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  1. <p>Yep! Not doing much recently - but I'm throwing money at Square Enix. Nina is pressuring me to resub for this little TNG shindig (WoW), so I may do that December.</p>

  2. <p>Yea I just wanted to see if you were still in WoW. Blizzcon got me re interested so I jumped back in game. Word on the street is that you are FFXIVing atm</p>

  3. <p>Hey! I think you tried to send a pm but it was kicked back. On the road so will clear out the inbox. Can still get me on the grim site too! Or if you still have my number from way back 5 years ago! Will be home in about three hours.</p>

  4. The text was very boring, so in an effort to find something more exciting, we used the powers of WordPress to get a timeline program! The Grim Timeline (Timeline edition) The information needs to be transferred from the original to this, but we believe this will be for a more interesting read. Still looking for input and information (links, stories, screenshots, videos) from those who want to leave their mark!.
  5. Countering mutas? If you are Terran, stim-pack marines (with medi-vac support) can work well, so long as you aren't fighting 80+ of them. Throw in a few Thor's and they'll clean up easy. If you are Protoss, it is a little more difficult. Don't let them mass them is pretty much the way to do it. You can vomit out a lot of Phoenixes, but I believe they have to be upgraded with 2 or 3 weapons to really be effective - without having to outnumber the mutalisks. Zerg vs Zerg - Corruptors while you laugh at a muta mass.
  6. I enjoy the recent changes they made, though! Makings some of the A.I. games interesting and helps read some details that us non-Koreans are unable to do by hacking ourselves into the Starcraft Matrix.
  7. The Grim Timeline. This is a timeline of The Grim. While many current members have helped to contribute, the things that have happened to The Grim and those involved in it go beyond the roster; it goes to a community beyond a guild tag. I am looking for contributors and people of interest to help keep this up to date and accurate. I am seeking former members, associates, enemies, and partners who have involvement with The Grim or involvement concerning The Grim. In detail, I am seeking: - RP Events that involved The Grim, Grim members, or just general events of significant interest (chanc
  8. You never spoke to me, Altherion, which shows either your inexperience with leadership responsibility or your lack of concern about full participation from at least one group of people. Masquerade and I put quite a few hours among Cataclysm attempting to have something naturally progress to a relationship between our two guilds - which I do believe you were solely responsible for taking a dump on. While the events are irrelevant, it's the professionalism (or lack of) that counts a long way towards a community - not your desire for a few extra HKs on an alt. Things you say, regardless of loc
  9. I wasn't sure what sort of people you were talking about, Altherion, until someone directed me to the shout box. Then I understood who you were talking about... those people. Well, those sort of people can't really help with the answer to your question. While not as selfish as, say, raid guild hoppers or emotional snowflakes, those sort of people are not interested in a community as much as they are interested in themselves. A few paragraphs could be put up to support that - but it would fall on deaf ears. A few more paragraphs could be put out concerning a leadership resolution among t
  10. The advance mechanics and structure of story and content is pretty hard to follow; it's cool. It isn't for everyone. Fortunately, Folvelor has enough to go on to do something interesting with his character.
  11. I agree - a lot of things in life do not make sense. Yet we have to keep on (un)living! Because of the vast disparity of what the Light is, the developer statement on Forsaken is not a fact (canon) so much as another thing to add to the pile. Ex. Leonid Barthalomew the Revered. While his existence does not refute or support the CD (Creative Development - just going to acronym it) statement, it does offer an established character presence in-game to the talkie-talk. He has been present with the Argent Dawn since vanilla - hanging out in Light's Hope Chapel that is a beacon of Light juice
  12. The same development talk where the RPG books were told not to be canon, so I wouldn't take it as gospel; especially since it did not come from the Head Poobah Mecha-Metzen. Of course, Death Knights are different than Forsaken (unless it is a Forsaken Death Knight!). You have a lot of leeway and I think, as said above, so long as you aren't doing anything crazy it could prove to be an interesting read and adventure. Though, when in doubt, throw in a naaru .... then you can do ANYTHING!
  13. The Forsaken/Light thing was out of the tabletop RPG that was created - but seeing as they said it was non-canon then you are put back into the position of "whatever the hell you want." There is a lot of precedence to go either way (able or unable) with the Light touching those without souls or raised through "unnatural" means. While it doesn't help give you a good foundation... so long as you aren't flinging Light Bolts and calling upon the Spirit Bomb to gauge your power level to 50,000,000 ... I think you should be fine with either embracing the Light or using it as a plot mechanic on one
  14. It isn't necessarily the question on if time travel is accepted or frowned upon - but what sort of paradox you are attempting to play and legitimize. Temporal Paradox There is a good place to start.