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  1. David - [video=youtube;zV48aAF5AcM]
  2. The event has been canceled. I have to go out of town for a family matter now that night. So while I'd rather be here, I'll be on the other end of the state instead.
  3. Tournament of the Golden Blade <An ornately decorated poster, bordered in a golden filigree, can be seen pinned to the board. In the center a elegantly gilded blade shines in the sunlight.> Attention Citizens of the Alliance! David Vanias will be holding the inaugural Tournament of the Golden Blade on the twenty-seventh day of the month of February. Prove yourself in a true arena of your peers in the Grand Melee! This all out, no holds barred, fight will have all combatants in the circle at the same time. The Victor will be whomever is the last one left standing when the dust settles. At that time, drenched in blood and sweat, they will claim their prize of thirty thousand gold pieces and a commemorative Golden Blade. Not interested in showing your might in the ring? Sir Vanias will also be hosting a gambling pool. Place a one hundred gold bet on your champion and, if they emerge from the fray as a Conqueror, you recieve a portion of the winnings split between all those who also placed thier wages on the contender. Immediately following the Grand Melee, Sir Vanias will then be hosting a Race from Booty Bay to the Cathedral of Light in the center of Stormwind. Any mount that does not take to the air will be admissible in the race. The first one to reach Sir Vanias on the steps of the Cathedral will receive a gold prize of five thousand gold pieces and also will receive a commemorative Golden Blade as proof of their victory. To finish off the night for those who feel they are not strong of arm or fleet of foot there will be a final event! Bring out your finest attire and square off against other fashion forward people to show who truly is the best! Those taking part will be judged based on uniqueness and how well it flows together by a panel of judges. The winner will also take home a commemorative Golden Blade as well as a ten thousand gold prize! Events will start on February 27th at 7pm! --------------------------------------- (( OOC Information )) In an effort to promote some fun and good cheer, I'm hosting the Tournament of the Golden Blade on 2/27/16 at 7pm server. Each event will have a gold prize along with a little token that can be worn by MOST classes to show off your win! Anyone who wants to participate can take part in any or all of the events. So if you want to skip the melee and only take part in the Fashion Contest, you're more than welcome to. On the same note, if you want to try and win all three events, I won't stop you! Grand Melee - Prize: 30,000g The Grand Melee will be held at Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn. It is an all vs all event with everything on the table. Potions, Food, and Special abilities can all be used. (If you can use it in wPvP, I don't see why you can't use it to win a real fight!) If you are killed, you are eliminated from the competition and can join the audience in the stands, the winner is whomever is left standing in the end. Betting Pool - The betting pool is simple. You put up 100g with the name of whoever you think will win. If they win, so do you! Prizes will be spilt among the winners. The more people who bet, the bigger the pool! Race - 5,000g Simple enough, this is a race from Booty Bay to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind's Cathedral district. To win you MUST ENTER THE CATHEDRAL! Stopping on the stairs does not make you a winner! Only ground mounts can be used. Anyone caught cheated will be eliminated from the competition. Now, I understand some classes have abilities to boost the speed of their mounts (Paladins for example), I understand this. However, due to the dazing mechanic that can effect you at any level, it levels the playing field a bit. Sometimes being in first just means you'll be the first to be attacked by a random mob! Transmog Contest - 10,000g Please note this is a TRANSMOGRIFICATION CONTEST. It is not a "Go out and make a nice mash-up" contest. Your CURRENT armor must be Transmogged to your admission for the contest. We will have someone checking everyone to make sure that this rule is strictly followed. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges based on three things: Uniqueness, Flow, and Difficulty to Obtain. I'm currently taking applications for judges (at least two others) so please contact me in-game on either David (Alt+0237) or David (with no accent marks) on the Twisting Nether server by an in-game letter or whisper. Hope to see everyone there!
