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    Full Name: Kavraas Date of Birth: December 6 Age: Very Old Race: Draenei Gender: Male Hair: Stark White Skin: Pale Indigo Eyes: Azure Height: 8'3" Weight: Slender Place of Residence: Azuremyst Isle Place of Birth: Argus Known Relatives: All deceased Group/Guild Affiliation: Order of the Redblades Occupation: Soulpriest, Archivist Religion/Philosophy: The Holy Light Enemies: The Burning Legion, Orcs, and anyone who threatens the Draenei Likes: Peace and quiet, history, swimming Dislikes: Arrogance, impertinence, obnoxiousness Favorite Foods: Bread, soup, cheese (he enjoys eating frugally) Favorite Drink: Tea, just about all flavors Favorite Color: Purple Hobbies: Reading, long walks, researching, and archaeology Weapons of Choice: Typically prefers one handed maces, however he does appreciate the versatility of staves and will take to using them on occasion Physical Features: Overall, he stands quite a bit taller than the average male Draenei with immaculate posture. Though he has a slender frame, he still sports broad shoulders and a strong jaw line. His skin has paled over the many years turning from indigo to a much paler coloration. His hair is stark white and cascades down to the middle of his back, but is usually tied up in a ponytail. His forehead plates overlap flowing backwards from the top of his brow. He has bushy dark eyebrows that still contain his former hair color. His nose is, very slightly, sloped downward at the tip. From his jaw protrudes several facial tendrils that reach down touching the middle of his torso and about the tendrils is a distinguished white beard matching that of his hair color. Special Abilities: Grew up within a family of archivists and picked up the trade, capable of identifying various inscriptions and the like Positive Personality Traits: Patient, considerate, accepting Negative Personality Traits: Blunt, extremely cautious, suffers from PTSD and occasionally slips into another reality Misc. Quirks: Has a very slight accent that is particularly difficult to pick up (he hides it rather well) History: Kavraas was born on Argus to a venerable family whose duty was the upkeep, storing, and running of magical archives in the sacred city of Mac’aree. Throughout his time on Argus, he was under the tutelage of his father, training in the arts of archiving. He and his parents were amongst those who fled with Velen. Upon his arrival on Draenor, he served as an Aldor Anchorite stationed at Karabor, however, while there his parents had fallen ill and eventually died. Ultimately, their deaths sparked a drastic change inside him leading him to join with the Auchenai. In the Auchenai he met his only wife, but when the Orcs invaded Auchindoun she was one of the first to be killed. After the destruction of Auchindoun and the madness began to grip the remaining Auchenai, he managed to withhold some sanity and escaped, but almost died in the process, recieving a devastating wound delivered by an Orc who caught him fleeing. He arrived at Shattrath just days before the Orcish assault. Due to his position as a Soulpriest and the terrible news of what had befallen the Auchenai, he was permitted to flee into the Zangar swamps. He laid dormant there with refugees from Shattrath until the plan to capture Exodar. He assisted in the assault as best he could, mending the wounds of the injured and collecting the fallen. Once the Draenei had fled on Exodar and crashed into Azeroth, he was amongst the survivors and went to work burying those who had died in the traditions of the Auchenai. Though increasing circumstances have altered the traditional burial, he still continues to be an undertaker of the Draenei dead. More Recent History: With the sudden news of an orcish invasion coming through the Dark Portal yet again, he has packed his things and left Exodar to meet with his only outside contact. With a burning retribution to stop this new orcish horde from possibly replaying the events that happened long ago, he has joined his friend and crew who are willing to do something to stop the assault.