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  1. Sorry to you WOW-players on here. (I've never gave the game the time of day to be honest, I don't participate in anything related to Blizzard. Any Ghoulgamesh you come across on a Blizzard related game is only ripping off my name.) I'm just here to set this bastard straight when it comes to using a character name I created as a child. Deathbringer; and no, I'm not giving you the benefit of being called Ghoulgamesh... Where did you originally see me that you became so damn fascinated that you had to rip it off into your own twisted vision? Was it my email or some random online RPG? An MMO maybe? Concerning the time frame I've seen concerning all your post and how recent I consider it, I'd bet money it wasn't either of those. My money is on you seeing me on a forum and thinking "Oh cool, he put Ghoul instead of Gil in Gilgamesh! How cool is that I like that." Ironically enough, I'm almost 100% certain you've never even read or for that matter even heard of "The Epic of Gilgamesh" nor do you have the slightest clue what the "Legend of Ishtar" even is. FYI..they're both equally amazing books by the way, educate yourself and you'll see why I chose to use Gilgamesh as a basis of my characters name. I began seeing this Deathbringer garbage as soon as I got the wild idea to Google my name to see how many different websites I had and/or current still have an active account on and to my surprise, you've taken it upon yourself to claim you came up with Ghoulgamesh yourself. Now, I'll let the Ghoulgamesh Deathbringer combo thing you have going there slide, but you really need to give credit where credit is rightfully due. This is very discrediting and outright insulting to MY creativity. I see you're earliest post over various web links to date back, the lastest, to 2009-2010. What gets me is that my yahoo account is over 10 years old. Which out dates anything you could have possibly "originally" came up with. I have no problem emailing you for proof of that either... I'm not saying you can't use the name, truthfully I'm honored you've obviously taken such a liking to it, but it's annoying as piss when assholes like you make bastardized claims such as creating something you had absolutely no part of. People like you make me sick Steal some other persons creativity next time instead of violating my childhood memories... You are theoretically raping my childhood by doing this...I hope that makes you feel "that" much better concerning your "creativity" you thoughtless prick.