  4. (IC recruitment is posted below) The Blue Recluse Agency is a RP guild on the Twisting Nether-Ravenholdt server of a nontraditional sense. You don’t have to be a RPer to join or find yourself a home here! As long as you’re willing to put up with good company, good gold, and good times, anyone is welcome to join! The biggest thing is even if you’re NOT looking to join, the Blue Recluse Agency is there for you as well! We can and will take on any job you require (for a price) from helping fill those last couple raid spots, carrying you through Arenas so you can hit your cap for the week, gathering those profession materials you just don’t have the time to get or camp the auction house yourself, to even helping out with RP events so that you don’t have to spend your entire time at the event catering to the little details and can still enjoy yourself! If you’re looking to hire the Blue Recluse Agency for absolutely anything, contact Davíd-Twistingnether or David-Twistingnether (no worries I own both names if you can’t find the alt character) to dicate what type of job you want done! Once we’ve reached an agreement, the job will be listed to our Available Jobs board to be undertaken by one of our members. And, luckily for you, payment is not required in full until the job is completed! ----- Stormwind, capital of the Alliance and home to most of the human civilization, is a bustling center of enterprise where even the greenest of travelers can uncover adventure. From energetic Trade District, where everyone seeks their fortune, to the reticent Old Town, work can be found anywhere. However, in the festive Mage District, where magic users from all over the world come to train, hone their skills, and (hopefully) not get blown up in the process, sits a quiet tavern at the base of a grand tower. Here at the Blue Recluse, mages and adventurers alike come to escape the frenzy of the Alliance hold so that they can study in peace or swap stories over a pint of ale. Quieter than usual as of late, a lone rogue comes to find a home within where he enjoys the abundant stores of alcohol and food provided by the proprietors. However, all is not well as the rogue stares incredulously at the parchment handed to him by the bartender, Joachim Brenlow. Plainly written upon it is the tab he’d managed to run up over several years to the tune of over three hundred thousand gold. Coughing and sputtering, David looks at the tab as he chokes on the ale that was just brought to him as well, “How the bloody hell did I manage to run up THIS MUCH?!?!” With an embittered sigh, Brenlow begins to tick off on his fingers, “You come here and drink almost every night, you hold most of your business dealings here, you’re constantly telling me to put other people’s drinks and food on YOUR tab, and let’s not forget the numerous parties you’ve thrown here. With all that added onto the fact that you haven’t once paid your tab in seven years adds up to a whole lotta gold.” David continued to stare at the paper; sweat beading on his forehead as he realized the tab would cost him nearly everything he owned. Trying to compose himself… and buy time so he could make a run for the door, he looked up at the bartender with an indefinable smile, “How about a deal? I spend enough time here that I pretty much live here. What I’ll do is take over the day to day costs of running this place and we’ll run it as partners from now on? In addition, I’ll start running an Agency out of here. It’ll bring in more customers and, because we’ll be running off the Blue Recluse’s premises, you’d get a cut of the profit as well. Sound good?” Joachim, with the bedraggled look of a defeated man just shook his head as he walked away muttering to himself, “Well at least this way I’ll get some of the gold you owe me.” The next day, hung on message boards through-out the capital and on the doorframe of the bar, a handwritten note is nailed in the center... --------- ATTENTION ALL ADVENTURERS LOOKING FOR WORK OR LOOKING FOR WORK DONE FOR THEM! The newly formed Blue Recluse Agency is now looking to hire anyone looking for work. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how horribly incompetent you are, we can find work for you! ~~~TO ANYONE LOOKING TO HAVE WORK DONE!~~~ The Blue Recluse Agency is now taking on jobs as well! Need someone to escort you through a terrifying dungeon? How about bartenders for your next event? Feeling too lazy to go out into the world an collect the resources needed to hone your trade? Whether its Bounties, Escorts, Mercenary needs, Basic Services, or Even Professional needs, no job is too small or too great for us to take on! For Business Inquiries, Please send all mail via Post to Davíd or come see us personally in the Blue Recluse conveniently located at the base of the Portal Tower in the Mage District of Stormwind! ----------- Visit us at bluerecluseagency.gamerlaunch.com for more information!
