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  1. Hey now! I kind of like my swamp. If you come back for a visit, please poke me. I like meeting WoW folks, and you sound awesome even if you were a goblin :P I share many of the same views on RP. You can find people still active on Discord. There's a link to it here on the site somewhere.
  2. I've been lobbying for this!
  3. I want more, so anything you feel like covering will be great!
  4. Do we get to see all the cool name tags that were made for this event pretty please with sugar on top?
  5. Aw. Even with a week and a half (if 19th)? ]]
  6. Kerala's Death Song (based on Red Hot Chili Peppers - Brendan's Death Song) Way up high I know She's watching me. Why do you cry? Our Mother calls, and now I sing for you, before I fly. Although our paths have parted you know I'll be nearby. A mournful sound and now it's all around. Do you know why? In whispered wind, in the grass and the rain, all spirits sigh. So when you feel sad remember this song; It's my goodbye. Now I sing: My spirit takes to wing; I don't want you to grieve. And when your heart feels scarred, you'll be alright you'll see. I'll live
  7. *excited applause for our winners!* YAY!!!
  8. A thread on the general discussion WoW forums. Merge RP-PvP Realms to 2 Options.
  9. Just a reminder to everyone that this list is a thing! Please correct me if I have one of your alts not listed under your main toon, or if your main has changed. If you play both sides relatively actively, please choose a main, but if you let me know your most active toon on the other side, I can add it on it's own line for the purpose of Masterlist calendar event invitations on the other faction.