 21:41:58 You applaud at Deadskull-TwistingNether. Bravo! 21:42:00 [Jazi-AzjolNerub]: Got my own business t' worry about, but I might check it out now that ya brought it up. 21:42:02 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Good for you. 21:42:03 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: So I wanted to speak to both of you... 21:42:13 You look at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:42:16 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It's okay, it only took about 67 suns to find my way out. 21:42:18 Rhyze-TwistingNether smoothes out her armor, "No no, I'm sorry! I just don't do well with sudden movements...ranger training..hehheh..." She laughs nervously, extending her hand. 21:42:27 You look at Deadskull-TwistingNether and cover your face with your palm. 21:42:29 Deadskull-TwistingNether listens intently to Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:42:42 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Someone did something real nasty out th ere and I want to know who. I'll get my own people on it if you're too busy, though. 21:42:54 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: We're going into a battle soon, and we need some strong fighters. 21:42:59 Isadóre-TwistingNether grins and reaches out to shake. "I like your bow," Isa beams, all cheer. "I still train with mine, but I use a rifle mostly. 21:43:02 Saelyx-Ravenholdt rubs his hand over the side of his face, watching Isadore and Rhyze with his open eye. 21:43:08 Deadskull-TwistingNether cheers at Julilee-TwistingNether! 21:43:11 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Where we headed? 21:43:22 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: With who? Will they have blood?! 21:43:31 You agree with Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:43:32 [Jazi-AzjolNerub]: Yeah that'd be fer th' best. 21:43:40 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Good question, how much blood? 21:44:00 Rhyze-TwistingNether returns the gesture, albeit meekly, "Thank you! One of my patrons made it for me..." She smiles a little sheepishly, "Oh really? A gun?" 21:44:10 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Shokkra, you won't have to hold back. We need every bit of ferocity you can muster. This will be against Serinar's stronghold under Blackrock Mountain. 21:44:18 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Yeah! My uncle gave it to me...it's an heirloom. 21:44:20 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I like fights with blood. Tell me there will be blood. *taps his feet quickly* 21:44:20 Jazi-AzjolNerub turns to survey the bar, looking at the occupants. 21:44:21 Cobrak-TwistingNether enjoys his brew, as he puffs away on his pipe. 21:44:22 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: The fuck is a Serinar. 21:44:24 Saelyx-Ravenholdt murmurs to Aaren "I think I need something stronger than coffee..." 21:44:27 Julilee-TwistingNether nods at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:44:35 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The one who was commanding Morinth. 21:44:40 Julilee-TwistingNether says in answer to Shokkra, "A very evil dragon." 21:44:46 Deadskull-TwistingNether cheers at Julilee-TwistingNether! 21:44:50 Saelyx looks at you. 21:44:52 Julilee-TwistingNether looks over to Naheal and nods at his words as well. 21:44:52 Deadskull-TwistingNether bursts into dance. 21:45:06 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I don't even, who wash Morinth? 21:45:06 Aaren-Ravenholdt watches Saelyx for several more moments before giving a small shrug and looking over towards the ladies near the door. She studies them for only a few seconds before noticing Ardyan close to them. 21:45:09 Saelyx-Ravenholdt frowns as he overhears the turn in conversation. 21:45:23 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: That's nice, I'm not the biggest fan though. 21:45:26 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The bitch we killed in Grim Batol. 21:45:27 Ardyan smiles at Aaren. 21:45:40 Jazi-AzjolNerub looks at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:45:42 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Suffice it to say they're all bad, and need to be stopped. 21:45:42 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Sure, I understand. There's something really satisfying about the pull and release on a bow, right? 21:45:43 Aaren-Ravenholdt quickly moves her gaze to Shokkra and frowns when she hears the name. 21:45:49 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Do we really need to discuss this tonight? 21:45:52 Saelyx looks at you. 21:45:54 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Oh yes, and a lot quieter. 21:45:55 Isadóre-TwistingNether starts bouncing up and down on her toes, the restlessness already setting in. 21:45:57 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Sho are the Grim and they're still around so.... ...hic! 21:46:08 Deadskull-TwistingNether picks up his axe. 21:46:09 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Better for moving about real..um....quiet... 21:46:20 Julilee-TwistingNether nods. "When we can stop the grim without annhilating ourselves, we will. This is our chance versus Serinar." 21:46:20 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Oooh, quiet? Me and quiet are not very good friends, or aquaintances even. 21:46:27 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: I'm also an engineer! 21:46:34 Saelyx lets out a long, drawn-out sigh. 21:46:43 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We're waiting on final prep before moving out, Saelyx. I need everyone to be ready. Enjoy yourself, of course, but yeah. It's coming soon. 21:46:52 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Sounds like this'll be a fuckin cakewalk. Dragons are easy. 21:47:08 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: It'll be within a week. Naheal and CObrak are coordinating the plan. 21:47:14 Isadóre-TwistingNether grins at the female. She folds her arms behind her back, still moving up and down on her toes like she can't stand a moment of stillness. 21:47:15 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: If you asked, Naheal, I could help you with that. 21:47:21 Rhyze-TwistingNether manages a small giggle, "Oh dear! I don't think I could handle that much excitement!" 21:47:32 Saelyx looks at Naheàl-TwistingNether. 21:47:33 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I'm ready! 438 rats did not make me happy... Not enough blood. 21:47:35 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Really? Awww, but I love showing off my workshop! 21:47:38 Ardyan greets Aaren warmly. 21:47:39 Aaren-Ravenholdt looks at Saelyx uneasily before looking back towards Ardyan with somewhat of a smile herself, though it might be obstructed by the hood she keeps on her head. 21:47:48 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Hey... 21:47:48 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Still gotta scout out tha pass an' make sure ol' Serry didnae think ahead o' us. 21:47:49 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Already had Cobrak on the majority of it. I'll let you guys know what the plan is a bit later, though. 21:47:59 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: That's not what I mean. 21:48:08 Saelyx looks at Cobrak-TwistingNether. 21:48:16 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: I'll keep the two of you informed. 21:48:19 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Yeah, I really trust those two fuckers with a dragon attack. Cobrak non-sarcasitacally, since he took down my Vyr'kul army. 21:48:19 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: O-oh! I didn't mean, w-well, I'd love to see it! Even if...I couldn't..undestand most of it. 21:48:23 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: I have some squirrels that I'm still experimenting with...they're prototypes...think mobile, inconpsicuous bombs! 21:48:35 Rhyze-TwistingNether shudders at the sight of Isadóre-TwistingNether. 21:48:39 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: SQUIRRELS?! 21:48:44 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Yeah! 21:48:46 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: If you don't trust us, Shokkra, you're free to leave my garrison. 21:48:47 Isadóre-TwistingNether giggles. 21:48:48 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Need me to chop 'em? 21:48:49 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: AS BOMBS?! 21:48:51 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Do either of you realize where I've been? 21:48:54 Rhyze-TwistingNether looks mortified. 21:48:57 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Otherwise I'm in, if Cobrak buys me a new helmet. 21:48:59 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 21:48:59 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Mechanical squirrels! 21:49:00 You nod at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:49:02 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Not real ones! 21:49:08 Isadóre-TwistingNether giggles harder. 21:49:11 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 21:49:17 Saelyx-Ravenholdt is distracted by giggles. 21:49:25 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 21:49:26 Rhyze-TwistingNether is outright relieved, "Oh thank the Lifebinder, that was...not a pleasant thought!" 21:49:29 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Wheres he at?! Let me at em! 21:49:42 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: A busy evening. 21:49:43 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at you. 21:49:43 [Jazi-AzjolNerub]: I'll be seein' ya, Naheal. Stay frosty. 21:49:47 You nod at Cobrak-TwistingNether. 21:49:49 Saelyx-Ravenholdt glances at Aaren, and just gives her a shrug. 21:49:50 Jazi-AzjolNerub offers a nod to the Elf. 21:49:51 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Bah, ya gave it ta me, girlie...Twas a gift. 21:49:54 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You too. 21:50:01 Deadskull-TwistingNether searches for something. 21:50:02 Saelyx peers at Ardyan searchingly. 21:50:08 Cobrak-TwistingNether watches helmet melt in the fire. "An' I decided ta reforge it." 21:50:10 Aaren-Ravenholdt nods her head a little. "Seems that way. Guess... it could be a good thing... at times." 21:50:15 Saelyx-Ravenholdt stands up slowly, gripping his helmet. 21:50:15 Ardyan nods at Saelyx. 21:50:16 Isadóre-TwistingNether smiles at the female, bringing up a loose fist to cover her pink mouth. "Be awfully hard to catch enough squirrels." 21:50:17 Deadskull-TwistingNether shrugs. Who knows? 21:50:18 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 21:50:25 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: You are...? 21:50:28 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: And sorta a waste, don't you think? 21:50:29 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 21:50:34 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Asshole. 21:50:36 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: A friend. 21:50:42 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 21:50:45 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Precisely, life should not so casually thrown away. 21:50:50 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Very well. Please take my seat. 21:50:50 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Magister Ardyan Spellgrace. I believe we've encountered each other a few times, though you've been rather preoccupied each time. 21:50:59 You sneeze. Achoo! 