  5. Entry 5 I can’t believe I was able to find this after a decade, right where I left it. What have I done? I’ve murdered so many innocents… I tried to redeem myself with the Knights of Dusk and the Redblades and yet… No amount of repentance can remove the blood on my hands. I want to do something to help others. I want to show people what it’s like to have a family. People should know what it is like to be loved and belong. I need to clear my head. If you find this and the ink is still fresh, you’ll find me in the Blue Recluse. Maybe some alcohol will help me think.
  6. Entry 4 Edwin has chosen me! I get to murder the King! I’m so excited I had to write it down! We’re to infiltrate the Stormwind military and, as soo as we get the chance, murder that false king! Finally we can prove he is the evil one! Not us! Shit, I’ve got to get ready. If you’re reading this, I know you found it under the stump up on the hill over the mine. Put it back, or you’ll be next.
  7. Entry 3 It’s so strange. It’s been years since I’ve picked up this stupid thing. To think I ever felt remorse over killing someone. Me? An assassin feeling remorse? Though, at night, I can still see his face occasionally. I mean, he was my first after all. Since then, literally dozens of the Stormwind guard and “adventurers” have died to me. Ha! Adventurers….. They’re just glorified mercenaries with misguided motives. They pretend they’re fighting for something and yet can never say what it is. They call us evil. We fight for the people of Stormwind so that they can see the tyranny of the Nobles! We fight to protect each other! We are Defias! We are family! They could never understand by themselves so we’ll make them understand.
  8. Entry 2 I’m not sure how I feel today… My mind is jumbled. Whenever I close my eyes, all I can see is his blood glistening off my blade… The crimson flood soaking my gloves. I didn’t want to kill him, but I had to protect the others and the base. It was like he didn’t realize what had happened. The look of anger slowly faded to fear as he walked down my blade. How can you not know you’ve been stabbed? How can you keep going like that? I swear he didn’t notice it until he reached the hilt and couldn’t walk further. The cry… Light protect me that cry. It was as if all the anger and fear in the world came down to one voice. I need to go back to my inventions. I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight…. Maybe I’ll go back tonight and bury the guard.
  9. <The leather-bound tome sits on the nightstand bathed in the moonlight. With dust dancing in the glow, trace amounts of mold on the leather and rust on its iron bindings belying its age. However, despite its decrepit state, signs of recent use can be seen.> Entry 1 Edwin feels it would be a good idea for me to start keeping a journal. Some nonsense about helping my memory and, in-turn, improving my inventions. I have no idea what he’s talking about. Except for a few explosions, my inventions all work fine! It’s not my fault that stupid gnome lost his hand. I told him it was a prototype! This is ridiculous. I’m done writing and going back to tinkering. See? I made an effort, sir!
  10. David


    Hey guys, so as a few of you know, I've been working on a side project recently as a hobby. I'm proud to say that has now come to fruition. I've opened my own Twitch channel for Video Game streaming and hopefully, in the near future, I will also be starting a YouTube channel for Let's Plays, Gaming news, etc. I'd love for any and all support you all are willing to give. This isn't about money or popularity... I seriously just needed a hobby (other than WoW). My first official stream will be WEDNESDAY 4/22 at 4PM EST and I'll be playing the classic, Portal 2. So please, stop on by and watch me fail horribly! If you don't... Well, I'll still be playing Portal! http://www.twitch.tv/withinthevault
  11. Pulling leaves and bits of twig out of his hair from the bush he had dove into, David glanced down the path back towards the camp. Satisfied he’d lost the undead mob, he turned around and looked upon the massive gate to Shadowfang Keep. Once the fortress of the insane Archmage Arugal and then the Gilnean traitor, Vincent Godfrey, the massive structure now stood abandoned and for good reason. To some, this was just a trove of untouched treasure and, to others, a true test of bravery. While the Keep was indeed abandoned, it was only done so by the living. Shadows of the past still held testament to the grisly history of the desolate citadel. Spectres of those who once lived in its great halls still roamed Shadowfang Keep. Some of the shades know they are dead and, knowing so, have taken a hatred to the living, attacking them as they roamed the ruined halls. Others still did not know they are dead and go about their business as if nothing had changed. The sad truth, David considered, is that they will never know whatever work they do is for naught. It is due to these phantoms that Shadowfang Keep is widely considered haunted and thus any who survive are seen as brave for staring death in the face. David grimaced