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  1. Full Name: Aeronwyn Caetlina Barton Nicknames: Aero, Doe-Eye Date of Birth: (? sometime in the summer) Age: 19 (as of WoD) Race: Human Gender: Female Hair: Black Skin: Peachy Tan/Bronze-ish Eyes: Brown Height: 5’5” Weight: 130 lbs Place of residence: Currently in Elodor Place of Birth: n/a Known Relatives: Amber “Coco” Barton (Mother), Angela Barton (Grandmother), Gradhardt (father) Religion/Philosophy: “Live a happy life and happiness will come to you” Occupation: Backline Support / Medic-in-Training Group/Guild affiliation: Order of the Redblades Guild Rank: Specialist Enemies: -doesn’t really have enemies other than responsibility- Likes: Traveling/Adventuring, meeting new people, making friends, sharing stories, being part of a group Favorite Foods: Draenor Fruit, sweet candy, warm meals Favorite Drinks: cocktails, rum Favorite Colors: All of them! But potentially orange as a #1 favorite. Or is it purple? Weapons of Choice: wands and daggers Dislikes: Friends fighting, conflict, uncomfortable situations. Does not like the idea of her local community/family being broken up and unharmonious. Hobbies: Likes being in social situations, reading romance novels, and occasionally working on clothing. Enjoys making ‘Happy Brigade’ linen badges and sending them as part of care packages. Physical Features: Naturally dark hair, dark eyes, some light freckles especially on the face and shoulders. She likes changing her hair by cutting or dying it (typically both) if she can on a regular basis. Earnest with open facial expressions, she is fairly readable. Does not have any noticeable scars or malformations. Her current dress is a red shirt and shorts, boots. (screencap) Special Abilities: In addition to having healing magic and spells, Aeronwyn also has an uncanny ability to slip away from trouble, often hiding in the shadows or using them to help her. An expert at running away, she’s utilized knowledge from running away from home/the abbey and applied it to some situations with an almost rogue-like effectiveness. One of her previous girlfriends (whom had tried to enlist her into the Defias) had also given her a trinket that allows her to slip into the shadows, similar to how a rogue may do. Being forced into tailoring as a profession, Aeronwyn is also skilled at the needle. Her tailoring abilities transfer over to her medical profession, as she is able to make stitches almost artfully and expertly with little error. Positive Personality Traits: Optimistic, sweet, and charming, Aeronwyn has learned from her mother that by giving a little hope and life to others, one can receive much hope and life back in return. Caring and sensitive, Aeronwyn often puts the emotions/needs of others before herself, though also knows when to pull back when the times call for it. Negative Personality Traits: Aeronwyn doesn’t react to extreme conflict well and often runs from problems she doesn’t like dealing with. Typically anti-responsibility and fairly lazy at times, Aeronwyn is also be rather naive and gullible. She can also be clingy at times as she desires companionship. Misc. Quirks: In DnD terms, Aeronwyn is a charisma character, often using her charm to get her way with many different situations. She is a also bit of a “princess” type’ she likes pretty clothing and has concerns for her appearance. Since she was prone to run away lot when she was younger, Aeronwyn is not entirely mature. She ignored most of her classes and has a ‘I do what I want’ attitude on life in general. Played by What Famous Person: Kilosophy (Blackhorn, Riversong) Theme Songs: “Lilo and Stitch” would be her Theme Movie, otherwise History: Born to a commoner barmaid who worked at a tavern, Aeronwyn barely knew her father who was a soldier traveling through the area. He only stayed for a year or two after her birth before being called once again to the war effort. After his departure, Aeronwyn lived a relatively good life being raised by her mother. Her mother was extremely good to her, raising her well and giving her much freedom and allowed her to be with her while she worked in the Tavern. Some years passed. When her mother realized that her lover may not come back, she slowly dipped into alcoholism and began neglecting Aeronwyn, often dating other men in order to fill the hole in her heart. Aeronwyn’s grandmother, ever scornful of her daughter’s actions, eventually took custody of the child when she was 9 and took her to Stormwind to enroll her in the Northshire Abbey. A wild child, Aeronwyn did not appreciate the transition from a fairly free lifestyle to a new one of rules and strict regulations of her behavior. Often sneaking out a night, Aeronwyn eventually began