21:51:05 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I apologize for that. 21:51:09 Isadóre-TwistingNether tilts her head to the side at the interesting statement from the female. 21:51:09 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Though its easy enough to catch them, just mimic a mating call for them with some acorns nearby. 21:51:10 Julilee-TwistingNether leans back against the bar beside Naheal. 21:51:10 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: It is... good to meet you. 21:51:11 Naheàl-TwistingNether raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Julilee-TwistingNether. 21:51:12 Aaren-Ravenholdt glances towards Saelyx with a faint smirk. 21:51:23 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: I've always liked going after bigger prey... 21:51:37 Saelyx-Ravenholdt places his helmet onto his skull, his eyes fading red under the shadow, as though fire settles behind the gold of his irises. 21:51:40 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Like....badgers? 21:51:42 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Sometimes it's a blessing so many Sanctuary members are often away. 21:51:44 Isadóre-TwistingNether not-so-casually sniffs the air. 21:51:54 Isadóre-TwistingNether peers very hard at the female. 21:52:00 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Indeed. 21:52:08 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Please, have a seat. 21:52:14 Saelyx-Ravenholdt motions to the rug. 21:52:14 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Considering how quickly Borrowed Time's growing? Thish place will be a proper city shoon. 21:52:14 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Thank you kindly. 21:52:19 Isadóre-TwistingNether blinks, back to topic. "Badgers? No! Like clefters and uhm.." 21:52:23 You look at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 21:52:27 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: The shhit you want? 21:52:33 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Sharks! 21:52:34 Cobrak-TwistingNether snickers at Shokkra's anger, enjoying his brew all the more. 21:52:34 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: So... Hi. 21:52:46 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Hi. 21:52:55 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: ...Um...wow.... 21:52:56 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I want... Uhhh. 21:52:59 Deadskull-TwistingNether shrugs at you. Who knows? 21:53:10 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: What. 21:53:12 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: I try not to go after anything bigger than...my..self... 21:53:16 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: What? 21:53:19 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Umm...Saelyx? 21:53:22 Isadóre-TwistingNether 's eyes go wide as she senses a presence behind her. She carefully glances over her shoulder, and the smile she bears is slightly changed. 21:53:28 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: What do you want. ...hic! 21:53:34 Aaren-Ravenholdt rests her forearms over her knees and clasps her hands together as she watches Ardyan sit. 21:53:42 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You keep looking at me like you want shomething. 21:53:46 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I don't know. What sounds good? 21:54:02 Saelyx-Ravenholdt just stands there quietly for now, gaze moving from Isadore, to Rhyze. If he is interrupting, he doesn't seem to notice, or care. 21:54:04 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: What soundsh good to you? 21:54:15 Ardyan-Ravenholdt gives Aaren a faint smile, resting his hands on his knees and looking around the room. "Reminds me of nights in the dormitories at the magister academy." 21:54:28 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Umm... 21:54:31 Saelyx peers at Rhyze-TwistingNether searchingly. 21:54:33 Deadskull-TwistingNether stares off into the distance. 21:54:37 Rhyze-TwistingNether blinks at Saelyx. 21:54:46 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: It's nice to see this place come alive, though. People relaxing and all that. 21:54:51 Deadskull-TwistingNether shakes his rear. 21:54:52 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Is she a threat to you? Perhaps I can twist her skull from her body... 21:54:52 Julilee-TwistingNether nods at Naheàl-TwistingNether. 21:54:56 Naheàl-TwistingNether looks out to the group. 21:54:56 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Is that so? The monastery was... well, yeah. Pretty similar to this, at times. 21:55:01 Saelyx-Ravenholdt steps a little closer to Isadore. 21:55:01 Isadóre-TwistingNether seems to have gently changed in her demeanor without being aware of it at all. She's less fidgety, almost immediately calming. She looks back to the female. 21:55:04 Deadskull-TwistingNether cheers at you. 21:55:08 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: There. That better? 21:55:09 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Thank you! 21:55:14 Ardyan-Ravenholdt chuckles. "Really? A monstery?" 21:55:18 Saelyx-Ravenholdt says this to Rhyze. 21:55:23 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Yeah yeah, keep it to yourself. ...hic! 21:55:24 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: W-what?! 21:55:25 Lohd lies down. 21:55:26 You look at Lohd. 21:55:31 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: To the blood! 21:55:32 Saelyx-Ravenholdt seems to reach for Isadore's head, slowly. 21:55:33 Deadskull-TwistingNether raises a drink to you. Cheers! 21:55:34 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at Lohd. 21:55:38 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Well. 21:55:41 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Riight. ...hic! 21:55:42 Aaren-Ravenholdt nods her head. "I studied at one, for a bit. Years ago." 21:55:45 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Oh, hey. A giant druid. 21:55:50 Lohd-Ravenholdt flicks his ear as he enjoys the fire. 21:55:53 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Nononononononoo! Whatwhowhynoshe'sfinewhatareyoudoing! 21:56:00 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Lohd. 21:56:09 You grin wickedly at Lohd. 21:56:10 Isadóre-TwistingNether blinks. Her calmer demeanor changes into one of surprise. If he had tried to touch her head, she would not have moved. 21:56:23 Isadóre-TwistingNether stands perfectly still, eyes wide and her body ramrod straight. 21:56:24 Saelyx-Ravenholdt murmurs to Isadore as he places his hands on either side of her head. "I don't think she understands humor yet, either..." 21:56:30 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I see. 21:56:36 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Hey. 21:56:36 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: It takes time.... 21:56:38 Aaren quietly snickers to herself. 21:56:38 Isadóre-TwistingNether lets out a very long, slow breath. 21:56:40 Lohd-Ravenholdt makes a sound like he doesn't want to be bothered right now. He looks tired. 21:56:53 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Go bother that guy *she pointsh at Cobrak* over there. He likes blood. 21:56:55 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: So with my old clan we used to lay in the mud on our bellies, with only our heads sticking out. 21:56:55 Rhyze-TwistingNether covers her eyes, utterl horrified! 21:56:57 Saelyx-Ravenholdt begins to mess up Isadore's hair. 21:56:59 Julilee-TwistingNether crouches down beside Lohd and speaks quietly to him. 21:57:10 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Orksh thought we were dead. 21:57:13 Lohd-Ravenholdt opens an eye and looks at Juli. 21:57:14 Deadskull-TwistingNether laughs at you. 21:57:25 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Genius. ...hic! 21:57:26 Isadóre-TwistingNether , the panic fleeing from her system, lets her head fall back against his shoulder with a thunk. "You had ME fooled," she mutters at him, almsot glaring at him upside down. 21:57:37 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks perplexed. 21:57:37 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It passed the time. 21:57:48 Lohd-Ravenholdt stretches and yawns. 21:57:49 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: What Clan are you from? 21:57:49 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: I see you've met my daughter, Rhyze. 21:57:51 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks down at her and gently lays strands of black hair over her face. 21:57:57 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Oh! Dad! 21:58:00 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: That'sh how we got the clan name. ...hic! 21:58:00 Rhyze-TwistingNether peeks out from behind her hands. 21:58:02 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I guess a noisy night can make me appreciate the calm much more, when it returns. You seem well? Anything new you've come across? 21:58:03 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks around, making sure no one's nearby. 21:58:05 Naheàl-TwistingNether smiles at Isadóre-TwistingNether. 21:58:09 Saelyx-Ravenholdt moves to sit down on the step. 21:58:09 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Hello, little drake. 21:58:13 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Deadskull clan. 21:58:15 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Oh? 21:58:19 Aaren-Ravenholdt relaxes and tilts her head to the side lazily. 21:58:21 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Who is it from? 21:58:26 Ardyan-Ravenholdt shakes his head. "Nothing new. Perhaps that's a good thing, however. It means I haven't made anything worse." 21:58:27 Saelyx-Ravenholdt glances over at Naheàl, listening to his words. 21:58:31 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Uh huh. 21:58:37 Aaren quietly snickers to herself. 21:58:44 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Hi! So she's joining the garrison? 21:58:44 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: O-oh? Your...daughter...? 21:58:48 Julilee-TwistingNether looks up... far up... at Lohd. 21:58:54 Naheàl-TwistingNether nods at Rhyze-TwistingNether. 21:58:56 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Do you have a brother named Caahl? 21:59:04 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Any other fun facts? ...hic! 21:59:10 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Another Sworn. 21:59:19 Saelyx-Ravenholdt remains quiet, shamelessly watching the interaction at a slouch with his arms rested over his bent, armored knees. 21:59:27 Rhyze-TwistingNether covers her heart and breathes steadily. "That wasn't a funny joke..." She pouts at Saelyx. 21:59:29 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: She's a sworn? I thought she smelled funny... 21:59:32 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 21:59:33 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I suppose that could be true. But screwing things up is progress, either way. So long as you record the results. 21:59:40 Lohd-Ravenholdt peers at Juli before his expression turns quite serious, "How do you know that name?" 21:59:43 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I'm not very good at joking yet, I'm sorry... 