as he remembered a rumor of a company of four gnomes claimed they were going to clear the Keep of all who haunt it with the advanced technology they had created. When the gnomes were questioned as to if they were afraid of the haunted location, one gnome spoke up with a grin. The final words of the diminutive leader echoed in David’s mind as he stood staring at the building before him… “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” Quietly, the rogue opened the door and slipped inside the building, his sword at the ready, what he saw stunned even him. There was nothing. There were no ghosts, no ghouls, no forsaken, no creatures alive or dead of any kind. Before David sat the bones of ages past and the remnants of the last purge done by a group of adventurers in an effort to drive out Godfrey. From where he stood, he could see the remains of everyone from undead to worgen just lying there, awaiting their final burial that would never come. Sheathing his blade, David strode forward and slide between the bars of the iron gate leading to the courtyard. The silence was eerie as the rogue’s trained eyes darted to every darkened corner. “This place really is abandoned.” “Start that up and you’ll get careless.” “I won’t get careless.” “Cocky, then. Regardless, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure on a spectacular level.” “Do you just want to mock me or can we get down to business?” “Oh but it is so much fun to mock you. There’s a cornucopia of minutiae to work with!” “There’s what to the what?” “I’m only using words you know.” Rolling his eyes, David made his way towards the steps up to the right, assuming the library would be held at one of the higher levels. “I hope you know what this book looks like.” David mentally shrugged as he made his way across the ruins of what looked to be a chapel. Chuckling David looked up at the stained glass windows and the podium where a Priest of the light probably once stood. The irony was enough to give the rogue a smile even in a place as grim as this. Going through a door on the far side, David found himself on the battlements of the keep. The view below was a testament to the strategic positioning the citadel once held. Not only was there a sheer drop to the ocean off the back wall, but from where he stood, the human saw the true gem of the location. Rising into the night like a dense, impenetrable, black curtain rose the walls of Gilneas. Once considered the ultimate defense, now the night’s sky could be seen from the gaping holes of the Forsaken’s invasion. Gilneas, once a rich and hauntingly beautiful human settlement, now just sat in ruins as clouds of plague filled its streets. “Many of the Redblades would be depressed to see the place in such a state.” “It can be reclaimed in time.” Glancing up at the moon, David realized time was catching up on him and morning would soon be arriving. Quickening his pace, he made his way in and up the far tower into the laboratory. Seeing the cold vials and cobweb-wrapped books, he smiled. Throwing caution to the wind, David began to pour over the musty tomes. Reaching up to a high shelf, his hand fell on a purple, leather book embossed with gold. Opening it, David began to read the first page… ----------------------------- The land of Azeroth is host to no end of wonders. Flora, fauna, cultures, and magic all teem across its surface. Indeed, the curious will find limitless variety on this world. One merely has to look. But if one looks deeply enough then windows to entire new worlds are found, and each world is home to its own wonders. Just as each world is home to its own horrors. This is the purpose of my book: to catalogue those beings, those otherworldly fiends who would destroy our lands, so that explorers who happen upon them will know what they face. So if you consider yourself a guardian of Azeroth, then read on. And know your enemy. -Ur Mage of Dalaran ---------------------------- Lost in the words flowing before him, David never saw the shambling, slobbering corpse rise from the other end of the room. Continuing to read, the rogue suddenly screamed out in pain as a long sharp bone was driven deeply into his left arm. Going cold as he began to rapidly lose blood, David lashed out wildly with his foot and caught the ghoul in the jaw, sending its head sailing. Quickly, he shoved the book into his satchel and stumbled out of the tower, a crimson trail betraying his movements. Without warning, the nightmare descended upon him as the entire Keep itself seemed to come alive. The smell of fresh, warm blood was the key to the secret of why the place seemed abandoned. Phantoms phased through the walls and corpses began to shamble in earnest towards their next meal as David quickly tried to escape. Making his way to the battlements, a horrifying realization dawn on the rogue, he was trapped. From all corners of the Keep the undead swarmed down on him and below lay only a sudden drop to his death. Trusting his luck, David jumped from the wall and pulled the ripcord of the glider hidden beneath his cloak as darkness overtook him and consciousness faded.