ignoring her studies and running away from home. Bouncing back and forth between home, orphanage, Goldshire, local authorities, Westfall (almost joined with the Defias but did not go through with it), and taverns, she eventually found herself in the Blue Recluse one night and met with the Redblades. Intrigued by them, she immediately signed on in hopes of adventures and perhaps a chance to meet her mysterious father in her travels. Though initially frightened of the notion of going through the Dark Portal, she feared more of being left behind by her new friends. Hanging onto the thin thread that she may one day meet her father, she wrote a letter of goodbye to her mother and stepped through the portal to join the conflict to Draenor. All Aeronwyn art
  2. Full Name: Zi’Hanna Nicknames: Blackhorn, Blackie Date of Birth: ?? unsure Age: 3200 yrs, maybe older? Race: Draenei Gender: female Hair: short, white, half of it is missing (see pic) Skin: blue-ish purple Eyes: none Height: 5’5 Weight: 130 lbs Place of residence: Currently Shadowmoon Place of Birth: ??? Known Relatives: Delkuun (father, deceased), Ishdera (Mother, deceased), Ta’une (younger brother, deceased) Family was originally killed during the Exodar crash, however all alive in the AU Draenor) Religion/Philosophy: “The only strength is what you make and carry in your hands.” “I would rather die with a mace in my hand than an arrow in my back.” Blackhorn has come to terms that the only power is what you earn for yourself. For her, the ends typically justify the means. If she had to make sacrifices for the greater good, she would choose that route (so long as an alternative was not available.) Occupation: Enhancement Shaman, Soldier/Fighter for the Sword Group/Guild affiliation: The Sword of the Morning Guild Rank: Recruit Enemies: Orcs, demons, anything fel-tainted, Horde Likes: quiet moments cool night air feeling grounded (earth underneath her hooves, the feeling of her maces in her hands, etc) open areas where she can sense others natural areas with a lot of trees, bushes, etc. fishing Favorite Foods: n/a Favorite Drinks: used to be alcohol Favorite Colors: n/a Weapons of Choice: duo maces, sometimes will carry a 2h warhammer. Blackhorn also carries a collapsible walking cane to make sure she doesn’t bump into anything while in towns. Dislikes: Crowds (mild ochlophobia) people who goof off when they’re on duty/not supposed to. alcohol or any substance that alters your mood/personality/etc. flying/portals/teleporting being in a confined building where she cannot see where to go. people offering her help because she is blind feeling helpless/out of her comfort zone Hobbies: Blackhorn typically throws herself into training and occasionally meditation. While off-duty, she finds relaxation in walks in open spaces. She often practices grounding techniques taught to her by the Draenei shamans to keep herself steady. Interestingly enough she also enjoys occasional fishing which also helps her ability to sense the spirit essence of others. It is a calming activity that she finds much relaxation in. Physical Features: Burn marks cover a majority of the right side of her body, especially around the head area. The right side of her head is badly burned, and the right side of her head no longer grows hair. Her eyes have been completely burned out and are covered with a blindfold to lessen the visual shock. Her horns have also been charred black, which earned her the nickname “Blackhorn”. Color Portrait: http://artofkilosophy.tumblr.com/post/47093691563 All Blackhorn sketches: http://artofkilosophy.tumblr.com/tagged/blackhorn Special Abilities: To make up for being blind, Blackhorn has turned to the elements as a secondary way of seeing. By sensing the spirits/essences of living things, she can make out where people are (similar to infrared, but with spirits). The range is about the same as a normal person would see, with the most sensitivity within a couple of feet radius around her, with less sensitivity the further away from her. She cannot, however, sense non-living objects such as (but not limited to) flying arrows, rocks, structures, cannons, guns, mechanical traps, etc. She also has difficulty sensing those who can suppress themselves in stealth (rogues, certain pets, etc.) Though useful, this ability also comes with drawbacks: she dislikes crowds as too many beings can clog up her sensors. She likes open areas but will tolerate a closed one for missions/group meetings. In this way she is mildly ochlophobic (fear of crowds). Her hearing/smell/other senses are also better than a normal person’s due to being blind. Positive Personality Traits: Strong, independent, dedicated. A person of conviction, Blackhorn is a passionate person who