21:59:46 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Oh oh! You're the Bronze Sworn, right? 21:59:46 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 21:59:50 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I'm from the swamp. It sheemed to have a lot of traffic from shome gate. 21:59:54 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks at Aaren with a faint smile. "You would have made an excellent magister. Or engineer." 21:59:56 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: And you're....lemme guess, red right? 22:00:01 Rhyze-TwistingNether nods at Isadóre-TwistingNether. 22:00:05 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: You said something about life-protection earlier. 22:00:12 Julilee-TwistingNether gives Lohd a letter and what appears to be an arrowhead. 22:00:12 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Life Binder. 22:00:12 Rhyze-TwistingNether seems to beam at the thought and bouncing on her heels. 22:00:16 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Wash it a green gate? 22:00:17 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Engineering? Ha! Hardly, never had the interest. 22:00:35 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: The title for the Red Flight? The Lifebinders? 22:00:37 Lohd-Ravenholdt accepts and holds the arrowhead against the fire's light as he examines it. 22:00:41 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Umm... I didn't... Wait... Yup! 22:00:41 Naheàl-TwistingNether smiles at Isadóre-TwistingNether. 22:00:45 Ardyan-Ravenholdt chuckles. "It takes a certain willingness to push boundaries that you certainly possess." 22:00:46 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: W-well, mostly for the Queen. 22:00:54 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:01:00 You nod at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:01:05 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Mostly stone tough. 22:01:10 Lohd-Ravenholdt reads the tiny letter. 22:01:11 Isadóre-TwistingNether giggles, seemingly pleased to have found another young elf who was sworn like her. Maybe not for the same Flight, but they at least had more in common than most other folks she met. 22:01:13 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Fair enough 22:01:16 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Shounds cool. 22:01:16 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: It is the mother of the red flight, Naheal. 22:01:25 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Hm. Maybe in another life I would have joined the magisters. 22:01:26 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: My... 'great' mother. 22:01:37 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Ohhh, hey dad? 22:01:41 Isadóre-TwistingNether looks at Naheàl-TwistingNether. 22:01:43 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Yeah? 22:01:45 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I'm sure in an infinite number of timelines, there must be at least one where you did. 22:01:46 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Have you seen Kerri? 22:01:48 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: I only met her but once...she is very wonderous. 22:01:50 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Yes. 22:01:51 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Well tavelersh killed my clan, but it was nice. ...hic! 22:02:03 Saelyx-Ravenholdt doesn't seem entirely surprised to be ignored, and looks elsewhere with his arms resting over his knees. 22:02:17 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I wash taking a nap... I guess they thought I was already dead... 22:02:22 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Probably had an awesome clan then. Assholesh tend to kill the awesome clans. 22:02:25 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Great...mother? 22:02:34 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I can be a heay sleeper. 22:02:36 Lohd-Ravenholdt takes a long, slow breath as a deep anger begins to rise. "Thank you for delivering this, Julilee." He crumples the letter and drops it in the fire, along with the arrowhead. 22:02:37 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: You're directly descended from the Queen? 22:02:38 Saelyx blinks. 22:02:43 Saelyx looks at Rhyze-TwistingNether. 22:02:44 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It was! 22:02:49 You nod at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:02:51 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:03:01 Julilee-TwistingNether watches Lohd. "If you need help with anything, we're here for you. All of Sanctuary." 22:03:02 Isadóre-TwistingNether looks between the pair, intrigued by the answer. 22:03:10 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You get to kill a lot of people? 22:03:11 Gogo says: Not bad at all! 22:03:17 Aaren-Ravenholdt gathers her skirts and moves to turn towards Ardyan to see him better, subtly moving a little closer to him in the process. She just adjusts her hood when she's satisfied with her place, though. 22:03:20 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: We used to lay in the mud with just our heads sticking out. Orks thought we were dead. 22:03:23 Gogo says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:03:30 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Yeah, you said that. ...hic! 22:03:35 Gogo says: Good stuff! 22:03:38 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Oh... 22:03:42 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I suppose. In a way. I am the spawn of Korastrasza. 22:03:44 Deadskull-TwistingNether scratches his head. 22:03:48 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: This is between us, though I appreciate it. 22:03:49 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 22:03:57 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: (brb) 22:03:58 Julilee-TwistingNether nods at Lohd. 22:04:00 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:04:08 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Were you dropped ash a child? 22:04:17 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: I'm sorry....I'm not familiar with any of that name. 22:04:22 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Some of us know family doesn't always mean someone worthy of trust. 22:04:23 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: A lot, why? 22:04:38 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: (afk a few) 22:04:43 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: One of the dragons that was captured by the Dragonmaw, as I recall. 22:04:52 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Just asking. 22:04:58 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Child tossing is a fun sport! I was known to fly far! 22:05:02 Isadóre-TwistingNether blinks, heaving something on her private channel. She taps her comm, frowns, and looks back to Rhyze. "Hey, nice to meet you and everything but I actually have to take care of business in Broden'ar." 22:05:09 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: You should come visit sometime! 22:05:22 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: It would have been a mercy if you had died, probably. ...hic! 22:05:24 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I can still really jump far. watch! 22:05:28 Naheàl-TwistingNether smiles at Isadóre-TwistingNether. 22:05:28 Lohd-Ravenholdt sits, careful not to shake the tavern 22:05:35 Deadskull-TwistingNether shakes his rear. 22:05:36 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You take care of yourself, little drake. 22:05:38 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: leaving* 22:05:40 Rhyze-TwistingNether seems to fidget at the abrupt change of tone before shooting to meet Isadore's gaze. "O-oh! Alright....um....where's that?" 22:05:44 Julilee-TwistingNether blinks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:05:45 Isadóre-TwistingNether nods at Naheàl-TwistingNether. 22:05:53 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: I'll catch up with you soon, dad. 22:05:55 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Isn't that neet! 22:06:00 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Ears open 22:06:03 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: We're ending this soon. 22:06:08 Julilee-TwistingNether looks back at Lohd. She nods at him one more time. 22:06:09 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Hey, next time, jump into that guy *she pointsh at Cobrak* Okay? 22:06:11 Isadóre-TwistingNether salutes Naheàl-TwistingNether with respect. 22:06:16 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Maybe several. But I try to ignore what might be happening in other times... None of them are actually me, at least. 22:06:20 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Right in the face, both boots. 22:06:21 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 22:06:22 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: So, Broden'ar is in Nagrand. 22:06:26 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Okay! 22:06:30 You nod at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:06:32 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:06:32 Deadskull-TwistingNether shakes his rear. 22:06:41 You cheer at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:06:42 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at you and covers her face with her palm. 22:06:43 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:06:44 Cobrak-TwistingNether heads out for his hut, eager to see his trolless once more. 22:06:48 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Whoops, sorry man. 22:06:51 Naheàl-TwistingNether pats Lohd on the shoulder. "Good to see you again." 22:06:54 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at you. 22:07:03 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: A for effort. 22:07:03 Cobrak-TwistingNether . along the way smiles at Isadore and hugs her tight. "Ello dove." 22:07:04 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: No I'm not... Hehe. 22:07:05 Isadóre-TwistingNether smiles at Cobrak-TwistingNether. 22:07:09 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Hiya uncle. 22:07:10 Ardyan-Ravenholdt nods at Aaren. "Sorry. Of course." 22:07:14 You grin wickedly at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:07:14 Cobrak-TwistingNether chuckles at Isadóre-TwistingNether. 22:07:23 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Good shhot. ...hic! 22:07:31 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Sorry I've not been 'round much.. 22:07:31 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Rhyze, watch out for this'un, she'll gitcha in trouble. 22:07:39 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Ooooh, he's right you know! 22:07:42 Isadóre-TwistingNether smiles at Rhyze-TwistingNether. 22:07:44 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Oh, no. It's fine to consider things sometimes. Gives you perspective, I guess. 22:07:47 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Thanks! It was only a small jump. 22:07:55 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Oh...umm....a-alright, mr. Cobrak. 22:08:01 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You shhould work on it though, try to hit him in the neck and eye next time. 22:08:14 Julilee-TwistingNether sighs at you. 22:08:19 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Challange excepted. 