  12. I can’t understand how Forsaken find these bloody things comfortable. With a sudden jolt, David hit his head on the cover of the coffin he was currently hiding in. The journey from Ironforge to the Arathi Highlands had been simple enough, but with Hillsbrad Foothills and the Silverpine Forest profoundly in control of the Forsaken, he had to find a new way to make the next leg of the trip. While he was watching the living dead at Garen’s Fall David saw his opportunity to the song of a coffin cart. Quietly, he stole into one of the coffins during the dead of the night. Unfortunately, either the driver of the cart was making it his mission to find every rock on the road or David had chosen the cart bound up a mountain with the way the trip felt. Every stop, every pause, and every exchange between the Forsaken filled the rogue with dread. All it would take is for one of them to look inside the coffin and he was as good as dead. Between the stench of death and the foreboding darkness in the cramped space, David was beginning to panic. Convinced his own heartbeat would give him away; David tried to force himself to calm down. Why am I doing this again? Because you said you would. But it’s a suicide mission! You’re the one who decided to go after the book. You realize you’re in MY head, so technically we both did. May I point out you’re the one having an argument with the voices in his head… and losing? You’re saying I’m insane. Insane, mad, deranged, idiotic… I get it. …batty, crazy, irresponsible. I GET IT! Well then stop listening to me and focus on the task at hand. If you hadn’t noticed, the cart stopped. David let out a slow breath as he strained his ears to listen. From what he could tell, the cart seemed to have stopped on the outside of another Forsaken encampment. Taking a risk, he pried open the edge of the coffin and looked out. The macabre manifestation before his eyes made him shudder. Walking dead, plague weapons, bats, and the moon rising over the shattered walls of Gilneas. It was enough to make anyone anxious. As the moon rose higher into the night sky, the shade that was once the great Shadowfang Keep presented itself to him. Quietly, the rogue slipped out of the coffin. After only a few steps, he heard the hissing, guttural shouting of the forsaken behind him. He ran.
  13. Full Name: David Nicknames: The Relic Hunter Date of Birth: Born in 608 KC Age: 27 Race: Human Gender: Male Hair: Black Skin: Tanned Eyes: Hazel Height: 6'1 Weight: 205lbs Distinguishing Marks: Defias Cog tattoo on his right forearm Place of residence: Nomadic Place of Birth: Stormwind Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: Occupation: Historian, Relic Hunter, Thief Group/Guild affiliation: Order of the Redblades Guild Rank: Specialist Enemies: Forsaken Likes: Alcohol, Women, History, Explosives Favorite Foods: Favorite Drinks: Rum, Ale, Whiskey Favorite Colors: Earth tones Weapons of Choice: Sword and Dagger Dislikes: Forsaken Hobbies: Engineering and Alchemy Physical Features: A large bear of a man with a thick beard and hairy torso Special Abilities: None Positive Personality Traits: Altruistic, Competent Negative Personality Traits: Over thinks, Chaotic Misc. Quirks: Obsessed with the game of life and using gold as a way of keeping score Played by What Famous Person: Hugh Jackman Theme Songs: [video=youtube;xlUAjtduiqg] History: Born an orphan, David was taking into the Defias Brotherhood at the age of four by Edwin VanCleef whom he had tried to steal a loaf of bread from. After twelve years in the Brotherhood, he was part of a small squad sent to infiltrate the Stormwind military and kill Varian Wrynn. David's close friend, Marius, sold them out and David spent the next six years in the prisons of Stormwind. He was shackled to a wall after a guard, laughing, told him VanCleef had been murdered and beheaded. David promptly snapped and almost completely tore the guard's head off his shoulders. With the destruction of Stormwind by Deathwing, David, with the help of his soon-to-be-partner, Rallywix, escaped the stockades. Since then, Rallywix and David have been partners within the Black Market selling exotic animals and relics.