puts her heart into her actions. If you ask her to do something, know she will give it her all and perform to the best of her ability. Prioritizing duty and self-responsibility, Blackhorn is no-nonsense, serious, reliable, and does not run from responsibilities or people in peril/need. What she lacks in a sense of humor, she makes up with blunt honesty. Negative Personality Traits: Easily baited, Blackhorn secretly wishes she were more independent and hates relying on others. This sometimes causes her to push help away when she may need it the most, which can and has hurt relationships and even herself. Constantly struggling, her inner world is filled with chaos and a failure to accept her own disabilities and flaws. Often perceiving herself as weak, she has a tendency to be self-destructive and exploits her own flaws if her mood goes sour. The same dedication that takes her beyond her limits is also the same dedication to weigh herself down when things go bad. Blunt, serious to a fault, and often taking things too literally, Blackhorn often fails to pick up on humor. Because of her unmoving nature, she has often butted heads with others and may never stop doing so. Desperate to show her abilities, she isn’t below pushing others down in order to stand tall. Misc. Quirks: She tries very hard to fit in and to be taken seriously, often forcing a common accent over her Draenei one in hopes of being better accepted by her human counterparts. Played by What Famous Person: Kilosophy (also playing Aeronwyn and Riversong) Theme Songs: History: (part 1) Zi’Hanna was once a devoted paladin, helping defend the Draenei people against Orc and other threats. When her people boarded the Exodar and made way through the stars, Zi’hanna and her comrades fought against the orcs that had followed them. When the Exodar crashed into Azeroth, many Draenei died including her family and a good majority of her crew (either due to the crash or killed by orcs). The force of the explosion knocked Zi’hanna off her feet, and caused Zi’Hanna to go into a coma. Ironically, this saved her from the pain of the fires that burned her. Rescued by the survivors of the crash, Zi’Hanna was kept in critical care by Draenei shamans and priests whom did everything in their powers to save her life and heal her wounds. Years later, when the events of the Cataclysm shook Azeroth, Zi’Hanna awoke. Confused, blind, and above all frightened, Zi’Hanna spent many months recovering from the shock and learning how to function again. Knowing she needed to focus on something in order to become a person, the elder shamans taught her shamanism as a way to ground herself. Becoming familiar with how to see with the elements, the blind draenei settled and began building confidence in this new way of living. They assigned Sephyra, a fellow shaman, as her caretaker. When the gaps of her memory were filled, she recovered her dream to protect her people so that one day they would no longer have to run, but to stand tall against the forces that would chase and bring them down. However, much torn chaos still resided in her heart - a darkness many of the shamans recognized. Dubbing her “Blackhorn” due to her charred horns and darkening heart, they refused to allow her to pick up weapons out of fear that she would hurt others or herself. Finding that the healers weren’t so keen on letting her pick up weapons, Blackhorn bid a farewell to the Exodar and set to Stormwind to find someone, anyone, who would take her in and allow her to fight for the Alliance. (part 2) Rejected by Stormwind and several guilds, Blackhorn finally managed to maker her way into the Dusk Watch. However, after the death of Urivial, Dusk Watch went quiet. Growing increasingly frustrated by the act of non-doing, Blackhorn eventually moved to a new guild, Sword of the Morning. Finally on active patrol, Blackhorn is steps closer to her goal… and yet possibly also her own destruction. With the guild’s introduction to Draenor, Blackhorn slowly has begun building new bonds with her new crew. Discovering Jezzika, her combat medic, from her past in this Draenor, Blackhorn soon was given the knowledge that the ones she had cherished were still alive in this Draenor. Working with the Rangari, Jezzika offered Blackhorn a fey darter pet in hopes to give her further independence from others. Though battered and still suffering from visions of her past, Blackhorn regained the hope that she may be able to change things, this time around. Side note: I originally wrote Blackhorn as a broken Draenei, however have decided that she isn't completely broken from the light. She can't use it but can sense it and is sensitive to it. This drawing is actually kind of old but it's the only color one I have.