22:08:26 Deadskull-TwistingNether eyes Cobrak-TwistingNether up and down. 22:08:37 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: ... I can do it... 22:08:41 Isadóre-TwistingNether just snickers at the female before she gives her uncle a proper hug. "I'll catch up with you soon too, yeah?" 22:08:43 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: But I think my talents are used perfectly, as things are now. If you could call them talents, anyway. 22:08:44 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You can do it. 22:08:44 Isadóre-TwistingNether looks at Cobrak-TwistingNether. 22:08:46 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:08:49 Rhyze-TwistingNether grins wickedly at Isadóre-TwistingNether. 22:08:52 Rhyze-TwistingNether gently pats Isadóre-TwistingNether. 22:08:53 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: right in the jugular. 22:08:53 Deadskull-TwistingNether shakes his rear. 22:08:55 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Alright dove. 22:08:59 Lohd-Ravenholdt snaps out of his thoughts and return to a better demeanor. 22:09:01 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:09:08 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at you with crossed eyes. 22:09:08 You cheer at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:09:21 You make a rude gesture at Cobrak-TwistingNether. 22:09:22 Deadskull-TwistingNether eyes Cobrak-TwistingNether up and down. 22:09:25 You cheer at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:09:31 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I agree. 22:09:39 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Still standing...?! 22:09:39 Cobrak-TwistingNether breaks off the embrace to eye the new orc, "Tha hell you want?" 22:09:41 Lohd-Ravenholdt did not just jump. 22:09:42 Aaren-Ravenholdt giggles quietly. 22:09:52 Deadskull-TwistingNether shrugs at Cobrak-TwistingNether. Who knows? 22:09:56 Isadóre-TwistingNether steps back. She knows better than to get between two orcs. 22:09:59 Julilee-TwistingNether gives SHokkra a look. 22:10:01 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:10:01 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: JUST HIT HIM! 22:10:12 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:10:14 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Me!? 22:10:15 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Just punch Cobrak yourself if you feel the need, all right? 22:10:18 Shokkra-Ravenholdt looks at Juli like "What? Me?" 22:10:21 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Or, at least it's best for the idiots I typically surround myself with, so that at least someone can patch them back together again. 22:10:29 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Nah, I like thish one. 22:10:29 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks around the tavern, "My there are...Many people I have not seen in a while here." 22:10:30 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Oho, jus' like Northrend...kinnae fight yer own damn battles, whelp! 22:10:33 Cobrak-TwistingNether calls back to Shokkra. 22:10:34 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Slagg'rah, please don't hurt people for no reason. it's against the oaths. 22:10:38 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at you. 22:10:53 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I FOUGHT YOUR SISTER IN THE BEDROOM! 22:10:56 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Why you want him to hit me?! You told me to do it! 22:11:04 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: YOU AN' HALF O' ORGRIMMAR! 22:11:06 Shokkra-Ravenholdt makes the "suck it" gesture at Cobrak. 22:11:07 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: DUN FEEL SPECIAL! 22:11:09 Frostwall Peon says: Hey! Is this pandaren ale?! 22:11:18 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Only half? 22:11:21 Isadóre-TwistingNether facepalms at the mention of aunt Pythral's antics. 22:11:22 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:11:23 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: 'LEAST I HAVEN'T BEEN WITH MY BROTHER! ...hic! 22:11:30 Ardyan smiles at Aaren. 22:11:33 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Lucky us. 22:11:36 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Right...and here's where I leave. 22:11:42 You make a rude gesture at Cobrak-TwistingNether. 22:11:46 [isadóre-TwistingNether]: Nice to meet you, Rhyze... 22:11:48 Deadskull-TwistingNether is puzzled. What's going on here? 22:11:53 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Y-you...too... 22:11:54 Deadskull-TwistingNether pokes Cobrak-TwistingNether. Hey! 22:12:02 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Oh, not like yer parents eh? 22:12:02 Lohd-Ravenholdt is similarly puzzled, though wears a cheerful smile. 22:12:02 Isadóre-TwistingNether abandons ship! 22:12:04 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Cobrak, just do me a favor and don't make a mess of the inn... 22:12:07 Cobrak-TwistingNether takes one look at you and lets out a guffaw! 22:12:08 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Don't make rude gestures at my friend! 22:12:17 Julilee-TwistingNether shrugs at Naheàl-TwistingNether. Who knows? 22:12:20 Naheàl-TwistingNether sets a mug down in front of Juli. 22:12:25 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Thanks. 22:12:27 Deadskull-TwistingNether pokes Cobrak-TwistingNether. Hey! 22:12:31 Julilee-TwistingNether sounds rather grateful. 22:12:33 Cobrak-TwistingNether snorts derisively at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:12:41 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Nah, my parents did it right. They didn't use poisons to pretend they were brother and sister, like your folks. 22:12:50 Aaren-Ravenholdt glances quickly about the large room and lifts a hand to cover her mouth and hide another snicker. "Oh, I'd never ever include you in a group of idiots. But I'd keep you safe, all the same. Perhaps more kindly than the rest..." 22:12:54 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Enough. 22:13:07 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Nah, they jus' damned our entire people with Hellscream's bullshit... 22:13:16 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Cobrak, stop provoking Shokkra. Shokkra, stop being easily provoked. 22:13:22 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: YOU WANNA FUCKING GO?! 22:13:28 Julilee-TwistingNether looks at you. 22:13:30 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: BRING IT ON, 37TH BITCH! 22:13:37 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: What's wrong with brothers and sisters loving each other? 22:13:39 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: FIGHT ME MOTHERFUCKER 22:13:45 Lohd-Ravenholdt sets a large hand on Shokkra's shoulder. 22:13:45 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I'll GIVE YA LEGS TA MATCH YER BRUTHAS! 22:13:47 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Take it outside! 22:13:52 Naheàl-TwistingNether points to the door. 22:14:00 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I'LL GIVE YOU A CUNT TO MATCH YOUR SISTERS 22:14:11 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: WUT SO YA KIN LICK IT?! 22:14:23 Julilee-TwistingNether pokes Cobrak-TwistingNether. Hey! 22:14:25 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I've never had no brothers or sisters, but I would love them if I did... 22:14:36 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Keep yer shitheads in line, Liene... 22:14:43 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: You start. 22:14:44 Cobrak-TwistingNether leans in, "Or I bloody will." 22:14:48 Julilee-TwistingNether stares Cobrak-TwistingNether down. 22:14:57 You bare your teeth and snarl at Cobrak-TwistingNether. 22:15:01 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: You talk nice! 22:15:03 Aaren-Ravenholdt rolls her eyes. "And of course, suddenly a lot more noisy..." She still seems hardly bothered by the aggression and shrugs it off. 22:15:06 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Or i 22:15:07 Lohd-Ravenholdt frowns slightly as Shokkra doesn't seem to get the hint. 22:15:16 Ardyan-Ravenholdt leans back on his hands, glad they're not egtting dragged into it. 22:15:16 Gorok the Cleaver says: That hits the spot! 22:15:17 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Or ya wut? 22:15:19 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Will get angry. 22:15:36 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: Scary, botu as much as a mouse squeakin'. 22:15:43 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Slagg'rah, it's fine. 22:15:46 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Step back. 22:15:47 Lohd-Ravenholdt clapses his hands around Shokkra's torso, locking her arms and lifting her up. 22:15:55 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:15:56 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I eat mice. They're not even as big as rats... 22:16:01 Shokkra-Ravenholdt is lifted up, unexpectedly. 22:16:06 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:16:12 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at Julilee-TwistingNether. 22:16:13 Lohd-Ravenholdt turns her around so they are eye level. 22:16:16 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Okay. 22:16:16 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Cobrak. 22:16:19 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Uh. 22:16:19 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: At least it's normally quiet, and dull, and empty... boring... 22:16:24 Lohd-Ravenholdt smiles. 22:16:27 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: How have you been? 22:16:31 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Be generous, Cobrak. 22:16:33 Cobrak-TwistingNether cracks his knuckles as he arches his back. 22:16:37 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Good. 22:16:41 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: And leave. 22:16:58 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Excellent. I have seen you around in Tanaan, but have been occupied as of late. 22:17:03 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: WOW... That's a bull! 22:17:06 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:17:09 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: I am glad to hear you're fine. 22:17:14 Lohd-Ravenholdt sets Shokkra down. 22:17:23 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Yeah, you been okay too? *Shokkra is set down* 22:17:28 Naheàl-TwistingNether gives Cobrak a look that says they'll talk later. 22:17:34 [Cobrak-TwistingNether]: I wuz bout to, so's button yer lip. 22:17:53 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: You. 22:17:56 Naheàl-TwistingNether pokes Julilee-TwistingNether. Hey! 22:17:58 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Since the Legion's defeat, I have seen to the restoration of Tanaan's wild life. 22:18:01 [Naheàl-TwistingNether]: Private. Now. 22:18:16 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: That workin out for you? 22:18:16 Julilee-TwistingNether glances at Naheal before looking back to Cobrak, waiting to see if he'll follow though. 22:18:20 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Many remain corrupt however and need to be put down. They offer a great challenge. 