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  1. Hey now! I kind of like my swamp. If you come back for a visit, please poke me. I like meeting WoW folks, and you sound awesome even if you were a goblin :P I share many of the same views on RP. You can find people still active on Discord. There's a link to it here on the site somewhere.
  2. I've been lobbying for this!
  3. I want more, so anything you feel like covering will be great!
  4. Do we get to see all the cool name tags that were made for this event pretty please with sugar on top?
  5. Aw. Even with a week and a half (if 19th)? ]]
  6. Kerala's Death Song (based on Red Hot Chili Peppers - Brendan's Death Song) Way up high I know She's watching me. Why do you cry? Our Mother calls, and now I sing for you, before I fly. Although our paths have parted you know I'll be nearby. A mournful sound and now it's all around. Do you know why? In whispered wind, in the grass and the rain, all spirits sigh. So when you feel sad remember this song; It's my goodbye. Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. And when your heart feels scarred, you'll be alright you'll see. I'll live
  7. *excited applause for our winners!* YAY!!!
  8. A thread on the general discussion WoW forums. Merge RP-PvP Realms to 2 Options.
  9. Just a reminder to everyone that this list is a thing! Please correct me if I have one of your alts not listed under your main toon, or if your main has changed. If you play both sides relatively actively, please choose a main, but if you let me know your most active toon on the other side, I can add it on it's own line for the purpose of Masterlist calendar event invitations on the other faction.
  10. Cannot find Horde characters: Arcturnis, Saelyx, Sinlanna to invite. Updated google Masterlist to reflect players inactive. Current moderators: Awatu, Breygrah, Cobrak, Fayleah, Julilee, Kerala, Kexti, Khorvis, Ranadarus, Tahzani, Theira. Cannot find Alliance characters: Cavanaugh, Rorrek to invite. Updated google Masterlist to reflect players inactive. Current moderators: Jarington, Shizari, Tinox, Tuuroto. I tried to do the same thing for Alliance, but I'm well aware of my ignorance on blue side. Please if you do not have an invite on your MAIN, request one
  11. Please see the in-game calendar. You will find a new event posted on March the 31st (since I got sick and forgot to put it on the 1st for this month). This event was made using the Masterlist to invite all known active roleplayer mains. Guild masters and community leaders have been upgraded to moderator status. Mods, the purpose of this list is to keep a dynamic invite list for the purpose of quick and easy event creation. To use this, simply select the Masterlist event. 1) Copy 2) Paste the event into the day you wish to host your own event. 3) Alter the title, time and d
  12. Dear RP community, Role-playing has its ups and downs. We're kind of down right now. I'd like to change that, but I am only one person with only one opinion and perspective on things. I'd like to broaden that view by asking for your help. In all of your specific experiences, what things, if any, can you identify as problems? I'm asking in the current sense. If you have chosen not to roleplay, why? Did you have to make a choice between RP and another aspect of the game, such as PvE/PvP or a grind for gear/rep/quest chain? If time is a factor please specify
  13. Dear RP community, We seem to be in a lull now. Some people have left the game or gone chasing the greener pastures of other servers. Those people are gone. We remain, and yet even those of us still here are less active. Many people are busy with the flood of content in game and may be choosing that over roleplay. Some people are handling real life, having trouble logging into the game as much as they used to. Whatever the reasons, RP is happening less. Like many before me, I'd like that to change. I know I am not the only one missing RP. Some of you are too. Colle
  14. PART ELEVEN Kerala was not able to teach Keth how to navigate the Dream. She herself was untrained, and lacked the skills of a tutor. She led him to the Dreamseed in the hopes that the tree would help him as it had once guided her. Keth found the branch that had once been Kerala's living bracelet. As he studied the Dream and improved his abilities, Keth also guided the growth of the branch into a staff, it's reaching stems thrown back like falcon's wings. He intended it as a gift for his love. Kerala died before Keth learned to leave the Dream. The living staff remains as the D
  15. PART TEN Though Kerala was resourceful and clever, her efforts to stall the advancement of the sickness cursing her failed. Keth worked and researched and tested and he too found no cure. They were running out of time and options. It was an old Magram wise man who sent them to Maraudon. If any answers were to be found, perhaps it could be within those caverns. Keth breached the holy tomb and there he found a place where they could safely sleep. They Dreamed. Kerala's body slowed in deep hibernation. She took the untrained Keth with her. He was supposed to learn, then leave the
  16. (("Kex’ti is not dead after all. He is alive and well, by the sounds of it." - You're welcome! ;P ))