  14. "What have I gotten myself into..." David muttered under his breath, continuing to watch the house in Elodar. Between the mud plastered to his skin, the blue bioluminescence of the giant fungus, and the dead sporebat on his head, David was all but invisible to the naked eye. It was a wonderful experience to top off what had already been a wonderful day... Not only had the Death Knight's plan to attack Ner'zhul failed, but the Redblades had been kicked out of Elodar without a word prior. Upon returning after battling with the Shadowmoon Clan, the group had been stopped outside the main gate of Elodar by one of the Peacekeepers. Despite the numerous attempts of Rose and McCharming to wheedle the large Draenei, all it took was one ill-timed comment from Tesia to push him over the edge. Not only had they been banished, but everything they owned that had been left in the house was seized by the Peacekeepers as “payment” for the damage the Redblades had done. Not only did this include the gold and valuables kept by the pirates, but of all things, David’s dog as well. He had been lying in the marsh down the hill of the home for well over an hour, just watching. As far as he could tell, they had but one guard outside the building, sitting on the steps. David had seen no other movement the entire time he’d been sitting there. Unfortunately, the guard at the front meant he could not use the main entrance and would have to use another way in. Deciding he’d been there long enough… and the smell of the dead sporebat getting to him, David slowly and quietly made his way up the waterfall that dropped beside the house. The rocks were slippery, but he knew the crash of the water would be loud enough to mask any quiet sounds David would be required to make in order to get around the building. Reaching the top, and keeping to the shadows, David made his way around the back of the building and stopped directly beneath the balcony. Slowly, David began to quietly count his pulse beats, using it as a timer to see if he’d been spotted. “One, two , three, four, five…” Why the hell am I doing this? Because you have a purpose… “Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one…” His pulse was beginning to quicken. I haven’t done this since I escaped prison. Why the bloody fel would I volunteer for this? You cannot deny what you are… “Seventy-six, seventy-seven, seventy--- screw it…” Assuming he would have heard something by now, David pulled himself onto the balcony and immediately slithered inside the building. Their base had been trashed. Bags were torn asunder and personal possessions laid scattered about the floor as the Peacekeepers had ransacked the place looking for whatever the Redbaldes had of value to “pay for repairs” as they had said. Weapons, clothing, scraps of leather and metal, and bottles were tossed carelessly about the floor making the inside of the home look like a trash heap. Behind the guard and beside the door was one neatly kept pile. From where he stood, David could see gold glinting from the top of the bag in addition to some crystal stemware that the nitwit had asked for him to retrieve. They must be planning to move everything in the morning. I won’t be able to grab any of it with the guard sitting right there. Step one.. With the quiet, practiced steps of an assassin, David quickly stepped out of the shadows behind the half-awake Draenei. The halfturn to see what was going on was all the opening the thief needed as he slammed his elbow into the temple of the guard’s massive head. With one quick motion, he then ducked to catch the massive humanoid before he crashed to the floor. “Shit, too late,” David muttered angrily to himself as the plate wearing man crashed to the stone floor. The echoing clatter filled the room as the thief froze. Seconds felt like hours as he strained his ears to hear the clattering of draenei or elekk hoofbeats approaching. Blood rushed in his ears, causing him to clearly hear his own heartbeat. The quick thumping of the organ began to make David sweat, convinced he’d be caught. No one came. With a breath of relief, David dragged the unconscious form into the house, propping his head up on a pillow. With the way things had been going that day, this major stroke of luck put a little more bounce to the thief’s step as he began to clear out the house. Less than ten minutes later, he hefted a sack over his shoulder. A few bottles of rum were wrapped in tabards of the Order with skins of water being used as a cushion. The bottom of the bag held much of his personal gold in addition to that of the Redblades. Not sure of the age or delicacy of the equipment, David also took the time to wrap Ark’s scouting gear in a tablecloth. On top of it all sat a small puppy, happily licking at his master’s face. Quietly the thief stole away into the night… grabbing a bottle of perfume before he left.