22:18:26 Cobrak-TwistingNether grunts, "Mebbe should keep yer folks in line...like a COmmander should." 22:18:46 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Can I hurt him? 22:18:48 Shokkra-Ravenholdt twitches slightly at Cobrak's departure. 22:18:49 Lohd-Ravenholdt grins. "Enough to keep my fists wet, yes." 22:18:55 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: No, Slagg'rah. Fourth oath. 22:19:07 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Sounds like a good time. 22:19:14 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Indeed. 22:19:15 Julilee-TwistingNether gently pats Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:19:16 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Blah. Okay. 22:19:27 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: I apologize for picking you up. 22:19:30 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Don't just do whatever someone tells you to, all right? 22:19:45 Aaren-Ravenholdt finally sighs deeply and rests her forehead in her hand for a few moments, mumbling to herself. It sounds like she says the words 'idiots' and 'worthless', among several others. 22:19:48 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at Julilee-TwistingNether. 22:19:54 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: No, it's fine, you were gentle at least. 22:20:01 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I do whatever you tell me... 22:20:06 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: I usually have to be. 22:20:31 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You are pretty big. 22:21:10 Lohd-Ravenholdt is struck by the double entendre and is stunned for a moment. 22:21:24 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:21:26 You eye Lohd up and down. 22:21:38 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:22:03 Lohd-Ravenholdt turns around and goes to order a drink, rather hurredly too. 22:22:10 You grin wickedly. 22:22:20 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Ah. Water. Please. 22:22:27 [Julilee-TwistingNether]: Choose wisely whom you follow. 22:22:37 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:22:42 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Thank you. 22:23:18 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Seems to be getting quieter now. 22:23:23 Lohd-Ravenholdt downs half the large mug then pours some over his skull. HE sighs. 22:23:38 You look at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:23:39 Aaren-Ravenholdt sits off so the side with her legs curled under herself and pulls her right glove off with an idle inspection of its stitching. "For now, at least." 22:23:45 Deadskull-TwistingNether waves at you. 22:23:53 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Hey, talk to her, behind you, she loves stories. 22:24:07 Deadskull-TwistingNether points at Aaren. 22:24:12 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: That one? 22:24:17 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: That one. 22:24:21 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Right there. 22:24:23 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Okay! 22:24:25 Ardyan-Ravenholdt blinks. 22:24:25 You point at Aaren. 22:24:35 Ardyan looks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:24:38 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Ah, greetings. 22:24:42 Aaren-Ravenholdt is wholly focused on her glove. And the lovely magister in front of her, and opens her mouth to speak again when an orc suddenly appears! 22:24:53 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Oh... um... hi. 22:25:00 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Did you want anything, Shokkra? 22:25:01 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Hi, I'm Slagg'rah! I fell in a hole! 22:25:05 Ardyan blinks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:25:09 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I see you got out. 22:25:16 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Whatever's strongest. 22:25:19 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: A hole? I hope it wasn't a deep one. You don't seem injured... 22:25:21 Lohd-Ravenholdt nods. 22:25:22 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Unless that's metaphorical. 22:25:23 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: In only 67 suns! 22:25:30 Aaren blinks. 22:25:35 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I... wha? 22:25:38 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Lots of rats in that hole. 22:25:40 You cackle maniacally at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:25:41 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: That long? 22:25:49 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Thats what I ate. 22:25:54 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at Aaren. 22:26:03 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Sixty seven. 22:26:15 Aaren-Ravenholdt tries her best to smile, but can't keep her lips from curving downward. 22:26:25 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: That... is unfortunate... 22:26:35 Shokkra-Ravenholdt nods at Lohd as if to say "how you doin?" 22:26:46 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It was fun. I make dust angels. 22:26:55 Aaren quietly snickers to herself. 22:27:00 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Well. That does.. sound... fun. 22:27:02 Shokkra-Ravenholdt | *In a brooklyn accent 22:27:12 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Ah. Have you tried it in the snow? It's a little more pleasant. 22:27:13 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods at Ardyan. 22:27:14 Lohd-Ravenholdt offers a large mug of something. "Here I think this - " He sees her look and stops. 22:27:33 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: UH, this...Here. 22:27:36 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: No... Just the mud in the swamp. Those go away quick though. 22:27:42 Rhyze-TwistingNether blinks as she reenters the conversation, looking around. "It milled out rather quick..." She says to no on ine particular. 22:27:48 You nod at Lohd. 22:27:54 Rhyze-TwistingNether blinks at Lohd. 22:28:14 Shokkra-Ravenholdt takes the large mug of something. 22:28:19 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: If you do it in the snow, they stay for quite some time. Granted that it's not snowing at the time, and not windy to blow more snow in.... I guess... 22:28:20 Rhyze-TwistingNether has to crane neck up to actually take in the whole of Lohd. 22:28:30 Lohd-Ravenholdt glances at Rhyze, then back to Shokkra, "Right, uh, something called Nitro?" 22:28:51 Deadskull-TwistingNether rubs his chin thinking about it. 22:28:58 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Yeah, that usually gets me in the right mindset. 22:29:02 Lohd-Ravenholdt shifts awkwardly and steps aside. 22:29:03 You wink slyly at Lohd. 22:29:04 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I just might try that! 22:29:14 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Where do I walk to find snow? 22:29:17 Aaren grins wickedly. 22:29:18 Rhyze-TwistingNether seems to marvel at the massiveness of the tauren. 22:29:21 Gorok the Cleaver says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:29:29 Lohd-Ravenholdt glances nervously to Rhyze. 22:29:32 Gorok the Cleaver says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:29:33 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Just outside... did you notice it on the way in? 22:29:44 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Can uh, may I help you, miss? 22:29:47 Rhyze-TwistingNether realizes she's staring and startles, "Ah! I'm sorry..." 22:29:48 Deadskull-TwistingNether turns to look. 22:29:52 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Oh that! 22:30:03 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: N-no....just...nothing...nevermind me! 22:30:03 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: The cold stuff, yeah. 22:30:07 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I'll go try! 22:30:14 Shokkra-Ravenholdt physically gets way hotter(like in a temperature sense, not an attractiveness or the other kind of hot sense...if you get my meaning) 22:30:14 Ardyan-Ravenholdt appears entiurely without words. 22:30:18 Rhyze-TwistingNether hurriedly moves to the bar, socially mortified. 22:30:28 Ardyan looks at Aaren. 22:30:42 Aaren-Ravenholdt giggles quietly again and looks back to Ardyan. "Interesting fellow..." 22:31:25 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Very much so. 22:31:38 Ardyan looks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:31:50 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I guess this place would be nothing if not... interesting... now whether that is good or bad... 22:31:53 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: So Lohd, you been working out? 22:32:05 Rhyze-TwistingNether scrounges around for water. 22:32:14 Aaren-Ravenholdt jumps a little to look at the orc upon his quick return. "oh! Yes!" 22:32:23 Lohd-Ravenholdt starts to feel uncomfortable, "Do you...want a different drink? That seems to catch on - " He makes an uncomfortable noise. 22:32:34 Rhyze-TwistingNether pours herself a glass and walks back to the stairs, trying to avoid eye contact wit the tauren to avoid further embarassment. 22:32:35 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:32:40 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: I do keep active... 22:32:47 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I forgive you for not warning me. 22:32:49 Saelyx-Ravenholdt stares toward the door, sitting on the steps. 22:32:49 You eye Lohd up and down. 22:32:52 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I can tell. 22:32:52 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Luckily, the fire keeps it quite warm inside here. 22:32:56 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: But, uh. 22:33:02 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods at Ardyan. 22:33:07 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Agreed! 22:33:18 Rhyze-TwistingNether sips her water daintilly, she eyes Saelyx as she does. "Everything alright?" 22:33:18 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Oh, um... I... thank you... 22:33:20 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Nice prank! Happy ending. 22:33:31 Saelyx-Ravenholdt blinks out of his daze to l ook at Rhyze. 22:33:38 Ardyan lets out a hearty chuckle. 22:33:39 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: It is mostly because of, uh, my totem spirit. The Bear. 22:33:42 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:33:51 Saelyx-Ravenholdt sits up a little straighter out of his slouch and nods. "Yes. How are you faring here?" 22:33:54 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:33:57 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I thjink perhaps Aaren assumed most people know snow is cold, and didn't intend for it to be a prank. 22:34:14 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Oh... 22:34:16 Lohd-Ravenholdt approaches the bar again. As if on queue, the bartender refills his mug of water. 22:34:25 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Oh yeah? Why'd you choose the bear? 22:34:32 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Well I might use that for a prank one day! 22:34:32 Aaren-Ravenholdt looks towards the staircase quickly to confirm that Saelyx is still close. She turns her head to Ardyan and nods. "Oh, yeah, most people know that already..." 22:34:49 Saelyx-Ravenholdt is always near. 22:34:53 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I'm gunna try it. 22:34:59 Lohd-Ravenholdt drinks the majority of his water before answering. 22:35:03 Ardyan nods at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:35:05 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Oh, good! You should do that! 22:35:06 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Sounds fun. 22:35:26 Rhyze-TwistingNether offers a glass of water to Saelyx, "I think...its alright...w-with the orcs...fighting...and...all that..." 22:35:36 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods excitedly. "I will. Thank you." 22:35:49 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: What else to you do to prank people? 22:35:53 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: It wasn't so much a choice. 22:35:55 Gorok the Cleaver says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:35:58 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks at the water, and though he seems surprised, he looks suddenly grateful. He grips a horn of helmet and removes it carefully then reaches out for the glass. 22:36:06 Gorok the Cleaver says: Not bad at all! 22:36:13 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Orc... do that, I suppose. 22:36:14 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Lay in the mud for hours to make them think I'm dead. 22:36:18 Gorok the Cleaver says: Not bad at all! 22:36:20 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: You know this, don't you...? 22:36:31 Aaren-Ravenholdt slides her glove back onto her hand. "You... yeah? That works?" 22:36:38 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Oh? Why not? Was it because your size wouldn't fit the other...totems? 22:36:41 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I hate when they poke me with sticks though... 22:36:43 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 22:36:47 Saelyx-Ravenholdt takes the glass and drinks the water in a trusting manner, without even sniffing it, though the pause indicated it was his instinct to. 22:36:53 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: ...How do you hide your breathing? 22:36:55 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:37:01 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: When I underwent my lessons, the path I wal - *his voice catches in his throat*. 22:37:17 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Yup. I just uhhh... Space out I guess... 22:37:25 Rhyze-TwistingNether shakes her head, "N-no....not really...I really only know their tongues...I don't know much other than that." 22:37:30 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Look. 22:37:35 Deadskull-TwistingNether lies down before Aaren. 22:37:41 Ardyan looks at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 22:37:42 Aaren quietly snickers to herself. 22:37:47 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Impressive. 22:37:49 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I won't corrupt you, then. It is not what I am meant for. 22:37:51 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Oh, well... you're really good at... that! 22:37:51 Deadskull-TwistingNether rolls on his belly and plays dead. 22:37:51 Ardyan-Ravenholdt says after a moment of observing. 22:37:55 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 22:37:59 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Corrupt? 22:38:01 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks hopelessly embarassed and finishes his water. 22:38:02 Saelyx-Ravenholdt drinks down that glass of water. 22:38:17 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Well...Mr. Cobrak...seems nice. 22:38:25 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: That had part to do with it, though I gained size once accepting the Bear as my totem. 22:38:43 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: *Without moving his mouth says* I'm just getting warmed up. 22:38:50 Rhyze-TwistingNether bites her lips, thinking onto the argument. "If a little...umm...nevermind." 22:38:57 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Very impressive. 22:38:58 Shokkra-Ravenholdt throws her axes over to Aaren's general area and sits back on the fireplace. "So how much bigger did you get?" 22:39:00 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: You have a lot of practice doing this, then? 22:39:11 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks at the axes as they land nearby. 22:39:20 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks at the empty glass, then her. "He is. I had... a lot of prejudice when I arrived. But I believe you can trust everyone within these walls. Just... keep a cautious mind, always. Faviastrasz would say the same." 22:39:30 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods franticly for a fraction of a second. 22:39:49 Lohd-Ravenholdt ponders, then hovers a hand to about the height of an average Tauren male. 22:39:49 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: These people have taught me what it is to have friends. To have... family. 22:39:53 Rhyze-TwistingNether smiles a bit solemnly and then nods, "A-alright..." 22:40:03 Aaren-Ravenholdt flinches with her arms raising to guard her head. She doesn't lower them right away, but looks past them to glare at Shokkra. "Jerk." 22:40:14 You grin wickedly at Aaren. 22:40:23 Rhyze-TwistingNether looks like she had taken a punch to the gut at the last word, but nods again. 22:40:25 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: About a foot and a half, I think. 22:40:27 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Have you spoken to Naheal since you arrived? He is leader of many here. 22:40:41 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Did you just call my friend a jerk?! 22:40:57 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: Y-yes, Mr. Naheal seems a good man. 22:41:01 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Impressive. Did everything get that much bigger? Even your *ahem* horns? 22:41:03 [Rhyze-TwistingNether]: I only met them yesterday. 22:41:29 Aaren-Ravenholdt turns her gaze to the orc standing in front of her, and a slight narrow of her eyes. "She threw her axes, so yes." 22:41:38 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: That's my best friend! Please do not call her a jerk! 22:41:40 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: Why did you come here? Not that I am unhappy to see you. You are the closest to my kin I have actually seen arrive. 22:41:47 Saelyx peers at Rhyze-TwistingNether searchingly. 22:41:56 Rhyze-TwistingNether looks over to the accosted Aaren, tapping Saelyx's boot and pointing. 22:42:02 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I'll not call her a jerk when she doesn't do jerk things. 22:42:06 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Excuse me... 22:42:11 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I have to say that throwing weapons at people is generally an impolite thing to do. 22:42:18 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks disgusted. 22:42:21 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: She knows she's a jerk, anyway. 22:42:23 Lohd-Ravenholdt is furiously blushing under his short fur. It might be noticable? He touches his fingers to a horn, "Yes, I held off carving into them until after my rites were complete." 22:42:44 Aaren-Ravenholdt looks to Ardyan with a grin. 22:42:49 Deadskull-TwistingNether taps on Shokka's shoulder. 22:42:55 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks at Ardyan with a bemused smile. 22:43:09 Saelyx-Ravenholdt follows her gaze toward Aaren. 22:43:13 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Those elfs you sent me to talk to are rude. They called you a jerk! 22:43:22 Shokkra-Ravenholdt looks infantuated with Lohd at this current juncture but is promptly thrown out of the moment by poking. 22:43:31 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: yeah well 22:43:36 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: They're elves. 22:43:37 Lohd-Ravenholdt breathes a sigh of relief. 22:43:38 Saelyx-Ravenholdt looks back toward Rhyze, and pats the stair seat next to him. 22:43:40 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Perhaps we should retreat. 22:43:50 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Don't worry, I told them you are my best friend, and I don't like them talking about you like that! 22:44:11 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Good thinking. 22:44:16 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods at you. 22:44:20 Saelyx-Ravenholdt offered the seat beside him to Rhyze. 22:44:20 Rhyze-TwistingNether takes a seat cautiously next to him, content the situation fizzled. 22:44:23 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks over and sees the Elves mentioned. 22:44:23 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You should tell them again. For a good while. 22:44:32 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods at you. 22:44:37 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: It is quite noisy, isn't it? I got something to give you, anyway. Might be something interesting, at least for a short time. 22:44:40 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: I am not... very good at speaking, but I am decent at listening. 22:44:53 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: You know, she is a very nice lady! 22:44:56 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks at Aaren with surprise, before looking back up at Slagg'rah. 22:45:00 Shokkra-Ravenholdt turns back to Lohd and saunters closer to him. "Now, where were we?" 22:45:06 Aaren-Ravenholdt looks up at the orc and nods. "Sure. when she's not being a jerk." 22:45:11 Aaren-Ravenholdt isn't helping. 22:45:15 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I really don't like you calling her a jerk! 22:45:23 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Tell her to not be a jerk then! 22:45:30 Saelyx-Ravenholdt keeps half a pointed ear to the conversation in the common room. 22:45:38 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: The pretty orc hurt Aaren's feelings. You understand why she's upset, I hope. 22:45:55 Rhyze-TwistingNether shuffles a bit, "I uh...thank you, I'll keep that in mind." 22:46:13 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: ...No... 22:46:33 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Did she call you a jerk? 22:46:35 Lohd-Ravenholdt is frozen in place and tries to do ... something ... He winds up knocking over a weapon rack or whatever the Horde keep in taverns. 22:46:36 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: It scared Aaren when the pretty roc threw her axes at her. She should probably apologize. WOuldn't that be the nice thing to do? And she is a nice lady, right? 22:46:43 [saelyx-Ravenholdt]: ...Would you like to come outside with me for a moment? 22:46:51 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Did she call her a jerk? 22:46:54 Aaren-Ravenholdt calmly lays her staff on the ground and pushes it back towards the wall before standing herself. 22:46:57 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: No. 22:47:04 Saelyx peers at Rhyze-TwistingNether searchingly. 