  15. The radios were taking longer than David had anticipated. Without an easy way to get back to Azeroth, the materials needed to build them from scratch were limited. More than a couple nights had been spent sneaking disguised into Lunarfall to steal bits of wire and other mechanical parts. His makeshift workshop in a cave east of Elodar served its basic purpose. The smell of damp earth, burning metal, and the low echoes his work reminded him of home. Subconsciously, his eyes drifted to the cog tattoo on his forearm, obscured slightly by powder and oil… Smoke billowed out from behind the door as a small explosion rocked the cavern. Coughing and sputtering, the young rogue stumbled out of the room. Pulling up his goggles and down his mask to free his senses, the dark lines of grease, oil, and soot could clearly be seen on David’s face, almost causing a mask unto themselves. Against the roughhewn walls of the cave tunnel, a reddish-blond human stood smirking at David’s failure. As close as they were, Marius and David still harbored a competitive rivalry as they both felt the need to compete for Vancleef’s respect and affection. “Too much sulfur…” David sputtered between racking coughs. “Still working on those smoke bombs, moron?” Marius said, still smirking at his friend’s misfortune. David shook his head, unable to hear his friend over the ringing in his ears. Unable to think clearly he just repeated, “Too much sulfur…” With a sneer, Marius jerked David to his feet. The sudden motion caused severe dizziness and nearly drove David back to his knees. Shaking his head, he worked to clear the ringing as he leaned on Marius for support. With a sigh, Marius began walking, half carrying and half dragging David with him. “We don’t have time for this, idiot. The boss wants us. Joseph is already there and last thing I want is to lose out on a mission to him.” As the two made their way into the large main cavern, a huge ship sat in the water before them. This was the base of the Defias Brotherhood. Here was the true hope of Stormwind. Led by Edwin Vancleef, once a respected stonemason in Stormwind who was at the forefront of its rebuilding after the Second war, the Defias stood as a beacon of light about the injustices of the Stormwind nobles. The rebuilding of Stormwind, a situation that should have brought joy to many, wasn't entirely that simple. The Stonemason's Guild worked tirelessly to reconstruct the city, including the shining halls of Stormwind Keep. When at last the city stood whole and restored, the Stonemason's Guild gathered to collect their payment, only to receive a nasty shock: They weren't going to be paid. One thing led to another, including the death of Varian Wrynn’s wife led to the exile of the workers. It was then the Defias Brotherhood was born. Vancleef rallied his fellow guild members and all involved marked themselves to prove their loyalty. They chose the cog tattoo because Stormwind was a machine, a machine run by nobles and those with enough money to order others around, but the machine wouldn't run smoothly if the parts decided to go renegade. While most wore the tattoo on the back of their right hand, a select few, those chosen and bred for special infiltration and undercover missions, maintained it on their right forearm so that it could easily be hidden by armor or clothing. Edwin Vancleef looked up as the two younger members approached, his face studiously blank. Quietly, he looked between the three of them before looking back down at the letter he was working on. “You three are being sent to join the Stormwind military. Before you raise any objections, it IS for a specific purpose. We are striking directly at the heart of the machine and attempting to kill Varian Wrynn. We’re playing the long game here. You three will need to become soldiers, rise up through the ranks, get close to Wrynn bring an end to the tyrant. I believe this will be our best chance, especially if we continue our regular attacks. No one is to know you’re with us nor are they to know you know each other. Now go, you three are our best three chances of this working.” With that, the three rogues quietly walked off to prepare themselves to enter the lion’s den.