22:47:07 Rhyze-TwistingNether nods, "A-alright..." 22:47:14 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: We're orks, we throw axes... It's what we do! 22:47:26 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: It's rude. 22:47:30 Aaren-Ravenholdt speaks flatly. 22:47:32 Saelyx-Ravenholdt stands up and places his helmet back on. He glances over at Aaren to make certain she is safe, but he wouldn't wander far. 22:47:33 Shokkra-Ravenholdt is unphased and sensually(I don't know) advances on Lohd more. 22:47:35 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Ah. It seems our cultures are not compatible then, and in the interest of peace, we should depart. 22:47:36 Deadskull-TwistingNether throws his axe across the room. 22:47:53 Lohd-Ravenholdt flinches and looks down to it. He moves to prop it back up again and doesnt notice her advance. 22:47:54 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: See?! 22:47:58 Lohd kneels before Aaren. 22:48:12 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Very impressive. It appears you made sure not to throw it near anyone, however. Why is that? 22:48:29 Aaren-Ravenholdt crosses her arms. 22:48:33 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Uhh... Good luck? 22:48:39 Shokkra-Ravenholdt gets right behind Lohd, brushing his mane and squeezing his arm. 22:48:47 Lohd-Ravenholdt takes the moment to regain some compusure before standing back up and....suddenly Shokkra. 22:48:59 You flirt with Lohd. 22:49:03 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Oh. I see. 22:49:09 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: See, not jerks, just orks. 22:49:14 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Well, I suppose we'll be going. Best of luck to you and your lady friend. 22:49:18 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: ZUG ZUG! 22:49:37 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I've known plenty of orcs that were's jerks that threw axes in confined spaces where they could hurt noncombative people. 22:49:40 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Best friend! 22:49:52 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:50:00 Lohd-Ravenholdt stands there, all but quivvering in place. "Are you, uh feeling okay?" 22:50:04 Frostwall Peon says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:50:06 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: But I'll take your word for it. 22:50:11 Ardyan-Ravenholdt gently takes Aaren's arm and urges her to accompany him out. 22:50:16 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Thank you. 22:50:19 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:50:21 Deadskull-TwistingNether bows before Aaren. 22:50:24 Aaren-Ravenholdt smiles so very sweetly at the orc, and follows Ardyan without complaint. 22:50:31 Shokkra-Ravenholdt takes finishes off the nitro and throws the empty mug at Aaren. "Never better." 22:50:37 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Night night! 22:50:40 Deadskull-TwistingNether waves at Aaren. 22:50:59 Deadskull-TwistingNether gasps at you. 22:51:06 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at Lohd. 22:51:15 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:51:25 You sneeze. Achoo! 22:51:29 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at you. 22:51:30 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:51:32 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Oh... 22:51:52 Shokkra-Ravenholdt woos and falls over in Lohd's general direction. 22:52:07 Lohd-Ravenholdt isa gentleman to all and catches her as a reaction. 22:52:08 Deadskull-TwistingNether taps Shokkra's shoulder. 22:52:15 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I told them good! 22:52:29 Gogo says: Good stuff! 22:52:30 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods at you. 22:52:41 Gogo says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:52:47 Shokkra-Ravenholdt looks up at Lohd, currenlty ignoring BroSkull. "Oh, why, how did we end up here?" 22:53:10 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 22:53:15 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: I think you have had too much to drink. 22:53:29 Deadskull-TwistingNether taps Shokkra's shoulder again. 22:53:38 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I told em! I told em! 22:53:44 Lohd-Ravenholdt swallows nerovously, "And uh..." 22:53:46 Shokkra-Ravenholdt runs her hand along Lohd's jaw. "I think I'm just perfect right now." 22:54:06 Shokkra-Ravenholdt still attempts to ignore Broskull 22:54:15 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: I uh...Think your friend here uh... 22:54:28 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 22:54:31 Deadskull-TwistingNether looks at Lohd. 22:54:41 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:54:48 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Hey, big guy... 22:54:52 Frostwall Peon says: Not bad at all! 22:55:18 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks at Slagg, slightly paniced. 22:55:20 Shokkra-Ravenholdt bites her lip, in a way only women can bite their lip. 22:55:59 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: My best friend can't hear me right now. Can you tell her I told those elves that how I don't like them calling her a jerk! I told them for a good long while like she asked! 22:56:21 Gorok the Cleaver says: That hits the spot! 22:56:25 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks back down to Shokkra, "I think, ah, you may need - " He looks at Slagg, "Yes I will let her know." 22:56:32 Gorok the Cleaver says: Good stuff! 22:56:35 Deadskull-TwistingNether nods at Lohd. 22:56:39 Lohd-Ravenholdt contemplates something in the spare moment. 22:56:40 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Thank you! 22:56:43 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Lohd, do you wanna, maybe go someplace a bit qui-*she is cut off by the Broskull* 22:56:47 Gorok the Cleaver says: Ah. Worth the trip! 22:57:21 Shokkra-Ravenholdt looks at Broskull from Lohd's arms with the fury of a thousand suns exploding simultaneously. 22:57:26 Deadskull-TwistingNether taps Shokkra's sholder. "Did you hear?!" 22:57:39 Deadskull-TwistingNether smiles at you. 22:57:51 Shokkra-Ravenholdt twitches slightly. 22:58:19 Deadskull-TwistingNether cheers at you. 22:59:05 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: I. 22:59:06 Shokkra-Ravenholdt says, very quietly, "If you don't leave right now, I'll rip your dick off and shove it down your throat." 22:59:27 You stare Deadskull-TwistingNether down. 22:59:30 Deadskull-TwistingNether eyes Lohd up and down. 22:59:39 Lohd-Ravenholdt stands there. 22:59:41 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 22:59:45 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: That looks like quite the task... 22:59:55 Frostwall Peon says: That hits the spot! 23:00:17 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Wait... Why are you leaning on him then? 23:00:33 Shokkra-Ravenholdt launches herself at Broskull, jumping off of Lohd's arms. 23:00:43 You bare your teeth and snarl at Deadskull-TwistingNether. 23:00:52 Deadskull-TwistingNether waves at you. 23:00:57 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I told them! 23:01:06 Shokkra-Ravenholdt swings at Deadskull's head. 23:01:11 Frostwall Peon says: Good stuff! 23:01:17 Lohd-Ravenholdt reacts way too slowly. 23:01:28 Deadskull-TwistingNether ducks, but takes a tap. 23:01:35 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Wha... 23:01:43 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Shokkra! I - 23:01:52 Deadskull-TwistingNether smiles at you. 23:02:01 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: LOOK 23:02:02 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: JUST 23:02:04 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: GO 23:02:05 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: DO 23:02:07 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: LITERALLY 23:02:09 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: ANYTHING ELSE 23:02:10 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: That's why you're my bestie! 23:02:13 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: THAN BE HERE 23:02:27 Deadskull-TwistingNether hits her shoulder with the side of his fist. 23:02:43 Lohd-Ravenholdt sets a hand on Shokkra's shoulder and gently turns her around. 23:03:02 Shokkra-Ravenholdt is about to headbutt a skull, but is turned around. 23:03:02 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: I guess I could play in that cold snow... 23:03:05 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Wait... 23:03:11 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Wait..! 23:03:30 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Have you tried making... Snow angels...? 23:03:39 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It's not cold I promise..! 23:03:50 Deadskull-TwistingNether chuckels to himself. 23:04:01 Shokkra-Ravenholdt looks like a person who had a few too many rage inducing drugs then went on a week long rampage killing everything in their wake. 23:04:19 Deadskull-TwistingNether giggles at Lohd. 23:04:36 [Lohd-Ravenholdt]: Shokkra I ... I like you but ... 23:04:42 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It's really cold. Don't tell her! 23:04:45 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks away and curses, "Nightmares take me..." 23:04:52 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: This is gunna be so funny...! 23:04:55 Shokkra-Ravenholdt waits for the but 23:05:02 Naheàl-TwistingNether blinks as he stares at the group. 23:05:10 Lohd-Ravenholdt looks back to Shokkra, "I don't bed women." 23:05:20 You stare Lohd down. 23:05:22 You eye Lohd up and down. 23:05:23 You look at Lohd. 23:05:24 You eye Lohd up and down. 23:05:27 You look at Lohd. 23:05:28 You eye Lohd up and down. 23:05:43 Lohd-Ravenholdt stands there. 23:05:44 Shokkra-Ravenholdt is speechless. 23:05:50 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: It's not nice to hit women anyway. 23:06:08 [Deadskull-TwistingNether]: Hey… Shokkra exits tavern, walks around garrison 23:08:11 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Yeah. I'm willing to take it if it means we can destroy him more quickly. Shokkra enters tavern 23:08:49 Sirka Duskfisher says: Not bad at all! 23:08:54 You slap Lohd across the face. Ouch! Shokkra exits tavern Shokkra enters barracks, takes seat on stool 23:10:35 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Well. There is the journal I've been keeping. 23:10:42 Ardyan looks at you. 23:10:50 Aaren-Ravenholdt looks up to look at Shokkra. "Oh, hey! Bring any axes this time?" 23:10:59 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: He's... 23:11:18 Shokkra-Ravenholdt buries her face in her hands. 23:11:42 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: He's what? 23:11:54 Aaren-Ravenholdt lowers her head to grin at Ardyan. 23:12:05 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks bemused. 23:12:10 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I'm never going to outlive this. 23:12:36 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Outlive what? 23:12:55 Shokkra-Ravenholdt throws her shouldpads off since they're annoying and knocks the guard behind her out cold. 23:13:15 Ardyan-Ravenholdt winces. 23:15:31 Shokkra-Ravenholdt crawls over an curls into Aaren. 23:15:38 You lie down. 23:15:56 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks down at Shokkra and the unpected cuddling. 23:17:06 Aaren-Ravenholdt stares straight ahead with a scowl. "You are purely insufferable." 23:17:28 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: He doesn't bed women. *she blurts out* 23:17:35 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Who? 23:17:39 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Who? 23:17:43 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Lohd. 23:17:57 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Was that your orc fellow? 23:18:02 Aaren-Ravenholdt coughs out a laugh. "Oh, what?!" 23:18:13 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: The Tauren. The big Tauren. 23:18:35 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Ah, and you were... hoping otherwise? 23:18:55 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I came onto him. 23:18:58 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Strongly. 23:19:04 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Very strongly. 23:19:07 Ardyan-Ravenholdt nods sympathetically. 23:19:22 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Well. It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. 23:20:40 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I don't even know what to do. 23:20:47 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Is that what he said? 23:20:59 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Maybe he just like cows. 23:21:14 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: He said he doesn't bed women. 23:21:40 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Ah. 23:21:50 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: This was after I fell into his arms. 23:21:57 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I bet he's just intimidated. 23:22:02 Aaren-Ravenholdt doesn't help ever. 23:22:27 Shokkra-Ravenholdt shuffles up to Aaren. 23:22:33 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Perhaps it's best to take a no as a no. 23:22:43 Aaren quietly snickers to herself. 23:22:53 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: But I mean, he's a tauren, how do I intimidate him? 23:23:44 Shokkra-Ravenholdt looks genuinely concerned about how intimidating she is. 23:24:02 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: I dunno. You're an orc, all of you guys are scary at some point. 23:24:25 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: But he's...huge. 23:24:50 Aaren shudders. 23:24:52 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: It could also be he was being honest with you. 23:24:57 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Ugh, he is, isn't he? 23:25:03 You look at Ardyan. 23:25:08 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Yeah, why not go find Pythral again? 23:25:11 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: You mean, he could've been lying? 23:25:36 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I don't know him so I couldn't judge, but I see no reason to assume he was lying. 23:25:46 Shokkra-Ravenholdt gets the "all hope is lost" face on her face. 23:25:58 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Ardyan here is pretty smart. I'd agree with whatever he says. 23:26:10 Aaren-Ravenholdt nods matter-of-factly. 23:26:34 Shokkra-Ravenholdt is too distraught to notice how insane Aaren sounds right now 23:27:31 Ardyan-Ravenholdt looks at Shokkra with a sympathtic look. "Don't worry. The feeling will pass." 23:28:02 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Do you think I'm too intimidating? I mean would you..*wink wink nudge nudge* 23:28:47 Aaren-Ravenholdt places a firm hand on Shokky's arm, but she doesn't say anything. Just gives her a look. 23:28:54 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: I only feel that towards someone I care about deeply, and we've only just met. 23:29:05 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Speaking of, I don't believe I've caught your name? 23:29:11 You look at Aaren. 23:29:28 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Shokkra, Deathrage. 23:29:37 Ardyan nods at you. 23:29:51 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: A pleasure to meet you. I'm Magister Ardyan Spellgrace. 23:30:26 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Yeah, right. 23:30:40 [Ardyan-Ravenholdt]: Pardon? 23:30:59 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Be nice to him. He's so polite. He actually means it, too. 23:31:08 You look at Aaren. 23:31:24 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: The fuck 23:31:27 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Who are you 23:31:34 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: nope 23:31:35 Ardyan blinks at you. 23:31:37 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: nope 23:31:38 Aaren blinks. 23:31:43 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: The hell is your problem? 23:31:43 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Aaren's a dreadlord Shokkra exits barracks and runs around garrison screaming that Aaren is a dreadlord, no one notices 23:31:44 Ardyan looks at Aaren. 23:34:05 Shadow Hunter Ukambe says: Boss, I got the recent threats sketched out on the table for ya whenever you be ready. Shokkra enters command center, tells Julilee and Naw-heal 23:34:07 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Aaren's a dreadlord. Shokkra exits command center, goes to barracks 23:34:27 Aaren blinks. 23:34:28 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Just you wait. 23:34:30 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Dreadlord. 23:34:32 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Well, she was a pain... 23:34:34 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: I'll get a paladin, 23:34:35 Aaren hisses at you. 23:34:37 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Or a warlock 23:34:40 [Aaren-Ravenholdt]: Do it! 23:34:44 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: and he'll fuckin murder uou 23:34:47 [shokkra-Ravenholdt]: Dreadlord. Shokkra exits Overdue Time Garrison
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  8. Karthok: Chaotic Evil- A chaotic evil character does whatever his greed, hatred, and lust for destruction drive him to do. He is hot-tempered, vicious, arbitrarily violent, and unpredictable. If he is simply out for whatever he can get, he is ruthless and brutal. If he is committed to the spread of evil and chaos, he is even worse. Thankfully, his plans are haphazard, and any groups he joins or forms are poorly organized. Typically, chaotic evil people can be made to work together only by force, and their leader lasts only as long as he can thwart attempts to topple or assassinate him. Chaotic evil is sometimes called demonic because demons are the epitome of chaotic evil. Chaotic evil is the best alignment you can be because combines self-interest and pure freedom. However, chaotic evil can be a dangerous alignment because it represents the destruction not only of beauty and life but also of the order on which beauty and life depend. Detailed Results: Alignment: Lawful Good ----- X (1) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXX (11) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (26) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (32) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (36) Law & Chaos: Law ----- X (1) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXX (11) Chaos --- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Good & Evil: Good ---- (0) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXX (11) Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Alakroz: Neutral Evil- A neutral evil villain does whatever he can get away with. He is out for himself, pure and simple. He sheds no tears for those he kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. He has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make him any better or more noble. On the other hand, he doesn't have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has. Some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies. Neutral evil is the best alignment you can be because you can advance yourself without regard for others. However, neutral evil can be a dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor and without variation. Detailed Results: Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (30) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (29) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXX (5) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14) Chaos --- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXX (8) Neutral - XXXXXXX (7) Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Shokkra: Neutral Good- A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable. Detailed Results: Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (23) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXX (9) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXX (10) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXX (11) Chaos --- XXXXXXX (7) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXX (11) Evil ---- XX (2) AND FINALLY Konro: Lawful Good- A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment when it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest. Detailed Results: Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (27) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (25) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Neutral - XXXXXXXX (8) Chaos --- XXXXXXX (7) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXX (10) Evil ---- XXXXXXX (7) Yeah....something tells me this test isn't all that accurate at finding a character's alignment.
  10. IN A WORLD... 1.Ext. Wilderness A kerfluff of adventurers and heroes stand at the opening of a massive cave, blood spattered across the ground and their faces. Dead elves lie around the entrance, some half eaten. WHERE THERE IS NO HOPE... 2.Int. Garrison A slender elven female silhouette walks into the light of a full moon. It’s somewhere in the woods, night elf temple possibly? A GROUP OF HEROES... 3.Int. Tavern Random orcs, tauren, trolls, elves etc sit and stand around a tavern talking incoherently while people fight on the beach of betrayal outside. WILL RISE... 4.Ext. Battlefield The same heroes we saw in the previous tavern shot are fighting unseen monsters that we only catch glimpses of. A massive dark furred tauren throws a gnarly battleaxe(since we couldn’t get the rights to Gorehowl, which I’m still pissed about Crichan) into the camera. TO SAVE OUR WORLD... 5.Places A montage of random establishing shots to make it look neat. People riding wolves in the forest, two tauren getting sensual, a zombie warlock(I SAY, THAT IS QUITE THE OFFENSIVE TERM USED THERE GOOD KARTHOK! ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS! WE FORSAKEN ARE NOT “ZOMBIES” AS YOU CALL US. WE ARE PEOPLE TOO GOOD SIR! GOOD DAY SIR!) throws glowy balls to attackers off camera, a smirking elf collapses in pain, an eye-patched orc “harharhar”’s like a pirate, a banner with an assassin skull is tattered and flaps in the thundering rain, a building burns. COMING… 6.Ext. Wilderness The full moon rises in front of a tomb and a chilling wolf howl sounds out. WHEN IT’S FINISHED...
  11. *cracks knuckles* Let's do this, at the appropriate time on October 1st with a completely random playlist except for being bands/songs that we enjoy. TO HONOUR!